Ruta 35, Thursday 2/25/16 #31

After Marina sees Horacio’s ID, she goes back to the house, but the box with the cash is empty. Tomás makes a bunch of excuses that she no longer believes.

At the church, Wilson is showing Conchita how to use a word processing program, but it’s all going over her head. They’re interrupted by Marina’s arrival and Conchita asks Wilson to leave them alone. Marina begs Conchita to tell her the truth about Tomás, not as an agent, but as his wife. Conchita caves and tells her that Tomás has been stealing some of the drugs that he confiscates as evidence for cases.

Salomon and Mercurio have drinks. Salmon will not let go of this idea that maybe Mercurio has a thing for Marina. Mercurio attempts to sing the praises of monogamy, but it’s just not for Salomon. Mercurio asks if he doesn’t miss his wife and kids, and if he wouldn’t rather be with them right now, but Salmon is confused and doesn’t know what he wants. Marina calls Mercurio to tell him that she can’t go on the op, she’s got personal business to take care of. Mercurio is pissed.

Marina goes back home and confronts Tomás again. She has put together more of the story about what happened in Liberty City and asks if Horacio was blackmailing him, or did Tomás get upset that he was being paid in counterfeit bills? Tomás gives that same BS justification he gave to Conchita about it not being fair to work so hard for so little and why shouldn’t he try to make more money. Marina starts to read him his rights. She pulls out her gun when Tomás heads for the door and asks if she would really shoot him.

When next we see Marina, she’s on the phone asking someone to get her a warrant for Tomás.

Tomás boards a bus. He calls Dylan, but changes his mind and hangs up.

Salomon turns the thing with Marina into “chicks are like that.” What Mercurio is worried about, of course, is getting back to his family. Salomon proposes they keep the appointment and let Andy take them right to Tony Morales. Mercurio lets Salomon and the wine talk him into it.

Domingo welcomes Dylan into one of his houses and offers him tequila. Since he’s not officially there anyway. A hench announces the arrival of Gavilán and Domingo says Dylan’s going to forget he ever saw Gavilán there. Dylan agrees, but only until they get Rogelio. Domingo’s not happy that Gavilán kept information from him and that he took orders from Sofia.

Rogelio’s wound keeps looking worse and worse. He tells a couple of his guys to take him to see Sofia. He can sneak in through a tunnel.

Gavilán, Domingo, and another of Domingo’s henches get to the house and recognize one of Rogelio’s men. Gavilán takes him out easily.

Rogelio is watching Sofia sleep. She’s startled awake and brandishes the dagger she had hiden under her pillow. Rogelio gets the sheets all bloody and has to be helped out of the room. Sofia’s still brandishing the knife when Domingo sneaks in, putting his hand over her mouth so she doesn’t scream.

Rogelio is back at his hideout, delirious with fever. His two henchdudes decide to call a doctor, finally.

Sofia tells Domingo, et al, about Rogelio being there, and how bad he looked. Domingo is sure Rogelio will be looking for a doctor by now, and he tells Gavilán to get the word out. Gavilán also suggests spreading it around that Rogelio killed Camilo and Federico. Domingo assures Sofia that Rogelio will die today, no matter what.

Mercurio and Salomon arrive at the airline. Andy is disappointed that Marina isn’t there. Salomon and Mercurio get tacky and spin a story about Marina being pregnant with her 8th child, and they all have different fathers, and this time it’s triplets. In the plane, Salomon starts right off with asking the flight attendant for booze. Tony calls Andy and we see that the plane is rigged with cameras. Tony drools over the flight attendant, and then recognizes Mercurio.

Conchita is stressing about what she told Marina last night. Wilson tells her to stay out of it, but Conchita wants to explain why she did it. He distracts her by getting her to start telling her story while he types it up.

Marina is still trying to track down Tomás, without any authorization. Someone comes in to tell her they have a report that he bought a bus ticket to Matamoros. Marina insists she has to be the one to bring him in, because she failed to do it last night. She requests a helicopter, so they can catch up to his bus.

Marina and the agent who told her about the bus ticket sit in a car, waiting. She goes over all the ways she should have known and insists it was her job to know. Another agent approaches the car to report that the bus should be passing by in 20 minutes. She wants to find a reason to stop the bus and isolate Tomás without him suspecting anything.

In Mexico, Andy is driving and realizes he’s being followed. He pulls up at a middle-of-nowhere kind of spot and Mercurio and Salomon find this suspicious. Salomon stays with the car while Mercurio goes in to get a closer look. Mercurio reaches what looks like a place where household crap has been dumped. There’s a structure of some kind and he goes in and gets caught. Salomon notices someone aiming at the back of the car and drives away. He pulls over at a spot down the road and then runs back. When he finds Mercurio, Mercurio is being held by Andy and the guy who caught Mercurio and was shooting at Salomon, and telling them they should let him go. Salomon clobbers them both on the back of the head.

Salomon and Mercurio start breaking glass over Andy’s head until he tells them where Tony is.

The bus gets stopped and an agent gets on to tell them there’s an accident in the road and they’ll have to wait until it’s cleared. His real objective was to verify that Tomás is on the bus and armed.

Salomon and Mercurio are waiting for Tony when he leaves his mistress’ house. They load him into the back of an SUV with Salomon guarding him and Mercurio driving.

Tomas sees agents moving in around the bus and starts to get nervous. He fires his gun up at the roof of the bus and screams at everyone to get to the back of the bus, but he grabs a random passenger as a hostage. He tries to blame it all on Marina and says if they don’t leave, he’ll kill his hostage. She tries to tell him they’ll get him a good lawyer, but he says he’ll be killed in prison. Marina puts down her gun and tries to get him to trade the hostage for her. The hostage finally cracks and elbows him in the groin. Tomas gets off a shot, and then gets shot himself. Marina gets the other agents to agree to give her a chance to get on the bus and disarm Tomás and then tells the other passengers to get off the bus. Tomás is still unrepentant and full of excuses. She asks him to hand over his weapon. He says he can live with the consequences of his actions, except for living without her. He shoots himself.

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