¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 2/23/16 #10

Fernanda watches Pedro struggling and thinks about her dad telling her it was the Fuentemayors who screwed them over.

Humberto fills Nora in on his father-son bonding moment. They’re both so happy that “Leo” no longer blames Humberto for his mother’s death…and then Fabiola shows up to ruin the moment with her classist BS and drag Humberto off to bed.

Melquiades climbs into the ring and announces their latest “sensation”–Lupita runs up with a piece of paper and he reads–“Candy la Candida” (Candid Candy?). Yesenia awkwardly tromps down the stairs in her bikini and a half-mask. Then she awkwardly tromps around the ring trying to look sexy until she loses the shoes. She’s a pretty good dancer. Connie describes this as the drop of blood in the water before the sharks start their feeding frenzy. Hipster Teacher looks pensive. When the music stops, Yesenia races to grab her shoes and get out of the ring during the applause. Melquiades calls for a last round of applause and then announces the fighters. Connie’s just talking about how nothing in the ring really excites her when the second fighter makes his appearance, in what looks like a traditional wrestling onesie and a bow tie. Yesenia holds up the card for the first round.

At the last minute, Fernanda jumps in to save “Leonardo.”

I can’t speak to the quality of the wrestling match, but Bow Tie Guy doesn’t seem to be doing so well. Connie cannot restrain herself and has to run down to the ring and give him a pep talk. The crowd starts chanting “¡Beso! ¡Beso! ¡Beso!” and Bow Tie Guy gets his wrestle on. He wins the round and gets rewarded with a four-limbed hug from Connie.

“Leonardo” has to cover for his sudden inability to swim, so he claims he got a calambre (cramp). He thanks Fernanda for saving his life and she cannot get out of there fast enough, wet dress and all.

Leonardo sits in Pedro’s bed remembering kissing Paloma. Paloma is trying to forget it.

Termi hangs around outside Cocó’s house until she comes home. He mocks her for thinking Pedro is going to be a faithful husband, and asks her to give him her luuuuuuuuurve. He tells her they’ll just have to see “quien puede mas” (who can do more; who’s going to make it) him or Perico. Basilio watches from the front seat of the limo and thinks about their run-in with Termi at the bar. And wonders why “Leonardo” sent this guy a package, if he doesn’t know him. “He must know him.” Basilio Martinez, PhD in Finance, event planner, private investigator. He gets out of the limo and doesn’t even have to try…Termi is all too willing to tell him all about Perico Perez, the Don Juan of Mercado de la Raza.

Fernanda makes it home and she’s upset that she nearly let “Leonardo” drown. Ignacio’s glad she didn’t let him drown, since they’re not married. She kicks him out.

Fernanda is dreaming about/remembering her date. She touches her lips, declares this stupid, and gets out of bed.

Yesenia avoids giving details about her new job and rushes off to open the piñateria. Inés has been worrying about Paloma and Leonardo has an idea, but he’ll need Inés’ help to convince her.

Fernanda shows up at the Fuentemayor house. Connie is just bounding down the stairs and tells her that “Leonardo” is out in the garden and she’d take her, but she’s gotta go document reality!

Pedro is having some breakfast and hanging out with Nora. She’s happy about his talk with his dad, but “Leonardo” is sad. He’s in love. But she keeps running away from him. Fernanda comes out to the patio just in time to hear him say he finally knows what it’s like to love someone and he’d do anything for her–even stop being who he is. They suddenly notice Fernanda standing there and Nora leaves them alone. Her excuse for leaving the night before was that she was upset and didn’t want him to see her that way.

At the mercado, Lupita tells Yesenia that Melquiades says she’s his favorite “presentadora” (“presenter”…and while in English, I always hear them referred to as “ring girls” I might actually like Melquiades a tiny bit more if he actually used the word “presentadora” as opposed to, “chica del cuadrilátero.” I just think if you’re going to put something on your résumé it would be nice not to have “girl” in the official job title). Yesenia is distracted at the sight of Hipster Boy/Teacher and convinced that he recognized her. Lupe leaves her alone to go serve her clients.

Humberto hears from Ivonne that “Leonardo” well, maybe, kind of, sort of, ummm, ignored what she was telling him about the stock market. It seemed. Humberto wants all of Leonardo’s job duties given to Ignacio. She has some good news, though–productivity is up. Several people may be getting their punctuality bonuses this month. And it just happens to be the ones who wailed on the piñatas the other day.

Pedro is encouraged to hear that Fernanda doesn’t know what she’d do without him, but his affection creeps her out. She’s ready to head for the office and she won’t make a definite date with him, but she does let him kiss her. As she’s walking away, Humberto calls to summon him to the office, which creeps Pedro out.

Cachito is fussing about wearing sunscreen again. Inés and Jonathan arrive and Inés tells Paloma she’s got a proposition for her.

