¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 2/17/16 #6

While Pedro stresses about the seemingly inevitable collision of Ignacio and Leonardo, Leonardo is still trying to find out what’s wrong with Paloma. He makes an incorrect assumption and it’s Cachito who tells him Paloma is his MOM not his sister. Ignacio moves to avoid someone and turns his back on Leonardo at just the right time. Pedro summons a child over and starts whispering instructions to him.

Yesenia wants Hipster Boy GONE from in front of the piñata stall with his pirated DVDs…oh, but they’re not pirated. He respects the rights of artists. It’s all original, she just doesn’t recognize the titles because they’re “art films.” Yesenia brushes off Ignacio as she continues to yell at Hipster Boy. Pedro’s messenger comes over to ask if Ignacio is looking for Leonardo. Off they go while Yesenia blames Hipster Boy for losing her a customer.

Leonardo feels guilty for not knowing about Paloma and Cachito, but she makes Cachito apologize for being rude. Leo offers again to help if she needs anything. Cachito thinks “Pedro” has been reseteado (yep, that’s from “resetear” as in reset).

Leonardo has made it back to the piñata stall, but he’s too busy worrying about Paloma and about Cachito’s fight at school. He asks if Yesenia knows who Cachito’s father is, but Paloma has never told anyone. It was a bad breakup and Paloma has always taken care of Cachito alone. Leonardo complains that the father should be helping take care of the kid. Termi comes running up to snag Leonardo for band practice. She sends him off with Termi and shoots more smoldering…I mean contemptuous, yes that’s it, contemptuous…glances at Hipster Boy. (Seriously, those two are going to annoy me if they don’t at least start talking soon.)

Pedro ducks to avoid Cocó and strips out of Basilio’s jacket. He confronts Ignacio and accuses him of following him. Ignacio was just, uh, worried about him. Yeah, that’s it. They’re like bros, bro. He’d never forgive himself if anything happened. Pedro throws an arm over Ignacio’s shoulders so he can face away from Paloma’s mom. He keeps turning him around as needed, saying he’ll tell him what’s going on, but he doesn’t want anybody back at the house to know. And what’s going on is…the doctor told him to find a hobby to release stress. So he decided to be a mariachi. As a hobby. More manhandling as he sees Leonardo and Termi approaching.

Back at the Fuentemayor Corporation, Fernanda tries to convince Humberto that what “Leonardo” did wasn’t soooo bad, and he just needs more understanding from them. Humberto can’t believe she’s being so nice after Leo left her at the altar. Fernanda gets a guilty look on her face. He apologizes if he’s being nosy, but he’s just so annoyed with Leonardo right now, and here Fernanda is being so calm. She says she loves him and doesn’t want to drive him away–she has to be patient and help him through this situation. Humberto’s not feeling patient.

In the prison, Elmer and his crew eye Santiago. Elmer makes use of that shiv now and stabs Santiago in the gut.

Fernanda has a frantic meeting with a lawyer about getting Santiago out of prison, or at least keeping him from having to pay protection money. The lawyer basically says, it’s a Mexican prison and it’s anarchy inside. Fernanda insists he has to do SOMETHING! He says paying money is the only thing they can do. He’s trying to get permission to have Santiago await trail at home, but the Fuentemayor lawyers are blocking his efforts. The lawyer thinks she needs to talk to the Fuentemayors and ask them to show mercy–he believes in exhausting all avenues. Fernanda insists the Fuentemayors cannot know she’s Santiago’s sister. “I’m sorry, Fernanda, I still don’t understand–why are you hiding your identity?” (*holding my breath*) She says she has her reasons and he has an obligation to keep her secret (aw, damn). He needs to keep working on getting bail for Santiago and keep her informed.

Basilio wants to know what happened with Ignacio and Pedro chides him, calling him “Bacinico” (either Ba+cinico as in “cynical” or as a play on bacinica, “chamber pot”). This takes the wind out of Basilio’s sales and Pedro apologizes. He asks what Basilio thinks of Ignacio and oh, Basilio can’t wait to tell him! He’s snobby, superior…it’s like he’s trying to be Leonardo. “So I’m a snob?” Ummmmm…sometimes? Not lately. Pedro wonders why Ignacio would be snooping around in his computer. “Maybe looking for information on new projects? Since you always win at everything. He’s jealous…that’s what I think.”

Back at home, Paloma reminds Cachito what his grandmother says–be deaf to stupid comments! Just ignore those kids. Fighting doesn’t solve anything. She fixes his hair while he asks her to tell him the truth about his dad. He’s not buying the “traveling for work” story. Why doesn’t he ever call? Grandpa says he’s a jerk who doesn’t love Cachito and he wonders if it’s true. Paloma says she’s sure his dad does think of him, and besides, Cachito has lots of people around who love him. All of which is cool, but he’d really like his dad to show up at some point and say he loves him.

