¿Quién es Quién? Monday 2/22/16 #9

We get a replay of chocolate, sweet words, and kisses. They’re interrupted by a cell phone call from Cocó that completely ruins the mood. Paloma is kicking herself for getting carried away and sends Leo back to LA alone.

Ignacio visits Officer Naughty’s apartment to get more information about what she drugged Leonardo with. He wants to get some for himself. It’s a concoction her dealer makes. Ignacio hands over a wad of cash.

The mystery job Lupita told Yesenia about was serving drinks in Melquiades’ bar–the same bar where both Leo and Pedro have ended up recently. Melquiades is a jerk about Yesenia not being the type of girl he hires and he says she dresses like a pandillera (gang member) and a marimacha (slang for anything from “tomboy” to “dyke”). Lupita insists she can get Yesenia looking like one of the other girls and Melquiades agrees, as does Yesenia. I’m disliking Melquiades more every time I see him.

Leonardo gets back to Pedro’s house and reports that he did find Paloma and Cachito, but she wants time to think. He tells Sara and Inés he’s upset with himself for how many mistakes “he’s” made in his life.

Cachito finally wakes up and he’s already joking about how he’s glad “Perico” saved his disobedient behind. He’s totally Team Perico now and he’s disappointed he didn’t stick around to teach them both how to swim.

At Paloma’s house, they’re having dinner, but Magdalena has lost her appetite. Justino gripes at her for crying and praying. Inés calls with news that “Perico” found them, and they’re fine, but she didn’t say where they were. Justino spews some more unpleasantness.

Leonardo asks whether it’s true that he never learned to swim. Sara and Inés explain that he was scared of the ocean and his lousy excuse for a father thought throwing him in would help him get over his fear.

Cocó comes over to show off her fake ring and Leonardo just stares at it like he’s going to go along with this! Please no! Sara, at least isn’t welcoming Cocó with open arms. Leonardo won’t go over to her place with her and insists on staying at “his” house. Smart move!

Basilio and Pedro prep for his big date with Fernanda. The plants on the deck are blowing around a little wildly for my taste. Basilio decides to broach the subject of East LA, but Pedro is not forthcoming.

A delivery guy brings Termi a package with no return address. He finds a letter inside a shoebox from a “Mister Enigma” telling him not to let Pedro get away with it–fight for Cocó.

Yesenia gets her “makeover” (meh) and lots of whistling from the bar patrons. Melquiades comes over to openly ogle her and says she could make even more money with this other job he has in mind…Yesenia slaps him. He swears it’s not what she’s thinking. It’s more “artistic.” And she could earn $100 a night.

Ignacio says he’s impressed with Fernanda for confronting Elmer on his own, but he still insists Santiago is always going to be in danger in prison (oh, he’ll see to that, I’m sure). He gives her a baggie of capsules from Officer Naughty’s dealer and tells her one of those capsules every day in his breakfast will make “Leonardo” their puppet. She refuses, after seeing what happened the last time someone drugged him. He reminds her the Fuentemayors didn’t have any sense of scruples when they came after her family.

Basilio got his badass deck decorating skills in college, working at a fancy restaurant. I’m reminded of the phrase “un estuche de monerias,” (literally “box of tricks”) for someone who’s always surprising you with their hidden talents. I hope they don’t drop the “Basilio, PhD” angle and we get to see him being more than a sidekick. Pedro avoids going near the pool to light the remaining candles by insisting he’ll get the champagne.

Sara tries interrogating Cocó about this alleged engagement, but she avoids answering the question.

Justino blames Magdalena for Paloma being a “slut” and accuses her of running off so she can continue being slutty elsewhere. Eugenio and Magdalena try to argue with him, but Justino never listens to anything but his own delusional ranting. By the time he storms out of the house, Magdalena is in tears.

Pedro is all dressed for his date. And carrying a pipe? That he doesn’t know anything about smoking.

Cocó has finally been convinced to tell her version of the proposal story. Complete with a star-filled night. I’m disappointed that Sara and Inés didn’t stick around to protect Leonardo from Cocó trying to give him “proof” of her “love.” At least Sara’s listening…just so she knows when she can get access to the TV again, of course. Cocó asks “Pedro” to sing to her, but he refuses. Just like he refuses to let her grab him.

Yesenia is undergoing another transformation, involving yet another layer of makeup and a sequined bikini. She is NOT comfortable with this, but she knows her family needs the money. She hopes she doesn’t run into anyone she knows.

Hipster Teacher has brought his students, including Connie, to what I presume is the same bar/club/arena to see a fight. He reminds them to stick together and have fun, but remember that they’re not just looking at the surface of things–they need to get down to the fondo (the depths). They go through a saloon door and a curtain and when Connie sees two guys dancing around each other in the ring, she feels she’s finally found what she’s been looking for.

Yesenia struggles down a flight of stairs in platform heels and a red wrap dress over her bikini (though, the wrap dress actually looked really nice, so it’s a shame to lose it). When she and Lupita walk in, there are appreciative whistles and cheering. She freezes when she sees Hipster Boy talking to Connie and starts whispering with Lupita.

Fernanda finally arrives for their date and as mesmerized as he is, why bother drugging him? Pedro waxes poetic about the candles representing the light she’s kindled in him, the roses representing the perfume of her love, the stars that came out just to see her…and the banda music she has no idea how to dance to is just something he heard in the car that he was sure would be “their” song. Fer tiene cara de “WTF?”

