La Vecina, Monday 2/29/16 #174

Antonio arrives in the DF and his first stop is the Ministerio Publico’s office–he doesn’t even go home to unpack first.

Lucita is starting to wake up, or trying to. Padre V gets a little divine assistance in the form of a call to the reception desk. The nurse who answers the phone is very excited at the prospect of being summoned by the doctor at the other end of the line and preens for a bit before abandoning her post. Padre V pushes her chair out to the front door, and then carries her to Tadeo’s car, complaining about how much she weighs for such a skinny woman. He jumps into the driver’s seat, but Tadeo didn’t leave his keys in the car. Tadeo comes out and while he tries to use his key fob to unlock the doors, he and Padre V argue about whether or not Lucita needs to be in the facility. Tadeo threatens to call the cops, but he doesn’t have to–Fidel pulls up just then and arrests him (HA!) for having his mother locked up against her will. Tadeo’s lawyer just watches the whole thing happen, while Padre V gloats.

Isabel thought bubbles about Ric’s skills in the sack, but it’s not enough to save him–she’s going to turn him over to the cops. After she wakes him up for another round of nookie.

Antonio and Germán enter the MPs office and start to explain about the audit and Isabel’s involvement. Germán verifies Antonio’s declaration from his POV as the auditor.

Ric watches a news report about the fall of the ring of saqueadores that includes a mention of him as the mole inside the company. Isa eavesdrops and mocks him for turning off the TV. It’s not like she doesn’t know it all already. Ric wants to try escaping the country through the southern border, maybe to Guatemala or Belize. Ooh, Isa loves the idea of Belize…and then a cruise to Morocco…and from there to Paris. Oh, yes, she’d love to snog him in Paris. Of course it’s all lies, but Ric gets so excited I start to feel sorry for him. No, wait, never mind, I really don’t.

Lucita is back at home and full of energy! She might even get herself sedated periodically, she feels so good! But she’s also full of anger and wants to confront her evil, scheming children before it wears off. Padre V agrees he’ll take her over there, but then she’s gotta come right back home and rest. “Isn’t it Simon’s Mass today? I can’t miss that!” Padre V agrees she can go. Whatever Lucita wants, Lucita gets! Padre V and Fidel leave so Lucita can change out of the hospital gown.

Simon is still having trouble getting anyone on the phone, and he’s at the airport, so if no one answers he’ll be surprising all of them in person. He gets Rodobaldo. Again. And Rodobaldo freaks out. Again. He leaves the phone off the hook with Simon still trying to shout through it.

In jail, Lucita’s other kids are blaming Tadeo for not checking the back seat. Oh, because THAT’S what they did wrong, mhm. Lucita walks up as one of them is saying he doesn’t think she’ll leave them in jail. “Ganas no me faltan.” (I am not lacking in the desire; I’d love to leave your lying asses in jail.) Lucita has decided not to press charges, because she’s a good Christian. Not so fast, bad doctor, YOURS was a criminal offense. She’s not done, though–they won’t stay locked up, but from now on, she’s disowning them. They can forget all about her. She’s getting a restraining order. Once she leaves, Fidel can let them go.

Lucita and Padre V make it back to the parish house, where Rodobaldo is still freaking out about Simon’s call. At this point, even Lucita agrees Simon is at his eternal rest. Padre V is losing patience with this and tells him to go get the church ready before people start arriving for Simon’s Mass.

Simon, with his cool new hat, is giddily ringing the doorbell of his apartment. Then he tries knocking. No one answers. He goes over to Antonio’s apartment and does the same thing. There’s no answer there, either.

Antonio gets to his apartment, at last, and tries calling Sara. He has to leave a voicemail for her. He figures they’re at Simon’s Mass. He rolls his neck around, trying to work out a kink. Just a bit of realism since we know he’s been carrying his suitcase around all day, or will this be something more significant?

The church is full and Padre V comes out to start the Mass. Even Fidel is there. And Chepe, which explains why we didn’t see his reaction to Simon arriving at the apartment complex. Everyone is sad, and Padre V is getting teary. But Rodobaldo is craning his neck and looking out over the attendees. He seems to be the only one who sees Simon walking up the aisle in confusion. “It’s Simon’s ghost!” he exclaims. And finally, everyone turns around.

Padre V tries holding him off with a cross, but Vladimir is the first one to run up and hug him. He explains that he fell in the Philippines. Juancho picks him up and spins him around, and then all the hugging starts. Merce scolds him. He explains he had no way to call them and when he finally got through to someone, the only one who was answering was Rodobaldo. Padre V has a good laugh over Rodobaldo thinking Simon was calling from the other side. Bruno finally hugs him. But…where is Edwina? Juancho’s surprised they didn’t come back together–she went to the Philippines to find him! “Where did you leave Edwina?!” Fidel demands!

