¿Quién es Quién? Friday 2/19/16 #8

Elmer invites Fernanda to take a seat. No point standing in uncomfortable shoes while you threaten a guy. Wait, not threaten. She doesn’t “threaten,” she acts. She knows money rules in the prison, and she’s got enough to own the place. “For $100,000 how many do you think would volunteer to kill you?” He’d better see to it that Santiago stays safe from now on. If not, he’ll be the next one to die. For all Elmer’s bluster, he looks thoughtful when she leaves.

Though Leonardo has never said as much to Nora, she knows he blames Humberto for his mother’s death because Humberto was driving. She really wishes they could put an end to all the wasted years and asks “Leonardo” to promise he’ll try to get closer to his father. Pedro promises.

Ignacio and Humberto discuss the plan for the company to buy the construction business, and Humberto again reassures him that he’ll ask the Board to approve the project. He doesn’t think they need to consult “Leonardo,” especially not after yesterday. They need to keep him away from the business. Ignacio feigns concern about Humberto having to handle all his own projects and Leonardo’s as well, and Humberto says it’s time he gave Ignacio more responsibility.

In her stall, Inés is distractedly hot-gluing tissue paper on a piñata when Jonathan comes over. He saw her signing the papers for a loan from Melquiades and wants to know what she used as collateral. The house. WHAT?! Inés insists she had to do something, she’s in debt up to her eyeballs and it just keeps mounting. Jonathan is pissed that she won’t let him help her financially, and she won’t even let him be around to support her. She notices a group of gossips gathered across the way, staring at them and he badgers her to let him come over later, away from prying eyes. Inés relents and he walks back to his stall, saying loudly “I’ll bring that cheese over later, Doña Inés.” The gossips aren’t fooled.

Paloma and Cachito are walking along the beach when a pretty girl his age catches Cachito’s eye. But he doesn’t want to go talk to her. Paloma changes the subject to what he wants to be when he grows up. “A dolphin veterinarian.” As she chases him down the beach, we see Leonardo approach. Their eyes meet across the brightly-colored umbrellas and running kids.

Ignacio keeps playing Humberto, acting reluctant to let him take such a big step without thinking about it first, but Humberto is too angry at “Leonardo” to want to wait. Speaking of Piñata Boy, in he comes, asking to speak to Humberto, and not about piñatas. “I want to talk to my dad, not my boss.”

Paloma seems happy to see “Pedro” but Cachito is less so. He excuses himself to play with the other kids on the beach. Leonardo explains that he was worried about her, and scared he’d never see her again.

Fernanda gets back to her apartment and finds a note in front of her door. “Last night I brought you three presents: my songs, my heart, and the third one I’ll leave here.” She opens the door and there are bouquets of roses all over her apartment.

Cachito and his new friends are kicking the ball around when one of them kicks it into the water. Another one taunts him to go in after it and EVEN THOUGH HIS MOTHER SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM NOT TO, he goes right in.

Paloma explains to Leonardo that she didn’t want her son growing up around her dad. He’s trying to fish for information without asking her directly, wondering if he maybe has some responsibility towards the two of them. The twerp who encouraged Cachito to go into the water comes over and tells Paloma her son is drowning. Leonardo goes running for the water as Paloma shouts at him that he can’t swim. He dives right into the water and Paloma starts screaming at people to get a lifeguard. Leo dips down under the water and comes back up with Cachito.

Pedro insists on talking to Humberto immediately and shoos Ignacio out the door. He explains again that this isn’t about work, it’s about their personal relationship. He proposes they go out for a couple of chelas (Mexican slang for beers) … in a nice restaurant, so Humberto will feel comfortable.

Fernanda lets the doorman into her apartment and explains she wants all the roses gone by the end of the day. She doesn’t care what he does with them. He leaves to go prepare for this monumental task and she rips up Pedro’s card, furious.

Leonardo sets Cachito down on the beach, where a relieved Paloma can’t help scolding him for going into the water after she told him all morning NOT to go in. With perfect kid logic he says, “I was looking for the ball.” Leonardo says he’s sure Cachito is never going to do that again, right? He agrees. Paloma admits she’s scolding him because she was scared. She thanks Leonardo.

