La Vecina, Friday 2/26/16 #173

The aftermath of the explosion

Elias falls to his knees and Fidel jumps up and grabs his rifle. Quintin is pointing his gun at Elias, who has been shot in the arm, but not by Quintin! A shaking Sebas walks down the hill, still pointing the gun he probably picked up by the SUV. Natalia’s going to be so pissed at him! He appears to be in shock as he comes close enough to let Quintin take the gun (and shove it down the front of his pants…come on guys, seriously…stop doing that!). Elias moans that he’s going to bleed out, but Fidel tells Quintin to apply a tourniquet.

At the San Gaspar PD, the Federales have rounded up ALL the protesters from Padre Vicente’s church. They have a laugh about whether they’ll all fit in the cells. Jerks. Padre V tells the jerk in charge of the investigation that “el que nada debe, nada teme” (one who owes nothing, fears nothing; I’m innocent, so I have nothing to fear).

Antonio gives Elias a good shove and tells him he’d better spill everything he knows! Elias is all too willing, as long as he gets some medical care. (Medical care still hasn’t arrived to deal with the saquadores injured in the explosion.)

Inside SGPD, the Feds tell the local cops that they’ve arrested Padre V for having ties to organized crime (a loud protest goes up from the parishioners) and the crowd “por revoltosa” (for being disorderly). They complain about the absence of Fidel and hope he’s not out there screwing up “their” investigation. Padre V shouts that the Feds are the ones screwing up the investigation! And then the call comes through on the walkie–Quintin needs that ambulance, and an MP to take Elias’ statement. Padre V demands everyone be released, but the Feds want to hold Padre V until they have Sara.

Magda and Rodobaldo go to the local judge, who agrees with them that the Feds are being jerks. He’s calling the governor!

Merce and Juancho keep telling each other they’d better not tell the Feds where Sara is. (But they don’t know where she is, do they?) An officer comes in and tells them Padre V was arrested and spilled all the frijoles, but Merce and Juancho know better. Merce’s not faking her continued, panicked insistence that her family is innocent.

Ric avoids a call from Uribe. He’s more interested in meeting with Isidro. Too bad for him that Uribe calls the office phone and Marina answers. “Make something up, I’ve gotta go.” Marina grins before picking up the line again and telling Uribe “Inginiero Segura told me to make something up because he had to go, but I couldn’t think of anything.”

Elias wants witness protection or he’ll get killed just like Urbano. Sure, he’s the one who killed Urbano, but it was on orders! He finally confesses that he’s worked for Pedro for 6 years and he can also attest to Carmelo, Urbano, Segundo Duarte, Eleazar Urdaneta, and Isidro being members of The Organization. But what about Sara? Elias says she was never part of it. The valve at El Molcajete has been there for years. She was set up. The Fed in charge gets a call from the Secretary for Public Safety. Because HE got a call from the governor complaining that the Feds have been a bunch of jerks. He explains he arrested people who were implicated, but Elias’ recent testimony is changing that. He admits that it was Fidel who made the arrest.

Where is Pedro?

Isidro calls Anselmo for an update, but Pedro still hasn’t made it. Anselmo is sure Pedro isn’t going to give up on finding Laura. Isidro will give Pedro one more day to show up. If he doesn’t, they’ll kidnap Laura and force Pedro to turn himself over to them.

Sara, Bruno, and Laura are having lunch when Antonio calls to tell them that one of Pedro’s guys confessed and cleared her of all suspicion. She can use his credit card, buy a plane ticket, and come home. Sebas interrupts to say Antonio really needs to hear what Elias is confessing now, so he ends the call with Sara.

Elias admits that David Fernandez had nothing to do with the saquadores (*gasp* They remembered!) and their contact was Ric (*gasp* He really is telling all, isn’t he?!). He was the one who gave them all the information about the sensors, and now he’s working with Isidro. They’re meeting tonight at a café in Progreso. And Anselmo is in the DF, outside Sebastian’s building, waiting to catch Pedro. And now Elias would really like to go to the hospital. Fidel sends Quintin and says he wants 4 cops guarding Elias at all times. As the ambulance drives away, Antonio angrily asks how Pedro knew they’d be there. Never mind that, just warn them! And the head Fed says he’ll send some people to round up Anselmo and Pedro.