Edwina is in the airport, crying her eyes out. Oh, show, that’s so cruel!

Fidel grouses that she’d better show up safe. Magda tells him Edwina never gave up on finding him, and was still looking for him the last time she called. Simon promises everyone when Edwina gets back he’s going to marry her! She might have something to say about that, Simon. We all know what she’s going to say, but still! Fidel is the only one not entirely pleased by this declaration, but he finally lets himself be pulled into a hug and gives Simon a grudging smile.

Antonio calls Sebas to give him an update. He’s pressing charges against Isabel, the head of the accounting firm, and whoever turns out to be the one who actually falsified the reports. The arrest warrant for Isabel should be out tomorrow. He feels awful, though, like he’s been hit by a train. Isabel’s not the woman he thought she was. Sebas tells him to perk up–he’s going to be able to get his life back now. And, hey, CONATROL is all over the news. It’s the end of the saqueadores! Antonio hasn’t even though about Uribe’s offer. He’s got other stuff to take care of. He’s off to bed. Sebas has been in bed all this time, lounging with Natalia by his side. She gives him a kiss and then snuggles up, looking thoughtful. For the millionth time, it is SO good to see the two of them happy together.

Back at the apartment, Simon is being spoiled by the family…coffee, cookies, and he asks Merce to make him some enchiladas. As for the restaurant, Sara’s still the owner, but it’s under Pedro’s name. She’s been thinking of buying a food truck. She gets a call from Ingeniero Uribe, apologizing on behalf of himself and the entire company, but Sara understands. He wants her to keep working for them, and he’s sure the community support department is something CONATROL still needs, and Antonio would love to have her on board when he gets back to running CONATROL SG. Not that he’s accepted yet. Sara tells him she’s sorry, but CONATROL isn’t in her plans. She wants to get back to doing her own thing. She says it was nice meeting him and of course she accepts his apology. When she ends the call, Bruno asks why she turned him down, but Sara says she is DONE with CONATROL.

The next morning, Simon answers the phone. Magda called the agency that helped Edwina plan her trip. She called off the search and she should be home today. Simon thanks her for that and asks her to help him keep the promise he made last night.

The lawyer calls Antonio to tell him Isa’s arrest warrant was issued and they’re on their way to pick her up. He looks a little sick, but thanks the lawyer and leaves the apartment.

At El Molcajete, Laura is sad that things turned out this way for Sara. But Sara’s optimistic–she built up a reputation with the restaurant and that’s still going to work in her favor. Laura says that’s something at least. On the other hand, she has nothing now, but being free of Pedro is worth it. Now she needs to start planning a life with Bruno. Sara brings up the possibility of hiring Laura to work with her in the food truck business. She’s sure by tomorrow, Laura will have a job. Merce joins in on their laughter.

Isa and Ric are all snuggly in bed, talking about breakfast, when someone rings the doorbell. It’s Antonio. He decided to come by and confront her. This had better not mess up the arrest, Antonio! He yells at her about how he didn’t think she could do anything like this, that it’s probably the reason her father died. Ric hears the argument and starts getting dressed. Isa’s still trying to say she did it out of “love.” Oh, wait, and also she’s a Cisneros and she couldn’t let that pueblerina win. Antonio says she’s a criminal. She screams that he’ll be married to a criminal for the rest of his life, because she’ll never divorce him! She’ll spend the rest of her life making him miserable. Antonio smiles. “You won’t have the chance. You’re never going to see me again.” The cops walk in and announce they’re there to arrest her. Miss Affluenza 2016 (TM Mr. 5ft) is shocked that he dared turn her in. The cops give her permission to get dressed first, but warn her they have the building surrounded.

Once she’s back in the bedroom, she’s only too happy to run away with Ric now. She tells Ric to come up with a plan while she dresses and packs. Ric tries to convince her to turn herself in and he’ll get her out later. Ha! No way!

Antonio is out in the living room with the cops, taking in the apartment…the two plates on the table, the two glasses of wine, the wallet WITH RIC’S ID IN IT! He goes into the bedroom and decks Ric. He can’t believe Isa would get involved with Ric, of all people! The cops come in to find out what’s going on and arrest them BOTH! Ric wants to make sure he can still do some damage, so he asks Isa to tell Antonio who else knew about them, besides Natalia. “Ask your mom how long she knew!” Isa crows. The cops haul them both away.