Yesenia tries to convince Lupita to hire her, but she says her business isn’t doing well enough to pay someone. She suggests Yesenia come by later. She knows another way for girls to make money. It’s nothing bad! She swears!

Connie is trying to get into some kind of program that Hipster Boy runs. I guess he’s Hipster Teacher? She’s got a resume, letters of recommendation, her professional camera, and her tuition in cash. He wants to talk to her about the program to make sure she knows what she’s getting herself into.

The Father-Son chat is not going well. They’re having wine, not chelas. Pedro wants food. Humberto feels like he’s stalling. Pedro starts on this convoluted thing about an existential crisis he hasn’t had yet and wanting to prepare before it hits. Humberto starts to lose his temper and Pedro says they need to fix the things that are wrong between them. “Why don’t we start by talking about my mom.” Shoulda gone for the chelas, Bert.

Spoke too soon. After the opening credits (yay!) we return to the restaurant, where Humberto explains that he tried to swerve so the other car wouldn’t hit them, but he couldn’t and they went rolling. “Perdóname.” (Forgive me.) Pedro says he has nothing to forgive him for. He thinks he was being stupid to blame him. Humberto insists it was his fault. Sofia (Leonardo’s mom) didn’t want to leave so late, but Humberto had an early meeting and he insisted. “I should have listened to her.” Pedro drops some heavy, heavy therapeutic talk on Humberto, asking why he doesn’t blame the other driver. “You want to believe the world revolves around you. It doesn’t.” He says Humberto is like El Pípila  carrying around a stone on his back–but it’s not even his to carry.

Fernanda looks around at all the roses, remembering “Leonardo’s” reaction to the kiss in her office. “I could die happy right now.” There’s a knock at the door. The doorman has come back, with help, to start dealing with the roses and she says he was right the first time–it’s not time to get rid of them yet. She gives him a large tip and he and his helper leave.

Fabiola is dipping her legs in the pool. Nora brings her a mimosa, but it’s not to Fab’s liking. Too much orange juice. She wants Connie to make one–it’s one of the few things she does well. But Connie’s not home. Fabi thinks she’s late coming home from school. “Connie’s been out of high school for a month, ma’am.” Fabiola demands to speak to her as soon as she gets home. How dare her daughter not invite her own mother to her graduation! “And bring me something fizzy.” What a piece of work. Might as well leave the mimosa, bring her the bottle of champagne and let her dilute it until she’s happy.

Hipster Teacher gives Connie the tour. It’s an arts school, mostly attended by kids with low incomes or criminal records. She thinks it’s perfect for her, but he can’t understand why a rich girl would want to study here. She says she wants to study reality. She wants her films to burn like whiskey drunk from a cheap bottle at 4am in a crappy hotel room. He thinks she might be interested in his documentary video class. But there are rules: tolerance, respect, no prejuicios, no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons. Break any of the rules and you’re out. She thinks she’s going to love it and punches him in the shoulder to prove it. I’m curious whether the prejuicios in question are “prejudices” or if it’s more of a “no preconcieved notions, be prepared to try anything” rule. Because art.

Ivonne hands Basilio two stacks of papers to copy–one double-sided, one single-sided– and a list of the people who need to receive copies before lunch. She ignores his awkward flirting and is thankfully gone from the room by the time he gets to “You smell like a ranch…but without the cow manure smell.” Ignacio approaches him and asks for help. He’s worried about “Leonardo.” He’d like Basilio to keep an eye on him and report back to Ignacio. Basilio says that would be like betraying his boss. If Leonardo found out, he’d take it badly. Oh, but he never has to know. Listen…if Basilio helps Ignacio, Ignacio can return the favor. Basilio doesn’t want to be making copies forever, right? Ignacio is aware of his capabilities and he’s about to be put in charge of a very big project. He’ll need certain people in key positions, and if Basilio helps him out, Ignacio will take Basilio with him. I keep waiting for the smile to fade once Ignacio is gone, but the camera doesn’t linger long enough. You’d better be playing that fool, Basi!

Humberto is feeling so much better after their talk, but he wonders why “Leonardo” is suddenly telling him all this. Pedro makes an excuse about how Humberto’s so severe, you never know when he’s going to swoop down. “Seriously, though, it was a really bad accident, but life goes on.” He says he’s not harboring any ill-will. Fernanda calls and Humberto encourages him to answer. She thanks “Leo” for the flowers and asks if she can see him tonight.

