Ruta 35, Tuesday 2/23/16 #29

When last we saw that waste of space Tomás, he’d just realized that there was still one person left alive at his staged bust–a little girl. He tells her to run and never tell anyone what she saw if she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her that happened to her dad.

The stress of doing that was just too much for him, so he went outside to get some air. Instead of escaping the stress, he had to defend himself to the two officers who showed up, probably because they got a report of gunfire.

Once the DEA arrives, he tells Michael that Middleman and the skinny guy both tried to attack him, so he had to kill them. Michael buys it and tells him their bosses have noticed all these busts he’s been making lately. They’re going to give him a medal and everything.

Outside, a few neighbors have assembled, including the little girl and a woman who looks like she might have heard the real story.

Dylan tells John that Rogelio took Federico’s body to Mexico. It won’t be easy to find him there. He wants John to go, find Rogelio, and find Federico’s body. Dylan and Bill will take care of the Landino case. And John gets to be the one to tell Sofia what happened–she’ll know where Rogelio might be taking Federico’s body.

Domingo arrives with Bill, asking about Federico’s body and the autopsy, but Dylan puts him off, saying there’s been a delay. Landino calls just then, asking about his guns and Lola. Domingo’s excuse is she’s been busy shopping and he’ll bring her with him when he brings the guns.

Sofia is back at the safe house, mourning Federico.

Rogelio is scolding Federico’s corpse for becoming a drug mule. He’s found some people who still don’t hate him to mourn for Federico and called in a funeral home that makes house calls–whether they like it or not.

John breaks the news to Sofia, but she won’t tell him where Rogelio might be until they get to Mexico. It’s non-negotiable. She agrees not to say anything to Domingo.

Gavilán has just finished listening to an annoyed voicemail from Rebeca when Sofia emerges from the house. He calls her cell phone and she explains that Rogelio stole Federico’s body. He wants to come with her, but she’d rather he stay there so he can help Domingo when he comes back. She says what sounds like a goodbye, thanking him for everything, and makes him agree not to say anything to Domingo. That, he promises, but he won’t let her go alone. He says he’ll see her in Mexico.

Gavilán picks up Rebeca and tells her to unbutton her shirt so he can check for a wire. She’d rather get out of the car, but he still insists on checking. Rebeca gets out of the car and rips her shirt open and Gavilán’s response is to ask her to marry him. “Seriously, dude?” Oh, yeah, he’s serious. He wants to go back to Mexico with her and have a bunch of babies, like they talked about. He’ll figure out how to deal with Domingo, but what’s the answer? Yes, or yes? She says “yes,” of course. This is where they’ve been headed ever since she pulled that bullet out of his gut on her kitchen table.

Someone comes to tell Rogelio that the body is ready. He starts to undress, presumably so he can change for the funeral, as he tells the guy that if he ever has kids, he should guard them with his life. He brushes off an offer to have someone look at his stab wound.

Domingo calls to check in with Sofia and she tells him they haven’t released Federico’s body, but she hopes they will tomorrow. She says this while walking through the airport.

Federico’s funeral has started. He’s all dressed up in a traje de charro, a conjunto is singing, Rogelio is crying and drinking.

Mercurio and Salomon are out of prison, meeting with Marina. She has a dossier on Andy Ferro, but neither of the guys will be making contact. She knows he has a weakness for Latinas, and she doesn’t think she needs help from Salomon or Mercurio. Salomon insists on going with her. Andy is a pilot for a private airline, so Salomon will call and book a flight.

Mercurio and Salomon have coffee at The Only Coffee Shop in Telemiami. Mercurio still wants to help, even if he can’t travel to Mexico with them. Salomon thinks it’s too big a risk, since Tony Morales knows Mercurio. He finally agrees Mercurio can help, but he’s going to need a makeover.

Mercurio’s going to stay at Salomon’s house while they work on the case. He calls Julia just to say “hi.” Then he does a flip into the pool, like a fútbol player who just scored a goal.

Mercurio cleans up nice. He’s checking out the private airline, which involves trying to pretend he’s paying attention while the sales associate rattles off info about their fleet and the services they offer while he’s really keeping an eye on the door marked “Employees Only” on the other side of the lobby. He asks to use the bathroom and suggests she work up quotes for his fictional trip that might include anywhere from 4 to 15 people and could be one-way or round-trip.

He sneaks into the employee area and takes a picture of some list on the wall. When an actual employee walks in, he pretends he was looking for the bathroom.

Out at the car, he shows Salomon the list of all the flights this week. Andy Ferro is going to LA tomorrow morning, so that’s when Marina needs to get there.

Marina agonizes over her look. She asks Tomás if she looks like a multimillionaire executive’s secretary, but he thinks she looks like a multimillionaire executive. For once her hair isn’t braided and she’s wearing a skirt. Tomás apologizes for his recent jerky behavior and blames it on work, but she’s not buying that. He avoids telling her the truth again, opting instead for saying he loves her, mocking his need to go up on his tiptoes to be at the same eye-level with her, and then suggesting nookie.

The next morning, Marina, with her new look, sashays up to Andy and pretends to be a damsel in distress whose boss asked her to rent a plane and gosh, she just doesn’t know a thing about that.

