¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 2/24/16 #11

Paloma packs suitcases while Cachito grumbles about wanting to stay. If work is the reason they’re leaving, then Cachito opts for her to not work…until she explains that it would put an end to toys (food…clothing….) She tells him to stop complaining (no me reniegue-inf. renegar) and goes outside just in time to see Inés and Johathan mid smooch. She looks shocked.

After smoochies, Johnathan is happy that Inés’s kisses reveal how much she feels for him. Inés worries that the situation is unfair to him, but he doesn’t care. He loves her. They hug and Johnathan realizes Paloma saw them. Paloma turns away.

Leo talks to Renata, the psychologist, about Cocó. He finds it odd that he doesn’t feel anything special for her. The doctor also notes that Leo doesn’t seem to have any special affection for his mother or sister either and Leo admits that’s true. They decide to focus on his fuzzy memory about the engagement. He remembers the hand. Maybe that can lead to other memories, emotions and feelings. The doctor has him close his eyes and concentrate on the memory. How does he feel? Happy? Excited? He doesn’t know.

Perico makes it to the office. He’s still a little freaked out about the speedy trip. He goes into Humberto’s office. Perico tries to apologize to Humberto about his stupid piñata plan and begs for a second chance. Bert can’t get a word in. Finally Bert shuts him up and apologizes. He was wrong about the piñata idea.

Leo is concerned that he has no feelings for this…hand that he put a ring on. The only sensation he has is that of obligation. Like he proposed because it was the “right” thing to do. They discuss the fact that that he’s marrying the girl his best friend loves. The doctor thinks maybe he’s repressing his true emotions. Maybe the guilt of betraying his friend is blocking the true love he feels for Cocó. He seems unconvinced. What’s he going to do now, break up with Cocó. He doesn’t think he will. He has to do the right thing. One can’t go through life making mistakes and not assuming the consequences.

Basilio plays PI…which is an expensive endeavor. He’s had to buy binoculars and all kinds of things. He ignores a call from the office.

Fernanda is really not ok with this plan to drug Leo. Ignacio wonders why the sudden change of heart. She used to be much more cold-blooded. Is she worried about this idiot now? She claims that she’s not willing to commit a crime in order to carry out her plan. Ignacio asks what happened to thinking Leo was repugnant. Ivonne interrupts to tell them that Humberto wants to see them in his office.

Perico is busy telling jokes when they arrive. Humberto tells them to join him in apologizing to “Leo.” They were wrong to doubt Leo’s abilities to run the corporation. “Leo”  doesn’t think Fernanda needs to apologize. She always supported him. When she looks confused, he explains that they are talking about the piñata experiment. Ignacio wants to know what was the point of that experiment. Humberto explains that productivity is up and the numbers are impressive. There are even thank you notes from department chiefs. Leo is going to be in charge of changing the way they deal with employees. The piñata experiment has made it clear that the employees are not happy and Bert wants to improve the image upper management has with them. Leo will be taking over the responsibilities that up to now Ignacio has had.

Melquiades collects Justino’s “cuotas” (rental fees…and I guess it’s legit, but since it’s Mel we’re talking about it feels almost like extortion) and he asks about Paloma. Justino doesn’t want to discuss it. The whole point of the scene was for Cocó to come asking for mangos since she’s been craving them. So now we are all thinking she’s pregnant. Melquiades even thinks so and tells Justino. Justino grumbles about being surrounded by sluts. A customer overhears that Cocó might be pregnant. [And I’m thinking about Leo and his conversation with doctor about obligation and doing the right thing. Ugh.]

Basilio watches the house as Paloma, Cachito and the rest arrive. He narrates into his recorder.

Sara is happy that Paloma accepted the offer. Inés shuffles Cachito off to his room. Sara wheels away and Paloma and Johnathan are left alone. He asks about her seeing him with Inés. Paloma doesn’t judge. They’re adults. His secret is safe with her. They hug.

Perico is excitedly telling Fernanda about all the ideas he has. Ivonne needs to talk to him. She can’t get in touch with Basilio. It seems the hospital called. Basilio’s aunt is very sick. He’s the only relative.

Renata is preparing dinner when a sound scares her. Her sister Daniela is back from London! Yay! And they have so much to catch up on!

Basilio continues on stake-out. He thinks Paloma is the “subject’s” wife and Cachito is his son. Leo walks up to the house and sees the limo. Basilio ducks to avoid being seen.

Paloma and Inés prepare dinner. Leo walks in. “You accepted?” Paloma confirms.

Basilio decides to go in. He creeps around the front porch and gets caught by Yesenia coming back from somewhere. There’s some yelling and Basilio retreats. Yesenia remembers him from the other night.

Daniela must have just broken up with some jerk. Sis wants to know if there’s anyone in Renata’s  life. Nope. Renata is too busy working. Sis wonders if there are any interesting cases. Renata finds them all interesting, but there’s one in particular that intrigues her. She won’t give any details, but there’s this guy that has lost his memory. Even though he’s with his family, he doesn’t seem to be a part of their world at all. [I’m not sure she didn’t violate any ethics. That seemed like details to me.]

Dinner time at Casa Perico. Piñata sales are good, but Yesenia still has her doubts about giving away a free one with every purchase. They talk business a bit and Perico’s ideas….like his idea to invite Paloma.

“Leo” goes to visit Basilio’s aunt. He’s got a good bedside manner. She had to have emergency surgery to remove her appendix. Basi is her only nephew. Perico is going to find a way for the company to pay the medical bills. Basi is his right hand man.