Jonathan strums while he and Termi look expectantly at Leonardo, waiting for him to start singing. I thank the producers for not showing the front of the guitar. Leonardo knows when to come in, but he’s feeling pressured. He keeps missing his entrance. He says he just doesn’t know how to do it. Jonathan says this is normal. They need to just chill. When he’s ready, he’ll warm up and then he’ll go into El Trino del Diablo mode. “What is El Trino del Diablo?” Oh, see, that’s Pedro’s nickname. His fans named him. Leonardo’s just baffled as Termi explains the fans get all hot and bothered and they scream piropos (flirty compliments, pick-up lines) at him and throw him kisses and throw their underwear–oh hell no! Leo is NOT down for underwear throwing! He doesn’t know how to sing and he’s not going tonight! Jonathan reminds him his mom needs the money, and so do he and Termi. (As for what Trino del Diablo means, it could be The Devil’s Trill, The Devil’s Call, The Devil’s Song, The Devil’s Underpants Magnet. OK, maybe not that last one.)

Practice continues and Leonardo…well, let’s just say Termi plays the trumpet better than Leo sings. Nobody’s going to be throwing underwear for that sound. Good thing we know sombreros make good tomato shields. Leonardo starts ranting about how this is NOT music! Music is Shostakovich, Wagner, Mozart…not this crap! Who wrote this? Um…that would be Pedro. Leonardo says they’re raising the quality standards from now on! If a thing’s worth getting underpants thrown at you, it’s worth doing well. The guys agree.

There’s a knock at the door and Cocó arrives with pizza. This is how Termi and Jonathan hear about the supposed engagement. Termi looks furious. And he is–with his alleged best friend, who betrayed him. Not that Leonardo understands how he’s supposed to have done that.

Termi and Leo run out the front door and the entire street, including Jonathan and Cocó, get to hear that “Pedro” is a jerk because he knew that Termi has been in love with Cocó for years (says so right there on his shirt, too). And, no, “Pedro” can’t blame this on the amnesia, because he would have asked her BEFORE he lost his memory, right? Leonardo accepts his responsibility, but he really can’t explain what happened–that’s what the visits to the psychologist are for. Termi says “Pedro,” his psychologist, and his future wife can all go to hell. Cocó and her stupid cherry accessories tell “Pedro” not to worry about it.

Pedro and Basilio walk back into Leonardo’s office. I notice Leo’s computer is up and running, with all those lovely, information-filled files right there for the snooping, no password needed. Basilio thinks “Leonardo” is offended by what he said in the limo, but he’s not scared enough of a pay cut to shy away from confirming that yeah, Leo’s been pretty hojaldra (flaky like a puff pastry is the only translation I could find) with people. Pedro wants to know what the employees say about “him.” Welllllll, “he’s” heavy-handed, works them too hard, threatens to fire them, gets verbally abusive, and doesn’t pay overtime. Pedro says people can’t work that way! No wonder they went to town on his piñata! He insists overtime will be paid triple from now on! “Why the change?” Well, he’s different now, and he wants everyone else to be different right along with him. “O todos coludos o todos rabones!” (Either everyone has a long tail or everyone has a short one; everyone’s going to be the same).

Paloma mopes in the living room. When Eugenio comes home, he assumes it’s about “Pedro” and Cocó’s engagement. He finds it suspicious that Pedro has never shown signs of wanting to settle down before, and suddenly he loses his memory and here’s Cocó saying she’s his fiancée. He knows Paloma still loves Pedro, despite his womanizing ways. Justino overhears this and angrily asks if Paloma was “also” with that desgraciado (loser). Justino blames Eugenio for dando alas a (giving wings to, encouraging) Paloma to be with Perico…after all, he doesn’t want her coming home with another fatherless child, does he? Having already asked her dad to keep his voice down and being told off about it, Paloma gives up and leaves the living room.

Eugenio gets after his dad for being so nasty to Paloma. So, of course, he continues, blaming himself for allowing her to go off to study nursing. Because apparently the study of nursing leads to sluttiness. But wait, there’s more! The stupid, reactionary, loudmouthed jerk goes on to say that Paloma’s probably been with so many guys that she’s never told them who Cachito’s dad is because she doesn’t know herself. I salute this idea with one finger. I won’t tell you which one. I’m classy that way.

Paloma retreats to the bathroom. We get a flashback…

Justino is complaining about Paloma going to nursing school because chicks aren’t supposed to study, they’re just supposed to go from their parents’ house to their husband’s house. He probably thinks they should also not wear shoes or learn to read. Flashback Paloma walks into the house, with her suitcase, and tells the family she’s not going to be able to continue studying because she’s pregnant. She’s going to raise her child herself.

