¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/3/16 #16

Fabiola’s salon scheme

Fabiola and Armando play out their little charade for Humberto and she walks out, having turned herself into the aggrieved party. Now that he’s insulted her so terribly and humiliated her in front of all her salon friends, she’s had it and she’s moving out! Why should she stick around? So next time he gets jealous he shoots her instead? (The gross thing is, Humberto’s behavior is crossing a line, and Fabiola’s making a good point, but that all gets obscured by the fact that we know she’s a fake and a liar.)

Icky Iggy’s plotting

Mystery solved: Ignacio paid someone at the hotel to alter the security videos. Well, at least he didn’t get to the PI? Ivonne lets him know the Spanish investors will be there at 2 and the contracts are ready for them to sign. “Leonardo” will be along, Ignacio’s sure. He sees Basilio and asks to speak with him.

So, about that talk they were having yesterday…? Basilio has been following him around lately and “Leonardo” has been spending a lot of time at…the gym. Yep, yep, working out. And then he gets something to eat, but not just anything, it’s…something healthy. And then, he’s been spending a lot of time at his…singing lessons. Oh, the barrio? Well, that’s where his singing teacher lives. A nice man, older, he’s trained lots of people–you know Marc Anthony? Well, he didn’t train him, but he’s a huge fan–Ignacio cuts him off. He’s only interested in “Leonardo.” Well, that’s all Basi knows, but, uh, if he finds out anything more, he’ll let Ignacio know.

Basilio tries calling Pedro, but he gets Gwen instead. He calls Karen, the maid, and she says “Leonardo” is still asleep and Ignacio gave her instructions not to disturb him. What to do, what to do? Basilio goes running out of the office.

Basilio gets to the Fuentemayor house and finds Pedro completely passed out.

Ignacio gets a frosty reception from Fernanda after his crappy attitude the night before. He whines and pouts and she agrees to forgive him, as long as he never threatens her again. They review the contract and Ignacio is annoyed that it’s actually going to benefit Fuentemayor Corp. Ivonne announces the arrival of the Spanish investors and Ignacio asks her to take them to the board room and make them comfortable. When she leaves, Ignacio tries to gloss over the fact that “Leonardo” won’t be coming, but Fernanda insists on an explanation.

Ignacio blames it all on the drinking “Leonardo” did the night before, and while Fer is more or less willing to accept that explanation, she doesn’t entirely trust Ignacio not to have drugged him. “And what if I did? I think you’re taking the fiancée role a little too seriously.” She reminds him it’s not going to be convincing if she still wants to marry “Leonardo” after Ignacio has drugged him into insensibility. They head off to the meeting.

Basilio can neither rouse Pedro nor physically get him up off the bed. He looks like he needs a crane. Finally Pedro wakes up enough to see Basilio hovering over him and freaks out. He’s having a lot of trouble with his coordination…and his speech…and remembering who Basilio is and why he’s talking about an office! Basi shoves him into the bathroom to take a shower while he begs the Virgen for help and goes to get some good strong coffee!

When Basilio comes back, he can’t find Pedro. Not in the bathroom, and not downstairs, either.

Ignacio swans into the meeting with Don Fermin, thinking he can make a vague excuse about “Leonardo” not being available and get them to sign the contract. Don Fermin and his associate insist that their deal was with “Leonardo” and unless he or his father is there to sign the contract, they consider it a sign of disrespect. Ignacio asks Ivonne to try contacting “Leonardo” one more time and Fernanda gives him a dirty look.

Pedro is stumbling around in town somewhere. When Ivonne calls him, he says he’s already told them he doesn’t know anything about any Españoles and hangs up on her. As she’s telling Fernanda that he sounded weird…drunk or drugged or something…Don Fermin overhears and is furious that this is the reason he didn’t make it to the meeting.

Basilio is still driving around looking for Pedro as Don Fermin is opting to walk out of the office. What the hell kind of company is this with executives on drugs? He’s outta there. But Ignacio convinces them to stay, saying of course they’re a serious company, and he’s just as capable of talking them through the contract as “Leonardo”–after all, they wrote the proposal together. The company never would have made it this far if there wasn’t someone to pick up the slack every time an executive goes on a bender. It sounds like a ridiculous line of reasoning, to make it sound like they’re prepared because this happens all the time, but Don Fermin is at least willing to go back to the board room and listen to Ignacio.

