¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 3/2/16 #15

Not a booty call

Paloma is annoyed that “Pedro” is spending the night at Cocó’s and hangs up on him. “Pedro” thinks Cocó must have eaten something that disagreed with her and wants her to go see a doctor. She agrees she will tomorrow, but says he doesn’t need to stay with her. I want to think she’s completely faking feeling sick, but she moves in for a kiss and starts to gag. Yeah, I laughed. “Pedro” doesn’t find that very appealing and starts gagging himself.

Paloma is still at the dining table when Inés and Sara get home. Inés is giving Sara a hard time for spending so much time at her knitting group and not having a completed project to show for it. Well, Sara’s a perfectionist…she knits, she tinks…she wants to make sure she’s getting it right. Paloma passes on “Pedro’s” message and runs upstairs. Inés is alarmed that it seems things really are “serious” between “Pedro” and Cocó, but what caught Sara’s attention is how jealous Paloma seems. Hm…and no mention of whether Pedro had ever spent the night at Cocó’s place before? I’d be curious to know whether this is typical Pedro behavior.

Inés checks the coffee can. You know, the one on top of the fridge? The one that someone took money out of? And guess what? $100 is missing. It should have been $500, but it’s only $400. Sara suggests it was duendes (trickster creatures, similar to elves, gnomes, goblins, or fairies). Inés barely looks at her and Sara turns the yo no fui (I didn’t do it) dial to 11, acting like Inés accused her, a poor little old lady in a wheelchair who, ok maybe used to be a fichita (troublemaker) in her youth, but now certainly isn’t capable of even reaching–Inés tells her to cut it out, she’s been watching too many telenovelas.

“Pedro” is playing with a light-up, vibrating fiber optic tchotchke on Cocó’s coffee table when she comes in to try to tempt him into her bed. He loses his temper and tells her he’s not messing around–go to sleep! Oh, yeah, Cocó, he, like totes wants you, uh-huh.

The coffee can…the hand….

Also not a booty call

So, what was Ignacio’s frantic text to Fernanda about? He wanted to tell her that his mom screwed up big time by screwing around on Humberto and now he really needs that contract with the Spanish investors to go well. So, um, just how badly did “Leonardo” screw it up? Fer has to break it to him that he didn’t screw it up at all and poor, conflicted Ignacio looks both annoyed and relieved.

Fer explains that for a while, at least, “Leonardo” was back to being his usual self. Then he got a headache and started diciendo incoherencias (babbling, talking nonsense) and then he recovered and everything was fine. Ignacio is angry that (what he thinks are) the effects of the drug are wearing off. He insists they have to drug him and steamrolls right over Fer’s objections, telling her that she owes him for keeping her identity a secret and therefore she has to do whatever he wants. Then he flounces out of her apartment. Gosh, that’s charming.

Later, Daniela comes over, but what Fer is more interested in discussing is how odd it was for “Leonardo” to have such rapid changes in his behavior during the meeting. And then sing for everyone at dinner. Daniela asks if maybe it’s just that love changed “Leonardo” and Fer should take advantage of this and tell him the truth. Fernanda says it’s not love, it was the drugs Ingacio hired someone to slip him the night before the wedding.

Daniela is angry that “Leonardo” could have permanent damage, and worried about the consequences of this crazy plot for Fernanda. She begs her to stop it, but Fernanda is adamant–she had to get Santiago out of prison and this is the only way to do it.

Daniela offers her support. She’d like to visit Santiago in prison and Fer reminds her that he knows nothing about her plan, so please don’t tell him anything. He doesn’t even know that she’s been using her middle name and her mother’s last name (another mystery solved).


Basilio shows up at the restaurant. Pedro sent the investors home and continued the party on his own. He says he and Basi need to negotiate how much of the money from this deal is going to Pedro and how much to Basilio. Basi is thrilled to be treated like an actual partner and gets a little misty. He vetoes suggestions of taking Ivonne on vacations “up north” or to Bermuda, but he’ll look into Transylvania. I was waiting for a punch line to that joke, but it never arrived. As for Pedro, he’s going to buy his mom a house, and buy the Mercado so she doesn’t have to pay rent, and get Fer anything she wants.