…Paloma cries, remembering.

Yesenia hangs out in front of the stall, paying zero attention to any potential clients and just rattling off a sales spiel as she plays with her cell phone. When Inés arrives, she tells her that not only do sales suck, “Pedro” is giving away free piñatas as some wacky sales strategy. Inés agrees with Pedro–they’re already broke, so why not? Besides, it’s better to get some piñatas out the door than have the same ones hanging there all the time. Well…well…and Cocó says she’s going to marry Pedro! Eh, Inés heard that already. She sends Yesenia to take Sara home and have some lunch then tries to interest someone in a piñata. No luck.

Paloma’s mom, Magdalena, comes over, and Inés tells her someone else ended up getting the cleaning job. Magdalena has more bad news–her stuck-in-1916 husband doesn’t want her to be friends with Inés anymore. Inés tells her to just go with it. Magdalena is really curious about what happened, but Justino doesn’t give explanations, he just gives orders. She doesn’t like it, but he’s her husband, so she has to do what he says. (No, you don’t!) Inés almost seems relieved as she tells Magdalena to go back to her space.

It doesn’t last, though. The landlord, Melquiades, arrives to collect three months of back rent. Inés asks for one more week, but…he’s already given her so much time. He can give her one more week and that’s it. And in case she’s forgotten, he also makes loans. While he’s not overtly sinister, I don’t think I trust him. And I’m sure I wouldn’t like his interest rates.

Yesenia has another run-in with Hipster Boy. She unloads all her frustration on him. Mr. 5ft watches Yesenia wildly gesticulating and says “They are SO going to end up together.”

Ignacio has lunch with the doctor who came to the house to treat “Leonardo.” He casually asks about a “friend” who had been on antidepressants and is suddenly seeming less depressed. Doc: “Uh, yeah, that’s what they do.” No, no, but…they’re all worried that he might be taking illicit drugs. The doctor says mixing drugs is always dangerous and has lots of potential effects like changes in personality, memory loss, even psychosis or schizophrenia. He advises Ignacio to have his “friend’s” parents get him to a psychiatrist immediately.

Cocó makes excuses to Leonardo about their relationship being a secret. He agrees to do the right thing–if he said he’d marry her, he will, BUT…he needs to know something. “What exactly made me fall in love with you?” Really, dude? What answer could she possibly give you? Take Mr. 5ft’s advice and ask to see the ring! She claims “he” likes her eyes, her sophistication, her good taste in clothing, the way she whispers sweet nothings in his ear. But what really did it was her big…heart. And as she says this, I kid you not, she fondles her breast and I loudly exclaim “Are you freaking kidding me?!” You lost me at “sophistication.” And now she must stop talking because he also loves her modesty. Leonardo finally notices her BARE left hand. So, about that ring? She tries to distract him with sex, but he is having none of it! If he’s going to keep his promise, he’s going to need proof. He leaves, saying they’ll talk later, and she shuts the door and acts like she enjoyed that. So not cool.

Pedro wonders why the piñata idea didn’t work. Basilio explains that it’s a great idea, but it’s too daring. Humberto likes more of a sure bet. Pedro and I both gape at Basilio as he goes into business-speak mode and explains how the research from Japan supports it being a good idea in the US, given the right marketing. He’s picked a few things up, working here, and yeah he’s got “some” education. Gwen pipes up “Basilio Martinez. PhD in Finance. University of Providence.” He grins as Pedro continues to gape and asks him how the hell he ended up here! Well, “Leonardo” probably didn’t even look at his résumé and just gave him a job as an office assistant. Level 4. The wheels are turning, and Pedro’s starting to see the possibilities of their relationship.

Connie is looking at film schools, but nothing on an Internet list of the Top 10 Film Schools in Los Angeles appeals to her. She explains to Nora that she wants to make films “so real they hurt.” The guts! She wants to show the guts of things! The real stories, the “Why?” of prostitutes, alcoholics, gamblers. Movies that show ALL the colors, not just rosa (pink; i.e., only showing the pretty side of life). Nora is staring and Connie asks if she’s scared–“You think if I look into the abyss, I could drown in it.” Nora disagrees…she’s excited and she can’t wait for Connie to get out there and find other people who are as interested in the same thing. Not that Connie’s told her mom yet. It’s like they’re on different planets.

And on Planet Fabiola, we lounge in lingerie in the afternoon while hot young studs…I’m sorry, where was I? Uh, Fabiola’s stud is begging for a long vacation, somewhere they might be able to appear in public together. She’ll think about it, but that’s already been too much talking for her.