Unfortunately, as Antonio is trying to call, Sara has taken the phone off the hook and then stalled on actually dialing when she, Laura, and Bruno decide that they’ll all go back together, in the truck.

Pedro is close to the apartment building. Bruno, Laura, and Sara all walk out (WHY?!) and Bruno tells them to wait there, while he goes to get the truck (NO!) but he’s hardly moved two steps when Pedro drives up, gets out of the car, and points his gun at Bruno. Laura steps in front of Bruno and refuses to move.

So there’s Pedro, standing in the middle of the street, basically, and Anselmo’s been waiting all day for him, and he sees his chance. Sara actually shouts at Pedro to be careful as Anselmo drives up, completely undeterred by Pedro shooting at his front windshield, and slams into Pedro. He goes rolling up the front of the car and then back down and onto the street at an angle that makes me hope that stunt guy is well-compensated, has good insurance, and got his neck looked at after because OW! And then Laura, Bruno, and Sara actually run up to check on him! Pedro’s in a crumpled heap in the street. Anselmo is still in the car, bleeding profusely–looks like Pedro shot him after all.

The Feds make good

The feds release Merce and Juancho, since Sara is innocent. “I told you so!” Merce crows! Juancho’s pissed that they’re not even going to apologize. “We were just doing our jobs.” A few more digs at the incompetent Feds and they are outta there!

Head Fed in SG reports to Antonio, Fidel, and Sebas that his agents made it to the apartment, but they were too late. Antonio: *gasp* Oh, no, he didn’t mean it that way. Laura, Bruno, and Sara are fine, but Pedro got run over by Anselmo (Admit it, you just sang that in your head. It’s ok, I did too.) and Anselmo got shot by Pedro. They’re both in the hospital in critical condition.

So, what you’re saying is…

Pedro’s not dead yet?

Way to drag it out, show.

Ric is late for his date with Isidro. There was traffic. Isidro can’t even finish his drink before the Feds are surrounding him.

Padre V is free. The team from the orchard walk in, to applause. The Head Fed in SG apologizes to Fidel and that gets another round of applause. Fidel reminds him they’re not done yet until they’ve rounded up all the saqueadores, so they’d better get back to work. That’s our Fidel–best cop ever! Sebas jokes to Antonio that he no longer wants to hear anything about gasoline. So, of course, Uribe calls him right then. He got calls from the governor and the Secretary of Public Safety and he and Sities both agree that, well, oops, they screwed up. Sorry. Sebas passes the phone to Antonio so Uribe can apologize. And, yes, he did get the news that Ric’s been a very naughty executive.

Ric arrives at the meeting place, sees the Feds outside, and drives on.

Sities gives Antonio his job back, but Antonio has some things to take care of. And he needs to think about their offer. Sities says he’ll agree to any terms Antonio wants, but CONATROL needs people like him. Uribe knows he didn’t just do all this for Sara–he was also doing it for the company. Well, Antonio thinks there are plenty of people just as valuable to the company as he is, so he hopes they’ll give him the time he needs. They hang up and Uribe tells Sities he hopes this doesn’t mean they’re losing Antonio.

And now to work on some subplots

Antonio is in his apartment, working on his laptop, when Sebastian comes over. They haven’t heard anything about Ric, but Antonio’s not worried about him. It’s not like he’s dangerous. “Who would’ve thought it,” says Sebastian. Well, you guys did. Antonio still has the audit, Isa, and Sara to worry about before he even thinks about going back to CONATROL. He hasn’t been able to talk to Sara and he can’t wait to explain everything to her.

The doorbell rings.

It’s Fidel. Darn. Sebas is all set for his next operativo, but Antonio tells Fidel he’s lying–he said he had nightmares after actually firing a gun and shooting someone. Fidel says he’s alive thanks to Sebas. He’s got good news. With all the saqueadores they rounded up, they’ve got a looooong list of valves–Sebas will take charge of shutting them down. They also found a warehouse belonging to Pedro, with nothing in it but a black book with women’s names and numbers. He hopes Antonio and Sebas can make some sense out of it, but Antonio figures once Pedro confesses they’ll find out anyway, right? Pedro probably won’t be confessing. He broke his neck in the accident and had cranial bleeding. If he does survive, he’ll be quadriplegic. And he won’t be able to talk.

