¿Quién es Quién? Monday 3/7/16 #18

Paloma tells “Perico” to stop using his amnesia as an excuse for everything. She  finishes her rant about the selfish, womanizing “Perico” by asking him to avoid her as much as possible and stop telling her mushy things like he thinks about her all the time.

Termi complains to Johnathan about Perico. Not only did he take Cocó, but he got her pregnant. “Perico” comes in on this and tells Termi he plans to take responsibility and marry Cocó. Did he really think that was going to make Termi happy? Termi stomps out. Perico confides in Johnathan how afraid he is (as the recapper notes his wiping the beer bottle.) Perico wants the child to have a warm and loving home, but how can Perico manage that if he doesn’t even love the mother?

Humberto starts talking about the stock exchange, but Leticia interrupts and asks “Leonardo” to sing for them again. The family looks confused. Leticia is insistent. She gets Fermin to request it, too. Leonardo caves and says he’ll sing a romantic song. Connie gets up to start the music, on her way, she films herself and tells her audience that they are about to see something inexplicable-Leonard Fuentemayor SINGING.

He launches into what sounds like the same song from before. He makes googly eyes at Fernanda throughout. [Half-assed google searches did not seem to yield any information, but I would like to know what song it is.]

Eres mi bien. Mi luz del camino que señala mi destino, ques es estar junto a ti por siempre. Como una luz, como una estrella en el cielo, que iluminó mi noche cuando llegaste tú.

He finishes with one last “cuando llegaste tú” and a kiss on Fernanda’s hand. Leticia notes that he put his soul into it. Leo says his heart, too since he’s so in love. Fernanda taught him to love in a way he didn’t think existed. Fermin thinks a kiss is in order. Leo goes for it. Fernanda looks into it. Ignacio seethes.

Fermin wants another song, but the dinner arrives. Connie excitedly tells the group about the delicious dinner her mother prepared. While it’s served Humberto and Leonardo whisper about his singing….and other secrets he keeps like drinking.

Of course it’s snails. If it’s french food, it’s always snails. But these snails have a Mexican kick to them. Everyone chokes and the food is sent back. Nora tests it and realizes what Connie has done. Thank goodness there are tamales to eat! Leticia is thrilled with them. They are delicious and remind her of her honeymoon in Mexico. Take that Fabiola. I hope your fabulous dress gets ruined at the dry cleaners.

“Pedro” talks to Johnathan. Was he always such a man-whore? Johnathan tries to put a positive spin on things. Well, yeah. Maybe. But Perico is going to take responsibility with Cocó, isn’t he? That counts for something. “Perico” is really not happy about his bad reputation. A good man wouldn’t get himself in this kind of mess and lose the woman he truly loves.

Lupita tells Yesenia to come clean. She likes Ruben, doesn’t she? Yesenia says maybe he’s a little handsome…but he likes girls like Candy, not girls like Yesenia. Um? You are Candy. Lupita doesn’t get her reasoning any better than I do.

Ines catches Paloma crying and offers her shoulder to cry on. Paloma is in love with Perico, isn’t she? This whole situation has got to be hard for Paloma. If Ines had the choice, she would have chosen Paloma as nuera. But she has to respect Perico’s decisions. They talk about how different he’s been since the accident. It’s like he’s another person. Ines is sure Paloma will find a man who values Paloma. Perico arrives and Paloma runs upstairs.

Cocó wanders around her house in…a Pikachu onesie? [Which I love!] She is convinced Perico is going to eventually fall in love with her. She tries to magically will him to her house and knock on the door. Termi shows up intstead. He says he will take care of the child. He continues to profess his love. My husband feels so bad for him and wants Cocó to change her mind and get with Termi. He’s relieved when I tell him that I think that’s the way things might go.

Ines wonders to “Pedro” if he’s doing the right thing. She’s there to support him no matter what. He thanks her, calling her “Ines.”

Fabiola confronts Nora about the dinner. She thinks she did it on purpose. She doesn’t believe Nora when she denies it. Nora reminds Fabiola that HUMBERTO is her boss and asks Fabiola to leave her alone. See, Connie? Your little joke backfired. I’m not cool with this. (But I’m not ready to label her “spoiled brat” yet either.)

Humberto gets a text and he looks happy. He goes upstairs and is greeted by a lingerie clad Fabiola. Burp. She’s forgiven him. