El Gran Final de Ruta 35, Friday 2/26/16 #32

Salomon and Mercurio call Marina to tell her they have a surprise for her to pick up in Mexico. Like she cares at this point. But she goes to find them. They’re so proud of themselves I’m surprised she doesn’t deck one of them. They show her Tony, all trussed up in the trunk, and say she can drive him across the border and arrest him in the US.

Conchita has gotten to the “Rick Morgan” part of her story. She knew he was a criminal, but

The Rick Morgan I knew was different. A man who made me feel attractive. Special. Beautiful. Even sexy. Yes, sexy! Definitely sexy! At my 75 years. As if I were a young girl again, falling in love for the first time.

Wilson is wiping away tears. He says it’s a beautiful story, but so sad. The phone rings–it’s Ronald calling to tell her the news about Tomás.

Marina still looks somewhere between angry and numb at Tomás’ funeral. Conchita gives her a big hug.

Marina gets presented with a Medal of Honor and doesn’t smile for the pictures.

Domingo assembles a crew and offers them 5 million for Rogelio dead, and 500 thousand alive. Not that he really cares which. Dylan hears the offer, but says nothing.

Gavilán starts telling all his contacts that Rogelio killed both Camilo and Federico. At the carniceria (butcher shop) there’s a blonde woman at the counter who looks like she’s trying to pretend she’s not listening as Gavilán tells the butcher about the reward being offered.

A doctor is just starting to examine a patient when Rogelio’s two henchmen come in to drag him out to see Rogelio at gunpoint.

At the house, Dylan has now given in and is drinking tequila. During the day. He’s still giving Sofia the same story about how Domingo will get his sentence reduced for bringing in Rogelio. She scoffs at that idea. She doesn’t think Domingo could stand having to go back to jail.

Rogelio’s wound is infected and the doctor doesn’t know if there’s anything he can do. He starts with some IV antibiotics and says he’ll come back the next day to see if Rogelio responds to the treatment. He turns down the wad of cash one of the henchmen offers. He’s angry they brought him here by force and says they don’t need to come fetch him tomorrow. He knows how to get there.

Back at the doctor’s office, the blonde woman from the carniceria comes in. The doctor is her dad and she’s been worried since she heard he was taken out of the clinic. She tells him that Rogelio killed Camilo. She says that Camilo was the only halfway-decent guy in the cartel and the only one who helped her dad when he was fired from the hospital.

The doctor goes to the carniceria to ask where he can find Domingo.

Domingo shows Gavilan, Sofia, and Dylan where the doctor said Rogelio is hiding out. He mentions that the wound Sofia gave Rogelio is killing him (we’d actually be ok if that’s how he finally dies). They talk about blocking the exits and Gavilan leaves to round up some guys.

Rogelio is starting to come around, but he’s a little disoriented. He’s angry to hear that the person he had watching Sofia got killed. The other henchman comes in and announces that Domingo is on his way. He wants to leave, but Rogelio is as stubborn as ever and ready to kill Domingo again after his single dose of IV antibiotics.

Outside, Domingo has his crew outside Rogelio’s hideout, taking cover behind their Hummers. He offers to spare the lives of Rogelio’s men and then makes sure to tell them that Rogelio killed Camilo and Federico. Since Rogelio’s not one to negotiate, a firefight breaks out. Domingo sneaks into the building and somehow, one of Rogelio’s men sneaks around behind him and is about to shoot him. Dylan shoots the guy instead, and then shoots Domingo an annoyed look. Domingo walks around to the back and dispatches another one of Rogelio’s men.

He starts shouting for Rogelio, who emerges from a door holding that damn gold-plated gun. He tells Domingo to throw down his weapon and then confronts him about going after Sofia. After some more macho posturing, Rogelio shoots Domingo in the gut. Rogelio wants him to beg for his life and taunts him with the memory of his mother and his son. He brags about his men raping Domingo’s mother and says he’s going to do the same to Sofia. All the while he keeps moving closer to Domingo, until he’s close enough that Domingo can reach up and dig his thumb into Rogelio’s wound, get the upper hand on him and then…refuse to kill him. Because death is a gift. Exhausted by the effort, Domingo rolls onto the grass. Gavilán finds them there and tries to rouse Domingo. Dylan watches, hesitating, until Gavilán screams at him to help.

Domingo is in the hospital. Sofia comes to visit him and as they hug, we hear the sound of the handcuff hitting the bed rail. Dylan comes in and Domingo asks about Rogelio.

We see Rogelio, chained hand and foot, get escorted into an elevator that descends, endlessly.

Domingo is furious that he’s going back to jail. Dylan makes a cryptic remark about there being things he doesn’t believe in anymore and he wants it to be clear that he’s doing this because he wants to. He clasps Domingo’s hand, walks to the door and says they have 20 minutes before he reports it. Domingo reveals the key in his hand.

Mercurio is all packed and ready to leave Salomon’s. Salo says he’s welcome back any time. He’s got a present for him. A giant stack of cash. Mercurio tries to refuse, but Salomon says he’ll get it all back once he bills the government for his services. “Take it as the commission the Secret Service should have paid you.” Salomon is sure Mercurio’s going to end up being a rich man. Because he’s good. They both promise to be there for each other, Mercurio thanks Salo for being the one good thing about his stay in the US, and Salomon gives him a blessing and sends him on his way. And Salomon is alone again.