As Basilio drives Pedro home they talk about whether today was fate or luck. Pedro thinks it was fate, the earthquake happening just when he was about to tell Fernanda the truth. Basilio is worried about what’s going to happen if they get busted, but Pedro already has a plan. He’ll take all the blame and Basi can just say he was fooled, like everyone else. Basi gets weepy again at the thought that Pedro would take the heat for him.

Is anyone in Casa Fuentemayor happy?

Ignacio is pouring himself a drink at the Fuentemayor house when “Leonardo” gets home. Seeing an opportunity, he empties a capsule into the glass and invites “Leonardo” to celebrate with him. Because he’s so happy about the deal with the Spanish investors. “Leonardo” tries to turn him down, on account of having had so very, very many drinks already and having to work in the morning, but Ignacio insists. “Leonardo” thinks the whiskey tastes funny, but Ignacio says it’s a very special Scotch that a client gave him.

In the interest of fairness, Humberto is hiring someone to investigate Fabiola and make absolutely sure she’s cheating on him. He wants solid evidence.

The “scotch” is really getting to “Leonardo.” He’s starting to stumble around when Humberto emerges from his study to congratulate him on the deal with the Spanish investors. Humberto asks if he’s been drinking, then tells him to go to bed–he needs to be fresh for his meeting in the morning. Humberto won’t be able to attend, but he’ll see Don Fermin and his posse at the reception later. Ignacio tries to throw shade on “Leonardo” and talk to Humberto about Fabiola, but Humberto ignores him.

Pedro stumbles into Leonardo’s room and passes out on top of the covers.

Connie tortures herself watching Fabiola’s earlier “you can’t handle the truth…I hate you!” outburst.

About last night

“Pedro” and Cocó emerge from her lair…digo, her house the next morning. He lets her get ONE kiss in, and then cuts her off and reminds her she promised to go to the doctor today. A nosy neighbor gets an eyeful.

When he gets home he has to face a quick-witted Cachito (who sees sleepovers at Cocó’s house as a way for him to end up with a room of his own) and an unhappy-but-totes-not-jealous Paloma who isn’t going to be living here for that long so that’s not even an issue, so *flounce*. He’s further annoyed when Inés supposes he got that lovin’ feeling for Cocó back and he says no, she was just sick, that’s all.

Pedro is totally oblivious to the rising blinds in Leonardo’s room and Gwen’s reports about the stock market and the financial situation in Greece. Ignacio comes in, sees him passed out, and gloats.

Nora arrives and hears from the maid that Humberto and Fabiola are already gone and “Leonardo” hasn’t come down for breakfast yet. Nora tells her to take a tray up to his room. Connie comes in (is it just me or did she lighten her hair overnight? Suddenly those hot pink ends seem way more peachy) and jokes that Nora’s not going to spoil her. She asks for a cup of coffee, rolls her eyes at the thought of a bunch of stuffy Spanish businessmen coming over for dinner, makes appreciative noises at the menu, and agrees to go with Nora to shop for ingredients–as long as Nora doesn’t try to talk about Fabiola!

Pedro is so oblivious, Ignacio has no trouble at all finding “Leonardo’s” cell phone, using his thumbprint to unlock it, and sending Basilio a text saying he doesn’t need a ride to work. He runs into the maid out in the hallway, tells her to let him sleep, and steals the juice off the tray.

Inés rants to “Pedro” about the missing money and is highly confused when he says it’s just $100. He apologizes for treating it lightly and asks if she counted properly? Sara looks nervous as “Pedro” counts the money himself…and then he tells Inés it’s $650. Sara says it was the duendes! They borrowed some cash and paid it back with interest. And now can someone please fix breakfast for a poor old woman? Leonardo is starting to fit in here–he actually looks amused.

Cocó tells her doctor the symptoms–nausea, increased appetite, vomiting–and the doctor asks if she could be pregnant. Cocó, dear, it’s a yes or no question, not a request for a description of the frequency of, and your satisfaction with, your (entirely fictional) sex life with your “fiancé.” The doctor will order some tests.

Your cheatin’ heart

Fabiola comes home from the gym and tells Ignacio that she couldn’t convince Humberto that she’s not cheating on him. Ignacio says Humberto is sure to hire a detective, but he has a plan. I’m guessing it doesn’t involve strippers and sedatives?

