Ruta 35, Wednesday 2/24/16 #30

Dylan dragged Bill out of the pool. Before he died, he asked Dylan not to let “that guy” live as an informant. Dylan gave Domingo the nod and Domingo shot Landino.

By the time John’s team made it to the house, they had missed Rogelio and Federico was already buried. The paperwork Rogelio was signing was to transfer the property to Sofia’s name. Domingo calls her from the hotel in the Bahamas and she says that she’s going to stay there.

Dylan wants to go back to Miami to bring Bill’s body home, finish the paperwork and figure out how they’re going to justify Landino’s death. Domingo is determined to go to Mexico because he’s convinced that Rogelio still wants to kill Sofia. Dylan knows about the property transfer and tells Domingo, and while Domingo agrees that doesn’t exactly make it sound like Rogelio’s out for Sofia, he still thinks as long as Rogelio is alive that’s a potential danger. He proposes that he and Dylan go to Mexico together, kill Rogelio, and then Dylan can take Domingo back to Miami as his prisoner. He thinks this will both make Dylan look good, and still make Domingo look good to the judge.

Rogelio has someone watching Sofia. He’s sure Domingo will show up eventually, and he plans to kill him.

Gavilán takes a bus back to Mexico.

The ICE agent at the airport informs Rebeca that if she leaves the country she can’t ever come back. Screw it, she’s sick of the place anyway.

Gavilán finds Rebeca at the friend’s house where she’s staying. He mentions having some “stuff” to take care of, and when Rebeca realizes it’s helping Domingo get Rogelio, she’s angry. She thought this was about the two of them, not about Gavilán doing another job for Domingo. She might have been ok with it before, that he always went running when the phone rang, but now she’s not. She wants to be the priority for him.

Conchita has a chat with Manuel at his grave. She misses him, and she misses the stuff she’d been doing in the last few months. For once she was doing something that she felt had a greater meaning, and she was doing something that was just for her, not as a grandma. She jokes that she’ll be joining Manuel soon enough and they can reminisce over old times, like the time she got high on pot in his living room. Padre Venancio comes over to greet her. He’s just been out subbing for another priest and now he’s on his way to make some home visits. Conchita offers to drive him.

Marina meets with the tech who tapped Ferro’s phones and explains that she’s most interested in any calls to or from Mexico. Another agent brings her a folder for a new case and she recognizes Middleman from the time he beat up Tomás on the front lawn.

Tomás hears about the case being transferred and he’s furious, but it’s nothing to do with him. The money they confiscated all turned out to be counterfeit, so the case is being turned over to the Secret Service. Michael has no idea who the agent in charge of the case is, but Tomás should be finding out soon enough!

Padre Venancio is starting to figure out that something is wrong with Conchita. She doesn’t seem interested in running the business, and mostly just wants to shuttle him around. She’s so sad when he says he doesn’t have anywhere to go tomorrow that he takes pity on her and tells her to come over for coffee.

Conchita tries to make more of an effort and passes out flyers, but she way over-emphasizes that she’ll deliver anything…you know, as in ANYTHING…to a potential client who gets highly offended that she seems to think he looks like a druggie.

Back at home, she tries to explain to Wilson that she misses feeling like she was doing something important. She promised Manuel she wouldn’t work as an informant again, but she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life behind the wheel of the van looking for an address. Wilson suggests she write an anonymous tell-all about her life as an informant. Conchita seems mildly interested, but she wants to check with Tomás first so she doesn’t get into any trouble.

Tomás checks his stash at home, wondering how much of what he took from Middleman is fake. At the office, a tech tells him 3 of the 5 bills he brought her were fake. She thinks they’re from the case that got transferred to the Secret Service, but he claims it was evidence that was gathered after that bust. Back in his office he starts having a meltdown.

Conchita is checking in at the front desk when Marina walks by and hears that she’s looking for Agent Ortiz. She introduces herself as Tomás’ wife and invites Conchita to have coffee.

Over coffee Marina fishes for information. Conchita is not forthcoming, at least in part because Tomás never really talked to her about his personal life. She didn’t even know he was married, so it’s odd to her that Marina thinks she’s Tomás’ favorite informant. Marina drops hints about corrupt agents stealing money and cocaine and shows her the file for her new case. She explains the two guys were dealers who were shot in Liberty City. Conchita doesn’t recognize them.

Back at the office, Marina meets with the tech who tapped Andy Ferro’s phone, plus Mercurio and Salomon. He got a call and Mercurio recognizes Tony Morales’ voice. Tony needs to move something tomorrow, so Marina calls to give him an excuse–she books a flight to Mexico. Mercurio and Salomon are both impressed listening to her flirt with Ferro over the phone, but Mercurio seems a little wigged out by it.

Conchita finally makes it to Tomas’ office and floats the book idea. He says she absolutely cannot write about being an informant, even if she changes names and dates. All that information was confidential. She keeps arguing with him and he loses him temper and asks he why she can’t just go get old in peace. Conchita hesitates before leaving and asks him what happened in Liberty City. Tomás keeps insisting everything happened just like he said it did in the report. Conchita warns him that Marina is investigating the case and advises him to talk to her and fix things before it’s too late. Tomás keeps right on being his usual charming self. Out at the van, Conchita thinks about the file Marina showed her.

Marina has the flight with Ferro lined up, and they should be getting Tony tomorrow. Mercurio is annoyed that he can’t go with them, but they can’t run the risk of Tony recognizing him. Marina turns down Salomon’s offer to go out and somehow that convinces him that she totally has the hots for him.

Later, Marina reviews the file for the Liberty City case and decides to go check out the crime scene. She runs into the same little girl Tomás did. The girl says she lives there, but the woman who was out in the driveway with her when Tomás and Michael were leaving the scene comes looking for her. She says she lives at the house across the street. She angrily says no one saw anything or knows anything about what happened; she doesn’t want any trouble, and she doesn’t think the cops are really interested in what happened.

Marina tries to ask the little girl to tell her what happened, but she can’t. The neighbor knows, and Marina asks if maybe the neighbor can have permission to tell her. Little Future Lawyer agrees to this loophole. The neighbor tells her everything that happened. The little girl saw all of it, heard the recording Tomás was looking for, saw that he was the one who brought the money and the drugs over, and saw him plant the gun in Middleman’s hand. The neighbor has been taking care of her ever since. Marina shows the little girl a picture of Tomás on her phone and the little girl confirms that he’s the one who killed her dad and Middleman.

Conchita goes snooping and fails to avoid detection by Marina. Marina doesn’t buy her story about making a delivery and being on the wrong block, but she lets her go.

Marina remembers finding the money at the house and following Tomás to a warehouse. She has someone at the agency check into that warehouse and see if they can find a picture of the owner. When she gets the email later, she recognizes Horacio, aka Middleman.

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