¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 2/18/16 #7

Even though Paloma agrees that Pedro has been a huge jerk, he’s also been a good son, a good brother, and lots of people in the Mercado like him because he’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. And not just the women!

When they broke up, she was 16. Sure, she does still care about him, but as the friend he’s been since then. She won’t indulge him in speculating about how things might be different now. Their lives are good, right?

Let’s play “Delusional or Just Lying?” Our contestant tonight is Ignacio. The statement in question: Humberto loved his presentation so much he didn’t hesitate for a second and not only completely supported him, but put him in charge of the meeting with the Spanish investors. Fabiola has a game of her own: “Delusional or Actually Believes Him.” Soon, she coos, soon, Humberto will realize her son’s the one who should be running everything. Humberto comes home and Fabiola lavishes affection on him, driving Ignacio out of the room. To see some “friends.”

“Friends” looks like she’s catching up on the work she missed this afternoon. Pedro sneaks up to her door y se arranquen los mariachis! Fernanda has some awesome soundproofing in that apartment. She can barely hear Pedro out there singing his heart out. She looks surprised when she sees him through the peephole.

Leonardo thanks Paloma for talking to him. He feels better. She’s so strong. She says when you become a mom you summon any strength you can. He’ll find out when he has kids of his own. Yeah, speaking of that…is Cachito…? They’re interrupted by Justino, who takes this opportunity to shove Leonardo and tell him that both he and his mother need to stay away from Justino’s family.

Fernanda’s shock is interrupted by her ringing phone. It’s her lawyer calling with the news that her brother is in the prison infirmary, badly wounded.

Pedro, not knowing this, is out there screaming to her that he loves her. From the look on her face, I’m guessing Fernanda believes “Leonardo” is the world’s biggest hypocrite.

The scene becomes chaotic as Justino throws insults around and looks like he’s about to get violent with Paloma. Leonardo gets physical with Justino. Paloma tries to get them to NOT settle things this way. Leonardo says he can’t allow Justino to insult Paloma. Justino says he can talk to her any way he wants because he’s her father. Paloma looks at the floor. Leonardo just stares at them both in shock.

Yesenia’s suggestion for raising some money is to get people at the mercado to donate their unwanted, er, stuff, and have a garage sale. Sara thinks they should go bet on the ponies. Hey, she’s just trying to be helpful. Inés gets a call from Lupe at the mercado, begging her to come stop the fight between “Pedro” and Justino. Since they only hear her end of the conversation and she goes running out of there, Sara opines that probably Martians came down and abducted all the piñatas. “Grandma, you’ve gotta quit watching telenovelas.”

Fernanda wants to know how her brother is doing, but they won’t be able to tell her until morning. The lawyer is working on getting her permission to visit. He can’t do anything more. Pedro continues singing and Fernanda looks like she’s in hell.

The argument rages on in the flower shop, but nobody’s saying anything new. Paloma finally storms out after Justino screams that she insulted the entire family by going out and sleeping with the first guy she could find and getting pregnant. On that note, Inés comes in and basically takes Paloma’s place–Justino insults her, Leonardo tries to defend her, she gets in between them.

Fernanda still hasn’t answered the door and he finally gives up.

Yesenia is looking through the Help Wanted ads when Inés and Leonardo come home. Leo is upset that Inés wouldn’t let him put Justino in his place. Leonardo repeats Justino’s accusation of immorality and Yesenia likewise takes offense, but Inés cuts him off and goes upstairs to bed.

Yet again, Paloma is picking up toys. Magdalena comes in, hears about the argument, and tries to say that Justino is just trying to protect her. By calling her a slut at the slightest provocation? “He wants to control us, which is not the same thing.” You tell her, Paloma! Magdalena keeps arguing that he’s not completely bad. Paloma says that while she’s grateful to him for putting a roof over their heads it doesn’t grant him the right to make her feel bad whenever he wants to. Magdalena says that if only Paloma were less rebellious he wouldn’t be that way.

The only one responsible for abuse is the abuser. For more information about domestic violence, you can look at this page from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She’s not defending him, she just wants Paloma to try to understand him. Paloma admits she made a mistake, but she was a kid. Why can’t he see that now she’s a woman and she’s just trying to raise her son. “Because your father is the way he is and he’s not going to change.” This is true. Paloma doesn’t want to wait around for him to insult her again. Justino appears just then and says she can get out, then. On top of being arrogant, she’s ungrateful to him for supporting them. Paloma says he can hold it right there–she works to pay her and Cachito’s expenses and chips in for the household expenses and the mortgage, so she deserves respect. He wishes he’d never allowed her to come home and she agrees, it might have been better for her son not to grow up in this environment. Cachito and Eugenio are home and Paloma rushes out to meet them. Cachito starts talking about what a great movie they saw.

Basilio is driving Pedro home as he pouts in the back seat. He knows Fernanda was home–her car was there and he heard her voice–but she wouldn’t come to the door. There is only one solution…tequila and more mariachis. (To which I say, ay yi yi yi, canta y no bebes!)

Guess who else is drowning his sorrows? Termi. Jonathan wishes he’d just talk to Pedro, but he’s feeling too betrayed. I cut him zero slack for the “Pedro doesn’t respect anyone’s women” line. First of all, Cocó was never “yours” and second, even if she was, she’s still a human being with free will. And I can’t believe I just said something positive about Cocó. And don’t swig tequila directly from the bottle! Have some respect. You can’t drink her out of your heart. And now Jonathan gets all morose about his “unrequited” love. And offended with Termi for referring to her as an ingrata (ungrateful).