Everyone has dried off. Cachito is totally wiped after his too-exciting morning. Leonardo is looking good in a shirt of Paloma’s friend’s husband’s that just happens to fit him. Paloma thanks him, but she’s confused. “He” is afraid of the ocean. He told her once that he had a bad experience. But he didn’t even hesitate, he just dove right in. And he swam like an expert. Leonardo guesses he must have taken swimming lessons, maybe to get over his fear of the water. Paloma grabs his hand in thanks and he gets that “She’s touching me and I like it!” look.

Termi is STILL suffering a hangover from last night. I’m going to pretend the damage to his brain cells from last night is the reason he thinks he has some cosmic past-life connection with Cocó. He bugs Jonathan about his love life and Jonathan says it’s complicated and stares off at Inés. I’m also going to pretend the damage to his brain cells from last night is the reason Termi can’t figure out who Jonathan is looking at.

Paloma admits that even though it scared her earlier, the sea is beautiful. Leo agrees and says he’s glad to be enjoying it with her. And not to be nosy, but he thinks Cachito needs swimming lessons. Paloma agrees, she’s going to find him someplace he can learn. But what is she going to do now, since she’s not going to go back to live with her parents? He knows from Yesenia that she’s got some money saved up. Paloma doesn’t think it’s enough to buy a place, but maybe she can just rent a little room for the two of them. Leo’s business knowledge kicks in and he rattles off a bunch of stuff about the real estate market and why it would be better for her to buy than rent. Paloma can’t help laughing, he sounds so serious, like some guy talking economics on the TV. My mind wanders to the possibility of Eugenio Siller giving the nightly stock market report. Speak to me of the Dow Jones…. Er, anyway…Paloma thinks she may have insulted him, but no, he never feels bad around her. He’d just really like to hear her laugh again.

Back at the office, Humberto and Pedro are also laughing as they walk off the elevator. Pedro even gives him a hug. Humberto likes it so much, he wants to do it again! “You’re a good man, Humberto. And a good dad.” Pedro goes off on a little tangent about him not being like those jackasses who abandon their kids, but even that doesn’t break the mood. They’re grinning as they go off to their respective offices. And so is Ivonne, who witnessed the whole thing.

In the prison in Tijuana, Elmer remembers Fernanda’s warning. Ignacio’s pet guard comes in to ask what Santiago’s sister wanted. Did she pay protection money? He wants his cut. Elmer says they’re not going to get any money out of Santiago. Not for a while. Of course he’s not scared of a woman…she’ll find out about him soon enough. But for now, they have to be cautious.

Basilio is refilling the paper trays in the copier and thinking about Ignacio’s “offer” when Pedro surprises him and he drops an entire ream. Pedro tells him about drinks with Humberto and how he’s got a hot date with Fernanda later. He needs Basilio’s help, because tonight he’s unleashing all his luuuuuurve powers on her. As they give up on the elevator and take the stairs, Ignacio steps off the elevator and walks into the office. He asks Ivonne for a report on the construction companies, which she has already prepared without being asked, because she is awesome like that. From now on, he says, she’ll be giving construction reports to him and he’ll decide what Humberto needs to know. Ivonne happily tells him that Humberto and “Leonardo” both came back from lunch in a really good mood. They hugged and everything. Something good must have happened. Ignacio looks worried.

Pedro explains to Basilio that he wants to arrange a date that’s out of the ordinary. Not the usual dinner in a nice restaurant. And no, not the yacht! Uh, he and water aren’t getting along so well right now. Basilio suggests he invite her to dinner at the penthouse in Beverly Hills that he never uses. Now that they’ve got the place, what about the menu? As they discuss it, Ignacio lurks behind palm trees, watching them.

Cachito sleeps on. Paloma brings out a bar of chocolate to share with Leo. She explains that “they” used to share chocolate bars all the time. He’s got a bit decorating the corner of his mouth as her voice trails off…a couple of girls in little bikinis walked by and she assumed he was going to stop paying attention to her, so she stopped talking. “But why would I want to look at them if I’m looking at you?” Ohhhhhhh, he’s good, this one! They start wiping chocolate away from each other’s lips with their hands, and then we get treated to some luxuriously decadent, unhurried smoochies to close out the week.

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