La Vecina, Wednesday 3/2/16 #176

Antonio gets a call–Isa signed the divorce papers and he’s a free man! They still have to wait a year for their civil marriage, but they can get married in the church any time they want to. *smoochies*

Padre V gives thanks that everything is getting back to normal. He thanks God for getting Simon back to them and teaching them to never lose faith.

Fidel is going on vacation…so he can plan his strategy for the championship fútbol match. That’s not really a vacation. Just saying. He tells Quintin to see if Pepe can get permission for the CONATROL employees on the team to go in to work an hour later so they can train early.

Uribe calls Sebastian to tell him that David is out of prison and he offered him Ric’s old job. Uribe’s worried about Antonio coming back to work, though, and wants Sebas to help convince him. But, if he doesn’t, would Sebastian want the job? He says he really doesn’t–he’s a city boy and Natalia has a job in the DF.

Sebas asks Marina to send Rafa in. He passes on the news about David and Rafa laments that he couldn’t see the look on Ric’s face when he found out David would be taking his old job. Pepe comes in and asks about coming in late and Sebas is happy to give them permission, as long as they win the Jaibolera!

Juancho and Merce make it home. They partied all night, barely slept, and it’s the day of his big tests. He’s decided that he wants to study aeronautical engineering. I don’t know if Merce’s nerves can take that!

Simon and Edwina come to the apartment to pick up Simon’s stuff and let Laura and Bruno have the place to themselves. Fidel calls Bruno to tell him they have the paperwork ready that frees the orchard from any legal proceedings because of the valve found on the property. Hey, does this mean they got a free irrigation system out of this?

Nelson calls Pepe from prison. He heard that because of everything that happened lately, he might be able to get out in just 3 years. Pepe’s been checking up on Nelson’s family like he promised. Nelson sends them his love.

Fidel tells Bruno and Simon that Elias gave them information about a lot of Pedro’s crimes, like the murder of Carlos and the poisoning of the orchard. He hands over the paperwork and mentions that he has Simon’s Artilleros jersey all ready to go, now that he’s a member of the family. Bruno counters that since Fidel is now his tío político (uncle-in-law, uncle by marriage) he has an Alados jersey waiting for him. Fidel suggests they just forget about it.

Antonio is training with the Alados. Padre V says he’s a natural.

Sebastian tries on his Artilleros jersey on and gets the terrible news that he’s expected to be at practice at 5am tomorrow. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Simon answers the door at Edwina’s house…er, his and Edwina’s house. It’s François, the doctor from the Philippines! It wasn’t hard to track Simon down, since he told them about San Gaspar when he told his story. François heard that Simon got married. Simon explains that Edwina was the only one who refused to believe he was dead and mounted an expedition to go find him in the Philippines. She even arrived at the island the day after François found him. Simon introduces Edwina to François. He’s actually here to offer Simon a job working on a project to send people to Mars. He’d be sequestered away with other participants and they would try to simulate the conditions on Mars to see what it would take to set up a self-sufficient colony (like this experiment going on now in Hawai’i ). They’d be in a dome for 12 months with limited Internet access. They would only eat (on my tenth try I finally hear enough to hazard a guess) food that has been liofilizado (freeze dried!) and they would only go out in space suits as if they were really living on Mars. Edwina insists that Simon has to accept and he agrees it’s a great opportunity, but he won’t leave his wife. Good choice. Edwina thinks he’s giving up on his dream, but now his dream is to be by her side. (And build rockets together? Maybe?)

Laura applied to college to be a teacher. Bruno thinks she’ll be great at it. He remembers her teaching the older people to read at the church. It’s a new experience for her to have someone’s support. (I make a rude hand gesture in Pedro’s general direction.)

Sara and Rosa check out Sara’s new food truck–red, like her Jeep! Which Antonio drives up in. She’s now accepting his offer of partnership. He’ll negotiate the price with the owner, and he’ll handle the money, freeing Sara up to handle the cooking. Uribe calls Antonio, all antsy for his answer. And it is…

He’s not coming back. He’s ready to do something different. Well, Uribe has something in mind for him, if he doesn’t want to run the San Gaspar plant. How about a position in corporate management?

