Ruta 35, Friday 2/19/16 #27

Tomás shows up at the hospital, presumably to pick up Federico. He runs into Dylan and they make small talk before discussing Federico. Tomás seems surprised that the son of a narco would be trying to work as a drug mule. He’d like to talk to him, but Dylan says he’s still sleeping. Annnnnnd Domingo is in there with Sofia. Dylan has to talk him down and explains that he’s helping them work a case. Tomás is still bitter about that whole kidnapping thing, go figure. Dylan is more than happy to have Tomás settle his differences with his fist in Domingo’s face…but later. He begs him to go easy on Sofia and then heads into the hospital room to introduce Tomás.

Domingo’s smile of greeting is HUGE until Tomás accuses him of getting his girlfriend’s son involved in the drug business. Sofia tells them all to shut up or take it outside. Tomás approaches the bed and recognizes Federico from their previous run-ins.

Juancho and Rogelio watch a couple of cops outside the hospital. Rogelio wants to get Federico out, even if it means killing him, so he won’t go to jail. Juancho counsels patience. Rogelio doesn’t know jack about patience.

Tomás asks who brought Federico to the hospital, but Domingo won’t say more than it was someone he hired. Gavilán who? Federico regains consciousness and when Tomás notices, he practically runs out of the room. Domingo sees the look Federico gives Tomás and files it away for future reference.

He heads out to the waiting area to beg Dylan to do something to help Federico. Prison’s not like juvie and it’s not fair to throw Federico in there for one mistake. Uh, that’s one mistake he was CAUGHT in. Just saying. They get into an argument about Domingo being out temporarily. Landino calls to tell Domingo to pick up his cash…from some contact who will recognize him. He doesn’t want to leave Sofia alone. He’s sure Rogelio will try to see Federico. He’s happy to go do the pickup with someone else, but he only trusts Dylan to be there with Sofia. Dylan agrees John can take him to do the pick up.

Federico is now fully awake and wondering what happened. Sofia tells him about the operation. He panics when he realizes he’s cuffed to the bed and Sofia swears she’ll get him the best lawyer she can find.

Juancho and Rogelio see John and Domingo leaving the hospital and getting into an SUV. Rogelio orders Juancho to follow them. So much for all Rogelio’s concern for his son. When Domingo, et al, arrive at their destination, Rogelio demands that Juancho give him a gun and leave. Just do it, Juancho. Hanging out with Rogelio is bringing you down, man. Domingo walks along until he sees Lola. Once again, he turns down her offer of whiling away a few hours. Stupid John forgot to turn off his ringer, so he takes his eyes off Domingo to answer his phone and that’s all the time Rogelio needs to make his approach. John sees the gun and shouts Domingo’s name. Domingo manages to duck in such a way that Lola gets between him and Rogelio. Rogelio takes off running, firing wildly in every direction, it seems. Domingo stops briefly to check on Lola before he, John, and Bill take off chasing Rogelio. Juancho did not leave, and pulls up to pick up Rogelio who fires one last time out the window of the SUV before they drive away.

Domingo is disgusted at Lola’s unnecessary death. Her phone starts to ring in her purse and Domingo answers, pretending he and Lola are having a fine time. She’s just off in the bathroom right now, but hey, Landino doesn’t mind “loaning” her to him for a week or so, right? They get along so well, he’s sure Landino doesn’t have to check with her. Landino caves and says to tell her she needs to be back in the Bahamas by next weekend.

Rogelio calls Sofia to get an update on Federico. And blame her for everything. And tell her he’s going to kill her. She tells him to kill himself–he’s a failure as a father, as a man, and as a narco. If he comes near her son, she’ll kill him.

Sofia begs Domingo to get her a gun. She’s sure Rogelio’s coming for her. Domingo tries to convince her to leave, but she won’t leave Federico. She cries about him going to jail, but Domingo says he’ll get his lawyer to help. He’ll even smuggle him out of the hospital if he has to. Sofia doesn’t want him going back to Mexico, though. They’re interrupted by a call from Gavilán, he’s been watching the club and hasn’t seen anyone. Domingo wants him to keep watching, so he can get rid of this Rogelio problem once and for all.

Tomás stopped by to wish Conchita luck in court tomorrow and let her know he’ll be there and he’ll do everything he can. She brings up Manuel’s death and how he died because he was covering up the missing 2 kilos of cocaine. Tomás wants her to let it go. “How long have you been doing it? How long have you been stealing evidence? I saw you. Don’t deny it.”

Salomon and Mercurio are escorted in to see Principal Marina who’s not happy about them getting into fights. She’s ready to pull them out, but these two are determined to see it through. She reminds them they’re there to do a job. She wants to get Salomon’s buddy transferred. She reminds him to behave like a grown up and a professional.