Don Fermin, after the mess with “Leonardo” and having never even met Humberto, wants a penalty clause added to the contract. A 10% fine in case Fuentemayor Corp. doesn’t hold up their end or there are any delays. Fernanda tries to suggest that clause be mutual, but Ignacio counters that maybe they should re-negotiate the contract so Don Fermin’s company is providing a lower percentage of the capital because blah, blah, blah, lower investment, somewhat lower profits, more opportunities in Spain.

Don Fermin ends up signing the contract, and after the good time they had yesterday, Fermin is now more than ready to throw “Leonardo” over the side. He wants Ignacio to be the one who handles his business from now on. Fernanda looks steamed.

Connie and Nora’s continued shopping adventures

Connie and Nora arrive at the Mercado de la Raza and Connie is so fascinated by the food court that she lets Nora go get chiles while she sticks around to record everything with her ever-present video camera.

Yesenia and Lupe are hanging out drinking something frozen-looking out of tall glasses. Yesenia brags about how she’s not as embarrassed about dancing as she used to be and she’s surprised the guys freeze instead of accosting her. Lupe heard that Melquiades is thinking of raising the ticket prices, and they agree he’d better be bumping Yesenia’s commission as well. Connie comes over with the camera and asks them to tell her “audience” what they’re drinking and Yesenia mocks her and tells her to get the hell out of there! Sad Connie shuts the viewfinder and walks away. So, why did Yesenia do it? Because she recognized Connie from the fights…and she hangs out with Hipster Ruben as his “assistant”…but she’s SURE Connie has a thing for him! Yeah, it’s that last one. Yesenia’s rants are getting tiresome.

Connie stops at the piñateria and asks Inés about her inspiration. She’s the one who ends up inspired by Inés words–as it takes form, the piñata tells you what it wants to be. When Nora catches up with her, Connie insists she wants ALL the big star-shaped piñatas–after all, they are throwing a big Mexican-themed party, right? You’ve gotta have piñatas for that! Nora talks her into taking just one.

“Pedro’s” messy love life

“Pedro” catches up to Paloma as she’s on her way to get Cachito from school. She tells him to leave her alone and quit giving people something to talk about. He wants her to know he’s not going to marry Cocó. He doesn’t feel anything for her, they have nothing in common, he said he would do the right thing, but the right thing isn’t marrying her! “You just don’t remember.” Well, why would he want to marry Cocó, when Paloma is the only woman he thinks about?

As Nora and Connie are heading home, Connie has the camera pointed out the window. They pass right by “Pedro” and Paloma on the sidewalk, but Connie has her head turned, talking to Nora.

“Pedro” sees Connie and the camera and it catches his attention. He turns to Paloma and says he thinks he knows the woman in the car that just drove by! Of course Paloma takes that entirely the wrong way. For Leonardo. For Pedro she’d probably be right.

He feels she’s someone important and Paloma says there were two women in the car–one older, one younger. It’s the older one! He had the feeling it’s someone he’s known his whole life. He’s agitated because he didn’t call out or approach them and now he’ll never know. Paloma tells him to calm down, he’s probably just confusing her for someone at the mercado.

“Pedro” agrees. Besides, they were talking about something more important–he’s already talked to Cocó and he’s sure she will realize eventually that this wedding is a bad idea. He hopes Paloma will think about it, because she’s the only woman he cares about. Paloma leaves to go get Cachito.


Dani visits Santiago in prison and brings him the latest books from “their” favorite author. They reminisce about meeting when he came to visit “Isa” in London and Daniela slips up and calls her “Fer.” She covers by saying she always loved Isabela’s middle name. “But she hates it!” They used to joke about her having a name that sounded like a telenovela villain “Isabela Fernanda.”

Santi gets serious. He knows Isa is determined to get him out of prison and he’s afraid she’ll do something stupid to make that happen. Daniela reassures him that she won’t let his sister do anything stupid.

He’s so glad she came to see him. He had other friends that used to, but little by little they stopped coming. He thinks they probably believe he’s guilty.