Humberto shares his concerns about “Leonardo” and the ever-supportive Fabiola suggests he give Ignacio more responsibility. And then offers him a massage. She’s all heart.

Ignacio is over at Fernanda’s comforting her about Santiago. She swears if anything happens to her brother (more than already has?) she’ll kill Leonardo. Ignacio files that away for future reference and continues fake-comforting.

Yay for the opening credit sequence!

Pedro and Basilio are at the same bar where Jonathan and Termi were earlier. Feeling sorry for himself is not a good look on Pedro. They go through Why are chicks like that?, What if she was with someone else?, I’m throwing myself in the ocean, Are we really friends?, and end up with tequila.

Jonathan takes Termi home. He’s in “I love you, man!” mode. Jonathan is not. And right after he drives off, Termi stumbles back out his front door.

Basilio first insists he doesn’t want to get drunk because he’ll get weepy over his unrequited love…then he gets drunk anyway and confesses he has feelings for Ivonne. But he’s never told her. And he thinks she doesn’t even see him. Pedro goes to put something more lively on the jukebox and just then Termi stumbles in. When he sees Pedro, he calls him a traitor and punches him. Pedro insists Termi’s confusing him for someone else, dodges several more drunken punches, Basilio pulls him away from Pedro and towards the door, and Termi assures them that “I’ll be back! O sea ‘¡Regresaré!’” before he stumbles out. Yeah. They went there. Pedro fakes confusion and outrage for Basilio’s benefit.

Paloma cuddles a sleeping Cachito and says she’d do it all over again, if it meant having him. She puts a letter in an envelope.

Justino reads it the next morning:

Mom, I’m sorry, but I can’t let my son grow up with my father’s example. It would be irresponsible to let Cachito think it’s normal to live with the shouting, with the hurtful attitudes, with hateful words. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Tell my dad that in spite of everything, I love him. You know that I adore you and Eugenio. Paloma.

Magdalena comes running in, having realized Paloma and Cachito are gone, and Justino crumples the letter and says she’ll come back begging forgiveness. Magdalena has to wait for him to leave before she can retrieve the letter and read it herself.

Paloma took Cachito to the beach. It doesn’t seem like she’s told him they moved out, just that they’re “on vacation” just the two of them. She puts sunscreen on him and says he needs to stay on the beach and they won’t go into the water until they find someplace with a lifeguard around. He gripes about having rules on vacation.

At the mercado, Inés approaches Melquiades and asks about a loan. He’ll loan her any amount she wants (red flag!) from $5.00-$10K. All she has to do is pay 10% interest a month until the loan is paid off. Jonathan is behind his counter, looking at them, concerned.

Pedro slaps on some aftershave and, ouch!, wonders what his clón did to piss off Termi. Did he…?

Cocó is laboring under the misguided assumption that “Pedro” has no idea what the ring looks like, so she’s picking one out for herself.

Pedro calls Cocó and from her excited chatter picks up “the ring,” “come over tonight,” and “wedding plans,” before there’s a knock at the door and he hangs up.

Nora came to find out why he’s not at breakfast and he blames it on the fight with Humberto. This is actually normal Leo behavior. She asks about the photo album she brought him and that look at a few together, including one of Leo and his mom on the day Leo won a “gold medal” for swimming. Pedro looks like he’s doing a lot of mental math, but he’s not sharing his answers.

Yesenia asks when “Pedro’s” business strategy is going to pay off. “Hopefully soon. Give it time.” Sara reminds him that “time” is something they don’t have a lot of.

Eugenio comes over, wondering if any of them know where Paloma is. She left the house early with Cachito and his mom is afraid she’s not coming back. She was saving money to move out, but she still needed to save a lot more, so he doesn’t know where she could have gone. Yesenia thinks she just left for a few days to give her dad time to calm down. Eugenio has asked everyone and no one has any ideas. He’s going back out to keep looking. Leonardo tells Sara and Yesenia that this is his fault. He’s the reason Paloma fought with her dad.

Fernanda visits Santiago in the infirmary. He tells her he’s trying to stay away from trouble, but it’s impossible there. She wants to know who stabbed him.

Pedro raises the question of how “he” went from such a happy child to such a bitter adult. Sure, he knows, but he wants to hear Nora’s thoughts. She’s surprised, because “he” never wants to talk about it, but she’s more than willing to tell him that he and Humberto both lost their love for life and buried themselves in work after his mother died. And she thinks it’s time they made peace and Leo stopped blaming his father for his mother’s death.

Fernanda stops before exiting the prison and offers a bribe to the guard at the desk.

Inés signs the paperwork. And asks Melquiades to hold on to the paperwork for her, presumably to hide it from the family. But she just sat right there in the middle of the mercado to sign it, so…? He’ll deposit the money in her account right away.

Leonardo tells them about the fight last night. Sara calls Justino un macho cavernicola que siempre piense lo peor (a macho caveman who always thinks the worst), and Yesenia agrees. She thinks the fight may have been the last straw. Sara remembers Paloma talking about a friend who owned a hotel at the beach. But does she remember which beach?

Fernanda is ushered into the visiting room where Elmer is waiting for her. He makes a tasteless crack about making a conjugal visit to save her brother. She warns him if he touches her brother again, she’ll put a price on his head.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I don’t get to watch on Thursdays 🙁

I liked your PSA after the scene with the asshat dad. When we have these kinds of story lines, I wish telenovelas would include some sort of PSA at the end of the episodes. I sort of feel like they fail at the message when they don’t give any real information for victims.