Ruta 35, Thursday 2/18/16 #26

Federico gets a text from Rogelio and removes the bug from his phone. He sneaks out and Rogelio picks him up on a random corner. Rogelio shows off his gunshot wound from Domingo and brags about how he’s going to kill Domingo. Federico tells Rogelio that Domingo and Sofia are together and have been for some time. Stupid kid! Rogelio KICKS HIM OUT OF THE CAR. Then he tells Juancho to circle the block. He’ll make Federico tell him where Sofia is.

Sofia’s looking for Federico in his room, but he won’t answer the door. The ICE agent uses his key and they realize he’s not there.

Federico is running down the block, right past Mercurio (doing his community service), and Juancho stops the car so Rogelio can try to chase Federico down on foot.

Sofia goes out to the van where Gavilán is keeping watch, but he didn’t see Federico leave.

It’s Rogelio’s turn to run past Mercurio, who sends him in the wrong direction.

Domingo records a video testimonial in front of some American flag artwork. He explains that he’s an informant, he’s going after Landino, and he’s going to the Bahamas with some guns. When he gets Landino to make a big order, he’ll finish the deal and they’ll capture Landino. The guns will be shipped in wooden boxes along with some car parts.

Domingo and two of the three stooges board a small plane.

Federico is back. He tells Sofia that he told Rogelio about her and Domingo. She says he can’t have it both ways. He has to choose between her and his dad, and he has to do it now.

The ICE guys are out talking to Mercurio while Gavilán watches.

Inside, another agent asks about Gavilán but Sofia won’t give him up–she says it’s no one for him to be concerned with and he won’t see him again.

Rogelio got away. Damn. Juancho somehow seems to not know him well enough to know that Rogelio is deeply stupid. Rogelio insists he’ll go after Domingo and kill him in front of Sofia.

Santana caves! He calls Conchita and wants to set up delivery. He insists on a meeting in 20 minutes.

Tomás is checking on his toilet kilo when Conchita calls. He insists on her going to the DEA office.

Once again, she gets fitted with a wire. Tomás promises this is going to be over today. They’re using the same safe word again, “nietecitos” (little grandchildren). She brings up the 2 missing kilos and explains how Manuel covered for her, and she’s sure she counted well, and they were under lock and key at the church. Santana calls her again….

Conchita shows up and they hassle each other about punctuality and giving advance notice. Everything gets counted and loaded up. Manuel covered again and now asks to go with her. Tomás gives his team the signal to follow Conchita’s van. She stalls the buyer by asking to see the cash. The buyer insists on checking the merchandise, but he says it’s not coke. Once again, there’s an argument in the van about whether or not to go in. The buyer slaps Conchita and Manuel steps in, swearing that yes, there are 2 packets that are not cocaine, but the rest is. He begs the buyer to try another sample. This time the buyer is pleased. Conchita takes responsibility for the 2 missing kilos and says he can take it out of her pay–he sure will, but not the amount he would be paying, the amount it would sell for on the street. They get into an argument about that and the guy pulls the gun before Manuel tells her to just give the signal already. Seriously, Manuel? You couldn’t have gone for “Conchita, think of your grandkids”? He steps between Conchita and the gun as she screams “¡Nietecitos! ¡Nietecitos!

The team moves in, Manuel and Conchita hit the floor, and one agent stops to check on them while the rest go into slow-mo-heroic-chase mode. Tomás gets to be the one to capture the buyer.

Manuel is getting loaded up in the ambulance when Tomás runs out there to demand that Manuel call Santana. They have to finish this today. Even Manuel insists Tomás is right and asks for a cell phone.

A very angry Conchita hands over the money, but won’t take her cut. She tells him all she wants is for him to rot in jail right before the DEA comes in to cart them all off. That’ll teach you to be making cracks about “viejas.”

Conchita watches from her van, outside the buyer’s house as Tomás finishes loading up the DEA van and then smuggles a kilo out under his vest.

At the hospital, she asks for Manuel and finds out he didn’t make it. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Tomás arrives and she ignores him.

Back at home, Tomás tells Marina it didn’t go so well today. They lost an informant. An 18 year old kid. Marina comforts him.

At her house, Conchita tells Padre Venancio that she thinks Tomás took them. She saw him take a kilo from the Santana bust. She won’t turn him in, she says. Because she believes you never know what another person might be going through.

In the Bahamas, Domingo brings the samples to Landino. He asks for 50, rather than the 1000 he mentioned before. He and his men will use those 50. He’s sure once the Colombians see them, they’ll place their order for 1000. Then he insists that Domingo stay and party with him. He has a surprise for him–her name is Lola and she’s waiting upstairs for him. Domingo offers her some cash. She can drink her wine, but nothing’s going to happen. He’s a fine upstanding criminal, that Domingo.

