Launch Pad (February 27, 2016)

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What happened last week

We started the week off with a song from Eugenio Siller on Monday morning.

We continued to cover La Vecina with daily recaps. We HAD official confirmation that the Gran Final date is Friday, March 4, however many TV listings are showing the last episode airing on Thursday, March 3. Univision has not wavered from their earlier announcement. What can we say…if we get an update, we’ll share it with you, but I think we’re all playing it by ear at this point. Nope, still no word on the replacement show, and it’s possible there may not be one right away.

We posted daily recaps of ¿Quién es Quién?, which is shaping up to be a lot of fun and taking away a bit of the sting from La Vecina‘s imminent departure.

We posted a summary and recaps of La Querida del Centauro.

We posted a recap of the debut of Top Chef México on NBC Universo. If you check out the sidebar for TCM, you’ll find a list of the judges, contestants, and eliminated contestants, similar to the character listing for telenovelas and series.

And finally, we posted recaps of Ruta 35 over the weekend. The show ended yesterday, so the last week’s worth of recaps will be posted this weekend. (ETA: No promises!)

In case you missed it on the sidebar…

NovelaLounge has all the latest on the upcoming Sueño de Amor.

What’s in store for this week

We’re excited about the premiere of Los Súper Pérez on Galavision, but the actual schedule for that is still a little unclear…so far, we know there are two half-hour episodes airing on Monday.

As mentioned, things are also a little shaky as regards the La Vecina gran final on Thursday or Friday, so keep an eye on your local listings. Hopefully you can join us on Saturday afternoon/evening for a La Vecina chat–what time works for you?

Known technical issues

None at this time. (Yay!)

Last week’s poll results

We asked what movie you’d most like to watch on Movie Night and there was a tie between Como agua para chocolate and La misma luna.

I chose Como agua para chocolate to watch on March 12 and La misma luna on March 26.

This week’s poll is for La Vecina fans: “What do you think Sara will wear at her wedding?” You can find it on the sidebar of any La Vecina post.

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Autora/ Author

This is interesting. It looks like UniMas is going to start producing some original shows specifically for the US Hispanic market.

Autora/ Author

Looks like Argos and Televisa are joining forces. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I think Argos produced Señora Acero. (And I’m not sure why I’m sharing the link since there’s a link to Novela Lounge on the home page.)

Edited to add- apparently they did La Patrona, ESdlC and La Impostora among others.