Antonio has a fantasy of him and Sara on opposite sides of an immaculately-made bed, wearing their power suits, putting on their watches. They have a business dinner, but since they were invited separately, they’ll be on opposite sides of the room. The kids have a psychologist appointment, but they’re both busy. The chauffeur will have to take them.

Uribe gets his attention again and Antonio turns him down. Even with a 300% raise. He wants a different kind of life now, and he’s happy to start from zero. He does ask if he can stay in the apartment, though. Uribe doesn’t have a problem with that, and Antonio can come back to CONATROL anytime he wants to.

At CONATROL SG, Rafa takes a call from Uribe. He and Sities will be there tomorrow to present the new plant director, at noon.

Antonio and Sara, Sebastian and Natalia have dinner. He’s just finished telling them about turning down Uribe’s offer and how he’s looking forward to a different life. There’s smooching all over. Sebas and Natalia joke that they can’t wait to get back to the stress and smog of the city. But they’re coming back for the wedding. Sara says they’d better–they’re going to be the padrinos. Nat and Sebas hug excitedly and everyone toasts.

The CONATROL SG employees are assembled outside the plant for the big announcement of the new director of CONATROL SG.

It’s Rafa! About damn time, too!

Antonio and Sara are driving somewhere and he jokes that they’ve been on the road for 2 hours with no mishaps. But wait! There’s an ENORMOUS cockroach on Antonio’s shoulder. And, y’all, I’m from Texas and they get big down there, but I swear I’ve never seen one THAT big. Antonio started trying to shake it off and I freaked out and couldn’t look. We’ll all have to take Mr. 5ft’s word for it that he chased Sara around with it. And better her than me, because that would’ve been a deal-breaker!

Rafa, aka EL NUEVO DIRECTOR DE LA PLANTA DE CONATROL SAN GASPAR! WOO HOO! gets home and thinks about calling Antonio to tell him the good news, but Quique arrives, all suited up. He went back to school and he’s been studying law. He realized he needed to quit being so jealous. But also that he misses Rafa. He wants another chance. Rafa agrees, as long as they take it slow. Quique’s happy to hear about Rafa’s promotion.

The place where Antonio and Sara are is for sale, but she says it’s too much. They should stick to the food truck. Antonio says she can run this restaurant and he’ll be a hang gliding instructor. “Uh, you and nature don’t get along!” she laughs.

It’s time for another party at the apartment complex. It’s the night before the big fútbol match, finally. Padre V disapproves of this pre-celebration. Javi confesses they’ve already pranked Fidel–by leaving open cans of tuna around his house.

Yeah, it’s pretty noisy and Fidel is about to throw a shoe, but he sees a whole HERD of cats and retreats back inside in fear.

For his part, Fidel has a unit park outside the church with lights and sirens blaring. Seems there’s a new regulation and when they’re carrying out an op, they HAVE to leave the lights and sirens on. Suuuuuure.

It’s game time. Before Simon and Edwina can leave, François arrives. He’s here to make them an offer he’s sure they can’t refuse. He talked to his bosses and they took Edwina’s experience organizing the expedition in the Philippines into account and they’d like BOTH of them to take part in the project!

Neither Fidel nor Padre V got much sleep last night. Fidel shows up at the Padre’s in the morning to help him transport the Jaibolera to the field, in accordance with league rules. Let the traditional trash talk commence. And the traditional side bets. If the Alados win, Fidel will carry Padre V back to the church on his shoulders while Padre V holds up the Jabolera. If the Artilleros win, Padre V will wear an Artilleros jersey for three months, and he’ll have to direct traffic again. They shake on it.

Juancho, Bruno, and Javi give Antonio way too much last-minute advice. Looks like Mariana has come to cheer Javi on…or snog him, whichever. Sara, Laura, and Merce are ready to cheer for the Alados as well. And once Chepe comes running out of the security booth to say his replacement just arrived, they’re all ready to pile into Javi’s truck and get down to the field.

Merce is worried because Simon and Edwina haven’t arrived, but Laura and Sara tell her not to worry about it and make with the cheering!