Termi keeps looking at the letter from Mister Enigma and reading far more into it than what’s written. He’s working himself up into a righteous frenzy, but Jonathan doesn’t want to hear it.

Leonardo says the ring Cocó is wearing isn’t the one he remembers. She blames it on the nature of dreams. He sits her down and says he just doesn’t seem to have any feelings for her–he doesn’t remember her in the past, and he can’t see her in his future. If he made a promise to marry her, then he’ll keep it, but he can’t do that until he’s sure about doing it. She thinks if she slobbers all over him, he’ll remember, but he puts her off–he needs time to get used to her, without pressure. Sara and Inés are both listening in on this. Cocó agrees to give him time, and then laments that he’s not going to see the negligée she bought for the occasion, with leopard here…and here…she’s really trying to turn up the “sex” vibe but once she leaves, Leonardo goes running for the kitchen cabinets, in desperate need of a paper bag. Inés and Sara come to his aid.

Perico tells Fernanda he picked the song because it’s how he feels about her. He’d love to dance with her forever, but Fer is all “Uh, we’d die.” He jokes that if she wants, he can put on a ballet and they’ll dance on their toes. That gets a laugh out of her and he tells her she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen when she smiles. Fernanda tries not to give in to his kisses, but hey, she’s only human. Finally she breaks it off and admits she did like it and she is starting to forgive him, but it’s hard to get over his rejection. That’s why she didn’t come to the door for his serenata. She’s more fragile than she looks and if he rejects her again, she won’t be able to get over it. Pedro promises he’ll take care of her this time.

Back at the bar/club/arena, Yesenia is sure Hipster Teacher recognized her and is going to go gossip to everyone at the mercado. She tries to back out, but Melquiades says people paid money and there are no refunds–besides, no one will recognize her. Lupita talks Yesenia into it, saying the guys will pay a lot of money to see her and, *ahem* she’s going to get a commission, right? Melquiades agrees. Yesenia just wants a few minutes to get herself together.

Fernanda loved dinner, but Pedro has to admit that he only made the call…or rather, he had Basilio call. And Basilio picked the menu. But Pedro helped with the table and the flowers! And he picked the dessert. He tells Fernanda to close her eyes and then he feeds her a candy that just happens to have been her favorite when she was a little girl. They call them “besos envuelto en celofán” (kisses wrapped in cellophane). She can’t resist another bite and seems genuinely delighted.

Sara thinks “Pedro” shouldn’t marry Cocó if he doesn’t like her. Pedro is appalled that they were listening, but Inés blames the thin walls and, well, whatever! Sara is right! But Leonardo has heard too many bad things about “himself” in the last few days and he has chosen THIS issue on which to take a stand and stop being so irresponsible. Sara is shocked–this is what they always told him before and he made excuses about only having one life and giving the body what it wants. Well, “Pedro” is DONE with that. He thinks it’s a good thing he got amnesia so he can start over and be a decent guy. Inés is so moved she wants to hug him, but, of course, he’s uncomfortable with her just touching his shoulder.

Pedro wants to toast to his wonderful evening, but the champagne bottle is empty. Fernanda insists on getting another bottle for her and “Leo.” He likes the sound of that much better than “Leonardo.” While she goes into the apartment, he does a little celebrating.

In the kitchen, Fernanda hesitates with the capsule and remembers what Ignacio said to her earlier.

Pedro is still celebrating and falls right into the 10′ deep pool. Fernanda hears the splash and hears him calling for help.

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4 years ago

Thanks Kat! I love reading your take in this show.

OK, that wind bothered the stew out of me. The poor actress was trying to avoid an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment.

You nailed it with the red dress comment. It was disappointing when she stripped it off to reveal the bikini. She looked fabulous in the dress.

Do you think they are setting up a Connie, Yesenia, Hipster Dude triangle? Or a Connie and Yesenia besties scenario?

Have I gushed about Termi yet? And the Mr Enigma story? Love it! You can’t go wrong with more Termi.

4 years ago

Yeah. It was pretty gusty IMO. But I assume with their shooting schedule there isn’t much they can do.

I assumed that Yesenia was going to be a ring girl. I contend that the red wrap dress would have just classed up the place.

At my age everyone under 30 looks the same age to me. LOL. But see, Termi seems too old for Connie IMO.

Hmmm. Termi, Ivonne, Basilio triangle?

(Why am I insisting on triangles?)

4 years ago

Triangles? Yeah. I guess they are.

You are spot on about Termi. He deserves better than Coco. But I can sort of see him and Connie, too.

4 years ago

Oh! Basilio’s PhD! They definitely need to remember that and build a story. I’d hate to see him stuck as a sidekick too.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Oh wow that gratuitous chocolate kisses scene was something, too bad I watched it in public 😉 Thanks for the recaps guys, haven’t been caught up enough to comment till now, but I’ve been reading them and the comments (Sara (I think it was Sara) yes hipster teacher was Pablo on TdR, and thanks for helping me figure out where I saw him before, the facial hair threw me) Siller is bringing it, different mannerisms and speech patterns for each character, the only thing is, they’re so different more people should be suspicious, I mean amnesia/drug interactions can’t change everything… Read more »