¿Quién es Quién? Monday 2/29/16 #13

Pedro has told Fernanda that he needs to tell her the truth about who he is, but instead of actually saying what he needs to say, he babbles about destiny and begs to talk somewhere else.

Elmer’s giving “Pedro” a hard time for not coming to visit him. When Inés explains that he lost his memory, he’s delighted–they can start over from scratch! He excitedly grabs “Pedro’s” hand to shake it and Leo is almost cringing from the contact. Leo asks Inés to leave them alone, so they can talk.

Basilio is also having trouble saying whatever it is he needs to say to Ignacio and they’re interrupted by Ivonne before he can say anything he’s going to regret later. Ignacio leaves to attend to the investors who have just arrived, but he’ll be back in 10 minutes. Leaving Basi plenty of time to struggle with his conscience.

Ser, o no ser. Esa es el dilema.
(-Hamlet: Act 3, scene 1)

He asks the Virgencita to tell him what to do. Before the Virgencita can answer him, his aunt calls and he rushes over to the hospital.

At the Luxury Hotel, Humberto pulls into the drive and ignores a valet.

Elmer’s not scoring any points with “Pedro” as it is, and I don’t think putting his chewed gum on the table is going to help. Leo wants to know why he hates Elmer so much. All he can remember is being about 10 and saying he hated him. So what is it that Elmer did? Elmer insists they always got along and never had any problems when he was a kid. “So then we have had problems, recently.” He won’t even let Elmer blame that on Inés. Elmer picks up on the fact that he’s calling her Inés. Elmer wants a chance to explain–they were broke and he came to Tijuana and got work as a chauffeur, but they were using him to help with robberies. And he’s only in prison because Inés turned him in. He whines about her divorcing him without asking him. “That must have been for a reason.” More whining about how he’s not the bad guy Inés makes him out to be. Leo doesn’t look like he’s buying a word Elmer says.

Outside the prison, Inés is pacing with Jonathan. The last time Pedro and “Chamoy” saw each other was right before he went to prison, and they got into a fight then.

Paloma is fussing about what a gossip Melquiades is and the way he feels like he has the right to comment on everything that goes on, just because he’s the administrator of the mercado. Eugenio thinks his comment was odd, too, but he’s also wondering if maybe she wants to get back together with Pedro. She insists they’re just friends. He gets a good laugh out of that.

Fernanda and Pedro have made it to a restaurant. He starts babbling about how when Fer does something, she really commits. And then there’s some babbling about how shoes come in pairs and they’re identical, but they’re not identical because there’s a right shoe and a left shoe and hey, let’s get some appetizers while I get my thoughts in order.

At the Luxury Hotel, Fabiola and Armando are lounging in bed. Armando wants to know where they’re going on their vacation. And if she’s so upset at him for calling her at home, then why did she call him back? Fabiola demands to know exactly how he answered the phone. She thinks Humberto must have been the one who answered and starts getting dressed.

Termi wanders fake-casually past Cocó’s stall.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that, just from the little bit I can see behind her, her store is sort of a teen/tween accessories store and that explains some of her fashion choices–like the ice cream outfit and the cactus ensemble she’s wearing today. I’m not saying I would never wear a giant pink butterfly hair clip, because, hello, those are totally cute! But I’m probably not the target demographic of the companies that make them. Or sell them. Just saying.

Anyway, Cocó is enjoying her spicy mango and is bothered by Termi sort of hovering around. She tells him to leave, but he quickly pulls a little pink gift box out of his apron pocket and sets it on the perfume display next to her. She has him hold on to her cup of mango slices as she opens the box. It’s a sparkly, Christmassy looking pin with candles and holly branches. She likes it, but her heart…or, as she says, her Cocórazón…is already spoken for.

Basilio’s tía is hanging out in the hospital, doing a crossword. She reassures him that she’s fine. His boss even came to see her. Such a nice guy, that “Leonardo.” He paid for everything. And said Basi was such an important employee he deserved that and more.

Pedro is stalling. With the help of shrimp cocktail and something in tall goblets that I cannot identify. Fernanda asks if all his hemming and hawing is because he cheated on her. He swears he didn’t. He did something, though…but he never wanted to hurt anyone! Uh, is she sure she doesn’t want a shrimp? Fernanda starts to leave and he just spits it out “I’m not Leonardo.” Fernanda doesn’t get it. He repeats that he’s not Leonardo. And he doesn’t need to go to the hospital, he’s fine. He didn’t want to tell her because he didn’t want to lose her, but well, he’s…. He’s interrupted by an earthquake.

