¿Quién es Quién? Friday 2/26/16 #12

When Pedro arrives at the meeting with Basilio and slips into the front seat of the limo, Basi explains that the situation is about someone who claimed to be a friend, but who LIED to him. ‘Cause, check it out, right over there is Pedro Perez Gonzales, aka “Perico.” Having a coffee. Wearing the same face as “Leonardo.” And Pedro, instead of coming clean, tries to talk his way out of telling the truth. But broken-hearted Basi knows better and tells him to cut the crap or he’s turning him over to the cops. Pedro says he’ll spill…but tequilas are in order.

Leonardo waits at the café, thinking about his earlier conversation with Renata, how all he feels when he remembers proposing to whoever it was, was a sense of obligation. He picks up his phone and calls Basilio. The phone sitting on the cupholder between Basilio and Pedro starts to ring and displays “PEDRO PEREZ.” Basilio taunts his “jefe” to answer the phone and talk to their friend Pedro. He doesn’t answer and Leonardo is tired of waiting, so he leaves the café.

Justino thinks that Paloma has come home and he wants her to grovel first. But, no, she’s just there to pick up some more stuff. He spews more of his misogynist bullshit and Paloma tells her mom that if Justino takes it out on her, she knows where to find Paloma.

Humberto is still glowing with his pride in “Leonardo” and Fabiola and Ignacio have to suffer his happiness. Lucky for them, he gets a phone call and leaves the dinner table to take the call in his office so they can complain in peace. Now we find out that Fabiola has pinned all her hopes on deposing Leonardo and getting Ignacio promoted to “favorite child” status because Ignacio’s father won’t divorce her, so she can’t marry Humberto. That means, unless she can get him to put her in his will or sign something saying that she’s entitled to palimony, she won’t have any of his money if he dies or dumps her. Awww. So sad. She’d love for Leonardo to go completely crazy and be locked up in a psych facility. Ignacio assures her her dream will come true soon.

At The One and Only Bar/Arena in All of East LA, Basilio keeps laying on the guilt trip about Pedro’s lies and alllll the people he’s been deceiving. Including, most importantly, Basi himself. Pedro claims he’s been the victim here! He tried to tell them all that he wasn’t Leonardo and they drugged him for it! He was kidnapped! None of this was his idea!

Pedro tells Basilio about the day this all started, but Basilo doesn’t think it makes any sense. Why would Leonardo want to steal Pedro’s life on the very day Leonardo was going to get married? Pedro has no idea, but the day they snuck over there, he saw Leonardo kissing the girl that Pedro liked (let’s be real here, Pedro, you mean ONE of the girls). And then he stole Pedro’s best friend’s crush! Basilio says there’s no way–Leonardo’s not like that. Pedro reminds him about Termi attacking him the other night. And, hey, Pedro may not be the nicest guy ever, but “¡nunca le he rayado los cuadernos a mis amigos!” (I’ve never drawn in my friends’ notebooks). And his clón has been running around being a fichita (a scoudrel). Basilio objects to him talking about a caballero that way. Pedro says, “Any caballero would become a caballo if he had the chance to run!”

Daniela and Isa, uh, Fernanda are still catching up. Dani wants Fernanda to back off of her plan, but Fernanda insists she has to see it through. They’re interrupted by a delivery–a box full of besitos envueltos en celofán from “Leonardo” so Fernanda can think of him before she goes to sleep.

Basilio wants to know why Pedro hasn’t confronted Leonardo, hmmmmm? For one thing, his family won’t want for anything if Leo’s there. Basi breaks it to him that Leonardo has been working at the piñateria, and he didn’t recognize Basi when they bumped into each other. Rather than continue to explore that, though, Basi asks what other reasons Pedro has. Well, he’s in love. With Fernanda. And even though he knows all Fernanda’s kisses are really for “the other guy” she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Yesenia walks in and Pedro quickly puts his head down on the table. When she’s gone, he wants to get out of there, but Basi won’t let him leave until they have worked this out! Pedro tells Basi he’s a baaaadad person. Basi just nods.

Yesenia may be at the club, but that doesn’t mean she’s exactly “ready.” Lupe took the liberty of getting her a new outfit–short-shorts with a sequin tube top. Well, at least it will cover more than the bikini? And what about The Film Guy (aka Hipster Boy/Hipster Teacher/Ruben), did he recognize her after all? Well, no, and she’s grumpy about it. Lupita teases her for wanting him to notice that she’s the chick with the hot bod…. Yesenia flounces off to go change into her sequins, trying to avoid the conversation.