Simon is planning a surprise WEDDING. He wants everyone’s help to pull this off, and he’ll meet Edwina at the altar. Bruno and I are both not entirely sure this is a good idea, despite her looking all over the Philippines for him. Laura asks if Bruno would have done the same for her. Uh, I dunno, he jokes. Cheo (who is obviously never going to go away) arrives at El Molcajete to apologize for not knowing that Pedro was using him. It’s all forgiven, though. He’s also come to say “goodbye.” (Oops, spoke too soon!) He got a job in Playa del Carmen at a club de buceo (diving club) helping tourists. Sara teases he’ll do great with the women tourists! She forgives him for all the crap he pulled and he assures her he’ll always be there for her. Sara agrees. So after all this time with Cheo never going entirely off the deep end metaphorically, now he’s literally going off the deep end! ¡Que te vaya bien, Cheo!

Antonio is getting ready to go confront Ema when Uribe calls. Yeah, yeah, he knew about Ric. What Uribe wants him to know is that among the documents they found, including what Ric used to frame David, they also found audit paperwork…. Antonio thanks Uribe for this information and explains that it’s what was used to frame his dad. Ric was working with Isabel.

Fidel disagrees vehemently with Simon’s plan, but to Simon, they waited so long…. And yes, he did break his promise, and he told Edwina that he loved her before he left.

We’ve been like two comets on different orbits and destiny wanted our coordinates to cross, defying interstellar laws!

Not gonna lie, I’m getting a little misty here. Magda lays on the guilt trip because Edwina’s no spring chicken and before I can get completely annoyed, I end up forgiving her because it gets Fidel to agree!

Antonio shows up at his parents’ house, furious and starts shouting for his mom. “You knew Isabel and Ricardo were lovers!” She tries to deny it, but even Eduardo believes it, and he can’t believe she would still try to get Antonio married off to Isa. Antonio angrily points out that Ric was working with the saqueadores and was probably involved in the attempts on Antonio’s life. “Don’t you realize what could have been avoided if you’d spoken up?” Ema repeats Isa’s excuse, that she was just lonely. Antonio tells them that Ric helped her falsify the paperwork to make Eduardo look like he’d stolen 6 Million pesos. Eduardo can’t believe it! Antonio says Isa’s on her way to jail now, along with her lover. “This is the woman you said would make me happy, mom?” Ema starts begging forgiveness, but Antonio is waaaaay past that. “A real mother doesn’t sell her son!” Yikes! OK, Ema totally deserves that, but I still cringe. He tells her not to touch him. “From now on, you are dead to me.” *gulp* Ema tries to go after him and then begs Eduardo to do something! “I’m his mother!” I know exactly what Eduardo’s going to say, but damn, it still stings…”You should have thought about that before. I don’t know if Antonio will forgive you one day, but I don’t.” Way too late, Ema is finally in tears…over her mistakes, or over getting found out? I don’t even want to contemplate it.

Javi shows up at El Molcajete with chisme for them! He heard that Ricardo was arrested and he was hiding at Isabel’s apartment! They were accomplices AND they were screwing around. Sara’s in shock as the others compare notes about Isa being hideous and Bruno hearing her being mushy with someone over the phone. Sara admits she already knew. She never said anything because she thought Antonio knew and that’s why they weren’t living together. Now she thinks he might have been just as surprised as the rest of them.

Antonio is sitting in his car, numb, when Sara calls him. She heard the news. He admits that’s what he went to the DF to take care of. He feels awful. “Why? Did you know?” Sara asks. She says when she saw Ric and Isa together, Isa and Antonio were already separated, so she thought he knew. Now Antonio is furious, feeling like everyone knew but him. He says she should have told him and he refuses to listen to her. He hangs up, screaming and sobbing. Alone. In his car.


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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! Wow what an episode… And we still have 3 more to go! (or 4 if you listen to Univision.)

“Just a bit of realism since we know he’s been carrying his suitcase around all day, or will this be something more significant?”

My thoughts exactly! I’m a little worried about that and Antonio’s anger right now.

Is Edwina going to get a wedding dress? It sure doesn’t look like it. 🙁

5 years ago

Thanks so much, Kat! I can’t believe we’re wrapping up this week! I’m so glad we got Pedro out of the way, so that we can concentrate on our other characters. Poor Tonio. We knew it was going to be painful when he found out what his mother kept from him, but that scene with Ema was still hard to watch. Is Tonio’s dad going to divorce her? Who gets to keep the house? Does he know yet that Natalia knew? I still can’t believe she kept mum about that until the very end. I guess, if I were Nat’s… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thanks Diva
I wanted to be happy about Ric and Isa getting caught but Antonio crying alone in his car ruined it. And then Laura being broke even though she’s safe from Pedro now. Are the writers of this show trying to teach us a morality lesson about schadenfreude being bad? Or is it just more keeping it real, actions have consequences, and collateral damage gets innocents.