Casa Fuentemayor

Connie and Nora get back to the house and start unloading all the party supplies. Connie loved the piñateria and can’t wait to get back there and do a formal report on the lady who owns it. She mentions she was there before, but it was night and the mercado was closed. Nora is worried about her being out there alone at night. They’re interrupted by the arrival of Fabiola, who pretends to be nice to Connie and asks to speak to her. “Uh, sure, after I help Nora unpack.” Fab asks about the party stuff and Nora explains that Don Humberto told her to prepare a Mexican dinner for their Spanish clients. Fabiola walks out of the kitchen after sneering in the general direction of the piñata. Connie mocks Nora gently for thinking Fab wants to apologize. “Oh, Noris! I bet you still believe in Santa Claus and el Ratoncito.” (El Ratoncito is the one who takes the teeth children place under their pillows and replaces them with a coin or a small gift.)

When Connie goes up to Fabiola’s room, she’s packing. Fabiola apologizes for what she said yesterday and asks her to forget the terrible things she said. She really lays it on thick and Connie checks her for a fever. Fabiola blames her mood on the “problems” she’s having with Humberto, says their position in the house is in danger, and…”Oh! I get it! You’re being nice to me because you want me to help you with Bert!” As Fabiola is backtracking, Humberto arrives and asks to speak with Fabiola alone.

Fabiola continues her fake packing, which annoys the crap outta me because she’s packing nice dresses by tossing them in a suitcase, which means one of the maids is going to have to either take them all to the dry cleaners or iron them. After all her bad behavior, Humberto rewards her with a not-too-gaudy diamond necklace, and Fabi turns her nose up at it. Because she’s not a woman who can be bought with expensive jewelry. I got a laugh out of that. Humberto grovels, but Fabiola holds firm. (What, is she angling for a bigger necklace? A matching bracelet? A new car?) She magnanimously agrees to stay for his big dinner, just so she doesn’t embarrass him, but she doesn’t know if she can forgive him.

En el mercado

Inés asks Yesenia if she didn’t happen to put $250 in the coffee can on top of the fridge…? Nope, Yesenia would have told her. They’re joking about Sara and her duendes and absent-minded people as “Pedro” walks in. Inés happily tells him she sold one of his piñatas. She mentions a girl with a camera and Yesenia pipes in, annoyed that Connie’s gaping at them all “like animals in a zoo.” “Pedro” asks if there was an older lady with her, but once Inés and Yesenia seem alarmed he tells them to just ignore him, it’s nothing.

“Pedro” is still sitting there, thinking, as Yesenia and Inés banter about the mystery money. He remembers complimenting someone on their roses and calling her “Nora.” He blurts out her name and Yesenia thinks it’s time to do the roll call again–that’s “Inés” or “Mom,” she’s “Yesenia.” No, it’s the woman who was with the girl who bought the piñata! Her name is Nora. Inés and Yesenia look worried.

Eugenio talks to Paloma about Justino’s continued reign of terror at the house. He’s now forbidding Magdalena from watching her telenovela because it’s full of “indecency.” And Magdalena is going along with it para llevar la fiesta en paz (to keep things peaceful; to avoid stirring up trouble). Eugenio doubts she’s ever going to change and Paloma laments that she doesn’t think Magdalena has ever even asked herself what SHE wants. (Well, of course not, with Justino around to tell her every five minutes, the jackass.) And oh, by the way, “Pedro” was looking for her earlier. Did he talk to her?

They move the conversation out to the front of the shop once Paloma has filled him in. He knows she likes “Pedro” as much as “Pedro” likes her–she blushes every time they talk about him! Doña Tencha overhears them saying something about “Pedro” breaking up with Cocó, but Paloma tells her to mind her own business and shoos her away. She tells Eugenio she only told him about “Pedro” so he can help her convince him to stay with Cocó.

Pedro has finally stumbled his way to the mercado. Fernanda is out of the meeting and furious with Ignacio for putting her in this position. She calls “Leonardo” and Pedro answers and says “he doesn’t live here” and hangs up on her. And then he looks around and realizes he has no idea where he is.

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4 years ago

Thank you so much. I don’t like comedy so I am not watching. Now, “Leonardo” will suffer amnesia due to the drugs maybe?