¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 3/1/16 #14

Back at the office, Pedro tries to study some information about the Spanish investors, but it makes no sense to him. Basilio to the rescue! Among the other things he bought at the spy store, when he was tracking Pedro and trying to figure out what was going on, he picked up a microphone and an earpiece. Ivonne announces that the investors just arrived and they’re in the elevator, on their way up. Basilio helps Pedro into his jacket and gives him a pep talk.

Humberto is still drinking when Ignacio finds him. He tells Ignacio to get lost and go tell his mom he’ll write her a check for “services rendered.” Hey, I don’t like her either, but…not cool. Humberto tells Ignacio that Fabiola cheated on him and only cares about his money. He followed her to the hotel where she was meeting with her lover. Ignacio says HE was there with his mother, having lunch at the restaurant. Ivonne can confirm that she made the reservations for him. Humberto won’t call to check. He heard Fabiola’s phone conversation. Ignacio insists his mom doesn’t have a lover.

Cachito is upstairs reviewing for a test, leaving Inés and Paloma in the kitchen alone. Inés wants to apologize for earlier, but Paloma says there’s nothing to apologize for. Inés is still worried about the difference in her and Jonathan’s ages, but Paloma brushes that off. She wants to hear more about the relationship and Inés can’t resist. It was love at first sight for both of them, but Inés was worried he’d make a run for it when he found out she had a son his age. Of course, he never did. Ines is glad to have Paloma to talk to about Jonathan. Paloma says she’ll get the kids to come around. Cachito comes downstairs and asks if Inés got something in her eye AGAIN?

“Leonardo” is doing great at the meeting, spewing out all the lines Basilio is feeding him. They really should have given Basilio a title and had him run the meeting. It would have been easier. It’s all going great until Basilio is startled by Ivonne and drops the microphone in his coffee. Pedro starts to flounder, right in the middle of something the investors find fascinating. He’s tanking while Ivonne is busy giving Basilio a hard time for being on Leonardo’s computer.

When she finally leaves, he retrieves the microphone from the hot coffee. The microphone starts to squeal in Pedro’s ear and he stalls. Badly. He nearly offends them with a reference to bullfighting. Finally, after asking them if they felt the earthquake, the mic has dried off enough that Basilio can start feeding him legitimate business-speak chatter instead of his usual nonsensical rambling.

Connie films Fabiola’s angst as she waits for a call from Ignacio. She’s so upset, she basically admits that she’s only with Humberto for the money and Connie gloats that she needs to film that so Fabiola can hear what she just said. She taunts Fabiola to repeat it and Fabiola says if Connie wants the truth, then here it is: she was horrified when she found out she was pregnant with Connie, she was tired of the crappy life she had with Connie’s father, he insisted on giving Connie his mother’s name, and Connie got nothing from her…it’s as if she gave birth to a copy of Connie’s father and she’s condemned to see him every day of her life. Connie shuts down the camera and thanks her mother for finally putting a name to the way she’s made Connie feel since before she was born. Fabiola tries to take it back and then blames Connie for provoking her. It looks like Nora heard the whole thing.

She goes up to Connie’s room and asks for her opinion on some chocolate cookies she just made. It’s her grandma’s recipe. Guaranteed to get rid of sadness. She admits she heard the argument, but Connie says she’s used to it. She’ll try a cookie anyway, though.

Leonardo talks to Sara and Yesenia about the way he felt when he met with Chamoy. They agree that he did get along well with him when he was a kid. They won’t tell him why they stopped getting along and Sara (I think) makes up a knitting club meeting so she can get out of there.

Oh, looks like the knitting club was for real. And it’s just a bunch of nice old ladies knitting shawls. Or at least that’s the story to keep nosy kids away. It’s poker night! Er, afternoon! (Wait a minute…the hand? The coffee can? The money?!)

The meeting with the Spanish investors continues and it’s time for them to decide–do they want the deal, or not?

Judging from the glasses of champagne in front of everyone at dinner, they took the deal, but they haven’t signed yet. The head of the Spanish company’s wife notices Pedro’s not drinking champagne. He’s drinking mezcal, he explains, because as he once heard, “Para todo mal, mezcal. ¡Y para todo bien también!” (For all bad things, mezcal. And for the good stuff too!) Pedro orders mezcal for the whole table while Fernanda looks at him, horrified.

Leonardo sits with Cocó at a café having a cake he’s not enjoying. He finds the excess of sugar off-putting. She scrapes off some of his frosting and tries to eat it sexy, but that just squicks him out. Termi and Jonathan show up and Termi refuses to eat anywhere else because he wants “pastel de coco” (coconut cake, but we all know that’s not what he meant). Cocó keeps trying to mouth to him to go away, but since he won’t then she starts saying they won’t go anywhere, either.

