La Vecina, Thursday 2/25/16 #172

Urbano keeps claiming he’s not a saqueador. OK, ok, he lied about the truck being stolen…he lost it in a bet. Fidel gives up on questioning him for the day and reminds him that he may wish he’d talked once the Feds get their hands on Pedro.

Do you remember when David was locked up and a cop brought him a brown paper bag with a sandwich and a note? Urbano has a brown bag breakfast tossed at him. We see it’s Elias in the cop uniform. Urbano’s death is not quick and involves a lot of twitching.

Ric’s having a bad first day. Rafa called in sick, so obviously he must hate Ric and not want to work with him. OK, well, maybe he’s right, but still…he doesn’t know that for sure. He’s snippy with Marina. He announces to the plant employees that Sara is being accused of helping the saqueadores. When even Ramon is shaking his head at you…. And then he tells them Antonio is fired. Ramon: “I was just getting used to….” And Ric is now in charge of the plant. And he’s going to run it like the overbearing, micromanaging jerk he is. Utter silence. As he starts talking about his rules and the sound fades out, Ramon touches his hair like he’s nervous. Previously unenforced dress code?

Yeah, ok, Rafa’s not sick. He’s with Antonio and Sebas at the apartment. Fidel’s filling them in–the ticket re-sellers confirmed that Urbano’s a saqueador, but that’s all. He can’t link Urbano and Pedro. Quintin walks in and informs all four of them that Urbano was poisoned in his cell. Fidel hangs up quickly, leaving Team Antonio wondering what happens now. With the heavy stuff, who knows. But as far as the Titina situation, Sebas is going to put an end to that right now, hopefully. Antonio and Rafa have some coffee and get me worried about whether Sara will make it to the DF by noon or not.

The doctor checks out Urbano while Quintin packs up the sandwich as evidence. Urbano is NOT dead. But he needs to go to a clinic and get his stomach pumped. Anselmo and Elias just can’t do anything right. Fidel wants the doctor to stay with Urbano and get him taken out of the jail and transported to the clinic as if he’s dead. Register him under another name. Make the killers think they succeeded.

Cheo shows up at Antonio’s apartment to yell at him for turning Sara in. Antonio explains what really happened. Cheo gets upset that Antonio would besmirch Pedro’s good name. He’s the best boss Cheo has ever had! Antonio and Rafa exchange a look. Antonio tells Cheo about Pedro installing the valve at El Molcajete to make Sara look guilty. Cheo believes him, but he really doesn’t know anything about Pedro, he just sells and installs irrigation systems for him. Antonio calls Fidel, and Cheo agrees to go down to the station.

Where Elias is still skulking around outside when Quintin gets into his car and the “dead” body of Urbano is loaded into the coroner’s van. Elias calls Isidro with the good news. He’s to go to Isidro’s and wait to see what Anselmo has to report.

Eduardo and Mariana call Uribe after seeing the news about Sara. Uribe has to be the one to tell them that Antonio got fired. Thankfully, Eduardo doesn’t keel over on hearing this. He is worried, though.

Sebas and Natalia meet with Titina and a delicious-looking slice of cake. Titina wants her money. The cake wants to jump through the screen and onto my plate. Trust me. It does. Nat hands Sebas his checkbook, after some hesitating, and they sadly agree to pay Titina 750 K.

Cheo, Antonio, and Rafa arrive at Fidel’s office. Mostly what Fidel wants to know is where Cheo installed the irrigation systems. Antonio calls Marina to ask her to send over the duct plans and a list of what properties the duct runs under. She agrees, but then realizes Ric is in “Antonio’s” office…what to do?

Sebastian wants assurances that this check is the last one Titina will get from him. Sure, sure, as soon as it clears. And about the baby–there never was one, was there? Titina doesn’t just admit there wasn’t, she LAUGHS about it and tries to play it off like any woman would have done it to hold on to a catch like Sebas. Um, no. Anyway, she’s off to cash the check and then, she’s outta here! Not so fast, though, Los Tres Hermanos pop up from behind her, having heard the entire conversation. Sebas and Nat are all smiles. The bros are SO VERY DISAPPOINTED. Titina gets carried out, screaming, while the Bro with the ‘stache laments that he really liked Sebastian, and under different circumstances, they could have been besties. He and Sebas long-distance fist bump and he poutily follows his siblings. Natalia and Sebas cheer! I cheer!