Yep, that’s right:

Pedro. Still not dead.

Antonio and Sebas keep looking at the names and numbers, but they’re not getting anywhere. As Fidel is leaving, Antonio gets a call from Germán Sosa. He found the files for the audit and is emailing them to Antonio. Sosa marked the sections with the falsified numbers in red, but the amounts were relatively small. Antonio is relieved–it’s just like Eduardo said. And he was going to put the money back. Sosa agrees to help by testifying against the people who altered the audit, and he mentions again that it will help his wrongful termination suit. Antonio will find out what to do now and let Sosa know. And Antonio’s out the door to ask Fidel how to press charges.

Ric on the run

Isa sees the front-page article about Sara being cleared of all wrongdoing. She throws a tantrum, and the paper. Ric shows up at her apartment. Isa’s not interested in helping him. He can’t even hold the falsified audit over her head because he’d be just as much on the hook for that. She’s convinced even if Antonio finds out, all he’ll do is divorce her, but Ric thinks he’ll have her thrown in jail. He tries to woo her with some necking, but she offers to help him get out of Mexico instead. And apparently the thought of Ric leaving the country gets Isa a little more revved up than his earlier attempt.

Isa. Ric. Plotting. Gross sucking face.

Heading home

Merce and Juancho get to the apartment complex and Merce freezes when she sees Antonio. It’s tense for a second, and then she hugs him and thanks him for helping Sara. Juancho thanks him, too. They head into the building as Sebas teases him that he’s won over the suegra (mother-in-law) which is key, although the cuñado (brother-in-law) helps, too.

Bruno and Sara are inside a restaurant. Laura is outside, by the truck, crying. Bruno goes out to talk to her and she’s afraid to go back to San Gaspar. Afraid people will think she was in on Pedro’s dirty dealings. She married a criminal and lived off his ill-gotten gains. And they’re all going to think she kept her mouth shut so she could be rich. “That won’t happen.” (Bruno, dude, I really like you, but you thought the same thing at one point.) He says he’ll tell everyone she was another one of Pedro’s victims. The police haven’t come after her, so what could be better proof of her innocence? Now they have nothing but happiness to look forward to. And love. And lots of kissing. And stuff.

The little black book

Sebas is still working on the little back book. None of the other saqueadores knew about it. Whatever it is, Pedro kept it from them. Marina arrives with a message about another valve that needs to be shut down. Rafa tells her to send Pepe out with a team. As Rafa compares the coordinates with the little black book, he realizes the numbers are coordinates. But what about the names? Maybe Pedro just named them, with no real reason. But the only way to know is to cross-reference the numbers with the map of the duct. Rafa goes to get a map as Sebas marvels at Pedro’s sneakiness.

Sure enough, the little black book had ALL the coordinates. Pepe comes in to tell them his team is ready, but he’d better get another 10 teams, because they have a LOT of valves to shut down. Sebastian calls to tell Antonio the good news.

About that audit

Antonio tells Fidel about Isa and the audit and that he’d like to press charges.

Once Fidel has heard the story, he thinks any judge would issue a warrant for the arrest of Isa and all the people at the auditing firm. And with that assurance, Antonio plans to head for the DF immediately.

Antonio is packed and ready to leave the apartment when Sara arrives. There is much hugging 🙂

There is also hugging in Simon’s apartment–Merce and Juancho are there with Bruno and Laura. Bruno tells the story of what happened to Pedro.

Sara scolds Antonio for being all heroic after he said he wouldn’t risk himself anymore! She sees the suitcases and gets the wrong idea. Antonio says he’s going to the DF to change things, he promises, and this time he won’t let her down. He’ll explain everything when he can. She tells him to leave before he misses his flight and kisses him on the cheek, but hell no, that won’t do! Antonio gives her a real “going to miss my flight and I just don’t care” kiss and she stumbles out of the apartment. “I’ve got to get this taken care of as quickly as possible!” he sighs. We’re with you on that, dude!

Free Lucita!

