¿Quién es Quién? Friday 3/4/16 #17

Pedro stumbles around the market trying to pick up mannequins. Fernanda calls him, but he mumbles something about not living there and hangs up on her. He wonders where he is.

Tencha gossips with Lupita about seeing “Perico” leaving Cocó’s house. Cocó was barely covered and she was telling Perico how viril he was the night before. Lupita thinks it’s really none of their business what two consenting adults want to do. Tencha tells Lupita that Pedro told Paloma he was breaking up with Cocó. And how awful is that what with Cocó surely being pregnant.

The ladies see a stumbling Pedro and Tencha wants to go off. Lupita talks her down. Tencha is a LADY. Una DAMA.

Basi looks for “Leonardo” and finds him weighing oranges. Basi wrestles him into the car.

The real Leonardo is with Renata talking about seeing Nora and the memory it triggered. Renata reminds him that sometimes the memories that come back aren’t necessarily important ones. Leo disagrees. He feels like he’s known that woman all his life. They move on to his relationship with Cocó. Renata wants to know why he broke up with Cocó. Then she asks if they were intimate. “Pedro” says Cocó came on strong, but he rejected her. He feels like a weight has been lifted now that he’s broken it off. I’m not a therapist, but Renata seemed a little too interested in his love life for my liking. It may have been totes legit, but the way the actress played it seemed a little too….breathless(?) to me.

Nora oversees the making of the Mexican feast. Connie helps out. When they get a moment, Nora asks Connie how the conversation went with Fabiola. Connie sarcastically tells her it was a wonderful conversation and that her mother loves her *so* much. Nora tells Connie she can talk to her about anything. Nora will not betray Connie’s confidence. Fabiola overhears.

Ignacio wants Fernanda to praise him for saving the deal. Then they continue their fight about drugging Leo. Fernanda thinks that their plan won’t matter if she ends up a widow before she even gets married.

Basi calls Fernanda. He’s found “Leo.” She tells him to bring Leo to her apartment.

Cocó is NOT pregnant. The doctor got her test results back and despite all the typical telenovela signs (nausea, fainting, needing a reason to keep “Perico” tied to Cocó), it’s not a pregnancy at all. Cocó has worms. Ok, I think the doctor said “ambebiasis” and I would link to some articles, but…ew…and the symptoms (diahrrea, excessive gas) don’t match Cocó’s symptoms at all. I’m partly amused by this refreshing change of plot device and partly grossed out. The doctor will prescribe her some meds and warns her to stop eating street foods.

Basi takes “Leo” to Fernanda’s. Basi really wants to stay, but Fernanda sends him away.  Leo doesn’t seem to want him to go either, but Basi finally leaves. Leo plants a big kiss on Fernanda. She looks totally into it. He ends the kiss and calls her “guitarrita”. She seems a little confused. He likes her delicious kisses that taste like cherries. Apparently she wears flavored lipstick. She tries to get him to remember what happened and tries to get up to make coffee. Leo passes out again, but comes to quickly. He kisses her.

Ignacio tells Humberto that the contract got signed and that Leo didn’t show up because he was drunk. Humberto can’t believe that Leo did that. Ignacio humblebrags about saving the deal. Then he tries to calm Humberto down. Humberto tells Ignacio he was a jealous jerk with Fabiola and asks for help with her.

Leo is snoring on Fernanda’s bed. She’s prepared him a bath. She thinks it will help. She tries to get him off the bed and he gets up close and personal. Fernanda doesn’t know what to make of the sudden chemistry, I think. She offers to make coffee…again. He slumps back onto the bed and tries to take off his shoes, wondering if his feet have gotten bigger.

Hipster Ruben is busy watching his recording of Candy when Yesenia comes up and asks if he’s selling porn now. He corrects her. If she can’t tell, that’s wrestling ring in the video…not porn. All Yesenia can see is some gal who is “empelotada” (naked.) She thinks the girl is super skinny and ugly.  Hipster Ruben calls the girl an artist, a goddess plucked from Olympus. Yesenia smiles a little.

Johnathan is annoyed with “Pedro”. Pedro may not remember, but they are best buds. Pedro says if Johnathan is annoyed because Termi is in love with Cocó, he doesn’t need to worry. Pedro is breaking up with Cocó. The refreshing dysentery pot twist is completely destroyed by Johnathan telling Pedro that Cocó is pregnant.

Fabiola is odious. She swans into the kitchen and tells Nora to forget the high-prep Mexican meal that they spent hours getting ready. Fabiola has has brought in catering from the finest French restaurant in LA.

Cocó visits with Sara and Inés. Perico walks in and asks for Paloma. Paloma isn’t there, but Cocó is. Cocó tells him she went to the doctor and before she can finish, Perico is already telling her he knows she’s pregnant. Oh look, now Paloma is there. *facepalm* Perico tells Cocó to just admit it, which she promptly does. With the accident and his memory loss, she just forgot to tell him. Paloma runs upstairs. It’s like watching a train wreck.