Anselmo has been watching Sebas’ apartment, but there’s no sign of Pedro, or Bruno or Laura. Sara arrives in a taxi, but Anselmo is given strict instructions not to worry about her. His job is to watch for Pedro and when he shows up…he knows what to do.

Sara’s enthusiastic doorbell ringing alarms Laura, and Bruno is maybe too quick to answer, but since it’s Sara, I guess it’s ok. They compare notes and find out that all of them have turned off their cell phones. Sara calls Antonio from Sebas’ apartment phone to tell him she arrived safely and Cheo shouts that he won’t let anything bad happen to her. Sara’s confused about him being there and Antonio asks her to turn on the speakerphone so he can explain it to all three of them.

Ric reports to Uribe that he has taken control of CONATROL SG and alienated his workforce. He complains that Sebas and Rafa didn’t bother showing up for work and should be fired since they must know everything Antonio knew. Uribe says he’ll think about it. Seriously? Do you even want your plant functioning? ‘Cause I know you know Ric isn’t capable of running it. Marina brings Pepe in to install some anti-virus software on the computer. And it might take a while, what with all the rebooting, so if el Ingeniero has something else he wants to do…. Ric goes off to bug people in the machine room while Marina and Pepe get to work. Good thing Marina knows All The Passwords.

Simon borrows Gerard’s (the pilot) phone and gets through to his house phone, but no one is home…and everyone’s cell phones are off! He calls Merce and she doesn’t recognize the number, so she tells Juancho not to answer it. Edwina’s…well, we know where she is. So, Padre V? Rodobaldo gets the call and starts praying hard! Simon gives up. He’ll call when he gets back to Mexico. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s not a chapter in Miss Manners about how to break it to people that you’re not actually dead.

Dundee’s team are all bummed, listening to Edwina cry. She followed her heart, and it kept telling her she would find Simon. She’ll remember him as the only love of her life. Every time she looks at the star he gave her, she’ll know he’s there.

Rodobaldo tells Padre V about his call from the beyond. Padre V suggests they *69 it (do they still have *69?) but the call doesn’t connect. Rodobaldo remains convinced…”But, if he were going to call someone, why would it be you?” The phone rings, startling them both, but it’s just Sara.

Pepe has delivered the maps and Cheo wants to leave. Fidel tells him to go make a statement to the Ministerio Publico first. Antonio suggests they form teams and go find the valves. Fidel is more than happy to have Antonio come along, now that he’s not actually working for CONATROL anymore.

Isidro thinks things are going to continue on as before, since Ric is in charge of the plant. He wants to start doing some siphoning at Simon’s orchard, since he knows nobody will be there.

Hey, guess which team will be going to Simon’s? Fidel, Antonio, and some guy we’ve never heard of. The rest are going out to Nabor’s and elsewhere. Quintin calls to report that Urbano had a previous condition and ended up dying after all. Really? Or is this still Fidel’s plan? Fidel’s not happy about it. He tells Quintin to let someone else deal with the paperwork and meet them at Simon’s.

Ric is happy with his new salary, but still feels it needs to be supplemented. Isa’s his best option…or so he thinks. Isidro calls to request his services. He’s sure Pedro will be dead soon, so they might as well get to work. Ric wants a raise. He’ll be able to do much more as the head of the plant. Isidro offers him whatever Pedro leaves behind. They’ll meet tonight and go over the details. When they get off the phone, Elias reminds him that he and Anselmo were promised half of what was Pedro’s. “Don’t question me. I know what I’m doing.” Isidro sends him to see how things are going at Simon’s.

Merce and Juancho are having lunch when the Feds come banging on the door with arrest warrants for both of them for covering Sara’s thefts. (I gasped. Audibly. This is so incredibly not cool!)

Antonio is glad they’re going to be able to shut down some valves, but upset that it wasn’t in time to help Sara. Sebastian calls to share the good news–no more Titina! Antonio tells him about Cheo and the irrigation systems. Fidel offers to swing by and pick up Sebas. Natalia makes him promise not to play the hero out there. There is much kissing before he leaves. It’s so great to see those two happy together!

All the teams seem to be arriving at their designated locations at around the same time. Fidel has fitted Antonio with a bulletproof vest and convinces him to take a gun. A revolver, mind you. Fidel’s carrying a rifle.

Elias calls Anselmo to complain that Isidro’s probably going to stiff them. Ric’s the only one who’s going to benefit in all this.

Antonio and Fidel think they have an idea of where the valves would be–somewhere it would be easy to get a truck in and out, so probably on the perimeter of the property. Fidel radios Quintin to pass on that tip.

