Ruta 35, Monday 2/15/16 #23

Tomás, in his least subtle vehicle, follows one of Santana’s henchmen to put pressure on Santana to call Conchita.

Mercurio is still stealing food from the food pantry for the needy. When Diane tells him he has a work permit he almost gets a job at the dealership where Sofia works, but he since he has a record they won’t hire him. And now Diane busts him for the theft and tells him that he has 24 hours to replace what he took or pay for it.

Salomon and Rebeca are still trying to get their informant business up and running. They have been to every agency and it is not going well. Rebeca offers to tell the story of her turning in Domingo to a reporter to put pressure on Dylan.

Dylan and Sofia talk about Rogelio killing Camilo, and Sofia worries about Rogelio getting an informant deal and needing to go into hiding. Sofia also says that since Camilo is dead, she has no reason to be an informant anymore (just wait, your son will give you all the reason you need), so she wants to quit. Dylan tells her that is fine, but at the end of the year, your visa will not be renewed.

Rebeca and the reporter are doing a television interview. This makes her unemployable and puts a huge target on her head, while Gavilán and Salomon each watch this on TV. She is coming off as only interested in the payment for turning in her cousin.

Sofia is rightly upset about this turn of events when Dylan gets the call about the interview, and since they are in a public restaurant with a TV, he changes the channel to view the interview.  In public.  Way to spread this even further! So Rebeca continues on about how this game is all rigged, and they ask her who agent is that got her involved. Gavilán, shouting at the TV, wants her to say it; and Salomon prays that she doesn’t. And she outs him. Gavilán cheers, and Salomon is not so happy, but hey Dylan’s phone rings immediately and I wonder who is calling him now–oh yes that would be his boss, who calls him to the office.

Dylan is getting yelled at by his boss and trying to say “Why haven’t we paid her?” and the boss is saying “Why should we after she did that? She made ICE look bad,” but Dylan has been doing that all on his own.

Salomon calls Rebeca and yells at her, saying that the interview really screwed things up.

Rebeca has post-interview blues, and Dylan shows up and asks why. Rebeca is like “Really? You know why. You failed to deliver anything you promised.” Dylan tells her she screwed herself out of everything she was waiting on. She will be deported, and he doubts any agency will help her. She seems upset about this now.

Dylan, Domingo, John, and Bill are in the SUV. They are fussy that there is no plan for meeting up with Landino, but Domingo is all “What else can we do?” Then he gets out of the SUV.

Tomás gets home and Marina is drinking and asking him about the money. His defense is that he is a federal agent, and sometimes he has to make them believe he is a criminal. She tells him that if she finds out he is committing a crime she will turn him in.

Julia asks Mercurio what is wrong, and they fight about the fact that he stole $2000 dollars worth of food, and if he doesn’t pay it back he will be in violation of his parole. Mercurio goes to talk to Marina about this to get help. She asks why and he tells her that it was because of the sob stories and the fact that he couldn’t get work without a permit, so she asks Tomás for the money, and loans it to Mercurio. She is not happy about this. He promises to not do it again.

Salomon walks into Rebeca’s place, where Gavilán is waiting inside. Gavilán is upset that Salomon is responsible for Domingo’s capture. They argue and fight over Gavilán’s gun, but Salomon is no match for Gavilán and gets shot in the gut (which is a super survivable wound on this show at least). Rebeca comes in and prevents Gavilán from shooting him again. They fight and the police arrive. Salomon hears the whole fight, and knows they are together. Salomon says that he found someone in the house and got shot. No one seems in a hurry to get the ambulance for the bleeding Salomon.

In the hospital we get the whole story about Salomon surprising a robber with a ski mask on, Rebeca chimes in that he was wearing gloves so there is no point in looking for fingerprints. The police leave and Rebeca thanks Salomon, but he is not happy with her. He tells her to get out, we are done. I don’t want to see you again.

Rebeca is upset with Gavilán for shooting Salomon. Gavilán is all “What’s so bad about it? He lived.” Rebeca tells him that Salomon lied for him. Gavilán tells Rebeca that he doesn’t want her to see him again, and she responds with a no problem, he doesn’t want to see me again.

Domingo, Dylan, John and Bill take a private plane to the Bahamas. Domingo is having a grand time in hotel with the flunkies wanting Domingo to get a selfie with Landino and wear a wire, and let’s do this now. Everyone else, not so much. Domingo wants to do this alone, but Dylan tells him no, we will do this. Domingo calls Landino to set up the meeting. They try to trace the call but it is too short. Bill wants Domingo to call him back. Dylan backs Domingo on not calling again.

Mercurio gives Diane the $2000, she asks where he got the cash–he borrowed it from a friend. Then comes the request for a drug test, which catches him off guard. He did the drug test, and of course he’s clean. He wants Diane to expunge his record so he can get a job, or to get him a job. Diane takes him out of her office.

Rogelio is being sworn in at his trial. Rogelio’s story is he killed Camilo in self-defense, and that Sofia asked Camilo to kill him. This causes heads to be shaken in disbelief and murmurs to spring up in the background. Rogelio’s lawyer tries to get the murder charge dismissed, but the prosecutor has a surprise witness, Gino Roa. Who is Gino Roa? Oh, the guy that got Rogelio the shiv, and said he had nothing to tell the cops.

Salomon is released from the hospital. See, gut wounds are just a one night stay on this show. He tells the nurse that he has no one waiting for him. Salomon is drinking at his boat crying. He is so not ok. We broke him.

Gino Roa tells the court that Rogelio got the weapon from him, and he goes on to say that Rogelio threatened to kill him and his family if he didn’t help him. This causes Rogelio to crack and start shouting that he is lying.

Mercurio has an apron on for a part time job at the coffee place. His new community service assignment is cleaning a park, and when he asks how is he to feed his family, there is no answer.

The jury returns guilty verdicts for drug trafficking, money laundering, endangering health and public safety, conspiracy to commit crimes, murder in the first degree. Rogelio gets life in a maximum security prison, Federico seems broken by this, as Rogelio tells Federico to visit him in prison.

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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Señor! Domingo hanging out with The Three Stooges…worst vacation ever.