Padre Vicente, Magda, and Vladimir are still working Lucita’s case. And not involving Fidel. Because he’s busy. They see Tadeo starting to leave, but he gets called back inside to take a call from the doctor. Padre V decides to get into the back of Tadeo’s car…he’ll call Magda’s cell. As he slides into the back, Vladimir says even his dad wouldn’t do that. Well, of course not. Fidel’s too buff to hide in the back of a car. Tadeo drives away with the Padre.

Padre Vicente pops up in the back of Tadeo’s car and sees him walking back to it with another man. He ducks down again. Sounds like this might be the lawyer. Tadeo’s trying to play it like he was reluctant to put Lucita into the facility, but Padre V knows better.

Magda keeps waiting for a call. She gets a text that it’s time to involve Fidel. Lucita is in a psychiatric facility and they’re heading there now.

Magda and Vladimir go to Fidel’s office. He’s annoyed with the Padre for acting like a PI and he’s about to call him when Magda tells him to go pressure the psychiatrist instead. Fidel sends Quintin.

Tadeo parks the car outside the psychiatric facility and goes inside with the lawyer. Padre V pops up from the back seat, sees the name…and realizes he can’t call because his phone battery is dead. After a seriously botched attempt at looking cool while he exits the car, he goes inside and says he’s there to give Extreme Unction to Lucita. The nurse at the front desk gives him directions involving a lot of right (derecho) turns and walking straight on (derecho), and a room number. Just after his first turn, he greets a nurse and realizes his black garb is a little too obvious. Seeing a sign for the dressing rooms, he removes his collar and heads in that direction.

Quintin tries to put pressure on the psychiatrist, but he ends up having to cuff him and take him to SGPD.

Luz is still knocked out and tied down while Tadeo plays the dutiful son for the benefit of the lawyer. I can’t decide whether the nurse’s smile is genuinely benevolent as they go off to sign some paperwork and she closes the door after them. Padre V goes in with a wheelchair and declares they won’t get away with this!

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5 years ago

Thanks Diva! So it all comes crumbling down for our villains. I had a good laugh at the way marina didn’t cover Ric ‘s back with Urbie. Heehee karma dude. I can’t wait for lucita to get away from her grubby kids. I really hope they get what they deserve. But It was cute to see magda and the padre’s teamwork. That would be a fun show to watch, that pair solving mysterys&crime, of course with Vladimir as their sidekick. And I must say that the Bruno-Laura-Pedro showdown went by fairly quickly for me, thankfully. I was expecting some type… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Haha kinda funny to think of pedro continuing to be horrible with the power of his eyes and eyebrows but being pedro I can see that as a legit fear Diva. If I’m remembering correctly, something similar happened in la mentira (which the guy playing Pedro was also in). But in that one the antagonist was still able to talk and would use her poison tounge to continue her evil ways.

5 years ago

Thank you, Kat! Wow! They covered so much in this episode. I’m so glad they dispatched Pedro with minimal harm to Laura or Bruno. For once, thanks Anselmo!

I wanted to see the Feds grovel a bit more, but glad they gave Fidel hi due. Best cop ever! He just needs to work on his brother cred. He has much to make up for with Edwina.

That kiss was melty. Why can’t Tonio tell Sara all now?

5 years ago

Thank you Diva for making so much clear! The nurse’s smile was a surprise to me and did seem malevolent. Maybe because she is the one who gives the most attention and knock-out drugs to Luz she is in on the master plan. I liked the irony of Anselmo running down Pedro. When his body came bouncing off the hood of the car onto the concrete it looked so painful and real that I reached up to feel the back of my head and neck. If that was a stunt man (vs. a dummy) he deserves accolades. I also had… Read more »

5 years ago

Muchísimas gracias, amiga! Lots of great lines and I’m too lazy to copy and paste on my phone. Just know you are my recapper idol!

I’m really going to miss this show 🙁

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I know! *sniff*

I can’t believe it’s only 4 episodes left. This has been a wonderfully told story with just the perfect balance of dark and light.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Diva thanks for this recap and the one before it and the one before that and, and (yep gettin caught up) So many good parts, some really great epis lately “Marina grins before picking up the line again and telling Uribe “Inginiero Segura told me to make something up because he had to go, but I couldn’t think of anything.” ” I loved that part so much – go Marina ” makes me hope that stunt guy is well-compensated, has good insurance, and got his neck looked at after because OW! ” – oh yeah! and then learning later that… Read more »