They’re feeling it at the Fuentemayor house and Connie’s got the camera out to document everything. Nora shoves her outside.

At the restaurant, the shaking has stopped, but Fernanda is shaken. She apologizes for being so upset and Pedro starts to comfort her, saying it’s ok to be a little weak every once in a while. She excuses herself to call the office and says they’ll talk about that thing he was saying when she comes back.

At the mercado, Termi has fainted and Cocó can’t revive him. The piñatas fell all over the place and Yesenia and Sara are trying to assess the damage. Hipster Ruben comes over and offers to help and Yesenia just rips into him, telling him to go help someone in a miniskirt, that’s what he likes, right? In frustration, Hipster Ruben says yeah, he does like girls who dress up, and also, ones that don’t go around barking at everybody! As he stalks off, she screams after him “Oh, yeah, barking! Like I’m a dog? Well, perra la mas vieja de tu casa!” (“the oldest woman in your house is a dog”; this is an all-purpose tossing back of pretty much any insult, with the variation being “[insult] tu abuela“). Sara watched this whole exchange and tells Yesenia with that attitude she’s going to scare off all her suitors and THAT guy was edible. Yesenia says his grandma should eat him. (Uh, yeah, so, I amend my earlier statement–the “your grandma/the oldest woman in your house” thing also works to refute anything anyone has said, not just to toss back an insult.) Sara laughs at this and mutters that she sure would! (You go, grandma!)

Paloma goes to check on her mom, but Justino is an ass.

Finally, Cocó rouses Termi with a combination of holding alcohol on a tissue under his nose and threatening to beat him with a broom.

At the Fuentemayor house, Nora starts organizing the cleanup effort. Connie takes a call from Fabiola, who’s only worried about where Humberto is, so Connie harasses her about how no, it’s all good, she’s fine, the roof caved in and she’s got some broken ribs–thanks for asking! “I don’t have time for your nonsense! Just tell me if Humberto’s in the house or not!” Nope. Connie tells Nora that of course Fabiola wasn’t worried. All she loves is her credit cards, her jewelry, Ignacio, the house… “All she feels for me is a profound regret for having me.”

Pedro asks a waiter to bring him some “pan, para el susto” (bread, for the fright). He gets a call from Basi. Basi just wanted to check on him after the earthquake. Pedro returns the question. But, really, what Basilio wants is to tell Pedro he gives him the two months to win over Fernanda. Pedro’s all “Awwwwwww!” and then he’s all “Crap! Why didn’t you call me earlier! I just told her I’m not Leonardo!” Basi, ever the quick thinker, says to give him a minute and he’ll think of a way out of this. Pedro hisses that there’s no more time, because Fernanda is coming back to the table. Then he sweetly tells Basi he’ll call him later. So…about what he said earlier…well, before he was Leonardo and now he’s Leonardissimo! Fernanda is not amused. He gives it another try–before, he loved her, but in sort of a lukewarm way, but now he’s got all these new feelings. Passion, fire, love…and it changed him. He’s become a better version of himself. “I was content when we were getting married.” Ah, but this new “Leonardo” doesn’t want her to be content, he wants her to be happy. He wants her to be just as crazy about him as he is about her. Will she give him a chance? He asks for 2 months to show her that he can be her Leonardissimo and she can be his Fernandissima. So far, all she’ll say is that he’s crazy, but at least she’s smiling. ‘Cause really, how can you not smile at that face.

Cocó whines to Lupita about Termi’s reaction to the earthquake. She’s wearing the pin he gave her, though. She’s bragging about how she can’t help it that she’s so irresistible, blah, blah, blah and suddenly she’s overcome with the urge to vomit again. Those two things are probably not related. Lupita gets a speculative look on her face.

Jonathan is driving Inés and “Pedro” back from the prison. They hear about the earthquake over the radio. Inés asks if he’s not going to tell her what he talked to Chamoy about, but “Pedro” isn’t in the mood right now. He asks if Jonathan will drop him off at his psychologist’s office.

