La Vecina, Tuesday 3/1/16 #175

The end of Eduardo and Ema

Antonio is in his apartment, drinking alone, when Mariana and Eduardo come over. With their suitcases. They all look like they’re in mourning. Eduardo and Mariana can’t live with Ema anymore. Eduardo’s going to ask for a divorce. “Offer me a drink. I could use one.”

Ema cries and seethes, alone in her fancy house. Maybe she should go take a spin in that car she wanted so badly. It would appear I’ve run out of sympathy.

Antonio gives Eduardo the details about the audit investigation and how he figured out the audit was altered. Antonio’s at least calm enough now to smile a little as he explains it all. And he has every right to feel proud of himself. It was a nice piece of investigative work. He’s back to crying as he laments that he gave up Sara to marry Isabel. He’s not sure Sara can ever forgive him for putting her in second place…why would she believe that from now on she’ll always come first? Eduardo insists he has to convince her. He can’t lose her again.

Wedding plans

Sara comes to Sebas’ office. She’s worried about Antonio after talking to him earlier. Sebas is sure he’ll be ok. He might have a few tequilas, but he’s not going to do anything stupid. She invites him to Simon’s surprise wedding.

Edwina arrives at the airport. “Agotada” is the word that comes to mind at the sight of her face–exhausted, emotionally drained, all cried out. Magda greets her happily and explains she contacted the travel agency. Edwina says she went to every island and never found him. She’ll have to accept that he’s gone. She’d like to go home now and light a candle for him, but Magda convinces her to come to the church instead. Padre Vicente is going to say a Mass for Simon and he’s waiting for them to arrive.

Antonio gets back to San Gaspar and the apartment. He’s giddy as he stands in front of Sara’s Jeep to keep her from leaving the parking lot and they even joke about her bad driving. He wants a hug, but there’s no time. He’d better hop in or they’ll miss Simon and Edwina’s wedding. Antonio is VERY confused, because isn’t Simon dead? Sara tells him she’ll explain on the way and Antonio leaves his briefcase and suitcase lying in the driveway and asks the porter (not Chepe tonight) to bring them inside for him.

Continued legal fallout

Isa’s lawyer comes to the jail. He has bad news. Heh! Since it was clear there was a 3rd person involved, beyond Isabel and the accountant, the judge has decided to treat this as an organized crime case. That means no bail, and she’ll have to serve out her sentence. “I can’t go to jail!” all together now, “I’M A CISNEROS! I have all the money in the world! Pay whatever it takes! Get me out of here!”

Uribe goes to the jail to tell David that he’s getting out. Ricardo was the mole and he’s already been arrested. Uribe offers him Ricardo’s old job.

Runaway bride

Edwina is still sobbing in the back of the taxi and Magda tells her to cheer up. Edwina just doesn’t want to go to the church. She’d rather cry alone, she just can’t go! She can’t! All she wants to do is die! Edwina jumps out of the taxi and Magda doesn’t know what to do.

Sara has finished telling Antonio the story. She was leaving the apartment a little late because she’d forgotten the lazo for the wedding. No, of course she didn’t do it on purpose just to run into him! She didn’t even know he was going to be there! Antonio says maybe she had a premonition or something–after all he dreams about her. She notices he’s way more relaxed than when he hung up on her. She’s so focused on him she nearly hits something in the road, Antonio grabs the wheel in a panic, they’re hitting every pothole, and it’s just like old times.

Everybody but the prospective bride-to-be is at the church. Magda comes running in to tell everyone she lost Edwina. She said she wanted to die and started running. Everyone heads out of the church to go looking for her, but Simon stands there thinking and finally says he knows exactly where she went.

Sara honks wildly as she’s passing a slow-moving taxi…

That just happens to have Edwina in the back seat. She’s headed for Simon’s warehouse. The taxi driver was there on the day he launched the rocket. Edwina asks him to please stop talking. She’s in tears. Can we end this already?!

Simon is driving through the orchard when he gets a flat tire. He gets out and starts running.

Sara’s car is out of gas. She never did fix the gas gauge. Antonio suggests they take a taxi and come back for the jeep later.

Fidel, Padre V, Magda, and Vladimir are in Fidel’s car, getting updates from his men. No one has found her. Fidel and Padre V start bickering and Magda has to scold them.

As they drive through the orchard, Edwina remembers Simon telling her that he loves her. The taxi drives right past him and Edwina thinks she’s imagining him. Simon keeps running, but he can’t keep up with the taxi.

Quintin finds a red shoe at the edge of the lake, but though Magda can’t remember what color shoes Edwina was wearing, she’s sure they weren’t red. Vladimir thinks they should try Edwina’s house.

Clearing up some misconceptions

Sara and Antonio arrive at the empty church. She calls Merce and gets an update. Merce is surprised to hear that Simon isn’t still at the church. Antonio discourages her from going out to look with everyone else. He’d rather they stay so he can tell her why he married Isabel.

Edwina is out in front of the warehouse, looking at the stars. She’s crying and talking to Simon and, long story short, he arrives and starts answering her, but the big doofus doesn’t touch her. It takes her a while to realize that she isn’t talking to herself and when she says she wants to kiss him, he says she ought to. She finally turns around, sees him, stands up, and kisses him. AND SHE STILL THINKS SHE’S IMAGINING IT! She passes out.

