El Gran Final de La Vecina, Thursday 3/3/16 #177

The battle for La Jaibolera continues

It’s time for the second half to start. Antonio and Sebas place a side bet of their own on the outcome of the game, but it’s just for dinner. Mr. 5ft complains some more about the lack of fútbol authenticity. Pepe blocks a shot by Antonio. The game goes into overtime.

During the break, both Padre V and Fidel have players who don’t think they can make it. Once again, things get personal as Padre V and Fidel take the field. After a round of trash talk, overtime starts. Javi gets fouled pretty badly. Quintin completely misses the goal. Pepe blocks another shot by Antonio. By this time, both goalies are exhausted. Fidel makes a shot that rebounds off the top bar and bicycle-kicks it back in for a goal. He goes over to have a *ahem* moment with the Jaibolera and gets yellow carded for it. Padre V scores off his shoulder. The game goes into penalty kicks.

Sebas and Antonio volunteer to stand in goal for their respective teams and sub for their exhausted goalkeepers. Antonio says he was the goalie for his college team. Huh, really?

Fidel for the Artilleros: hits the post
Padre V for the Alados: Sebas dives, he scores
Sebas for the Artilleros: hits the post
Bruno for the Alados: Sebas is asleep at the wheel, he scores
Ramon for the Artilleros: shoots wide
Antonio for the Alados: Sebas freezes, he scores

I think we can thank Sebastian for this Alados victory and the return of La Jaibolera to the parish house. Fidel is awarded the second-place trophy. Or a shot glass. I’m not sure what that is. Fidel makes good on the bet and puts Padre V up on his shoulders for the walk back to the church.

Bittersweet theme song happy dance

We shall have to find new ways to ponernos de buenas and olvidar nuestras penas.

Fidel mourns

He won’t let Magda display his tiny trophy. He may be bummed about second place, but to Vladimir, Fidel will always be #1. And of course, to us, he will always be The Best Cop in All Of Mexico.

Magda and Simon arrive to share their good news that Fidel’s not going to take well.

Vladimir: “So you’re going to Mars?!” Simon explains they’re going to the Atacama desert (in Chile) because it comes closest to approximating the conditions on Mars. I’m sure despite the explanation, Vladimir is still going to remember this as “The year my aunt and uncle went to Mars.”

Fidel pouts, but grudgingly admits it’s what will make Edwina happy. And Simon will be looking after her. If he knows what’s good for him. And he does.

Welcome home, Jaibolera

Those closest to Padre V have assembled at the parish house to watch him renew his vows to his leading lady…uh, after La Virgen, of course.

Wedding Bell Blues

It’s a few days later. Sara is putting the finishing touches on her look. Her dress features lace at the shoulders and neckline, a seamed satin corset top, a peplum of lace, and a long chiffon skirt. The veil is sheer, with lines of satin piping at the edges, and has a detached floral comb.

So, who made correct wedding dress predictions? As I’m writing this, the poll results are as follows:

022716 poll results

It’s such an eclectic mix of styles and features, I’d have to say it’s modern, with a nod to the traditional, fitted at the bodice, and featuring her trademark lace. So, in a way, we were all right.

I’m less than thrilled with the overall look, and especially with the veil that matches neither in color or in style, so here’s what I’m going to tell myself–it must be the veil Merce wore for her wedding. Merce is getting weepy. She’s proud of the person Sara has become. She teases her about being a little disorganized, but she’s serious about how difficult that can be to live with and especially for someone like Antonio who hasn’t changed THAT much. Sara sends Merce off to get dressed herself.

Antonio is struggling with his tie, even though it’s pre-tied and fastens around his neck. Eduardo is trying to give Antonio the “I’m so proud of you” speech, but Antonio is fidgety and finally decides he wants to go outside for some air.

Where Sara just happens to be standing on the balcony. Antonio’s smitten all over again. It’s a mutual smit. For some bizarre reason, Antonio decides now is the time to try to jump from one balcony to the other. Annnnd, he misses.

Down on the lawn, he’s completely un-worried and Sara and Sebas are the ones freaking out. But he can stand on his own, and there’s no time for the doctor because they need to get to the church.

