La Querida del Centauro Monday 2/29/16 #34

El Gato

Luckily, they don’t make us wait too long to find out about El Gato. Duarte and Yolanda discuss what could have happened to him. Lucho tells them El Gato is jealous. Duarte takes Lucho out with him to look for El Gato.

I was relieved to see that El Gato went to see Bianchini. The boy wanted him to deliver a good-bye letter to Duarte. Bianchini talks El Gato into having a good-bye dinner with him. Bianchini promises not to try to change El Gato’s mind. As the two walk to Bianchini’s car, Aguilar comes out and sees them.

Bianchini calls Duarte on the sly. Duarte comes to Bianchini’s apartment. El Gato says he left because he didn’t want to be a burden. Duarte explains that he’s committed to their Father-son relationship for life. He and El Gato make up. I am so relieved!

Yola, PI

El Centauro listens in on Diego and Emilio. Diego is not happy that Emilio is going along with El Cirujano’s plan to get Lola and Emilo together. Diego thinks it best they start thinking about ending things. El Centauro is pretty sure Diego and Emilio are an item. El Centauro calls Yola and tells her to find out more about Emilio.

Yola enlists the help of El Gato. She appeals to his pride. Duarte spoke highly of his skills as a thief. El Gato tells her they don’t call him El Gato for his whiskers, but his ability to move like a cat. Yola wants him to come to the gym in the guise of a gum seller, take Diego’s phone and see if he can get Emilio’s phone number.

Family Affairs

Lola tells Emilio about being sent away after the fight. Are they trying to separate her and Emilio? Emilio really doesn’t think so. If they were, El Cirujano wouldn’t be encouraging Lola to “bring Emilio out of his shell” and if they suspected anything, El Cirujano would just shoot the two of them. Emilio is certain it is some strategy of Ignacio’s.

El Centauro hears the whole conversation. He’s interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Cristina. He asks about the cut on her hand and if she’s happy at the ranch. He can tell by her face that she’s not. He’s gives her some bull about her, Yola and him living together at some point. Whatever. His trying to make nice with Cristina makes my blood boil.

Aguilar PI

After seeing Bianchini with a young boy, he asks Alvaro to describe El Gato. Aguilar is getting suspicious.

Aguilar also checks out the website for the boxing ring. He had seen Bianchini looking at it earlier. At the time, Bianchini said he was looking at the place because his novia wanted to take kickboxing lessons. Aguilar notes the address and gets ready to leave. A call from Salgado stops him. Aguilar tells his boss he’s on the way out to check out something hinky.

Bianchini PI

After Aguilar leaves, Bianchini enters his office. He calls Aguilar to find out where his is. Aguilar says he’s at the bank, waiting in a long line. Aguilar also asks about Bianchini’s novia…what was her name again? Lucy. And her last name? Bianchini thinks fast: Lucy Guaneros.

After getting off the phone with Aguilar, Bianchini makes copies of Aguilar’s file on El Cirujano. While replacing it on the desk, he accidentally hits the keyboard and wakes up the computer. The Boxing Ring’s website is still up. Bianchini realizes what Aguilar is up to.

The PIs Converge

Yola distracts Diego while El Gato nabs his phone and gets the information from it. Yola talks to Diego about a job offer he got in Nevada. He opens up about wanting to leave the gym.

Aguilar walks in and is met by Emilio. Aguilar pulls out his badge and asks about a recent customer by the name of Lucy Guaneros. Emilio offers to go get the register. He comes back and confirms that there is no Lucy Guaneros signed up for lessons.

Bianchini calls Yola to warn her that Aguilar is at the gym. Yola spots him. She scuttles off to hide, telling Diego she’s headed for the bathroom. She hides in a hallway and gets accosted by Lola.

El Gato returns Diego’s phone to the jacket pocket, but is caught by Emilio. As El Gato runs out, Aguilar sees him.


Duarte and Lucho wait for the morgue contact and discuss El Centauro. Lucho was creeped out by how calmly he ordered Lucho to kill someone “like he was ordering tacos.” The morgue contact comes out and hands Lucho a lab coat.

Lucho is taken to the scene of a hit and run accident. He takes pictures of the deceased female and stares at her purse.

Later, the morgue contact gives Duarte a copy of the death certificate and the report. She isn’t anyone who will end up on the news. Duarte wants to get in touch with Bianchini and find out more about the woman-her address, a picture…something. Lucho pulls out her ID. That must be why he was staring at the purse.


Vicente is worried that Cristina is getting so attached to Lucho. He tells Tania about Centauro sending Lucho to kill someone.

The Wonder Twins continue to watch Yola. They report to Felix about her drinking with Diego. He reports this to Julia, who questions why he didn’t go straight to César. Félix is just trying to play it safe. Julia thinks he’s fine. César can be a little untrustworthy, but with her and Felix’s help César will learn.

Bianchini tells Duarte about Aguilar’s snooping. Bianchini is getting really nervous, but Duarte talks him down. Bianchini delivers the Cirujano file complete with the 3 code pages that Lucho is to hand over to El Centauro. Duarte gives Bianchini Emilio’s phone number and asks him to find out what he can.

Salgado informs his team that their contact still doesn’t know the exact itinerary, but that there´s going to be some boxing match in a clandestine location. Bianchini’s phone rings. He excuses himself to take the call. It’s his contact with info about Emilio. Bianchini notes the name and address.

Yola, Back on the Job

After seeing Diego and Emilio argue, Yola invites Diego out for a drink. She tells him about a cousin that used to always talk to her after a fight with his boyfriend. Diego is worried that he and Emilio were obvious. Yola tells him they aren’t.

Over beers, Yola finds out that Ignacio, Emilio and Lola are cousins.

Later, Bianchini calls with the information about Emilio.

She reports this to El Centauro. Emilio’s last name is Cobos. She tells El Centauro his address and that no one knows he’s gay. He hasn’t come out of the closet. El Centauro can imagine that’s the information Ignacio is holding over Emilio.

Emilo is the son of El Cirujano’s deceased sister. El Centauro seems shocked by this news, but I barely have time to register his expression since the episode ends so abruptly.

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