Salomon and Mercurio are both surprised at how quickly Marina comes back to the car. It’s not because she struck out, she’s just efficient. She got two numbers from him and now she needs to get a warrant to tap those two numbers. She mocks the guys for thinking they’re the only ones who have their tricks.

Bill and Domingo test the audio on his mic.

In Mexico, Sofia shows John, on a map, the location of the house that Rogelio gave Federico on his 15th birthday, so he could live there when he got married. John starts giving orders.

Domingo pulls up to Landino’s place in a van. He pulls a crate out of the back to show Landino the guns he brought him. He claims Lola’s back at the hotel. Landino laughingly reminds him that he spent some time in Miami and up there, you need three friends at all times: a lawyer to get you out of everything; a crooked cop to keep you informed; and someone who works in the coroner’s office to tell you when one of your people died. Domingo’s smile freezes and Landino and all his men aim their weapons at him. He knows they’ve been hiding the body. Before Dylan and Bill can do anything, the surveillance van is surrounded by Landino’s men.

Landino has Domingo strung up in some kind of barn. He’s lecturing him about being a snitch while Domingo grins at him. He says he doesn’t just turn in anyone, just the ones who did him wrong. Landino slept with Olivia. Landino admits it. He even admits that it’s a good reason for Domingo to want revenge. Domingo tells him they’re surrounded by cops, but nope. His men walk Bill and Dylan into the barn.

Rogelio drinks and signs paperwork for a transfer of property. The priest has arrived for the burial service. Rogelio stands up too fast and feels the pain of that wound Sofia gave him.

Rogelio stands at Federico’s gold-plated coffin saying his goodbyes and vowing revenge.

Landino’s men have found all the GPS chips packed in with the guns and removed them. The buyer (so much for these being for Landino’s men) is getting antsy and Landino tells his henchman to go ahead and deliver the merchandise. Another hench walks in, anxious because Lola’s mother is there. Someone told her what happened to Lola and she’s outside, freaking out. Landino goes to take care of Lola’s mom. Dylan tries to bribe Panda, the hench who’s guarding them, into helping them, saying the police should be on their way, but they can work out a deal so he goes free. (We’ve heard this deal before…it never works out that way!)

Federico’s funeral continues.

Dylan keeps trying to sell his story. Even Domingo’s laughing and saying Dylan tells this to everyone. He explains that Panda has been loyal to Landino for years. He starts talking about old times and asking if he’s still with his wife. She was SO HOT! But no, Panda had to go screwing around on her with other women, so all the other guys went after his wife. Hell, Domingo even slept with her. This gets Panda upset enough to come within reach of Dylan and Domingo’s feet. Now that he’s subdued, Dylan grabs the knife out of his pocket using his feet and swings them up towards Domingo’s hands. Domingo takes a minute once he’s cut the ropes to take a look out the door and make Dylan sweat before he cuts his ropes as well. He even hands him a gun. Dylan gets to work on Bill’s ropes.

Federico’s funeral continues, while black SUVs roll down the road. Rogelio’s people keep him informed, and he has armed guards standing watch.

Dylan, Bill, and Domingo argue about how to get out of Landino’s compound. Domingo won’t leave. He still wants to catch Landino. Dylan doesn’t exactly agree with Domingo, but he doesn’t think they can wait for backup to arrive. He also wants to end this today. Someone’s coming.

Rogelio gets another update at the funeral and tells the Padre to continue.

Dylan and Domingo ambush the two guys who walk into the barn. Dylan finds out from one of them that Landino is still at the compound and the guns are in trucks outside. He tells him to call and get the guys who are watching the house to the back of the property. It’s not easy to convince the guy he radios, but the guy agrees.

Rogelio gets yet another update, but he’s refusing to leave, even though the cops have them surrounded.

John’s team, plus some Federales, pull up and start surrounding the property, but he tells Sofia to stay behind. They find a priest, but it’s not the one who was at Federico’s burial.

Landino assures Lola’s mother that he’ll let her know as soon as they’ve found out how to get the body back. He asks someone to escort her to the gate. Dylan, Domingo, and Bill are waiting for her to leave so they can grab Landino. Landino is frustrated with her as well, because he can’t get her off the property. Dylan wants Landino alive so he can tell them who the buyer is for the guns, but Domingo’s tired of this taking people alive and getting information crap. Landino radios, asking where the guys guarding the house are and realizes Domingo must have gotten loose. Dylan, Bill, and Domingo rush out from their hiding spot and manage to kill a few guys and wound Landino. Bill grabs a dead guy’s cell phone and calls for backup. As the guys who were off on some other part of the property start to converge on the pool area, Landino starts screaming “Kill them!” Dylan has Landino cuffed and he and Domingo are lying on the ground, using Landino as a shield. Bill grabs one of the assault rifles from the back of the truck and goes to town on the rest of Landino’s guys. While Bill is stupidly celebrating that their work here is done, he gets shot in the back by someone up on the second floor. Major effects fail, as we can see the blood pack sticking to his shirt. Domingo takes out the shooter as Dylan screams Bill’s name.

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