Dylan is in his office when John comes in to say the boss is looking for him. The boss chews Dylan out for not bringing Landino in alive, losing an agent, Domingo’s escape…and bringing in Rogelio isn’t enough to make up for all that. He’s not sure what the consequences will be for Dylan. In response, Dylan hands over his gun and his badge. He’s had enough.

Domingo visits Rebeca. He thinks Rebeca owes it to Gavilán to forgive him, especially after Gavilán forgave her for what he did to Gavilán and to Domingo. He sings Gavilán’s praises as the best worker he’s ever had–he’s loyal, honest, willing to risk his own life for Domingo’s, he left his family, he left his town, he even left Rebeca. “My mom used to say ‘We’ve all got baggage–some small, some big. Sometimes we leave it behind and go through life without it.’ Gavilan’s problem is that his baggage is me. So, do you accept him–baggage and all–or not?” Rebeca turns the question around on him. Is HE willing to accept Gavilán when she’s the baggage? Of course! Because it’s Gavilán. The best hench EVER. But the thing is…he, Sofia, and Gavilán are all leaving. They’ve got to start over somewhere. So will Rebeca come with them?

Marina meets Mercurio before he leaves. He’s going to collect the family and move back to Mexico. He tries to repay Marina, but she won’t accept it. She finally accepts and they hug. Marina watches him walk away.

Back at the house, she ponders her medal of honor, gets into casual clothes, washes her face. She finds that last kilo Tomás had taped under the toilet and breaks down. I say some unkind words about Tomás.

Julia and Jacobo are outside. Julia starts feeding some chickens, and then she hears Mercurio call to her. She runs and hugs him and then he goes over to pick up his son. He teases Julia about what she must be feeding Jacobo that he’s gotten so big.

Conchita meets with a publisher in an office I swear we’ve seen before, just with a different sign behind the guy’s head. She tells him everything in the book is exactly what happened. All she did was change the names. So, what did he think? He’d like to start with a limited print run…though if she used the real names they could double their sales. She could expose the corruption in the system…. Conchita refuses.

Padre Venancio, Ronald, Wilson, and Conchita celebrate the book deal and the guys tease her about royalties for the use of their likenesses in the book.

Dylan meets with Alejandro Mendoza’s lawyer. He has the list of witnesses the prosecution will be calling and he recommends Alejandro plead guilty. If not, Dylan and the lawyer will have a lot of work to do to try to prove his innocence. But that’s what Alejandro wants, and it would help them if they knew the details about the investigation. Dylan won’t give up that information–it’s still confidential, even if he’s not a federal employee anymore. The lawyer offers him more than what he made in years as an agent, but Dylan has his principles. “Tell your client that I decide my salary and if he wants me to work on his case, I make the rules.”

Mercurio works with a few boys on their soccer skills. Is he starting up that school he was always talking about? He calls for a break for the boys and goes over to sit with Julia and Jacobo. They’re starting to get more interest in the school and hopefully some more boys will start showing up. She teases him that Jacobo won’t be training with him–Julia’s going to teach him to play fútbol Americano. Mercurio is glad to be back with his family and promises Julia they’ll never want for anything again.

Salomon goes over to Jimena’s with presents. He’s missed them.

Rebeca stands out in front of a house watering the bushes. She gets a call and busts out laughing.

Sofia, Domingo, and Gavilán have tequila. Gavilán says he’d like a big ranch with a bunch of kids running around. Domingo and Sofia want to be the godparents of all those kids. Domingo sees Rebeca laughing and wonders why. Gavilán goes to check on her while Domingo smooches Sofia.

Rebeca’s still laughing when Gavilán gets to her. ICE finally released her reward! But how’s she supposed to get it when she can’t get back into the country legally? She says he’s engaged to a millionaire who won’t ever be able to get her millions. Gavilán laughs and says she’s got him and he loves her.

Domingo ponders going to a different country, but what would they do there? He wants to get some land, have some kids. Sofia says wherever Domingo is, that’s home to her. All of a sudden a bunch of guys show up and start shooting at them. They take cover and Domingo says he has no idea who they are. He and Sofia emerge from behind their cover, firing away. Together.


Thanks to everyone who’s been following this with us.

Now that it’s all over, I think I’m a little disappointed to have been right about Tomás turning out to be a bad guy. Marina wasn’t our favorite agent, but what she had to go through isn’t what I would have wished on her.

There were some things we though would have to happen at the end of the show. The couples, of course, would need to be together–Domingo and Sofia; Rebeca and Gavilán. They’ve left it open whether Salomon reconciles with Jimena (and the girls), but maybe Mercurio rubbed off on him a little.

But what about Dylan and Diane? Having a baby seemed so important to them, I was sure that would be part of their resolution. And how the heck did this get billed as Dylan’s show?

Conchita’s book was somewhat unexpected.

And, of course, we’re glad Mercurio emerged from this in one piece, got his family back, and actually got started on something he’d been talking about for so long.

All in all, this felt less like an ending than a beginning.

What did you think?

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