There is much running and kicking and cheering and Antonio looks incredibly nervous.

Edwina and Simon have signed the paperwork. They have 2 weeks to report for physical exams and aptitude testing, and then it’s on to the dome! So, basically, they’re honeymooning on fake-Mars. I can live with that.

Simon: “I told you I’d never leave your side again.”

Edwina: “And I told you I’d follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Fútbol. Ramon misses a shot. Antonio scores and Mr 5ft has to look away because Antonio was offside. And thus the Artilleros should have gotten a free kick. After spending the commercial break explaining the offside rule, Mr. 5ft goes back to not paying attention so his fútbol sensibilities are not offended.

Luckily, the next scene is Ricardo’s sentencing. Good thing I don’t know enough about Mexican law for my legal sensibilities to be offended! Just get to the number, judge dude! 30 years! Heh. He’s getting more years than Isa because he’s the one who actually falsified the audit.

More fútbol. Edwina and Simon finally arrive. They see Juancho nearly score. Bruno takes a corner kick, blows a kiss to Laura, and, of course, scores. I am informed by my in-house fútbol fanatico that scoring from the corner is called an olímpico. Ramon fails to score again, but when the Alados goalie clears the ball, Sebas catches it with his head and scores. Natalia’s all “That’s my man!” Finally, we’re at the half.

Fidel gives his team a pep talk, instructions, and tells them about the bet he made with Padre V. Vladimir is on the case.

Padre V. Pep talk. Vladimir comes over to ask how much the Padre weighs.

Vladimir has to interrupt Fidel to tell him they’d better win because the Padre weighs 105 kilos, plus five for the Jaibolera. Fidel: “What does he eat? Rocks?”

Padre V blesses his team and sends them back out on to the field.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat!! I love that we are getting to enjoy lots of happiness for these last two episodes. But the Nelson scene really choked me up. I was glad they included it, though. They seem to be trying to make sure that there are no loose ends (except whatever happened with Nacho and his divorce?) “…red, like her Jeep!” COOL! That didn’t even cross my mind! Roaches-EW. I could have done without that. Could you ask Mr 5ft to explain offsides to me?? I am jealous that you have an in-house expert on fut. Well, according to the math and… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Nelson, man ahgh I got tears seeing him in jail, and he looked scruffy too, but not beat up, so that’s good

4 years ago

Thanks, Kat! ITA with Sara. I am loving that we get to spend some significant time with everyone being happy and getting on with their lives. Also like that we got to see Nelson, and that they are keeping things realistic in not having him be able to leave jail immediately, just because he’s a nice guy. Love that Edwina and Simon will get to do the Mars mission experiment, together. Glad that Pedro’s other crimes, unrelated to the gas thefts, got mentioned too. Aside from Tonio and Sara’s wedding and party (how do the legalities work if they aren’t… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Mariana is an architect. She could work anywhere, if she isn’t in love with living in D.F., like Sebas and Nat.

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva 🙂
I don’t know how you get this all done!
“He’s decided that he wants to study aeronautical engineering. I don’t know if Merce’s nerves can take that!.” Have to agree with Merce. Maybe he would stay on the ground.
So one thing I don’t understand. There is always that trope about someone not consenting to a divorce, so the aggrieved party has to remain married. Is that how it actually works?

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva You’re on my wavelength with this “Hey, does this mean they got a free irrigation system out of this?” – I sure hope so! and I liked this “Sebastian tries on his Artilleros jersey on and gets the terrible news that he’s expected to be at practice at 5am tomorrow. ” – that would be a deal breaker for me I’m so glad they’re not forgetting Nelson Antonio as a hang glider? secretly he does have a bit of an adrenaline thing but hang gliding? I can’t believe Fidel and the Padre haven’t learned their lessons about being… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Plus since Pedro tried to kill their trees, he owes them, its only fair.
I can just see the retirement home hijinks; short sheeting beds,(whatever that is) Fidel take a screw out of Padre V’s walker to make it wobbly, Padre V switching out Fidel’s shoes for a size too small to make him think his feet grew miraculously