Conchita demands an answer and a reason not to turn him in. He blames it on the screwed up justice system and accuses the DEA of only being in business to confiscate drugs so they can turn around and sell the drugs, to get more informants, to help them get more drugs. What difference does it make who sells that kilo? All they do is catch criminals, who then make deals and end up doing “better” than him. He’s sorry Manuel is dead, but he should have been in jail. Instead he was rewarded by getting out and working for the justice system. It’s because of people like Manuel that people like him exist.

Tomás retrieves the kilo from under the toilet. Middleman, with a crew, shows up outside Tomás’ house, asking for “his” money. They take the cash he has on him and the kilo. Middleman declares the debt repaid and tells the guys to let him go, but Tomás can’t resist getting in one good punch. That’s all the crew needs to beat Tomás until Marina drives up and pulls her gun on the lot of them. She doesn’t bother chasing them down and checks on Tomás instead.

He insists he’s fine and they were trying to rob him, but they didn’t take anything. That’s his excuse for not wanting to make a report. Marina is annoyed with his attitude and NOT in the mood for sex, so he gets intimate with a couple of glasses of booze instead.

Rebeca’s annoyed at being left alone at Gavilán’s place. She wants to go back to her house. She’s tired of dating a hench instead of the decision-maker.

Juancho and Rogelio drink as Rogelio tries to convince him to get a team of five guys together. He swears nobody will die, and they’ll each get paid $500,000. Juancho needs to get him some guns and some doctors’ uniforms.

Federico is having trouble breathing. Sofia runs out and gets the doctor, who rushes in with a team and pushes Sofia out of the room. Federico’s heart stops, but they shock it back into rhythm.

Once again, Salomon and Mercurio plan an approach to Gitano, but since this is The Only Federal Prison in All of Miami (er, ok, in this case at least it makes sense) who should be sitting with him but Mercurio’s old cellmate, Estefan. It’s Mercurio’s turn to start the fight and Salomon delivers a few half-hearted kicks so he gets dragged away, too.

Tomás hasn’t shown up at court and the lawyer says he’s Conchita’s best defense. He’s busy drinking and thinking about what she said. In court, the lawyer is explaining how many cases Conchita has helped close, but without Tomás there to corroborate, the judge doesn’t find this compelling. Tomás shows up just in time.

Marina reeeeeeeally wants to pull Mercurio and Salomon out of the job. Mercurio says if she won’t leave him in, he’ll just do something to get himself put back in.

Tomás testifies that he’s the one who originally busted Conchita for trafficking cocaine, and that while that was a huge mistake on her part, she never made another one in the time he’s known her. She has successfully completed every mission she’s been given and performed tasks that would be difficult for any informant, but especially one her age. To throw her in jail would be the worst injustice he’s seen in his entire career and he would put up his badge as guarantee that she will never commit another crime again. The judge takes his words into account and sentences her to time served. She excitedly hugs the lawyer, Padre Venancio, and her grandsons as Tomás tries to sneak out.

Conchita catches up to him in the hallway and wants to know what happened to his face, but he won’t tell her. She thanks him for what he said to the judge, but he says it was all true. She can’t help worrying about what he’s doing, even though she never has to see him again. He, of all people, should know it’s not going to end well.

Mercurio continues pleading with Marina to let him finish the job. She gives him 48 hours.

Salomon tries approaching Gitano yet again–this time, by knocking over his tower of dominos. Seriously, this guy is not playing hard to get, he really wants nothing to do with Salomon.

The party continues at Conchita’s house. She promises everyone she won’t ever get into trouble again. Wilson is happy that they’re still a family, through good and bad times and they all toast to the bad times being over.

Sofia is sleeping by Federico’s bed. Domingo watches her from outside the door.

John ran the plates on Rogelio’s getaway SUV and traced them to Juancho. He checked out video footage from outside Juancho’s club and he shows Dylan the video of Domingo and Gavilán outside the club on the night of the shooting.

Dylan confronts Domingo at the hospital. He’s angry that Domingo is running around with Gavilán and trying to catch Rogelio on his own. Domingo doesn’t exactly trust law enforcement to capture Rogelio, since he escaped from them in the first place. Sofia hears the fight and comes out of Federico’s room to tell them to break it up. Dylan delivers the warning that if Domingo kills Rogelio, he’s going back to prison; and if he catches Gavilán, he’s going with him.

Rogelio assembles his team and explains they’re going in through the ambulance bay. He’s paying half now and half after, plus a bonus for killing Domingo or for bringing Sofia to him alive and unharmed.

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