Leonardo is walking up Cocó’s driveway when Melquiades appears to razz him about whether the baptism comes before or after the wedding. Cocó comes running out of her house to greet him and Leonardo pushes her away. He wants to know if they’ve, um, been intimate. Oh, yeah, sure! Well, there you go–he thinks he probably proposed because he felt like he had to, not out of love. Cocó’s not looking too happy to hear this. I swear, she makes me grind my teeth! She is not backing down at all, insisting he talked her into giving up her virginity (like it’s some kind of freakin’ commodity! And don’t even get me started on the concept being outdated and meaningless) and now it appears all he wanted was sex. And he actually apologizes. And she “forgives” him–as long as he keeps his promise. “Now let’s go inside and I’ll put on that leopard negligee and we’ll get your memory back!” Um, yeah, no. Not happening. As “Pedro” walks on home, Cocó mocks him for thinking he could break up with her. “You’re not getting away alive.”

Tequila and Truth Fest continues. What’s Pedro’s endgame? He wants Fernanda to fall in love with him. He hasn’t really thought about what he’ll do after. And Basi’s no one to be scolding him for not telling her the truth when HE’s in love with Ivonne and has never told her. Basilio gives up. How long does Pedro need? Pedro figures…2 months? Basi’s annoyed with this estimate. Pedro says he would understand if Basilio told everyone the truth–after all, he does work for the Fuentemayors. Pedro just wants the chance to talk to Humberto first. Basilio doesn’t think it’s fair for Pedro to foist the responsibility for telling the truth onto him, but Pedro pouts that he trusts Basilio, and Basilio’s so much wiser than he is. He gets up from the table, leaving a pensive Basi.

Lupe has run out of el rimel (mascara, after the brand with two m’s) and goes to get more. Just as Yesenia is putting her mask up to her face, checking it out, Hipster Ruben walks in, wanting to do an interview with Candy la Candida for his film about lucha libre. She quickly ties the mask on, sweetens the tone of her voice and explains that Candy la Candida doesn’t give interviews. Sorry. But…he loves her art! “You mean, my body.” He admits he’s fascinated by a woman so beautiful in such a violent environment. And, why the mask? It’s Candy la Candida’s secret. He tries inviting her for coffee, but Candy la Candida (who apparently speaks only in the third person) only drinks coffee with “real” men. Ouch. Hipster Ruben excuses himself just before Lupe comes back. But did he recognize her? Yesenia complains he came in there and acted “like a man…the more you hit them the closer they try to get!” Oh, dear. 5ftLatina is starting to dislike this angry façade of Yesenia’s. 5ftLatina also is not a fan of sweeping generalizations or gender role stereotypes.

Pedro sits at a bus bench, moping, and suddenly Connie drives up in her little Mini. She’s just hanging out in the ‘hood, you know, soaking up all that gritty reality…so she can make movies that are honest and absolute and abstract. Pedro’s bus is arriving and Connie’s bummed she can’t get on the bus with him, and has to go to her film class instead. (Is Hipster Ruben going to break her out of this weird mix of being pretentious, yet wanting to be so very “real” or is he only going to make it worse?) They make a mutual deal not to tell anyone that either of them was there.

Connie arrives at the arena and happily agrees to be Hipster Ruben’s production assistant for his lucha libre film. She’s also hoping to see Bow Tie Guy and get another sweaty kiss full of pain and desperation. Before I can decide whether that’s amusing or annoying, Melquiades comes to the ring and announces Candy la Candida. This time, she comes on barefoot. I’m going to claim this as an homage to wrestler Kevin Von Erich. The dancing feels a little less spontaneous this time, but the crowd is just as enthusiastic and Hipster Ruben is just as enthralled.

At Pedro’s house, a mystery hand grabs the “Coffee” can, counts the money inside, and pulls some out.

Fernanda can’t sleep. Personally, I think it’s because she’s got way too many lights on, but I realize it’s a matter of personal preference. She wanders into her fairly well-lit kitchen, past her still lush bouquets of roses. Catching sight of the box, she has a bit of beso envuelto en celofán.