Vladimir, as Flower Boy, leads the way for Simon to escort Sara down the aisle to Antonio. After the hand-off and lots of hugs all around, Padre Vicente starts the ceremony:

Antonio, before I continue, I want you to know that my brother (may he rest in peace) and Merce made me very happy the day they announced they were expecting their first child.

And I said, “Lord, if it’s your will, send them a girl.” And guess what? He did. And just look at what a girl He sent them!

After her parents, I was the first person to hold her in my arms. And I looked at her. And I asked the Lord to make her like her mother. And guess what? He did! Beautiful, good, kind.

But then I realized I was being excluded, so I asked the Lord to make her like me. And guess what? He did! Reckless, lively, she loved to watch fútbol and boxing, she had no limits, she’d do whatever her heart told her to.

Do you realize the woman you chose?

But something was missing. So I asked, “Lord, make her happy.” and then you showed up.

She had tough times with you, but in the end, you’re together. See that look on her face? That’s love. Love, Antonio.

You’re getting a wonderful woman, but before I hand her over, I’m going to give you one last piece of advice:

Don’t screw up! And make her happy.

When the ceremony is over, they emerge from the church in a shower of flower petals. Some of our characters are nearly unrecognizable, all dressed up.

Sara and Antonio arrive at the reception hall and now it’s Sebastian’s turn:

Sara, Antonio, I wish you all the happiness in the world, and a long life together. Take care of what you finally achieved with SO much effort, PLEASE!

I don’t say this because you’re lacking in love–we can see you have plenty–but for the tendency you have to get into trouble!

Cretino, take care of Sara. She’s a diamond. Well, Sara also gets a diamond, but in the rough!

I’d know, because I’ve known him since we were kids. Everyone would ask me how I could love a guy who was so stuffy! I knew you were a good person, even though you were grouchy, uptight, sour-faced, and disagreeable.

Hey, but I never lost faith in you.

And then we got to San Gaspar and I found someone else who thought the same way I did.

Thank you, Sara. For getting rid of all the starch he’s been using to stay so stiff all this time! And for showing me that I wasn’t so wrong. You even made me like my friend more, after all these years. And if this cretino makes you happy, it’s because you made him a better person.

The dancing starts with the traditional waltz and then Antonio asks for some REAL music. Everyone takes to the dance floor for some cumbia.

Time passes

Rafa calls Marina from the control room to ask her to order some appetizers and beer. They’re celebrating a year without gasoline thefts.

Padre Vicente trains the Alados. Rodobaldo comes running up to summon him to Doña Lucita’s. She’s dying. Again. “Yeah, right! She’ll be around to bury us all!”Padre V tells Rodobaldo to pack his bag and put in a box of fresh cards and he’ll go pick it up after practice and pay her a visit.

Antonio visits El Molcajetito, Sara’s food truck, and also her ENORMOUS belly! He wants a girl, but she’s convinced those are boy kicks she’s feeling. He takes a call from someone about a property he and Sara had been interested in buying. Sara’s phone rings and Rosa hands it out the door of the truck to her. It’s Merce–Juancho got into college! He’ll be studying engineering (no mention of what kind).

Finally, she was right. Padre Vicente arrived just in time to anoint Doña Lucita with holy oils before she went off to her canasta game with Saint Peter. Que descanse en paz, Doña Lucita. Or perhaps I should say, “Have a great time!” Lucita wasn’t exactly one who went in for a lot of peace and quiet.

Antonio is annoyed that Sara keeps leaving her shoes in the living room. She distracts him by having him feel the baby kicking. Mariana and Eduardo show up. Eduardo is here to personally pay back what Antonio loaned him to settle his debt to the partnership with Cisneros (no word on what happened to the company). Javi shows up, having psychically sensed the presence of Mariana. From the look on Javi’s face, Eduardo thinks they’re all going to end up living in San Gaspar.

Babies everywhere!

Edwina and Simon are still in the dome. They’ve been growing some plants, with tips from Bruno, and are investigating whether water or subsonic frequencies have a greater effect on their growth rates. They get a Skype alert and a look at their grandchild. Bruno and Laura have decided to name her “Simona.”

Quintin and Fidel are having coffee out on the street when Antonio comes barreling down the road in the jeep with Sara screaming that the babies are on the way. They decide there’s no time to get to the hospital, or get a doctor there. Fidel and Quintin will just have to deliver the TWINS (yep, TWINS) on their own.