Nora tries to explain that Humberto wanted a Mexican dinner. Fabiola says Humberto changed his mind. Fabiola is the lady of the house and Nora should have consulted with her before making all her “fritanguitas” (diminutive of “fritanga”-fried things.) Nora says that in the past she just did whatever Humberto told her to do, but from now on she won’t even fry an egg without consulting Fabiola. Fabiola seems pleased with that and then tells Nora to take the tamales to the church soup kitchen. “Those people” would surely enjoy it. Fabiola wonders why Humberto even thought serving “ranch” food to such fine people was a good idea. I hate Fabiola even more for looking fabulous in that dress.

More arguing with Yesenia and Hipster Ruben. Ok, writers…..let’s move this along. Yesenia looks more and more like a middle schooler. If you keep this up, I’m not going to like her at all. He goes on about the girl in the video being an artist and how much she must practice. Blah Blah. Lupita tells Yesenia to get a move on.

Fernanda asks “Leo” if he remembers anything about the night before. Fernanda finds it odd that he would be so affected by a couple shots of mezcal. She wants to know if he’s still taking his meds for anxiety and he says he is. Ah! That must be it! The mezcal and the pills. The camera zeroes in on the cup of coffee and it feels like we are all supposed to note that he’s drinking the coffee. I just can’t tell if it’s important or not. He tries to get snuggly again. She tries to leave and he pulls her back for a smoldering kiss.

Cocó swears she was just waiting until Perico had his memory back to tell him. Inés tells Cocó what a blessing a child is. Sara tells the truth–dirty diapers and sleepless nights. I hope Cocó is scared out of her wits.

Upstairs, Paloma seems to be taking out her anger on Cachito’s wet hair. He knows some man made her mad. Men are only worth it when they are young. They grow up to be jerks. He learned this watching telenovelas with Sara.

Yay. Justino. NOT. I recap this under extreme duress. He’s talking about Cocó’s pregnancy. Magdalena thinks maybe Tencha exaggerated, but he seems to think Tencha is a good source. He grumbles about good-for-nothing Perico getting Cocó pregnant. He moves on to the subject of his shameless daughter. Magdalena sticks up for her daughter. All Justino can think about is people at the market laughing at him. Magdalena gets up for more tortillas and accidentally spills some water. Justino calls her useless. Ass.

Nora voices her complaints to Humberto. She spent all day working on dinner. Humberto explains he’s trying to make up with Fabiola. He was a jealous ass and now Fabi might leave. Nora seems surprised that they fought.

Basi takes “Leo” home. He was so worried that in his drunken/weird state Leo might spill all the beans about who he really was. Leo seems dreamy over Fernanda. Her kisses rescued him from insanity. Basi thinks something weird is going on though. Ignacio seemed pretty happy that Leo was not going to be at the meeting. Basi warns him to watch out for Ignacio.

Where the hell are the opening credits?

Los españoles arrive. Humberto apologizes for not being at the meeting and for Leo’s behavior. Fermin compliments Ignacio. Fabiola praises Ignacio too. Humberto says Ignacio is a huge help to him.

“Pedro” and Cocó argue about her not telling him she was pregnant.  Oh puke. He’s going to make sure the baby has a home with a mom and a dad. He gets down to the nitty gritty. How are they going to afford it, who will be the ob/gyn. Cocó looks sacred. She tells Perico she needs to rest and drags him to the door. After he leaves she spazzes. Should she tell the truth? Should she get herself pregnant? Then she agonizes about what a pregnancy will do to her figure.

Connie is mad on Nora’s behalf. How dare Fabiola ruin the meal Nora planned? She dips a carrot in something and Nora warns her that whatever it was it’s SUPER spicy. Nora goes off to get something. Connie puts the SUPER spicy liquid in the chafing dishes of French food.

“Leo” arrives for the dinner with the Spanish investors. He’s charming and Leticia seems fine. Fermin looks like he’s still mad. Fernanda arrives. They all go in to the dining room.

“Pedro” talks to Paloma. He swears he didn’t know about the pregnancy. That’s why he told Paloma he was breaking up with Cocó. He didn’t remember anything. He doesn’t remember any feelings for Cocó. Paloma tells him to save it. He’s the same selfish guy as always, using women for he personal satisfaction.


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Thank you. I hate those kind of plots device like fake pregnancies uff


Gracias, Sara! I’m starting to run the risk of quoting the entire thing here. What was it about this episode? Fake pregnancy plot…but wait, it’s parasites…but wait, everyone else does the work of spreading the rumor FOR her. Whaaaaa?! “Fabiola is odious…I hate Fabiola even more for looking fabulous in that dress.” You said it, sister. I don’t even care why she did what she did–to assert herself as “the lady of the house”? because she’s jealous that Connie likes Nora better? What. Ever. I hate that she’s pulling the wool over Humberto’s eyes. I’m also with you on the… Read more »