La Vecina, Wednesday 2/24/16 #171

Antonio meets Sebastian somewhere, and despite all the other important stuff going on, what he’s most worried about is that Sara won’t talk to him. Sebas asks where Isa got the info she passed on to Uribe, but Antonio doesn’t care–the damage is done. Sebas still thinks it might be important. Antonio gets a text from the auditor, Germán Sosa, with his phone number.

Isa’s back from making her false accusation to the Feds and the promise of wrongful incarceration makes her horny. Ric looks alarmed for about a second, and then he’s into it.

Pedro goes to his warehouse office and finds it cleaned out, including that mysterious little black book.

Antonio calls Sosa right away and he knows darn well that 6 Million was NOT the amount that was unaccounted for in their audit! It was maybe 600 K. Now he understands why he got fired, and he’s more than happy to help Antonio out AND add this to his wrongful termination lawsuit. Antonio passes on this info to Sebastian. He’s sure it was Isabel and he wants to confront her right away. Sebastian can’t talk him down…so, hey, might as well go along!

Fidel and Quintin see El Molcajete crawling with Feds. They found the valve. The guy in charge tells Uribe that they found the valve and asks how he can get her address, since she wasn’t there when they arrived, so they had to break in. Niiiiice.

Antonio and Sebas are on their way to confront Isabel, but Fidel calls him to tell him the Feds are at El Molcajete and they found the valve.

Sara is with Padre V at the church (Asylum! Don’t leave!) discussing the possibility of putting up some kind of memorial at the spot where the rocket (didn’t) crash. She gets a call from Antonio, but ignores it. Sara and Padre V head out to get some estimates.

Antonio can’t reach Sara. Uribe calls him and he’s furious that Antonio didn’t tell him there was a valve at El Molcajete. He doesn’t believe Antonio’s story–“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know if it was true.”–and demands that Antonio not try to prevent them from arresting Sara. If he does, Uribe will accuse him of obstruction of justice. Also, he’s fired. Sebas is in shock. Antonio thinks he’ll realize his error, but for right now, he has to find Sara. He calls Fidel to ask for help. Tenoch dropped Sara off at Padre V’s. Antonio heads over.

Isa and Ric drink champagne and make plans. First the DF, then Paris or New York. Ah, but Ric has forgotten that Isa does not like him answering his cell phone during sexy times. Uribe calls to give him the news that he’s now in charge of CONATROL San Gaspar. Guess how much Isa likes that? Ric is banking on the other saqueadores taking out Pedro for him and then not ratting him out. Isa is really enjoying how much she’s screwed up everyone else’s lives, and she’s ready to celebrate…too bad Ric will have to miss out on all the fun she’s going to have.

Anselmo and Elias visit Isidro’s to report that they have failed to find Pedro. He’s confident Pedro won’t stay hidden forever, if he’s determined to find Laura. Pedro calls Isidro from Isidro’s dead henchman’s cell phone, to basically say that he’s right. And to add that if they don’t quit following him, he’ll turn them all in to the Federales. He doesn’t care about anything but finding Laura. Isidro is willing to give Anselmo and Elias half of Pedro’s share of The Organization if they find him and kill him. He suggests going to see if Ric might know where to find him.

Fidel drops Quintin off and tells him to take charge of Urbano’s capture while he goes to see what he can do for Sara.

The feds pull up outside the apartment complex and Chepe tells them that Sara isn’t home, but her apartment is #1. He immediately calls Antonio to tell him he did exactly what Antonio asked him to. Javi sees them in the hallway and tells them Sara went to the church.

Fidel has someone at the station figure out what frequency the Feds are using, so he can tune in.

Sara and Vicente are just getting back to the church, where Antonio and Sebas are waiting to tell them that the Feds looking for Sara. Fidel calls and tells them to leave the church–they know she’s there. Everyone hears the approaching sirens. Fidel tells them to hide Sara and Padre V tells them to get into the house. Even on the cracked pavement, in those heels, she’s moving faster than the rest of them!

Isa calls and makes a reservation on a flight out of the SG. With a credit card number with too few numbers and no expiration date. Oh, show…you were doing so well! She wants Ric to go with her, but he says he can’t.

The feds knock on Padre Vicente’s door. He doesn’t say whether she’s there or not, he just starts debating the charges with the cops.

Antonio and a shapely futbolista run from the church. Antonio takes advantage of the situation and kisses her when a cop car drives by. No, Sara, you do not look like a guy in that outfit and really Antonio couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.

Rodobaldo is so nervous Sebastian tells him to stay inside while he goes out to help the Padre. Sebastian goes out and asks if he can get the Padre to hear his confession now. They continue the stalling as Padre V tells Sebas about these cops looking for his niece, and finally one of the cops is able to get a word in edgewise. Oh? Sara isn’t there? Well if Sara isn’t there, and she went to her mom’s, then can they get her mom’s address? Padre V will write it down…AND QUIT INTERRUPTING!

Sara and Antonio nearly run into a cop car, but it’s Fidel! They get in and Fidel drives off.

The feds are sending somebody from Progreso to Merce’s house. The guy in charge gives Uribe an update and says he can send a crew in to remove the valve if he wants to–they have all the evidence they need.

Antonio calls the Padre to say they made it out ok. Sara tells him to please be careful about what he tells Merce! She doesn’t want her to worry. They hear over the radio that a warrant is out for Sara’s arrest, so they need to get out of San Gaspar before a bulletin goes out to all the checkpoints.