Ignacio goes to Fernanda to try to convince her that “Leonardo” is nuts. He still thinks this is about the drug the stripper gave him at the bachelor party. He’s sure they can use this to get their hands on the ENTIRE company and not just half! OK, first of all, Fernanda still thinks “Leonardo” is faking it; second, she’s already told him what she thinks about the drugging; and third, all she wants is her father’s share of the company and Santiago out of jail. “I’m not stooping to their level. THEY’RE the criminals. Not me.”

Fernanda tells him that Humberto already suspects something. She forgave Leonardo too easily. Ignacio encourages her to continue–Humberto will write off her behavior as that of a woman in love. He’s standing a little too close, telling her he wants to make love to her, when Pedro walks in without knocking. Ignacio makes an excuse and leaves them alone. Pedro says he’s starting not to like that guy. He invites Fernanda out for a drink–they need to spend time together. He’s already ushered her halfway out the door by the time she reluctantly agrees.

Ignacio is getting his big chance! Humberto asks what he thinks was going on with Leonardo at the meeting. But he says it was just a joke and Humberto shouldn’t worry about it. Humberto doesn’t buy that–he thinks it was a serious proposal. Sure, this time things didn’t go so badly, but what if he does it again in front of the Spanish investors next week? Ignacio offers to take care of that meeting. In gratitude, Humberto says he’ll recommend to the board of directors that they approve Ignacio’s construction proposal.

Leonardo sits out on the sidewalk, watching people come and go. He looks at a mom watching her kids ride bikes and remembers what Yesenia said earlier about him and Paloma, and the father of Paloma’s baby…and suddenly wonders if Cachito might be his son.

Over what looks more like lunch than drinks, Pedro tells Fernanda he doesn’t care that they didn’t like his idea. He’s way ahead of them. But he does care what Fernanda thinks…did he make a fool of himself? Fernanda says “he’s” always been a visionary, so if the idea interested him it must be for a reason. “He” was the only one who saw potential in the European car market and long-term, that’s done very well for them.

He seizes on the words “long-term” and swears this idea is going to take off. It’s going to be great for them! They’re going to be able to employ so many people! All those artisans scattered across California and Tijuana, slaving away and barely making money when they do great work. They’ll offer them a salary and loans, whatever they need to keep them happy, and they’ll end up with a workforce loyal to the company. Fer is shocked. She’s never heard “him” talk about workers that way, as a priority. “He” always talks in terms of investment and payoff.

I told you you didn’t know me, Fernanda. I’ll show you and everyone else that I’m not a monster who’s only interested in making money. For you, and only you, I want to be a better person.

She’s his inspiration. He dreams about her–and the best part is, he thinks those dreams can come true. Before she can talk, he kisses her and then…suggests they go to the beach. He wants to watch the sunset in her eyes.

But she has to go back to work and meet a friend at her house. He whines that they barely get to spend any time together and she reminds him that, uh, he did dump her at the altar, and she’s not entirely over it. She needs time to process. Leonardo tells her to take all the time she needs. He’ll always be waiting. He turns his head just right to make sure he gets lip contact out of her friendly goodbye kiss and Fer smiles as she walks away. Until she turns to the camera and her face is full of cold anger.

At dinner, Yesenia hears about the shop rent drama and is annoyed that after all the “favors” they’ve done for Melquiades all he’ll give them is another week. Inés adds that the hospital called and the bill is even higher than what they previously stated.–almost double. She needs all the help she can get. Yesenia says she’ll talk to Perico and see what ideas they can come up with. Sara complains they’d better not go to eating only one day out of four. Inés does NOT want Pedro to know and Sara says they’ll be buying paper bags by the kilo if he keeps stressing out.

Paloma is working late at the shop when Leonardo stops by to ask about their breakup. Paloma says it was a long time ago. They were kids. “Maybe you were a girl and you’ve grown up since then, but all I’ve done is get worse and worse.” He keeps hearing about what a crappy human being he is–screwing around with women, asking any of them to marry him for no reason, betraying his best friend. Paloma, irritated, says he’s right, why deny it? He’s bien cañón (a serious canyon; I’m going to go with “tremendous” or “impressive” as in the Grand Canyon, and in this case, a tremendously impressive jackass). But what does she want him to do about it? He says he needs something good in his life, something to hold on to. He wants to do the right thing. We end on that intimate note, before he can spoil it with his question.

(As for Santiago getting stabbed, nothing more was heard/seen about it this episode.)

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4 years ago

What a fun read! Thank so much.

I didn’t watch last night. My inner feminist appreciates knowing what to FF through. That dad needs an attitude adjustment… Up side the head.

I really like that they seem to be setting up some convergence of the Fuentemayor/Market stall business. Surely they can’t keep the twins apart for much longer. That has to be revealed fairly quickly… Right?

4 years ago

I hope someone out there can answer this – – Is hipster dude the same actor that played Pedro (Paco?) in Tierra de Reyes?