La Querida del Centauro, Tuesday 2/23/16 #31

Yolanda is left speechless when she sees Duarte in her room and has to cover herself with Centauro. After they hang up she demands to know how Duarte got in her room and if anyone saw him. Duarte swears no one saw him, not even the two guys watching her. Yolanda is not happy about him being there since it puts him, her and Cristina in danger. Duarte couldn’t help himself. He can’t stop thinking about her.

Julia dials it up a notch on the vile-o-meter. Cristina is going to take over her mom’s chores as well as keep up with her own. Cristina starts to respond and gets slapped for her trouble. Then she’s warned that if she causes any trouble, Julia will send someone to beat her just like they did Vicente.

Tania and Vicente joke about playing house and almost being like Cristina’s parents. Vicente wonders if Tania ever thought about having a baby.

César oversees his men. He and Félix talk. He wants to know what’s going on with Yolanda. César wants to know everything that happens with her and he wants Felix to report to him before he reports to El Centauro. César asks if Felix has thought any more about joining him. Felix seems reluctant. César gives him a wad of cash and a note signed by Julia. Julia will protect Felix because Felix is on Cesar’s side. Cesar burns the note so there’s no evidence.  Vicente overhears this conversation and reports to El Centauro. El Centauro must be pleased because he tells Vicente he can have his gun back.

Yolanda explains why she’s “training” at the boxing gym. She explains about trying to escape and now she has to do this job for El Centauro. She’s trying to find out info on El Cirujano. They don’t even let her talk to Cristina. Duarte is not going to let anything happen to them. Yola thinks he should leave and save himself. He can’t leave her. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her. They kiss. She confesses that she had hoped he would come for her. They make love.

Gato tells Lucho about Duarte adopting him. These two are so cute together!

Duarte tells Yola that he’s going to get her and Cristina away from Centauro and take them out of the country. After they are safe, he’ll go to the station and tell them where Centauro is. It all sounds too perfect to Yolanda. All Duarte asks is that Yola continues the plan with the gym after the rescue Cristina. Duarte thinks Cristina is safe because El Centauro knows that if he does anything to her, Yola will turn him over to El Cirujano. Duarte just needs Yola to help him with the original plan-to get El Centauro. Does she think she can do it?

El Cirujano decides to change plans with Salgado. They aren’t just going to arrest the Colombians…they are going to kill them. And the police will be the ones to do it (escabechar=to do away with) Salgado is not cool with this new plan. Why this change? El Cirujano is worried that when the colombianos go back they will tell everyone what they know about his operation. Salgado tells him that someone in the organization is passing information to the police and that El Cirujano is working with a dirty cop. El Cirujano tells him not to worry. He’ll find out who it is.

Yola tells Duarte about the money and how much was stolen. She tells him about the people at the ranch, including Julia and Cesar. Duarte tells her that everything that happens from now on, they will do it together. He makes her happy. And she makes him happy.

El Centauro thinks he recognizes Feroro’s name as one of the providers for Los Hermanos Rangel. Cesar and Julia question whether “Claudia” is giving them legit info. Julia would say anything to protect Cesar if he was in danger. What they need is a way to confirm if the information she’s passing along is true or not. Cesar proposes they have her put a mic in the gym offices. [Ok, just me or does this make Yola dispensable once the mic is planted?] Centauro wants to think about it. Julia tells him there’s nothing to think about. They can’t waste  this opportunity. [Also, doesn’t it seem like Julia is really the one in charge?]

Bianchini is a worrywart. He’s really freaking out about people finding out that Duarte is alive. Duarte is putting personal feelings ahead of the job.

Ignacio, Emilio and El Cirujano discuss the fight and Yola. Lola is there as well. She’s El Cirujano’s favorite niece and he’s her favorite uncle. After she leaves they start talking business. El Cirujano asks about El Centauro. They’re working on it. Then Cirujano starts insinuating things about Emilio’s sexuality since he doesn’t seem to have a lot of women around. Ugh. Jerk.

Yolanda gets followed. They really are terrible at being discreet.

Duarte has a plan and he’s going to involve Lucho and Gato as well. After Cristina is safe, Bianchini can say whatever he wants to Salgado, Aguilar, the president…whoever. Bianchini asks how much on a scale of 1 to 10 Duarte likes Yola. He’s 150% in love with her. Bianchini gives him a gun.

Yola arrives at the gym and she and Lola start to get into it. Diego breaks it up. She and Diego talk and he gives her information about the gym and the people in it. Lola, Ignacio and Emilio are cousins. Ignacio runs it for his dad…who owns it. Yola realizes that’s why Lola acts like she does. Yola asks about Emilio. Diego says he’s one of the smartest ones at the gym.

Duarte rents a room in Yola’s complex. His cover story is that his wife left him and his sons. The landlady starts to offer him one room, but he makes up a story about being superstitious and asks for the even numbered room…which is right above Yola’s  room. The landlady offers to be available for “anything” he may need. [At this point I’m hoping he adopts Lucho too. Gato needs a big brother.]

Hipólito unloads groceries. Julia decides to give him a break and dismisses him. Cristina has to put everything away…in alphabetical order. [I like Cristina’s spunk, but she’s getting herself in a lot of trouble.]

Matias(?) explains the mic to El Centauro. El Centauro asks him where his loyalties lie. With the money, he answers. El Centauro wants him to watch Felix and then asks where Felix is right now.

César wants Felix to be the look out while he goes into the bodega and gets creepy with Cristina. Her threat to scream just seems to turn him on. Does she know how many woman have screamed? And how many it helped? None.

Yola gets home and finds a note. “I fixed the llave de agua (water faucet)” signed: Your upstairs neighbor. Yola heads upstairs.

Bianchini and Duarte discuss the possible location of the ranch Yola talked about. Yola arrives. She greets Lucho and thanks him for all he did for Cristina. She meets El Gato.

Centauro comes up to Felix standing outside the bodega and tells him to give the mic to “Claudia”. Inside, Cristina struggles and Cesar tries to contain her. Outside, Centauro gets a little suspicious and wants to know what’s going on inside. He goes in.


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4 years ago

Ayy no never thought she could become dispensable while undercover….hmm Mathias did say the batteries would prob have to be changed every two weeks, so job sercurity?? Yep Julia does seem to be running the business. I wonder how things were before el centauro was in prison, especially since Julia never tires of saying how Benito has changed since his jail stint. I’m surprised those 3 haven’t shot one another yet after having to spend every evening together. FINALLY yola + Duarte!! I’m so glad they are fighting together on the same side again and now without any pretenses between… Read more »