When Simon wakes her up again, she pinches him and screams. Simon: “What did you pinch me for?” Edwina: “To see if I was dreaming.” He says she’s supposed to pinch herself! And besides, he’s the one who’s dreaming. He never thought he’d see her again. Edwina kisses him and it looks like now she knows he’s really there.

In the church, Antonio explains about Isa, the audit, the fraud, and the stupid reason he didn’t tell her the truth–he wanted her to be able to move on and he thought it would be easier if she hated him. He tells her about Ric’s involvement and that Isa is now in jail.

At Edwina’s house, no one has found her. Fidel is giving up. Magda suggests looking in bars and both Padre V and Fidel get all high and mighty about the kind of people who drown their sorrows with drink. I may not be a fan of it personally, but it has jack to do with whether or not one is a “decent” woman, Fidel! They decide to quit arguing and keep looking.

Meanwhile, Simon and Edwina continue snogging. “Hey, um, why are you dressed like that? You look like a groom.” She realizes why Magda wanted her to go to the church, but now she thinks she’s dreaming again. Simon offers to pinch her. NOW he gets around to asking her if she’ll marry him. One phone call and everyone can be back at the church. She agrees and tells him to make the call…actually, wait, there’s something else she needs to do first. Apparently it’s snog him some more.

This gives Antonio and Sara some more time. He says he doesn’t have anything else to hide from her. Sara thanks him for telling her everything. She feels a lot better now that there’s a rational explanation for him leaving her for a person like Isabel! She only admires him more now for being the kind of guy who’d sacrifice himself for his dad like that. Of course she forgives him! Antonio swears he’ll spend the rest of his life making her happy and Sara is only too happy to reciprocate. They’re getting so mushy I feel like I should tell them to save it for their actual vows. They get their snog on.


Fidel, Padre V, Magda, and Vladimir are back in the car again. No one has anything to report, but Simon calls him and says he found Edwina and the wedding is back on!

Back at the church we have a major WEDDING FOUL! No dress for Edwina. She’s marrying Simon in her expedition outfit. I’m so disappointed. Not that Edwina cares. And somehow they found a disembodied celestial chorus, so ok. Even Vlad is looking a little emotional. Sara and Antonio get all snuggly. Padre V pronounces them man and wife and more snogging ensues. Applause breaks out. I guess I won’t get my rocket-as-getaway-vehicle fantasy after all. Darn!

The morning after

The next morning, Antonio and Sara run into each other in the hallway. Well, actually, he was waiting, trying to look all casual. She was going to invite her neighbor to breakfast, but she can’t. He’s kidnapping her. He cooked her breakfast. Not that he knows how. He followed recipes from the Internet. Before they can sit down, the delivery guy shows up with the salsa. Busted! He swears he would have told her the truth…if she ever asked him to cook again.

Edwina, in a much nicer outfit than last night, is serving breakfast for her husband. He emerges from the bedroom in his wedding clothes. They can go get his stuff and he can start moving in after breakfast. I can’t believe he’s actually arguing that SHE should move into HIS place. Edwina finally talks him into moving in, to give Laura and Bruno some privacy.

Antonio brags about how now that they’re going to be married, he’ll be the one to make breakfast. He’s started divorce proceedings and Isabel can’t disagree.


She’s trying, though. Her lawyer and some guy with a book both tell her if she doesn’t sign and they have to go to trial over this, it will be worse for her. Isa signs. The lawyer tells her she’s getting transferred to a women’s prison and the judge is looking at a 15 year sentence. She whines and cries and demands that he get her out of this.

Pedro wakes up just as two prison doctors explain that if he’s lucky he might be able to come off the ventilator, but he’ll be paralyzed and unable to speak for life. A guard shuts the door behind them.

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4 years ago

Muchas gracias, Kat!!! Like you, I’m disappointed there was no wedding dress. They couldn’t get the woman a dress, or pull a white dress from her closet? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her wear one before. Not even a flower for her hair or some lipstick? They better have a fancy party sometime later where she gets to wear a fab dress! I did love the snogging and reunion between Ed and Simon. Also loved Tonio getting past being upset quickly and being so upbeat with Sara as soon as he saw her. Of course Sara understood his reasons for… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  Vivi

I kept wondering why Magda didn’t have a dress for her to change into, it seemed kinda mean to have all the guests dressed up and the bride can’t. Plus poor Edwina looked so tired, even during the wedding she looked happy but tired too. I like your idea Vivi for the fancy party later, but it might end up being for Sara and Tonio’s wedding. Edwina and Simon deserve a party just for them.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva yay! thanks for the recap. This was one of the few epis lately that I haven’t missed the first 5 min of. I noticed Padre V kept saying Winnie? with a funny look on his face when Fidel called her that, I was half expecting a Winnie the Pooh reference, that would have made my day 🙂 As for Pedro, I don’t think his evil eyebrow wiggling will do him much good now, and from experience I know that its extremely hard to prevent bedridden people from getting pressure sores and harder to heal them once they’ve formed, and… Read more »

4 years ago

Tks diva! So glad to see the end of edwina’s suffering, and with y’all about not getting her anything pretty to wear for her wedding. But it’s so nice to see her happy again.

Giddy was the perfect word to describe tonio in the end when he ran into sara. He must be feeling so light after shedding all his worries and problems.

And What a fitting end for Pedro, absolute lost of control. I’m sure I heard a dungeon door closing and keys being thrown away during that last scene.