La Querida del Centauro Friday 2/26/16 #33

On the street

Bianchini and Duarte discuss bringing in El Cirujano AND El Centauro. Maybe Duarte will become the new comisario.

At the Ranch

Lucho arrives and he can take whatever Felix dishes out, apparently.

Felix: Hey Vicente, is this your boyfriend?

Lucho: Yeah, and yours too if you want mi rey.

Cristina contemplates suicide. She sees Lucho arriving and spits out whatever it was she found under the sink.

Lucho meets El Centauro. Lucho has brought one of the pages from the coded list. Remember that? Duarte found it in the green backpack his brother told him about. Anyway, Lucho brought one of these pages and says he got it from some secretary at the police station. There are 3 other pages like it.

Julia will not let Centauro cut her out of the business. She wants him to explain what information Lucho brought. Centauro tells her about the lists and that there are three still out there. (At one point he makes a comment about there only being 10 copies of the book used to decipher the page Lucho brought. The police must have a copy, too. Julia thinks Centauro needs to stay away from Pancho Villa for a while. It’s not his crimes that will bring Centauro down, but his “loves.” I’m not sure if all that will end up being important.) Julia wonders if Lucho is trustworthy. How did El Centauro even meet him? El Centauro makes up a story about Lucho helping him investigate “Claudia.” César arrives to report that “Claudia” has planted the mic.

Lucho makes the excuse of having to use the bathroom and sneaks away to see Cristina. He tells her about the plan to rescue her and gives her the card with San Expedito that her mother sent. Cristina has more hope.

Vicente, unaware of Lucho’s real reason for being at the rancho, is becoming increasingly concerned about Lucho’s growing involvement with El Centauro. Vicente even asks Lucho to consider Cristina. Would she want to be with Lucho if he killed some one? El Centauro comes out and tells Lucho that if anyone asks, Lucho was following “Claudia” by order of El Centauro. El Centauro also wants Lucho to get the other three coded pages and kill the secretary….and send proof he killed her. Lucho is given a large wad of cash for this job. Lucho is taken back to the park.

Eventually Cristina starts eating and opens up to Tania and Vicente about what César did. Vicente doesn’t want Cristina going anywhere alone.

Julia wants to know what Tania did to make Centauro so obsessed with her. They only slept together twice! Julia wants to know if Centauro has made any moves on her since her arrival. Then she wants to know if he slept with any one else in prison. Tania claims she doesn’t know.

At the Gym

Yolanda sneaks into the office and plants the microphone. Emilio catches her as she’s leaving and she makes up a story about needing to talk to Ignacio. She needs money for equipment and the rent is taking all her cash.

Later Ignacio hands her an envelope of cash and suggests a possible loan repayment plan…if you know what I mean. Yola manages to successfully avoid his invitation for now.

Emilio tells Diego about catching Yolanda in the office. Emilio doesn’t trust her. Diego disagrees. Lola comes up and makes a snide comment about Diego’s taste in the ladies. Lola then kisses Emilio’s cheek and mentions her uncle wanting her to bring Emilio out of his shell.

Lola has figured out Emilio’s secret. That’s not going to keep her from trying to interest Emilio.

At the Police Station

Aguilar is looking for Bianchini. Alvaro tells Bianchini that he told Aguilar about El Gato and apologizes to him for doing so.

Bianchini talks to Aguilar about El Gato. He’s sorry he didn’t say anything to Aguilar. He was just trying to keep the kid out of things. Duarte would have wanted it that way.

Aguilar, for his part, is understanding. All he wants is for there to be open lines of communication. Salgado is trusting them with an important operation.

In Yolanda’s Room

Yolanda worries about Lucho. Duarte assures her that the information Lucho gave El Centauro is important. They won’t hurt him. Yola hopes he’s luckier than she was. She explains about getting caught planting the mic and having to invent the story about needing money. Duarte is sure she will not have to repay that loan. He’s also thinks she might get a pardon. She’s not helping them bring in just one capo, but two.

El Gato, returning from an errand, listens at the window and overhears Duarte saying that they will rescue Cristina and then he, Yolanda and Cristina can all live in peace. He does not include El Gato (an oversight I am sure.) El Gato walks away and by the end of the episode he still hasn’t appeared.

Lucho reports on Cristina. Yola is upset to hear that Julia has slapped Cristina. He gives Duarte and Yola the money he was given. It’s his contribution. He tells Duarte about being given orders to kill the secretary. Duarte has a friend that works in the morgue.

The Landlady interrupts and tells Duarte she hasn’t seen El Gato.

In the middle of nowhere

El Cirujano and Ignacio discuss the fact that there’s a rat in the organization. Only 4 other people know about the plan with the Colombians: Emilio, Ignacio and 2 of El Cirujano’s most trusted men. Ignacio advises El Cirujano to include Lola on that list. She and Emilio are pretty close. Ignacio also advises his dad to send Lola away after the fights. She could pass info along to the wrong side of the family. Salgado needed El Cirujano to sacrifice some of his men during the planned shootout with police (in order to take out Bustamante and Feroro.) Looks like El Cirujano will have some openings for trusted henchmen.

In El Centauro’s Office

Centauro and César listen to Ignacio and Emilio argue. They wonder what Ignacio has on Emilio. El Centauro tells César to find out. El Centauro is impressed with Emilio’s plan to neutralize Los Rangel. If he had someone like Emilio in his operation, he would blackmail him too if it meant he was working for him.

The Cliffhanger

Julia goes off to cry and César catches her. He doesn’t think his mother should give a second thought to “Yolanda.” Julia was sure “Yolanda” was telling the truth when she said that Centauro was staying away from her. But when it came to the question about who else he slept with in prison, Julia is not so sure “Yolanda” is telling the truth.

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4 years ago

Thank you Sara! Vicente continues to surprise me. I like his idea of not letting Cristina ever be by herself but I don’t know how feasible that’s going to be. And now I’m worried about el gato. I really hope they resolve that misunderstanding soon, because with everything that’s going on that kid should not by himself. There are so many complex stories and cover ups going on right now, I hope everyone has their cheat sheet on what they can/cannot say. The writers are doing a great job on their handle of all these plots and keeping the stories… Read more »