Dylan calls Salomon and Mercurio. He’s ready to talk now. In his office, John explains that Dylan’s interested in Tony, but he’s busy elsewhere. He shows them a file with a picture of Tony and some other guy Mercurio doesn’t recognize. The guy goes by “Gitano” and he’s currently residing in the same prison Mercurio worked so hard to get out of. So guess where Mercurio’s going? We told you to run, dude. We told you to run. Mercurio asks to involve another agent.

In The Only Coffee Place in All Of Miami, Mercurio, John, and Salomon meet with Marina. Even Marina doesn’t think this is a good idea, but if Mercurio wants her help, she’s happy to help them do a fake bust as a cover. Mercurio and Salomon are having their mug shots taken in no time at all.

Padre V presides over the funeral of Manuel, which is actually better-attended than Camilo’s funeral. Tomás watches from a distance.

In the gym, Salomon and Mercurio plan their approach.

Conchita gets home from the funeral with Ronald and Wilson and a police officer delivers the notification of her court date.

Salomon tries sitting down with Gitano to play dominos, but Gitano has had enough for one day. They try again later and Salomon uses his trademark blend of insults and flattery to try to convince the guy to hang with them. Mercurio totally harshes his vibe, though. Whoever was in charge of gathering intel failed to inform them that an old enemy of Salomon’s is in the same prison. The guy accuses Salomon of being a snitch, so Salomon starts a fight.

Through the wall between their cells, Mercurio gives Salomon a hard time for starting the fight and for not knowing that he’d be running into an old friend. “I thought he’d be out already. It’s not my fault justice moves so slowly in this country.”

Things are tense at the ICE safe house. Federico steals his mom’s credit card and her gun. I am really tired of seeing people stuck stuff down their pants. Federico swallows the kilo of heroin, packs a bag, and says he’s moving out. This is probably a bad time for him to be so upset. And to pull a gun on a federal agent. And to waste time yelling at Sofia about being with Domingo. He makes a run for it and the agent gets on the walkie and asks for backup.

Back in the US, Domingo complains, mostly to Dylan, that Rogelio STILL hasn’t been caught. As they’re exiting the airport, Federico is walking in…and having some serious gastrointestinal distress. He ditches Sofia’s gun in a trash can and heads for the bathroom where, no, splashing water on the back of his neck is NOT going to help him any. Gavilán was following him and fortunately gets to him before Federico is completely unable to communicate. He manages to choke out that what he swallowed was heroin.

Gavilán gets Federico into his van and calls Sofia to tell her that he thinks one of the bags of heroin Federico swallowed has burst. He’ll leave him at the hospital, but he can’t stay. In a flashback, we see that Gavilán followed him from the house. Federico is still conscious and despite being in obvious pain, begs Gavilán not to take him to the hospital. Too bad, dumbass, Gavilán doesn’t take orders from you!

Bill complains to Domingo that they can’t keep delivering such small sums to Landino. Domingo’s cell rings and he gets the news of Federico’s latest stupidity. Even he insists that Gavilán needs to get nearly-dead-Fed to the hospital.

Gavilán pulls the van up and calls for a doctor. He deposits Federico on a gurney and tells the ER nurse that he swallowed a kilo of heroin. I swear, Federico is STILL trying to avoid medical care and roll off the gurney even as they’re wheeling him down the hall.

Rogelio is fueling his anger with booze and remembering his promise to kill Domingo in front of Sofia, before he kills Sofia.

The doctor takes a look at a seriously scary x-ray and says they’ve got to get Federico into surgery.

Rogelio calls Federico’s cell, but a nurse answers it and explains that he was brought to the hospital emergency room.

Sofia and the agent guarding her arrive at the ER looking for Federico. The doctor explains that Federico swallowed capsules of heroin, one of them burst, and he had an airline ticket for Canada. There’s a warrant for his arrest and he’ll be turned over once he’s out of danger. Domingo, Dylan, and Bill arrive and Sofia tells him what happened.

Federico made it through surgery and they removed all the heroin capsules, but there’s no way of knowing how much was absorbed and though they’ve started the detox process, he could still die of an overdose. They’ll know more in the next four hours.

Sofia weeps over him and blames herself, but Domingo says some people just have a little seed of evil in them. Like he does.

Federico’s one of us. No matter what you do, he’s always going to go that way and you can’t do anything to keep him from it.

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