Ruta 35, Monday 2/22/16 #28

Rogelio starts to put his plan into play by hijacking an ambulance.

Federico spends far too much time whining about how much he doesn’t want to go to jail, doesn’t want a trial, doesn’t want the court to take his dad’s escape out on him, thinks Sofia will turn him in like she turned in his dad, etc., etc., etc. Maybe we can cut him some slack since he’s still recovering from major surgery and detoxing, but even Sofia says he has to face the consequences of his actions.

John and Dylan are annoyed with the delay in the Landino case because Domingo won’t leave Sofia’s side. Meanwhile, they’re hiding Lola’s death, but Landino’s going to figure it out eventually. Dylan tries to get tough with Domingo and tell him he either has to go buy those guns to finish the sale with Landino, or he’s going back to jail today. They get into the same argument they’ve been having since Federico got to the hospital. Sofia puts an end to it by telling Domingo he needs to do what they ask. She’d rather have to miss him for a few hours than have him thrown back in jail permanently.

Federico remembers Tomás confiscating his first kilo of cocaine, and being in his hospital room earlier.

Rogelio and his crew hear an announcement over the radio that there’s been a major accident and the victims are being taken to the ER of the hospital where Federico is. Rogelio insists they have to wait until the ER isn’t busy.

Federico tells Sofia that he wants to talk to Tomás, and only Tomás. He knows him, and he’s sure he’ll be able to help. He doesn’t need to talk to a lawyer first, just call Tomás. Sofia does what he asks and Tomás tries to get out of it, saying he’s transferring the case, but she says Federico will only talk to him. Tomás agrees.

As they’re walking out of the hospital with Domingo, Dylan hangs back and tells John he thinks Gavilán is there, helping Domingo. If Domingo agreed to leave, he must have Gavilán watching the hospital. Dylan’s going to try to catch him.

Rogelio and his crew get the all-clear and head for the hospital.

Dylan climbs into the passenger seat of Gavilán’s van, finds his gun, and talks a lot of smack about how Gavilán could have started over, but look where his stupid loyalty got him instead. It’s a little unclear whether Dylan is actually going to arrest him or just talk him to death.

Sofia leaves Federico and Tomás alone so Federico can ask Tomás to help him, in exchange for not telling everyone that he stole his drugs. When that doesn’t work, he offers him money.

Domingo makes his gun purchase for the deal with Landino and then asks to buy two handguns. The shop owner hesitates, so Domingo threatens to get the agents to come inside. He caves. John and Bill say they still need another 40 guns, and they have no idea how to get them to the Bahamas. That is SO not Domingo’s problem.

Sofia calls Domingo, worried because Federico is in there alone, talking to Tomás Ortiz. While they’re on the phone, Rogelio is wheeled in on a stretcher. Once they’ve made it to the nurses’ station, Rogelio whips off the oxygen mask and the sheet and starts firing his assault rifle in every direction. Domingo hears the shots through the phone. Sofia goes running for Federico’s room. Tomás, just outside the hospital, also hears the shots, pulls out his gun, and goes back inside. Dylan hears the shots from Gavilán’s van, but he won’t un-cuff Gavilán from the steering wheel while he goes back inside. Rogelio keeps firing at everything and nothing and shouting Federico’s name. He hears Federico calling for him and finds his room. To his dad, Federico is all too happy to admit that he screwed up big time. He wants to go with Rogelio.

Sofia goes looking for a weapon and stashes a scalpel in her back pocket. One of Rogelio’s guys grabs her in the hallway and drags her to Federico’s room, where Rogelio has broken the handcuffs and is starting to help him out of bed. Federico is NOT looking good. Rogelio taunts Sofia about how he’s going to kill her, but he’s going to make her suffer first. Sofia knees him in the groin and stabs him with the scalpel. Rogelio seems to change his mind about the “suffer first” bit, but Federico screams that if Rogelio kills Sofia, he can forget about Federico. The World’s Stupidest Father-Son Duo go hobbling out of the room.

Outside, a gunfight has broken out between Rogelio’s crew and the cops. Rogelio shuffles out with his weapon in one hand, firing all over the place, holding on to Federico with his other arm. One of Rogelio’s crew goes down. Dylan screams at them not to shoot because of Federico. Sofia tries to run towards her son, but Dylan grabs her and holds her back. She starts to scream “Don’t shoot!” and Tomás, sensing an opportunity, emerges from behind his SUV and takes a single shot past Dylan and Sofia, hitting Federico in the back as he’s climbing into Juancho’s SUV with Rogelio. Did he mean to hit Federico and get rid of someone who knew too much, or did he mean to hit Rogelio and missed? Mr. 5ft thinks he meant to do it.

In the getaway SUV, Rogelio cradles his son as Federico talks about where he wants to be buried.

Gavilán is still stuck in the van and starts honking when he sees John, Domingo, and Bill pulling up to the hospital. Domingo starts to sneak off in Gavilán’s direction.

Rogelio demands that Juancho get them to a doctor, but Juancho says he needs a hospital. None of the doctors he knows, that they can pay under the table, can handle this.

Domingo takes a look at the cuffs on Gavilán.

Juancho says he’s driving back to the hospital, but Federico begs Rogelio not to take him back there or they’ll stick him in jail. And seriously, if he’d rather die, at least one of us on the couch at Casa Latina thinks he might as well have at it. Rogelio tells Juancho to stop the car and tells everyone to get out. Then he promises Federico he’ll come back and leaves him lying in the back seat, alone. When Dylan’s team approaches, he tells his guys to find Rogelio, then climbs into the back seat with Federico.