Basilio and Pedro meet for tequilas. Basi says Pedro has been good to him–better than Leonardo was. They’re friends, Pedro treats him like a human being. And also, he find out about Pedro paying his aunt’s hospital bill, and he’s grateful for that. So they decide to hug it out. And then they both start crying. But Pedro draws the line at “I love you, man!”

Renata asks Daniela what her plans are. She thinks maybe Daniela should think about asking Fernanda if there might be a job for her at the company where she works. Renata hears Pedro arriving, so she leaves Daniela to deal with the rest of the dishes and shuts a door off the kitchen. Daniela can’t resist opening the door into a little hallway with another door where she listens just long enough to hear Leonardo say that he met his dad today and it was a bad experience. She goes back to the main part of the house and calls Fer.

Fabiola sashays into the office, but Humberto isn’t there. Ivonne’s trying to reach him, but he’s not answering. Fabiola turns down an offer to have Ivonne announce her to Ignacio and heads straight for his office. She tells him that Humberto over heard her talking to a “friend….” Ignacio knows what that really means and he’s not going to put his own advancement at risk for her. But she’s got dirt on him as well–she knows he’s Fernanda’s lover. What’s that saying? The family that blackmails together…no, wait, that’s not it, is it?

Ignacio denies having anything going on with Fer, but Fabiola actually likes the idea of the two of them together. She’s kept their secret, so she hopes he’ll return the favor. Not that she has an idea of how he can help her, but he’s smart, he’ll come up with something. For starters, they need to find Humberto. Even Ivonne doesn’t know where he is.

He’s at a bar. And he’s on at least his second drink.

Basi tells Pedro to be really careful, because if Leonardo finds out what they’re doing, he might throw them both in jail. “But he’s doing the same thing I’m doing, isn’t he!” They agree they’re both confused by some things. For example, Pedro can’t figure out how he and Leonardo are so much alike that even his mom and his grandma couldn’t tell it wasn’t him. Basi never believed that thing about everyone having a twin somewhere in the world, but he does now. “Maybe we’re victims of a scientific experiment! Maybe he’s my clone!”

Renata doesn’t think it was a good idea for “Pedro” to confront his father alone, at the prison. That’s why she wanted to talk to him and Inés both, in her office. So, what happened? “Explain to me how a guy that repugnant can be my father? I can’t imagine myself as that guy’s son.” He thinks something good did come out of it, though. He figures the repugnance he felt today explains the hate he remembered feeling when he was younger.

Inés and Jonathan get back to Inés house and she insists on fixing him something to eat. But there’s something he’d like more than food. They’re getting their snog on in the kitchen when Paloma and Cachito come home. They spring apart. Cachito is chattering away about the earthquake. He wasn’t scared. Jonathan says he wasn’t scared either ’cause he’s, ahem, felt the earth move before. Inés and Paloma know what he’s hinting at, even if Cachito doesn’t. Paloma starts to take him upstairs to do his homework, but Jonathan was just leaving. Paloma reassures Ines that she has nothing to explain. They’ll talk later. Cachito’s homework tonight is to research the San Andreas Fault.

Fernanda gets back to the office and hears that Humberto is missing. Ignacio’s plan is to wait for someone to check the GPS on his car and when he knows where it is, he’ll go find Humberto. “But what about the meeting with the Spanish company?” Ignacio suggests letting “Leonardo” handle them, but Fernanda does NOT want to lose that contract. That’s just what Ignacio wants, though. Let him completely screw up and get fired once and for all. Ignacio says not only “can” they let it happen, she’s going to help him so Ignacio will end up at the head of the company.

Who knows how many tequilas Pedro and Basilio have had, but they’re laughing away when Ivonne calls Pedro to tell him he needs to get back to the office to take the meeting with the Spanish investors. He’s panicking. Basilio knows just how important this meeting is and he suggests they get going first and then figure out what to do.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I’ve always admired your ability to note background details like food, drinks and what Coco’s stand is all about.

Coco’s fashion cracks me up. I hope she’s not the dangerous stalker type and that Termi wins her heart.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Coco and her cocorazon are just over the top, there’s a time limit on over-the-topness and then it gets annoying/your retinas get burned out. Luckily we’re getting her in small doses and don’t have to watch/hear her puke. :}
Ahh Terminator and Coco, they really are made for each other.
Oh and Thanks Diva – another great recap

4 years ago

Ok, I will agree there. After a while Cocó will get annoying. I haven’t reached my saturation point yet. 🙂