La Vecina, Friday 2/19/16 #168

Titina’s (probably fake) cousin the (probably fake) lawyer tells Sebas and Natalia that (probably not) his cousin would be willing to accept a settlement payment to avoid a (probably fake and certainly groundless) lawsuit. She’ll take half. He’ll be at the court building on Monday morning if Sebas wants to settle then. Fake Cousin-Lawyer leaves thinking Sebas is going to pay up, but he turns and tells Natalia that he’s got it all under control. Titina threw the first stone…now it’s his turn! They head out for coffee.

At El Molcajete, Bruno and Sara found the valve. Sara feels so stupid for letting Pedro “help” her after the gas explosion. She figures his men must have installed it at night, because Rosa never noticed anything going on during the day. Her bodyguard arrives, so Bruno leaves and Sara says she’ll just start locking up and they can leave as well. Bruno accidentally left his cell phone behind.

Sounds like Padre V was taken in by Tadeo’s impersonation of Lucita. He calls Magda to tell her Lucita is alive and well and doing some traveling.

Bruno arrives. They’re going to the airport to pick up El Bombardero, but there’s still plenty of time. Padre V would like Bruno to talk to him about what’s going on, but Bruno says if he told the Padre everything in his heart and his head, Padre V wouldn’t understand. He won’t even try. He just goes out to the truck to wait. Padre Vicente hopes God will help Bruno “think right.”

I hate seeing Lucita strapped down to the bed like that. Her nurse may be a perfectly nice person who’s just doing her job, but it still bothered me that Lucita was clearly saying “I’m here against my will,” and she was given a shot anyway.

Quintin has finished looking into Urbano Jimenez’ claim and there was no police report about a stolen red truck. Fidel tells him to get a warrant to arrest him on grounds of obstructing an investigation. Magda arrives with tortas and tells Fidel about Lucita’s call to the Padre. He still thinks there’s something fishy going on and insists he’ll keep investigating.

Padre Vicente was so looking forward to seeing his old friend Faustino, but they can’t even have a proper reunion because Faustino and all the boxers he brought with him had the bright idea to stop for seafood on the way to the airport. He reassures the Padre they’ll be ready to fight tonight, but it looks like they’ll be lucky to make it out of the airport bathroom. Padre Vicente says they’re fighting tonight no matter what, and Bruno suggests a tea of hojas de guayaba (guava leaves).

Antonio makes it to his apartment, checks his messages, and hears the message from Mariana that his dad is out of the hospital. He needs to go see Uribe first, though. He calls Sara from the car and hears about the valve. They actually joke about how it’s Antonio getting Sara into trouble this time, since Pedro wouldn’t have gone after her if not for him. He picks this moment to tell her he loves her, followed quickly by “I’m at Uribe’s, gotta go, call you later,” and Sara is left wondering if she can trust what he says.

At the hospital, a strangely stiff doctor tells Padre Vicente that he can’t make any promises, but the fighters are strong and they’ll just have to see how they do in the next few hours. Padre V goes in to see Faustino and give him a guilt trip/pep talk. As determined as Faustino may be to hurry up and recover, he can’t even fake sparring with Padre V without discomfort. And yet, Padre V leaves the hospital convinced that the fight tonight will go on as planned.

Antonio arrives at Uribe’s and is as displeased as the rest of us to see Ing. Sities there, too. Uribe already told him what Isabel said and Sities expects Antonio to turn her in. “Actually, she’s being set up. And the only people with this information are myself and Sebastian. So who told you this?” Uribe reluctantly admits it was Isabel. For my taste, Sities is too quick to dismiss this as being of any significance, but then, he does seem to have some screwy ideas about what “confidential information” means. Antonio and Uribe both agree that Sara is a good, honorable person. Antonio explains to Sities that Pedro has been trying to get close to him since he arrived in San Gaspar and when he couldn’t get Antonio to cooperate with him, he went after Sara, because he knows Sara is Antonio’s weak point. Sities and Uribe share a “Damn kids!” look.

Isa, with her nose firmly in the air, and her upper lip curled, wanders through San Gaspar, thinking to herself that there’s nothing in this stupid town…oh, wait, there’s Natalia and Sebastian. She plops herself down at their café table and they stare at her for a few moments, Sebastian plunks down some cash and says he’s gotta get back to work and Nat is coming with him. “You’re not going to leave me here alone, are you?” The cloud of dust they leave in their wake answers that question.

Antonio wraps up his story by telling them about the Tres Piedras incident. Sities thinks Antonio is blinded by love and just doesn’t want to see Sara clearly. He tells them about his meeting with Pedro yesterday and what he had to promise him (but not specifically about the valve at El Molcajete). He wants to know if he has their support before he goes to Fidel to come up with a plan. Uribe won’t be rushed. He and Sities need to mull over everything Antonio has told them and come to a decision. Antonio leaves and Sities turns to Uribe and says that his mind is already made up. Antonio has fought long and hard and been loyal to the company, but he’s an engineer, not a cop! Uribe wants to take advantage of this opportunity to catch Pedro.

Nacho’s at his place, talking to a friend who’s kicking himself for not buying tickets for the fight earlier. One of Anselmo and Elias’ sales reps approaches, but when the guy hears the exorbitant markup on the tickets, he refuses to buy one. Nacho calls Padre Vicente to tell him the news. Rodobaldo curses the guys and gets scolded by Vicente. Padre V calls Fidel to enlist his help. Fidel sends his guys out to round up every ticket re-seller in town before the fight.

Ric runs into the world’s surliest bartender, who refuses to serve him whiskey on the grounds that his bar only serves “national” drinks…beer, tequila, brandy, and rum. They have a mutually contemptuous exchange where the bartender serves him beer in a bottle; Ric offers him too much money for the beer and says he wants a gun; the bartender gives Ric his money back; Ric adds another bill; the bartender writes something down and hands Ric a slip of paper; and Ric takes a swig of beer.