In prison, it seems Mercurio is using the same trick that was played on him. A prisoner approaches Gitano to tell him his clothes are scattered all over the laundry room floor. Salomon and Mercurio ambush him in the laundry room and Salomon starts to beat the information about Tony Morales out of him. He sticks him in a dryer and keeps on asking.

Federico is in surgery. Again.

Dylan goes back to Gavilán’s van and finds the handcuffs dangling from the steering wheel.

The doctor approaches Sofia and Domingo in the hallway and tells them he did everything he could…. Sofia completely breaks down. She may eventually realize there was never anything she could do, that Federico was just so determined to be like his dad that nothing could have stopped him from going down this path, but right now it’s too soon.

Sofia gets IV sedation. While Domingo is sitting in the room with her, he hears Dylan yelling for him in the hallway. Domingo marches out there and says Federico’s death is all his fault. He punches Dylan and catches John on the follow-through. They ALL knew Rogelio was going to show up. Sofia warned them. This is on Dylan and his inept fellow cops. He lunges at Dylan again and ends up pinned with his face against the counter of the nurses’ station while Dylan twists his arm behind his back and John holds a gun to his head. Dylan counters that Federico brought on his own death by trying to make easy money. As for all the others who lost their lives today, that’s on the narcos in general. Domingo got out of jail to help them with a case and he’s already committed multiple crimes, including helping Gavilán break out. John reminds them that they ALL want Rogelio caught and they ALL want to finish out the ATF case, so can they work together?

Juancho has to be the one to give Rogelio the news about Federico’s death. He was already falling apart before, cuddling the drapes In Juancho’s storage room, but now he really loses his shit. He even goes so far as to crack a bottle over his own head. Finally he seems to wear himself out and go to sleep.

Marina shows up at the prison. Salomon and Mercurio are in the infirmary, laughing their asses off, because they got the information. In a flashback, Gitano finally gives them a name-Andy Fierro, but they’re still trying to find out more. Barbie interrupts them and they shove Gitano the rest of the way into the dryer. Mercurio even appears to start the dryer as they casually saunter over to Barbie. Then Barbie whistles and summons several other guys into the laundry room and Salomon and Mercurio make a run for it, putting as many laundry carts as they can between them and their pursuers. Marina is not amused, but what do they care? They did what they came to do!

Domingo goes into Sofia’s room, where she’s awake, and calmer, but still tearful.

Rogelio is also awake, and checking his cell phone.

Rogelio and his crew back an SUV into a loading dock and sneak into what looks like an unused hospital wing. They find a security guard and Rogelio asks where Federico’s body is. He starts telling Federico’s body they should go. He’ll take him to the place he promised.

Juancho may or may not be a little skeeved as he drives, while Rogelio sits in the back seat, cradling Federico’s body in a bag.

Dylan gets word that they found Juancho’s car abandoned and no one knows where either he or Rogelio is. He wants to go looking for them, but John says they have other problems. Lola’s phone has been ringing non-stop. Her mom, someone named Adriana, and Landino have all been calling. He’s sure Landino is going to figure out what’s going on. They need to finish this deal. Dylan doesn’t think they can get Domingo to go to the Bahamas now. He’s shocked to get a call about the theft of Federico’s body. He passes on the news to John, then says they can’t tell Sofia! If they do, they’ll never get Domingo to move! He needs to get the guns to Landino and THEN they’ll figure it out.

Rogelio and Juancho roll Federico’s body, on a stretcher, up to a small plane. The pilot objects–no one said anything about bringing a dead body on board! Rogelio pulls out his gun and threatens the pilot.

Dylan reviews the footage from the loading dock and has the tech pull the license plate and try to track the SUV’s movement through the city.

Sofia is back on her feet. Domingo wants her to go home and have a shower, but she wants to see Federico. John makes the excuse that because of hospital regulations, they have to perform an autopsy and they won’t let her see him right now. Dylan will let them know when she can see Federico. In the meantime, he’s going to take her to the safe house. John tells Domingo that they need to go to the Bahamas. Domingo tries to refuse, but Sofia tells him again that she needs him, and she needs him out of jail.

Dylan shows an airport employee a picture of the SUV, but the guy wasn’t there earlier. Dylan bullies the employee into telling him what private flights left today. Sure enough, there was one that went to Mexico.

Tomás gets dressed and remembers shooting Federico. He calls Michael and says he’s on his way to check out a reported cocaine deal. He’ll call if he needs backup.

Tomás walks into Middleman’s warehouse/office to rob him yet again. The little safe on the desk is full of cash and 2 kilos of cocaine. Tomás forces him to empty the safe into a bag, along with the money that was on the desk. Tomás then demands the recording. He already clubbed the guy over the head to get the safe combination, and now he breaks his finger to get the recording.

Tomás walks Middleman into some house where another guy is waiting. He keeps aiming his gun at them as he tells the other guy to toss the recording device to him and asks about the other copies. Middleman swears he lied about the other copies. Tomás shoots them both, calls Michael to report it and request backup, and starts scattering the “evidence” around, including putting Middleman’s gun in his hand. He hears what sounds like a baby crying and turns around to see a little girl holding a doll.

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