Ruta 35, Tuesday 2/16/16 #24

Mercurio is frustrated that he can’t make enough money to support them with his part-time job, and wants Julia to go to live with her mother.

Federico still wants to be a drug mule and is going to upgrade to heroin. His cousin is all dude, quit while you are ahead.

Mercurio is telling Julia that this is temporary. There is much sadness here. Mercurio is on the phone at work when his boss calls him over, presumably to tell him to not be on the phone at work, when a customer bumps into him and he breaks a pitcher. The boss tells him he will take that out of his paycheck.

Mercurio goes to see Salomon, who pats him down looking for wires. They end up in the boat having something to eat. Mercurio figures that Salomon can help him find a decent job. Something that pays enough so that Julia and Jacobo can live with him. Salomon is like, all of my contacts are criminals. Salomon suggests that he inform on Tony Morales (the guy that wants to kill Mercurio) so he can go back to Mexico, but Mercurio wants out of the informant business.

Landino calls Domingo, and they take forever to answer the phone because no one is ready to start tracing the call. I am surprised that it didn’t go to voicemail with as many rings as it took them to get ready. Domingo finally answers and sets up a meet. Domingo gets wired with something that includes a GPS, and then he goes out the door with Bill. They are following Domingo in the surveillance van and Domingo pulls off the wire and drops it out of the car as he continues on to the meeting causing much consternation in the surveillance van. Dylan called Domingo with WTF, Domingo is all like you guys are trying to get me killed, don’t call me, I’ll call you, and hangs up. Dylan thinks to call the rental company to get the GPS signal.

Domingo gets to Landino’s estate where he is searched before he meets with Landino. Domingo and Landino have a heated exchange and Domingo convinces him that he is not an informant, but everything is getting checked again.

Bill wants to jump the gun and raid Landino’s estate and Dylan apparently gets the one brain that is shared by the law in this scene. He talks Bill into waiting with logic. I know, it was a surprise for me too.

Domingo and Landino finally get down to talking business, Domingo finds out that Landino has been in the drug business, and hasn’t been dealing guns in a while, and so he needs guns.

Everyone meets back at the hotel. Dylan punches Domingo for telling them that they don’t know what they are doing. Dylan threatens Domingo with Sofia, which causes Domingo to hit Dylan, and it takes both Bill and John to keep Domingo from doing more to Dylan. After the pissing contest ends, Domingo tells them that Landino is no longer an arms dealer, but a drug dealer.

Santana calls Conchita about her transport business. He tells her he wants her to move his drugs. She agrees.

Domingo and the brain trust discuss what to do with this new information. Domingo gives them two options, one is you have him tailed and pick him up, but you will only get one of the flunkies; or we get the guns to trade to Landino. Dylan is against both options, but Bill wants to kick it up the ladder.

Conchita meets with Santana’s hench at the park and gets an envelope of money. She gets Wilson to help her knock a hole in the wall on tape to get the drugs on tape. Tomás, Wilson and Conchita meet. Tomás needs Conchita to give the drugs to Santana and not just drop them off at the warehouse, but there is no plan on how to do this. So the other brain trust decide to take the drugs to the padre’s for a couple of hours, a couple of days max. Tomás is packing the drugs up and steals two kilos and puts them in the bushes while Conchita documents that there are 500 kilos of coke being held in the church (minus the two kilos that Tomás just stole). Tomás takes the drugs and hides them under the toilet while Mariana sits reading in bed. She asks if everything is okay.

Conchita gets a call from Santana asking why his drugs are not at the warehouse. She tells him that she doesn’t want to deliver the drugs to the warehouse because she doesn’t want to get blamed for missing merchandise. She will only deliver the drugs to Santana, because she suspects that the DEA’s info is coming from one of his guys.

Federico’s cousin can’t find anybody in Mexico willing to sell cheap heroin.

Domingo is back in Miami and meets with Sofia and Gavilán. Domingo tells them that the meeting with Landino went well. Sofia tells Domingo that Rogelio got life in prison. Domingo did his part with Landino, and now it is up to the Feds.

Conchita gets a call from Santana with a location to drop off the drugs. Conchita, Tomás, and Wilson pick up the drugs from the Padre who tells Tomás that he holds him responsible for her. Tomás asks the Padre if he would like to be an informant, much to the disbelief of the Padre. The Padre says no, and off they go. Wilson wants to go on the drug bust, but Conchita again tricks him out of the van and drives off. Now to the DEA’s office so they can tell the agents in charge of the case.

Conchita and Tomás meet with the agents in charge. Now they want to find get the buyer as well. Conchita is all “Swear to me I never have to do this again,” and Tomás says that they will get the judge’s decision, and she will never see him again.

Rogelio is being taken to a maximum security prison, along with multiple inmates picking the locks on their restraints. They attack a guard, get his weapon, and shoot another guard. The bus crashes into a parked car in the middle of the road and ends up on its side. Rogelio gets released by one of the other prisoners and there is a gun fight with the cops. The buddy gets shot, but Rogelio escapes and steals a car, phone and wallet from someone at a gas station. He calls Juancho as he makes his escape.

Rebeca and Gavilán have a fight about her trying to talk to Salomon.

Sofia gets a call and thinks it’s her boss until Rogelio starts talking. He makes threats and then hangs up. Dylan finds Sofia and scares the hell out her, but at least he gets her to her apartment where she looks for Federico who is out buying heroin. Gavilán gets a call from Domingo that Rogelio just escaped and heads out.

Rogelio meets Juancho at a strip club where Rogelio wants help getting out of the country and for someone to kidnap Sofia for him.

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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Mr. 🙂

It’s sad when I think Domingo is more qualified to run the Landino op than any of the three agents.

And I’m ready for Rogelio to get killed already. I’m tired of him somehow surviving everything that gets thrown at him, not because he’s clever, but because he’s unpredictable and keeps getting lucky.

As for Federico…seriously, dude, go back to school and quit trying to kill yourself! Could he possibly have any less of a sense of self-preservation?