Basilio skulks around the Mercado de la Raza. He bumps right into “Pedro,” who has no idea who he is. And then he gets a call from “Leonardo.” ¡Puros caras de impactados! Well, not Pedro. Basilio can’t manage to form words, even though Pedro is screaming at him through the phone. He finally says he’s sick to Pedro. And then he asks “Pedro” to sell him a piñata.

Jonathan and Cachito go to play and leave Paloma and Inés to talk. Inés reassures her that her mom does NOT know where she is.

Pedro begs Nora to get him a taxi, but she gives him the keys to his car instead. How many ways could this go wrong?

Yesenia approaches Hipster Boy/Teacher and he finally finds out that her name is “Yesenia” and we find out that his name is Ruben. But I might still call him Hipster Boy. Just because. Instead of just asking him directly about the damn fight last night she talks at him and makes accusations and storms off without finding out what she wanted. Y’all are never going to give me cute little hipster babies behaving like that! What? Don’t tell me he has nothing to do with it–I know he’s purposely acting like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about because he knows she finds it infuriating. Or I might be projecting. Maybe. Anyway….

Leonardo gives Basilio his change and Basilio just keeps staring at him, waiting for some sign of recognition. He eventually bumps into Yesenia on his way out of the mercado. Leonardo tells Yesenia about Basilio staring at him and wonders if he’s supposed to recognize him. He leaves her in charge of the stall so he can go to his psychologist appointment.

Inés invites Paloma and Cachito to come live at their house so she doesn’t burn through her savings and she can keep working towards getting a house of her own. (I think this is a great idea, but I can also hear Justino’s ranting now and there’s a part of me that thinks the farther away from him they are, the better.) Paloma doesn’t want to be a bother, but Inés insists, “If we don’t help each other out, who’s going to?” And, no, she doesn’t care if Cocó doesn’t like it!

Pedro circles Leonardo’s car like it’s a wild animal that might attack him. He finally convinces himself to sliiiiiiide into the seat. “Optimal levels of gasoline and oil,” Gwen chirps, and Pedro and I are both so happy to hear her! “Blessed technology!” he crows. High five, brother! He asks Gwen to give him a crash course (no pun intended, and I hope I didn’t just jinx anything!) in how to drive because…he’s never driven a car before! Oh, Gwen, honey, if you can just drive the car yourself, I think that might be best….

Basilio walks through the mercado with his piñata thinking about “Leonardo” and all his “the other one” talk. He bumps into a guy and asks if he happens to know where Perico Perez lives. He offers him un ventilador (slang for a twenty, veinte>veinte-lador>ventilador) and the guy counters that he can get a phone number for $50. Basilio gives him $60 and gets him to carry the piñata.

Pedro’s squeaking the brakes a lot and he nearly pulls a Leonardo when Gwen tells him to accelerate and go the dang speed limit.

Inés tries to refuse to let Paloma pay rent or chip in on the household expenses, but Paloma insists. She calls Cachito over to ask what he thinks about this plan. “Will we fit?” Paloma explains that she’ll bunk with Yesenia and he’ll stay in Pedro’s room. “Cool! I really started to like him after he saved my life!” And then he and Jonathan are off, leaving Paloma to tell Inés the story.

Leonardo is telling Renata the story, too. They both think he must have taken swimming lessons, although it’s weird that no one in the family knew about it. She wants to focus on his one and only memory and whether he’s starting to feel anything for Cocó. Not that he’ll even call her that, because he has no feelings whatsoever for “Socorro.”

Cocó brags to Lupe about Pedro’s bedroom skills, calling their intimate relations “a three-ring circus.” Melquiades seems to be eavesdropping and this catches his attention in what doesn’t seem to be a completely positive way. Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, lies, and then…Cocó feels the urge to vomit. Ugh. Must we?

Jonathan loves how Inés is always helping people. She really loves them. Jonathan wants to get back to the way they were before. He misses her. Smoochies as “El amor no tiene edad” plays.

Paloma is packing up to go back to Inés’ place while Cachito complains about the end of their vacation. She’s heading to go check them out when she sees Inés and Jonathan kissing on the beach.

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Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat! This is a great recap for a great episode. You’ve got so many good lines and descriptions. “onesie with bow tie” (is this guy a new character or was Connie just swept up in the moment?) Basilio’s job description – he’s a real renaissance man, isn’t he? Yesenia’s job description and debut. I’ve got a whole inner feminist rant on this. Lucky for you and anyone reading I am on my phone which makes ranting difficult. Just wait til I’m near a keyboard. Ruben – yeah. I may stick with Hipster too. I have an uncle Ruben and… Read more »

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Coco reminds me of Titina, they even have the same obsessive stalker personality. Leo is no Sebas though, poor him.
Thanks for the recap Diva
I’m good w/calling him Hipster- (descriptive nicknames are good)