La Vecina, Tuesday 2/23/16 #170

Anselmo and Elias worry about what they are going to do. They don’t want to kill Bruno, but if they leave the “organization” will think they are traitors. They decide to go see Isidro and tell him that Pedro is putting them all at risk.

Fidel and Quintin complain about the turf-invading feds. Fidel decides they need to find Sara. Vicente calls and tells Fidel where Sara is.

Anto buys a plane ticket to San Gasp. He gives the number of his credit card AND the expiration date. [Ok. It’s filler. I know it, you know it…but at least it isn’t word salad and it’s actually real life and believable. Well played, show.] As soon as he hangs up from buying the ticket, his phone rings. It’s Sara. I’m just as relieved as he is. She tells him she’s at Doña Asuncion’s hotel. Sara knows the Feds are after Pedro.

Simon feels better. The French doctor tells him a plane will take him to Manila tomorrow. He can call his family.

Edwina’s search party foreman reports that the campsite they’ve found was only abandoned about two days ago. They are going to keep searching, but they are going to need more money. Edwina will call and get more funds.

Bruno makes it to Casitas and he brought Fidel. He and Laura have a happy reunion. Everyone assumes that Pedro must be hiding.

He’s actually skulking about his house and trying to get in touch with Anselmo and Elias. They aren’t answering, so Pedro calls Isidro. Anselmo and Elias are already there. Isidro tries to tell Pedro to get out of town, but Pedro is obsessed with getting Laura. After Isidro and Pedro hang up, Isidro orders Anselmo and Elias to kill Pedro. Apparently they are ok with that.

Padre V, Sara and Fidel discuss whether she should stay in Casitas or go back to San Gasp. At another table, Laura says she wants to be as far away as possible. Bruno is going with her. Sara walks over and tells them she’s heading back to San Gasp.

Antonio heads back to his apartment and checks his messages. The accountant (Germán Sosa) has returned his call. The accountant doesn’t work with that firm any more, but the name “Andrade” sounds familiar. Is Antonio connected to the Andrade Cisneros construction company? Anto calls the accountant back…and gets Sosa’s voice mail. He leaves a message asking the accountant if he still has the preliminary reports from the audit [again I felt like this was sort of filler….but it was well done filler…if there can be such a thing.] After getting off the phone with Sosa, Anto gets a call from Sara. Bruno and Laura need to get far away. Can they stay at his apartment? Anto thinks that’s a bad idea with Pedro after him. He offers to call Sebas and ask if they can use his apartment.

Anto calls Sebas and Sebas agrees to let Bruno and Laura use his apartment. Nat asks what’s going on and Sebas fills her in on Arango.

Anselmo and Elias shoot up Pedro’s EMPTY car. And Pedro watches it all from behind a tree. Well, looks like Pedro knows Isidro is after him.

Sara says goodbye to Bruno and Laura. Quintin is going to escort them to the state line. Fidel and Padre V take Sara home.

Isidro informs Anselmo and Elias that Pedro was probably watching. They better find him and take care of him!

Edwina calls Lucita and gets Tadeo. He feeds her the story about Lucita traveling. Edwina asks if he has a number or hotel name or something. He offers to pass along the message. They hang up and he grumbles about having to keep Edwina from calling again.

Fidel gets the report about Pedro’s car being shot up. He heads out. Magda worries.

*sigh* I know Pedro is bad, but I hate Tadeo so.damn.much today. He calls Edwina acting like Lucita and tells her to give up the search. There is no way Simon is alive. Give up and come back.

And see? I can’t hate Pedro because he busts into Isa’s hotel room and points a gun at her. It’s almost like he wants to make me happy.

Isa finally realizes Ric and Pedro are accomplices. Pedro confirms that Ric is the inside man. Ric arrives and gets a gun in his face.

Edwina thinks about “Lucita’s” words. And she decides “Lucita” is right. Simon is not coming back. She has to accept it and pray for his eternal rest. Tadeo killed her hope and I hate him for it. She looks up at the stars. One day she and Simon when find each other again.

Simon looks at the same stars and promises to back with her soon.

Pedro is really surprised Isa didn’t know Ric was involved with the saqeadores. Ric just wants to know what Pedro wants. Pedro wants to find out where Bruno is. Ric has no idea. Isa jumps at the chance to help Pedro…if Pedro will help her sink Sara. Pedro agrees. After he leaves, Isa yells at Ric for being the one that blocked Antonio’s efforts at every turn. There were plenty of people doing that and Isa can now count herself as one of them. She’s made a deal with Pedro, and you don’t get out of those contracts very easily. The only thing that Isa cares about is ruining La Vecina.

Bruno checks in with Sara. He and Laura are a couple of hours outside the DF. He’ll let them know when they get to Sebas’s apartment. They hang up. Sara wants to pick Antonio up at the airport. Padre V yells at her for not taking things more seriously. She should at least take a cab. Sara ignores him and leaves.

Ric calls Sebas and asks about the operation against Pedro. Sebas tells him about Conatrol pressing charges. Antonio had to go to the DF for some personal business, but he’s on his way back. Isa sashays in and is glad to hear Anto is on his way back. She decides to go to the apartment and see if she can find anything out about Bruno.

Sebas picks up Anto at the airport. There were storms in my area today, so the sound on this was unintelligible. It looks like Anto was hoping Sara would be there?