Fabiola is still waiting. Finally Humberto and Ignacio make it home and Humberto says he doesn’t want to see her again. In his drunken state, he shoves Ignacio away for trying to help him up the stairs. Fabiola gripes quietly at Ignacio for not convincing Humberto she’s not cheating, but Ignacio says he did what he could–it’s her turn now. Fabiola goes up to the bedroom and tries to protest her innocence to a drunken Humberto. She tries to say that Armando is her stylist and he talks to all his clients that way, but Humberto’s not buying it. Nora catches Ignacio skulking in the hallway.

Cachito is in bed. No one else is home, so it’s just Inés and Paloma having sandwiches and coffee for dinner. Inés thinks this whole thing with “Pedro” and Cocó is not right. She suspects Cocó is taking advantage of his amnesia and lying about being the woman “Pedro” proposed to. Paloma points out that if he had proposed to someone else, that woman would have come forward by now. Inés just wants “Pedro” to be happy again, and she doesn’t think Cocó is going to make that happen. She can’t let him do this! Paloma says they have to respect “Pedro’s” decisions.

The awkward date continues as Cocó prattles on about her metalobismo. “You mean ‘metabolism,'” Leonardo corrects her. He has to tell her again that he doesn’t like sweets. Termi continues his taunting, getting worse when Cocó starts bragging about how she only loves Pedro and that’s why she “gave” him her “innocence.” Leonardo finally gets up and says this isn’t working. He’s sorry he seduced her, but this will NEVER work. Somehow, Cocó thinks this is about the pin Termi gave her, that he told “Pedro” she accepted it. She starts attacking Termi, and demanding to know what else he said, but he swears he could never do anything to hurt her. She’s the woman he loves most in the world, and a gentleman would never do that to his lady. Leonardo tries to get Cocó to go somewhere he can explain, but now she thinks he and Termi are in on this together. If she finds out they staged this whole thing, she’ll never speak to Termi again! She finally leaves with Leonardo, and Jonathan scolds Termi for having such a big mouth.

The dinner with the Spanish investors continues and the head of the company says he’s impressed with “Leonardo.” They always heard he was strict and implacable, but like they say in Spain, “Usted mola!” (in Spain “molar” means to be cool). Pedro hears a song on the piano and the head of the Spanish company’s wife says she loves it, too. He starts to sing and she encourages him to continue. He says he’s dedicating this to Fernanda. The song continues and Fernanda gets a text from Ignacio saying he’ll meet her at her apartment. Pedro gives Fernanda a rose from the arrangement on the table.

The entire restaurant is charmed and Mrs. Spanish Businessman asks why Mr. Spanish Businessman never sings to her like that. He makes a joke about his voice. Fernanda says she needs to leave to attend to a personal matter and leaves “Leonardo” to entertain their guests.

Fabiola. Stilllllll trying. She insists her son is so loyal to Humberto that if he found out Fabiola were cheating on him, Ignacio would hate her. But if Humberto won’t trust that, if he wants this to be over, then say so and she and the kids will leave immediately. Humberto won’t answer. He doesn’t know what he wants, but for now he’s sleeping in the guest room. They can talk tomorrow. He’s walking down the hallway when he gets a call from “Leonardo” saying the meeting went well, he and Don Fermin are having a great time, and Don Fermin would love to meet Humberto. Humberto says they’ll have a reception at the house tomorrow.

Leonardo keeps trying to get Cocó to calm down and talk. He knows he promised to do the “right” thing, and he doesn’t think it’s right to get married just because they had a moment of weakness. She says there were a LOT of moments. She excuses herself to “go to the bathroom” which is probably code for “Put on an outfit that’s going to make you run out of here in terror.” Leonardo wanders around her living room and unfortunately away from the door. She emerges in a not especially overt nightie, which she makes up for with her EXTREMELY overt words about howling names and bodies talking. She tries to hide her house keys in her cleavage, but they fall right out the bottom. And then she falls into his arms. No, I mean, literally, she’s lunging for him and she faints.

Leonardo calls Pedro’s house and gets Paloma. He makes small talk about the earthquake and then asks to talk to Inés. To tell her he’s spending the night at Cocó’s house. Ugh!

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Visita/ Guest

you do wonderful recaps, I’ve read them all, thanks!

Visita/ Guest

Thanks so much, Diva. My DVR has decided that it doesn’t want to record ¿Quién?. It records Vecina and Lichita – but it goes on strike when this novella comes on. Anyway, I’m going to record it manually today.
Favorite line: “She excuses herself to “go to the bathroom” which is probably code for “Put on an outfit that’s going to make you run out of here in terror.” Yeah, she’s pretty obnoxious.

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat!! I swear this show gets better and better. I get a huge laugh out of Basi and Cocó. I’m thanking my lucky stars for QeQ…the pain of losing La Vecina will not be so bad.

I have to go with Denise about the “code” line. It’s a good one.

Does Cocó not recognize the signs of pregnancy? She’s not concerned about all the nausea? Or is she faking? And I’m really nervous about what she’ll do if she is pregnant…because Leopedro is all about honor and obligation. Grrrr.