Ric is tasked with shutting down the valve. He calls Rafa, hanging out at his house with Marina, and Rafa is surprised to hear about the valve and is upset to hear that Sara and Pedro are both wanted…oh, and Antonio was fired, so now Ric is in charge. He’ll see him in half an hour at El Molcajete. Anselmo and Elias show up to question Ric, but he doesn’t know where Pedro is. Doesn’t look like he’s going to make it to El Molcajete in half an hour. Elias reminds Ric it’s in all their interest to find Pedro before he rats them ALL out. Ric says he went to the DF to find his wife and he’ll give them the address.

Sara doesn’t want Antonio to hide with her. He’ll only be blamed. She says if he goes with her, he won’t have access to information that could help her. He may have been fired, but Sebas and Rafa will still give him information. Antonio tells her to go to Sebastian’s apartment with Laura and Bruno where she’ll be safe (NOOOOOOO!). Rafa calls and he’s sure Pedro put the valve in to frame Sara–he declares his and Marina’s loyalty to Antonio.

Padre Vicente calls Merce. He is lousy at giving the news. And he didn’t have to tell her to tell the feds that she doesn’t know where Sara is because she DOESN’T KNOW! Merce hears about Pedro and the valve and starts freaking out. Padre V says the important thing is to stall them because they’ve got proof, no matter how false the accusations are. Merce passes on the news to Juancho.

Fidel is going to take Sara to a little town where she can catch a camión (bus) and travel through the smaller towns into the DF. Antonio gives her cash, his credit card, and his PIN, which even Fidel agrees she needs to take. It’s a sad goodbye between Sara and Antonio as she drives off with Fidel. Antonio will walk to a taxi stand nearby. First he calls Merce to tell her where Sara is.

Quintin and his team arrest Urbano and start searching his place.

Juancho pulls out his best cranky teenager ‘tude for the cops, while Merce cries and protests that no one is lying, Padre V must have been mistaken–Sara never came to see her. She throws the cops out of her house after they threaten her with an obstruction charge.

Isidro calls Elias and Anselmo to tell them they’re off Pedro duty–they need to report to his house so he can give them instructions for dealing with Urbano. Too bad, Urbano, that’s what you get for getting caught.

Gerard, the pilot, gets instructions from François to take Simon to Manila.

Edwina and Dundee haven’t found anything on the second-to-last island. Only one more to go.

Fidel gives Sara instructions about which buses to take. I’m not convinced she’s going to remember the names of the towns. He reminds her to use a pay phone if she needs to call. Sad Sara boards the bus. Quintin calls Fidel on the walkie to report that they’ve got Urbano, but there was nothing incriminating in his house.

Antonio and Sebas get to the San Gaspar apartment. Fidel calls to tell him Sara should make it to the DF by noon tomorrow. Antonio gives him the news that CONATROL has closed off the valve at El Molcajete and Merce convinced the Feds that she hasn’t seen Sara (but she hasn’t!). Fidel heard on the radio that they’re looking for Sara and Pedro.

Pepe and Ramon are finishing up the work at El Molcajete. Pepe and Rafa are trying to ask Ric if he really thinks Sara did it and whether she’s going to get accused of being Pedro’s accomplice when Pedro calls him. He ignores the call, but tells Rafa to assemble everyone outside the plant tomorrow so he can inform them that Antonio was fired and he’s in charge. Mass resignations? Please? Rafa and Pepe both agree that they do NOT like that guy. I wonder how Ramon feels about Ric…does he like him, just to be contrary, or does he not like him because he really doesn’t like anybody?

Ric makes it outside, past the police tape and ignores yet another call from Pedro. He agrees with Elias and Anselmo that it’s in their best interest that Pedro get taken out before he turns them in.

Poor Pedro. Stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a car that’s spewing smoke and no one will take his calls.


He vows revenge on everyone who betrayed him. Well, once he makes it to the DF anyway. He contemplates the gun he only has because of Ric. Thanks a lot, Ric.

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5 years ago

Diva, thank you so much for this recap! What a lot of work with everyone going so many different directions. I thought Padre V did a great job of stalling the Feds. The one officer looked almost catatonic. My fear, with Pedro in the middle of nowhere with the gun and determined to get to Laura, is that the bus Sara is on will be passing by him, he’ll hijack it and Sara, and then use her as leverage over Laura. Lots of situations to settle in a short amount of time! I wonder what the anvils will be and… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Steph

Ugh! I hadn’t even thought of that. Like we didn’t already have enough to worry about.

Why do they have to be so good at messing with my emotions?? These final episodes are getting very intense. Smoochies! Bring back teh smoochies!

5 years ago

Thanks, Kat!! Another winning recap.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

You betcha!

5 years ago

Thanks, Diva! So much writing talent in your recap.
Like here: “Juancho pulls out his best cranky teenager ‘tude for the cops.” Exactly.
And here: ” With a credit card number with too few numbers and no expiration date. Oh, show…you were doing so well! ” I noticed that Isa gave the sec. code off of the back though.
Yeah, I had the same creepy vibe that Pedro might be catching the same bus. But there also has to be a reason that the writers let him in on Laura and Bruno’s hiding place. Hmmm.

5 years ago

Gracias, Kat! This one was a nail biter for sure.

Bruno, Laura and Sara escape to the DF. Yay!
Pedro knows where they are. Boo!