The next morning, in Pedro’s room, Leonardo is having a nightmare where a younger version of himself screams “I hate you, dad!” He starts mumbling it in his sleep. Never fear, Cachito is here. He gets Leo to wake up, tells him it was just a bad dream, and offers to make him some milk with honey. Leo turns him down, so he makes himself comfortable on the couch where Leo’s sleeping and asks what the dream was about. His mom says if you talk about your nightmares, it makes the monster go away. Leo turns him down again and just then, Paloma calls through the door that Cachito needs to get up and start getting ready. He says if Leo wants to, he can tell him later who he kept saying “I hate you!”to.

In Leonardo’s room, Pedro is sitting up in bed before his automatic blinds have rolled up and Gwen has wished him a good morning. She wants to talk about the new drivers’ manual for his car, but Pedro wants advice. If she were him, would she tell Humberto before Basilio gets a chance to? “¿Como la ves?” (How do you see it?; What do you think?) Gwen says she lacks optical sensors and asks him to reframe the question. He gives up and says what he wants to know is whether it’s better to tell the truth all the time. “Which truth? Subjective, objective, relative, absolute, ontological, epistemological, material, formal, historical….” Pedro cuts her off in frustration and says he already knew what he needed to do. Ah, Gwen…never change! Er, never alter your settings?

Daniela comes down to breakfast and tells Renata that she and Fernanda were up late talking. Right, she means Isabela, Isabela Fernanda. She likes to go by her middle name now. Daniela is sure Renata will like her when she meets her. She’s a really good person, despite it all. That gets Renata’s attention, but Daniela brushes it off, saying she doesn’t know what she’s saying, much less at this hour. “Pedro” calls Renata to tell her he just had a memory, something about his dad, and there was a definite feeling this time–hate. Lots of it. Renata’s not surprised and wants to meet with both “Pedro” and Inés today.

Fabiola does yoga. She has good form. But she didn’t put her phone on silent. Boy Toy’s name turns out to be Armando, and she does not like it when he calls her when she’s at home. How’s he supposed to know, I wonder? He just missed her and wanted to make a date, so she says she’ll met him at noon at the usual place. Then she goes back to the mat. And someone is watching from the other side of the bedroom door that’s not quite shut all the way.

Only Inés and “Pedro” are left in the house. She offers to cook him breakfast, but she brings up his nightmare and Leo says he wants to know about his dad. Where is he? He wants to meet him.

Humberto sneaks into his bedroom, looks around, takes Fabiola’s cell phone, calls the last incoming call, and gets flirted with by Armando. Ooooops!

Pedro walks downstairs and looks around the house. Nora thought he’d left for work, but no, not yet. He’s leaving now, though. Leaving. He thanks her for helping him so much in the past few days and leaves a worried-looking Nora.

Basilio makes copies and thinks about Pedro’s estimate of two months. And Ignacio’s offer. And Pedro saying he trusts Basilio. He asks the Virgen what to do–give Pedro the two months, or tell Humberto?

Ignacio is examining one of the capsules when Basilio knocks on his door.

Eugenio gives Paloma the money the shop earned when she was away. Melquiades strolls by, telling Paloma she’d better be careful with Pedro and making a snide remark about a package on the way.

Fabiola arrives at the Luxury Hotel and hands her car off to a valet. Humberto watches her walk in.

So, what’s it going to be, Basilio? Are you taking Ignacio up on his offer? Ignacio insists what he’s asking Basilio to do isn’t a betrayal. It’s for “Leonardo’s” own good. So, what does Basilio know?

At the prison, Inés and Leonardo wait in the visiting room while Elmer is brought in. Inés simply says “He’s your father.” Leonardo doesn’t look convinced.

Pedro asks to speak to Fernanda. His insistence that it’s more important than whatever she’s working on scares her a little. And she noticed that he said he needed to talk to “Don Humberto” too…since when does he talk about his dad that way? What is this about? “Who I really am.”

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva, I can’t believe I’m the first to comment on this rad recap 🙂 uyy biting humour like this is one reason I love the recaps -“Fabiola and Ignacio have to suffer his happiness. Lucky for them, he gets a phone call and leaves the dinner table to take the call in his office so they can complain in peace.” Honestly these two Basi is way better off w/Perico as his boss, more appreciated for his skills even. I don’t understand why he’s even considering telling Ignacio. I mean he hates Ignacio already, why be on his team? If… Read more »