Fidel and Quintin look over the shot out remains of Arango’s car. What a shame the sound is still dodgy.

Edwina tells her search team captain that the money has run out and she’s throwing in the towel. He doesn’t want her to give up. They’ve only got a few islands left to explore. The money doesn’t matter. Let’s finish searching. I like this guy.

Rodobaldo calls Padre V. and calls him back to the church. Sara convinces her uncle she’ll be fine alone. After he leaves, Sara hears someone entering Antonio’s apartment. She runs over there. And it’s freaking Isa. Isa wonders if Sara has any pride running after a married man. Sara thinks Isa is the slutty slut who sluts and tells her so. She also tells Isa she saw her with Ric at Las Margaritas. Who would have thunk it? Isabel Cisneros is nothing but an adulterer. Sara just can’t figure out why Isa fought so hard to marry Anto just to turn around and cheat. Isa feigns bravado and tells Sara that Anto will never believe her. After Sara leaves, Isa looks a little worried. Sara is the last person who should have seen Isa with Ric. Now Isa is even more determined to destroy Sara.

Sebas and Nat drop off Anto at the condominium complex. He tells Sebas to take the car, he won’t be needing it. [That strikes me as important and something that will possibly come back to bite him on the ass.] As Anto goes into the building, Padre V is leaving. He lets Antonio have it. Antonio tells Padre V why he had to marry Isa. Padre V is more understanding toward Antonio.

Isa calls Ric. Sara knows everything! Ric doesn’t seem to care too much. Isa is sure Anto doesn’t know, though.  But when he finds out all hell will break loose. Isa goes off on one of her “Sara can’t win” tangents. Ric wonders why Isa is so obsessed with Anto and Sara. Anto has made it clear that he isn’t interested in Isa as a woman or a person.  Why doesn’t Isa just forget her and the two of them just go off to the DF or Paris or New York? Isa is stubborn. There is no way she is going to let a “pueblerina” (small town hick) win.

Anselmo and a few men clean out Pedro’s office. One of them swipes a stack of bills from Pedro’s desk. We get a closeup of the contents of the drawer. I’m sure there’s major significance to the little black book but I can’t remember what it is now.

Sebas calls Titina. He begs to set up a meeting. He can’t afford the damages she’s asking for. Clearly he and Nat have a plan and NAT seems to be the one giving instruction. With Nat in charge, I smell success.

Bruno calls to check in with Sara who is AAAAAARGH  on the balcony!!!!!! Isa over hears her talking to Bruno about SEBASTIAN’S apartment. *sob*. Sara hangs up and Isa immediately calls Sebas’s number. AND BRUNO ANSWERS!!!! It’s a San Gasp number he says. [Make it stop. It hurts meee!!!] As soon as Bruno picks up and answers, Isa hangs up. Isa is happy. Sara is going down!

Being the victim of years of abuse, Laura is immediately suspicious. Bruno doesn’t see how Pedro knows where they are. Laura tells him Pedro knows everything. Bruno thinks Laura is worrying too much. “Let’s not get paranoid” he says. [I’m a little annoyed by Bruno. He doesn’t seem to get how dangerous Pedro is.] Bruno offers to call back to find out who it is and Laura tells him not to.

Anto comes to see Sara. He’s so happy. But she just makes multiple attempts to slam the door in his face. She’s tired of dealing with his wife. Sara finally manages to slam the door in his face. She’s going to get him out of her heart!!

Antonio goes to his apartment. He’s not happy to see Isa. She tells him Sara is part of the saqueadores. Anto doesn’t believe her and throws her out of the apartment. He plans to protect Sara from Isa.

Damn. Now Sara is leaving to go see Padre V. Javier asks for a ride [Dude did a fair job of leaping, too!] She tells him to hop in. Oh this has got to be bad.

Pedro is running out of money. He remembers the cash in his office. Isa calls him and tells him she knows where Bruno is. She sends a text with the address. In exchange, Pedro tells her about the ducto in El Molcajete.

Qunitin gives Fidel an arrest warrant for Urbano Jimenez. Fidel wants to get the special team ready. The Feds can go after Pedro and Fidel will go after the other saqueadores.

The Feds are at that moment discussing their need for proof. Isa calls the Feds and reports that she has information they will want. There’s a ducto in El Molcajete. Pedro Arango owns it and it’s run by Sara Granados, his accomplice.

Toss up between Tadeo and Isa as the folks I hate the most today.


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5 years ago

So well done!
I can’t even take Sara’s blabbermouth! (Not you. You know, the other Sara.)
Favorite line of yours: “And see? I can’t hate Pedro because he busts into Isa’s hotel room and points a gun at her. It’s almost like he wants to make me happy.” Ha ha.

5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! I agree, it was not cool for Sara to be talking to Bruno right outside the apartment complex. Or for Bruno to pick up the phone. I’m with you–he was out of line, calling Laura “paranoid.” Why does he think they’re hiding in Sebastian’s apartment? For funsies?

5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! Ditto everything you guys said about Sara and Bruno this episode. The gravity of the situation hasn’t sunk in with them. I hate Isa so much. I want her to get her anvil now!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thanks Sara
I agree with you, you know, the filler doesn’t feel like filler when its stuff that people really have to do, it just feels real. Aghh too much suspense – gotta catch up, I can’t stand it.