Magda and Vladimir run into Padre V on the street. Magda asks for an update on Sara and he gives it in a loud whisper. As they’re talking, Magda points out the psychiatrist she saw at Lucita’s going into the bank. Padre V warns her not to sin in her thoughts, but what the hell–he’ll go spy with her!

Antonio and Fidel are approaching a suspected valve location and they see a pump. Fidel radios Quintin again and finds out he’s still about 3 Kms away. Fidel and Antonio move closer to see how many people are out there.

Inside the bank, shady psychiatrist is depositing quite a lot of cash. Padre V and Magda are suspicious.

Down at the valve, there are about five guys at the truck. Fidel wants Antonio to stay back while he goes to arrest them. By himself. When the guys try to make a run for it, Antonio leaves his assigned spot to help Fidel flank them.


And then that dumbass Elias drives up, shooting randomly out his window. He just keeps shooting and driving until Fidel fires his rifle at the SUV and Elias hits a tree.


But he won’t quit! He gets out of the car and won’t drop his gun. Antonio and Fidel are both aiming at him (not that I think Antonio’s aim is worth much, just saying) and Antonio periodically turns around to give the stink eye to the other saqueadores who aren’t sure if they should stay or make a break for it. Elias tries to get a shot off…AND HITS THE TANKER!


Sebas and Quintin hear the explosion and see the smoke cloud and hopefully Quintin is driving faster now!

The makeup department gets its moment to shine with the burns on all the saqueadores. Fidel and Antonio regain consciousness, surrounded by burning tanker parts, and then Antonio goes running because he sees the flames starting to make their way back to the duct. He shuts off the valve (and he is SO gonna get an earful about that later from Fidel…and Sara…and Sebas…and Uribe…and his dad…) as Elias makes his own run up the hillside, into the trees.

Padre V and Magda agree there’s something fishy going on. Magda wants to tell Fidel, but Padre V thinks he’s too busy at the moment, so they decide to investigate on their own. And then Rodobaldo comes running out of the church, telling Padre V to run for it! The Federales are here to arrest him! He’s accused of being an accomplice of the saqueadores. Magda swats at both the officers with her purse and insists they can’t take Padre Vicente! Rodobaldo and the parishioners who came out of the church behind him join in.

Fidel stalks Elias while Antonio tries to keep the injured saqueadores calm. Sebastian and Quintin arrive and Quintin calls for backup. Antonio points him in the direction Fidel went and Sebas goes to take a look at the SUV. He stares at something we can’t see and gulps.

Padre V finally gets the crowd to calm down and says they have to let the police do their jobs. He turns this into a teaching moment and says God is with them, he’ll open the eyes of these misguided people. They just have to trust in God. Apparently they don’t, because once the cops try to lead him away, they swarm again.

Fidel and his rifle are just on the other side of a tree from Elias and his stick. Quintin calls out “¡Jefe!” and when Fidel turns, Elias whacks him with the stick, kicks him, and takes the rifle. He’s pointing the rifle at Fidel and a shot rings out.

Antonio, still down at the explosion site, ineffectually crouching near another saqueador, hears the shot.

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! Ay yay yay! What a nail biting end. Love the way you covered the action.

I hope Anselmo does his job well for once and takes out Pedro before he can hurt Laura, Bruno or Sara.

It’s really great to see Sebas and Nat happy and rid of Titina. After this, Sabas will never even contemplate cheating again.

Poor Edwina! So close, and yet so far. And now she’s heartbroken and grieving.

5 years ago

No wonder the Mexican prisons are over-crowded! They arrest everyone remotely connected to the crime…well, except for the actual perpetrators.
Kat, your description of Titina’s cake getting ready to jump from that universe into yours was so funny! I could just see it inching its way over.
I loved the long distance fist bump. And that brother looked to be on the verge of tears when they stood up after hearing Titina tell the truth. Sucks to be her.
Thank you so much for the recap. It’s as entertaining as the episode!

5 years ago

Gracias, Kat!

I loved your shout out to the make up department. They *did* do a great job!

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Hee hee. The special effects must have been… er… Over the moon when they found out they had to do a rocket launch.

5 years ago

Super as usual, Diva.
I loved: ” Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s not a chapter in Miss Manners about how to break it to people that you’re not actually dead.” That’s fur sure.
I think I’m going to miss The Three Buffed Ones. Did Sebas really know that Titina would come clean in that way? Hmmm.
Can’t wait for the next episode – and for another fun recap.