Antonio calls Sebastian to tell him the news and neither of them can figure out how Isa would know. Sebas doesn’t talk to Natalia about work stuff. Maybe Pedro told her? But why wait until now to say something? When he gets off the phone, Natalia asks what happened. Sebas is true to what he told Antonio on the phone and only says that Antonio wanted to talk to Uribe about something important, but Isabel told him first. Natalia wonders if maybe Ric knew about it. He and Isabel get along and they’re staying at the same hotel. But Sebas says this isn’t anything they told Ric.

Antonio gets back to his apartment and calls Sara. He’s not entirely sure how Sities and Uribe will decide, but if they hand this over to the police, Pedro will know Antonio betrayed him and he’ll go after Sara. She shouldn’t pack her bags just yet, but he does have a couple of friends in Costa Rica who would be more than happy to have her as a guest until this all blows over. If I were Sara, I’d just take the vacation either way. Just saying. He catches her up on how his dad’s doing and Sara tells him about the boxing match.

Ric goes to a dodgy little apartment and buys what he’s assured is a “clean” gun. Is it too much to hope that the seller is lying about that?

Pedro is going out again. He won’t let Laura leave, but he’ll bring dinner later. And wine so she can “relax.” *shudder* When he’s gone she pulls the curtain rod out from under the bed.

Antonio finds the home phone number of one of the auditors in the phone book. They still make those? He leaves a message.

Laura attacks the door handle with the curtain rod. The damn thing won’t open, and for a second, I think I see the handle move and I panic! She starts taking out all her anger for all the years of abuse, rape, deception on that damn handle…and suddenly the door opens! And I panic because I’m afraid Pedro is on the other side! But the hallway is empty. Laura stares at it in wonder and then she’s out the door!

Quintin and the guys round up ticket re-sellers. Elias and Anselmo are having a nice drink in a bar and a laugh over how Pedro must not be calling them because he’s “busy” with his wife. Gross. They hope they’ll still be free tomorrow to collect all their money. Instead, they get a call that one of the guys got picked up.

At the police station, the guy from Nacho’s tells Fidel that he will not turn in his bosses. He’d be a dead man. It’s safer for him to just stay behind bars. Fidel intends to go question the other seven. Maybe one of them will talk.

Pedro has been waiting for Ric, but the place is too far, the GPS in his crappy rental car is busted, and the car is overheating. He suggests somewhere closer. Pedro agrees, but warns him it will take a long time for him to get there. Really it was all about not meeting Pedro on his own turf and having the gun for backup. (Am I the only one who thinks shoving it down the front of his pants is a terrible idea?)

It’s nearly time for the fight, and the boxers haven’t shown up yet. Fidel arrives and reports that they rounded up all the re-sellers and got all the tickets. Rodobaldo tells everyone that El Bombardero is in the dressing room and Padre V and Fidel go to greet him. Unfortunately, El Bombardero is accompanied by a hospital orderly holding an IV bag. He’s in no shape to fight, but the doctor released him so he could come tell Padre Vicente in person.

Antonio has barely walked into his parents’ house before he’s greeted by Ema’s screeching and haranguing. Before she can get too far, he tells her that Isa did NOT give him her message, they don’t live together, and it’s permanent. He’s going to file for divorce.

Sara is on her way to pick up Rosa and go to the boxing match when Bruno’s cell phone rings. She hesitates, but answers it and Laura tells her she’s escaped from Pedro! She’s calling from a little town near the highway. Sara gets directions and runs out of the apartment.

Padre Vicente has gone too far. He’s seriously knocking on the bathroom door and asking Faustino if there’s really no way he can fight. “No! And get away from the door!” Padre Vicente is going to go tell the people what’s going on, but Rodobaldo volunteers to do it.

Once he gets the crowd to quiet down, he announces that the fight is being cancelled and why. The crowd doesn’t believe him and pelts him with chair cushions.

Pedro finally arrives at the place where Ric has been waiting. He turns down the offer of a drink. Ric asks him why he made the deal with Antonio and Pedro points out that Ric wasn’t in a position to make the kind of deal Antonio made with him. He’s no longer useful. And like he said before, there’s only one way to leave the organization. Ric pulls out the gun and points it at Pedro with a shaking hand.

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5 years ago

Thanks so much, Kat! I’m so happy that Laura is finally free, but now I’m so worried for her and Sara.

Is there any reason why Nat hasn’t just come out and told Sebas (and Tonio) that Isa and Ric are lovers?

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Poor, poor David!

Yeah, can’t believe that they don’t even consider Ric a suspect anymore.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I have hope the writers haven’t forgot David, and he’ll come back (k writers don’t let me down)

5 years ago

Thanks, Kat!! I haven’t gotten a chance to actually see the episode, but I’m not sure if I want to. Your recap left me with my heart in my throat. I don’t know if I can handle actually watching! “I hate seeing Lucita strapped down to the bed like that.” Me too! And it really bothers me that Lucita told the nurse she was there against her will and the nurse injected her anyway. I hate Lucita’s kids. Brats. “…guilt trip/pep talk.” Ha! Interesting combination. “He still thinks there’s something fishy going on and insists he’ll keep investigating.” And this… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Love the recap Diva, thanks couple of things I was thinking (k now I look, way more than a couple) ” it still bothered me that Lucita was clearly saying “I’m here against my will,” and she was given a shot anyway.” – it bothered me too but then I thought if the nurse was working with a lot of seniors w/dementia, (or at least that that quack said had dementia) she might hear that a lot. Still deserves a boo anyway “Padre V goes in to see Faustino and give him a guilt trip/pep talk.” ah that Padre V,… Read more »