Padre reads the news report and calls it a miracle. Fidel disagrees–it was a coincidence! Miracles don’t exist! And to prove it, Fidel’s going to flip a coin. It would be totally expected for it to land on heads or tails, but to land on its side would be a miracle. And yet, it does. Padre Vicente tries it and it lands on its side again. Fidel can’t get out of there fast enough. Padre Vicente tells God it doesn’t matter–Fidel’s one of the most noble of God’s children the Padre has ever met.

Two people go hang gliding. Sara and the twins run out into the field by their house to watch. Antonio lands in the field and tells his client to come back any time. The kids go running up to hug him, and then Sara gets a turn. Antonio loves being in the air.

Sara: I never would have imagined that would be your true vocation.
Antonio: My true vocation is loving you.

Sara and Antonio kiss as the kids run around the field and the bright, colorful FIN appears on the screen.


Thank you to Sara, my awesome Associate Editor, for getting the ball rolling on La Vecina coverage. I would not have even watched this show without your encouragement, and what a show I would have missed!

Thank you to everyone who wrote recaps and summaries and comments about this wonderful show and made it even more fun to watch.

What did you think of La Vecina and the Gran Final? I hope you’ll let us know in the comments and/or join us for the post-Vecina group therapy session…I mean, chat on Saturday. Still no specific time set, so let us know if you have some input on that.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Aww the epi made me cry and then I cried all over again reading the recap. You’re absolutely right about Lucita not being a peace and quiet person Thank you so much for translating word for word Padre Vincente’s speech, I thought it was so moving, and added a special personal touch to the wedding.
I liked the final a lot, thought it was just right for the show.
Thanks Diva, for the lovely recap
and thanks Sara for getting me started watching it.
and thanks everybody for the comments/discussions/recaps.

4 years ago

Kat- A big, big thanks to you for the wonderful recaps, and continuing a place to comment on this cute little show. I really enjoyed how feel good this finale was. I maybe could have done with a tad less fut, but appreciated it as a real part of these characters. It was fun watching the spectators cheering on their teams. The actors looked like they were having a great time. I agree on the wedding dress. I wasn’t a fan, but EP is so beautiful, it’s hard to make her look unattractive. Plus, there was so much love flowing… Read more »

Humble Pie
Humble Pie
4 years ago
Reply to  Vivi


Alternate Scenes courtesy of Solkin Ruz’ twitter 🙂

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  Humble Pie

Thanks for the links to the alternate scenes, I almost liked the alternate ending better.

Humble Pie
Humble Pie
4 years ago

Muchas Gracias by the way. You guys don’t just roll with the punches, you rock!

4 years ago

Thank you Diva for wrapping up the gran final for us! And to you and Sara for closing out the final weeks!! Enjoyed watching this fun tn with all of ya’ll 🙂 My fav parts: -Simon and Edwina in their space jumpsuits -Fidel & quintin’s newspaper pic after delivering the twins -Rafa running CONATROL SG as director -Sara sounding just as surprised as me that Antonio would chose hand-gliding -padre v’s wedding speech Diva, I like your conclusion that we were all sort of right about her wedding dress lol, it was too busy for my taste but as already… Read more »

4 years ago

Thank you Diva for recapping this nice ending to a fun show. I only started following it toward the end but was easily able to catch up through the summaries. I’m glad I found this place! I thought the ending was just so “normal” for a change with novellas. People change jobs and even careers (wow Antonio you really decided to break out of your mold), they move away, make mistakes and, if they are lucky, they have opportunities to make amends and do so. And sometimes they pay terrible consequences for their actions (Pedro sure got his own type… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

(Not ready to let go yet so I came back to read the comments ) Wow a LV dream and you got to go to Bruno’s apt, I love it! Its like your subconscious is writing fanfic for you. Lucky.

4 years ago

It’s taken me this long to read this. I was barely ready for the Fin and I wasn’t ready to read this, the last recap either. I’m not ashamed to admit I teared up, Kat. I will miss talking to everyone about this gem. I had begun to think I was tired of telenovelas when this came along. I always looked forward to getting home from work and watching. What will I do now??? “We shall have to find new ways to ponernos de buenas and olvidar nuestras penas” This really made me cry. I loved the theme song. “It’s… Read more »