Ruta 35, Wednesday 2/17/16 #25

We open with Rogelio looking up the address of dealership where Sofia works.

Conchita is in the surveillance van with Tomás and the agents in charge of the Santana case, doing a mic check. She returns to her delivery van and goes to the meet with Santana. He is there with his hench. They want to search Conchita for a wire. She holds them off for a while when Manuel shows up to search her. The DEA are freaking out, but she is calm. Manuel does not spill the beans, and most of the hench go out to the van. Manuel escorts her to a room and they start talking. She finds out the he is working for the FBI as an informant. A hench comes back to collect her. Santana asks where his other two kilos of coke are. She doesn’t know, she tells him everything she found is here. Tomás wants to go in now, saying that Conchita is going to get killed (of course, not mentioning that he stole the two kilos of coke). Tomás exits the van, but the other guy comes out and stops him.

Manuel pulls this out of the fire by taking two kilos of coke from the stack and getting the boss’ attention. He says he will go back out to the van and look again. Outside, he stashes the two kilos of coke for the other searcher to find. The other hench takes the two recycled kilos back in. Tomás knows that Manuel covered his screw up as Manuel and the hench go back in. Conchita gets paid and starts to leave, but starts up-selling her services for delivery.

Conchita drives away and meets with Tomás and crowd. She says everything is okay and hands over the money.

Rogelio and Juancho have someone calling to see if Sofia is at work. Dylan and someone else are waiting outside of Sofia’s apartment when they spot Federico and have to chase him down. Dylan tackles him and tells him to calm down, without listening to Federico, Dylan tells him that Rogelio escaped from prison. Some strange man is surveilling the apartment for Rogelio, who identifies his son. Dylan drives Federico away, Gavilán and Domingo are also watching and see Rogelio’s guy pull out to follow Dylan. Domingo decides that the stranger is Rogelio’s person and he is going to take care of Rogelio himself instead of informing the Feds.

Now Dylan asks about what he was saying about the friend. Federico tells him that it’s not his business. Dylan tries to get him to come clean if he is doing anything that he shouldn’t be. Federico, true to himself, insists he isn’t.

Gavilán and Domingo stop Rogelio’s man. Gavilán hits him with a gun, pulls him out of the car, throws him to the ground, kicks him a couple of times for good measure, and loads him into the back of his SUV. They drive off.

The doorbell rings at Conchita’s and it’s Manuel. Wilson tries to tell him she is not there, but Conchita blows that plan and tells Wilson that Manuel is working for the Feds. (Can we take this conversation inside please?) They go in and have dinner. Manuel tells her that Santana is considering her offer, and that two kilos are missing for reals, but she doesn’t have them so they start tracing the route. They call the Padre to come over and ask him about it. He tells them that the room that the drugs were stored in was locked the whole time the drugs were there, so no one touched them. The only one that was alone with the drugs was Tomás, and Conchita thinks that Tomás wouldn’t steal the coke, but everyone else is trading looks like they think it was him.

Gavilán and Domingo ask the guy where Rogelio is, and then the beatings begin.

Dylan tells Federico and Sofia that they are to stay inside and there will be a guard outside 24 hours a day. Federico asks for how long. Until Rogelio is caught. They have already bugged Sofia’s phone and now they are going to do Federico’s as well so that they can trace any calls that come in.

Domingo calls the last number on hench’s phone with his phone and gets hench’s wife. He pretends that he is a floral delivery man and gets the address and directions to her house. Gavilán delivers the flowers and sees his son. Domingo has the hench in the truck with him and threatens the wife and kid. Gavilán starts to reach for his gun, when hench cracks and Domingo summons Gavilán back leaving the wife and kid unharmed. Hench’s phone rings, Rogelio is calling to ask how it is going, hench tells him he is working on it, and tries to get Rogelio to pass a message to his boss (possibly a distress signal). Rogelio just wants him to focus on finding Sofia.

Rogelio delivers the message and we find out it is a distress call. Juancho tells Rogelio he needs to get out now. Rogelio takes this about as well as he takes any order, choking Juancho and demanding a gun and a car. Domingo and Gavilán show up at the club and Rogelio starts shooting at Domingo. It looks like Rogelio hit a bystander. Gavilán shoots Rogelio in the arm and everyone leaves the building but the bystander. Gavilán is disappointed that they didn’t get Rogelio, but suggests that Sofia will be okay with ICE watching her. Domingo, on the other hand, knows that they are clueless.

Salomon takes Mercurio to meet Dylan and tries to get Dylan interested in Tony Morales, suggesting that he is involved in drugs. After Dylan answers a phone call, he says he can’t answer right now, and he needs time to think, but Salomon doesn’t want to give him the time.

Rogelio wakes up in a shack waving his gun about. Juancho brought breakfast and the newspaper.

Dylan meets with John–ATF wants to get the guns and make the deal. Bill is upstairs talking to Domingo.

Federico gets a call from Rogelio and they start tracing the call. Rogelio tells Federico he wants to go to Mexico and start up the business again and be even bigger than before. Sofia takes the phone and yells at Rogelio. Federico’s not so inner twelve-year-old yells at his dad to hang up the phone, spoiling the trace.

Sofia asks why, and the answer is because he is my dad. Sofia wants Federico and her to start a new life, and tells him that, no, Rogelio is not sorry for anything (except getting caught).

Dylan, John, Domingo and Bill are setting up the sting. Bill wants Domingo to buy the guns using Domingo’s ID, even though he is a wanted fugitive, officially, and then stash them in a couple of cars that are being shipped to the Bahamas. Domingo calls Landino to set up the exchange, but Landino doesn’t believe him, so Domingo is going to bring him three guns. Domingo goes in to buy the guns. Dylan doesn’t think that this should be going on. Domingo says he won’t go to the Bahamas with Rogelio roaming around. Dylan tells Domingo that Sofia is okay and he has his best guys guarding her (not a very high bar from what we have seen), but Domingo doesn’t care.

Dylan gets a call, and asks for “the information” to be sent to him.

Gavilán shows up to “do some service” and sneaks Domingo out under the noses of his security detail yet again.

Dylan comes to talk to Sofia, to tell her they are working on it and can’t find Rodrigo. Dylan asks what Federico has been doing since he arrived in Miami. Sofia lies about him working in a call center, but Dylan thinks he is in the drug business. Dylan asks her to talk to Federico about it, but he locks her out of the room and hides the bag.

Sofia gets a text and sneaks out of the apartment to meet Domingo. They meet in the plumber’s van. Apparently days of isolation are too much for her manicure, and it finally fails her. Federico sneaks out with the drugs. Domingo gives her the gun he got with the rest of the weapons. When they leave the van Federico, who is duck taping his drugs to a tree limb, sees her leaving the van and kissing Domingo. Federico comes down to confront her and Domingo. After yelling at Sofia and Domingo for a while, Domingo tries to step in but Federico doesn’t want to hear it. So much for the crack security team who missed this entire incident.

Federico storms off to his room and says he is leaving. Sofia convinces him to hear her side. She says that the only thing good that came from Rogelio was Federico. Sofia asks Federico to forgive her for lying, but Federico is still stuck in twelve-year-old mode and cries on her shoulder. Sofia tells Federico that she will do anything for him, including giving up Domingo.

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Gracias, mi amor! She hung from a balcony and didn’t mess up her manicure, but 1 day in “witness protection” and NOW she breaks a nail?

Yay for the return of Manuel!