Paloma and Leo talk. She can’t let him confuse things. They have to keep their distance. He offers to find someplace else to live. She can’t let him do that. She doesn’t want to cause problems for him and his fiancée. His ringing phone puts an end to the conversation. He picks up and we hear only his responses. “Of course I’m interested.” “ok.” “I’ll be there.”

Perico finally gets in touch with Basi and tells him to get back to the office. Basi tells him it’s impossible. [Basi’s sarcastic emphasis on “jefe” cracks me up. I do belive Basi steals the show from Perico.] Basi will meet him at some corner in an hour.

Fernanda’s phone rings. It’s Santiago. He’s  doing ok. They haven’t bothered him again. He wants to know what she did, but she’s a little vague about it. [Can we get this guy out already? The actor is being wasted.] The doorbell rings. It’s Daniela!! Fernanda’s bestie!! Squeals!

Paloma picks up the rest of her things from her house. Her mother begs her not to go. Paloma can’t stay. Her father is a horrible example for Cachito. Paloma won’t be that far away. Mom can visit Inés’s house whenever she wants and they will see each other every day at the market.

Justino yells at Eugenio for helping his sister with the flower stand instead of helping his dad. Justino is just a jerk. He’s just as bad with Eugenio as with Paloma.

Daniela and Fernanda catch up on old times. Ah. So Fernanda spent time with Daniela in London. Let’s assume it was while her brother and father were dealing with the Fuentemayors….therefore they never met her. Daniela asks about Santiago, but Fernanda doesn’t think it’s  such a good idea to talk about him. Daniela pushes the issue. How can they NOT talk about it. The last time Daniela saw Fernanda, she was swearing vengeance on the Fuentemayors. Daniela is worried about her friend.

Paloma’s mom can’t  believe that Paloma can’t forgive her father. Paloma corrects her- he’s the one that can’t forgive her. Paloma tries to make her mother see what a despot Justino really is. I cringe when mom argues that Justino does what he does out of love. Then mom turns the tables-Paloma doesn’t think Justino is a good example? Is the womanizing Perico such a good example? Paloma thinks Perico has really changed. Ever since his accident he’s been more responsible. Mom thinks he’s just sweet-talking her.

Yesenia hands some money over to Inés. Inés wants to know exactly what the second job she’s doing. Yesenia mumbles something about “pancartas” (placards/banners) and skedaddles.

Fernanda explains that she’s using a different name so she could work at the Fuentemayor offices without them realizing who she was. Take note, Daniela, she is now Fernanda Manrique. She got herself engaged to Leo. He signed a prenup and if he’s unfaithful, Fernanda will get half of his assets. Daniela thinks this is ridiculous; Leo is going to make sure that he is faithful. Fernanda explains she has it covered and set up a trap. Playing dirty? This does not sound like the friend Daniela knows. Fernanda doesn’t care. She has to play dirty in order to prove that the Fuentemayors  accused her brother falsely.

Daniela asks about the wedding. Fernanda has to explain about being left at the altar. Leo still wants to humiliate her. Daniela is really concerned about what the Fuentemayors will do when they find out who Fer really is. Fer has to see it all through. She has to make sure they go do jail. She’s all Santiago has. She has to prove his innocence. Daniela supports her friend…but how is Fer going to get Leo to marry her now? Fer is totally confused by Leo now. Before the wedding it never felt like he loved her. It felt like he was marrying her because it was “time” to get married and have a family. But now he’s behaving like a man in love.  He’s filled the apartment with flowers and even organized a serenata. It’s like he’s a different person. Maybe he’s gone crazy. Daniela brings up Renata. Fer doesn’t want Daniela to mention a thing to Renata. Whatever it is, Leo’s new attitude is convenient for her…and her ally.

Humberto and family dine. Bert is happy about “Leo’s” return to the business. Connie, Fabiola, griping.

Fer explains that her ally is Ignacio, Fabiola’s son. He found out her identity and instead of exposing her, he decided to help her. He’s got his own issues with los Fuentemayor. Daniela figures out there is more between them. She calls her “Isa” and Fer has to remind her she’s FERNANDA. [Uy all these identities.] Daniela worries if Ignacio is trustworthy. Fer trusts Ignacio. Does she love him? Fer thought she did, but not she’s not sure.

Justino is home. Magdalena is surprised he’s back so soon. He notices that she was crying. Magdalena tries to deny it and asks him not to get mad…and he starts verbally abusing her. He can’t believe he picked someone so stupid and weak. Paloma comes in from the back and tells him not to talk to her mother that way. [I really can’t stand this imbécil.]


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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Thank you, Sara! Dang, that was a LOT of information last night. I’m going to call Renata’s talking about “Pedro” to her sister unethical. At least she didn’t give his name, but come on–how many people are running around with amnesia who are eventually going to end up possibly running into Daniela either coming from or going to Renata’s office (which appears to be in her house). She can share with a colleague or a supervisor, for the purposes of getting help formulating a treatment plan, but client stories are not for entertaining your relatives with. And yet, she’s STILL… Read more »

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

Well, there’s not a lot of filler or throwaway lines, that’s for sure.

4 years ago

I really appreciate you guys recapping this one, I’m loving the story, thank you!

was the ending cut for you guys?

as the Wednesday show ended, Pedro/nowLeo meets Basilio at said time, and gets in the Limo for a chat, and I think Basilio has him pegged for being Pedro, as he points out Leo/now Pedro sitting at a table in a near restaurant awaiting his meeting.

this could go many ways especially considering Ignacios insistence that Basilio keep him informed.