Humberto meets with the detective, who was able to get the security footage from the hotel. He tells Humberto to pay very close attention to what he’s about to see from the elevator and hallway cameras. No Fabiola. One camera saw her entering the hotel, but she never went into a room. The restaurant cameras weren’t working, but the hostess recognized Fabiola and Ignacio’s pictures, and there was a reservation in the books. Humberto is shocked. What about the phone number he gave him–who does that number belong to?

Humberto goes to a salon, asking to speak to Armando Samaniego. Fabiola’s boy toy emerges from a back room, hears that Humberto is Fabiola’s husband, and pitches his voice higher. Fabiola emerges from the same room, wearing a smock like she’s there to get her hair done, and gripes at Humberto about his jealousy.

Not all chiles are created equal

This is the lesson Nora imparts when Connie tries to tell her to just use any old chile in her dinner tonight instead of the ancho–don’t they all pica the same? (From “picar”–to be spicy, but even if you understand it as “to sting, to bite,” that definition works too.) She lists a bunch of varieties of chiles: ancho, habanero, serrano, jalapeño, manzano, morita…. They decide to take a break from shopping and get something to eat.

Nora breaks her agreement not to talk about Fabiola. Connie admits that she can be hard on her mom, but it’s only because Fab hates her. Nora insists that can’t be true–all mothers love their children. (Oh, Nora, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?) Connie’s sure Fabiola loves Ignacio. She does have some good memories of her childhood–when Fabi would go on vacation and leave her alone. She breaks it to Nora that moms all being loving and their kids being the most important thing to them is a myth. Not all moms are the same–there are as many different kinds of moms as there are chiles!

Why do you have no game?

Basilio Martinez, Phd in Finance, absolute dud with women. Or maybe Ivonne just has that effect on him. He remembers his earlier conversation with Pedro about taking Ivonne on vacation and tries flirting with her by asking if she dropped a dollar bill. Then he deflects her suspicion that something weird is going on with “Leonardo.” Then he fails to make a joke about how difficult it is when you’re making a lot of money–what do you do with it? Put it in “la bolsa grande? La bolsa chica? La bolsa de una mujer?” (Stock market, smaller market?, a woman’s purse)

Of padres and piñatas

“Pedro” is watching Inés work on a piñata and praising her skill and creativity, but she says “he’s” really the best at this. “Pedro” wonders if Chamoy used to work on piñatas with them…? Inés tells him about her relationship with Chamoy. She got pregnant with Pedro when she was 16 (which explains why she barely looks old enough to be his mother). Chamoy was ok at first, and he was always good to the kids. She won’t answer whether he was good to her too. He changed a lot when they moved to the US. He started hanging out with some bad friends and he didn’t want to work, but he’d come home with lots of cash and presents for everyone. She found out he was stealing and he went to prison and she never wanted to see him again. She tells “Pedro” he fought with Chamoy over it (instead of telling him the real reason is that Pedro found out Chamoy hit her). Which seems like a silly thing to do if she’s expecting him to regain his memory.

He’s worried because Chamoy said they were alike. Inés assures him that they’re not–“he” has always been a happy, charming boy who always wins everyone over. “Pedro” doesn’t think that sounds like him. He feels like all he does is disrupt everything. Inés thinks when his memory comes back everything will make sense to him again. She takes it as a good sign that she grabbed his hand and he didn’t even notice–and when he does, it doesn’t bother him.

“Pedro” is concerned that he feels nothing for Cocó but a sense of obligation. He asks Inés if it would be wrong to break off the engagement and she assures him it wouldn’t be. He has to listen to his heart and NOT marry her if he doesn’t love her. “Pedro” thanks her for her support with a hug. He still seems a little stiff and uncomfortable, but he really makes an effort and Inés is thrilled.

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Thanks, Diva! Great recap as usual. I loved this whole paragraph: “When he gets home he has to face a quick-witted Cachito (who sees sleepovers at Cocó’s house as a way for him to end up with a room of his own) and an unhappy-but-totes-not-jealous Paloma who isn’t going to be living here for that long so that’s not even an issue, so *flounce*. He’s further annoyed when Inés supposes he got that lovin’ feeling for Cocó back and he says no, she was just sick, that’s all.” So well written. I love this novela! I’m counting on it to… Read more »

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stealth cacophony

Diva thanks, I missed the last 15 min so the fill in was way helpful.
giggled at this –
“Then he flounces out of her apartment. Gosh, that’s charming.” yep, I know Perico is goofy but he’s way better than Pouty!Ignacio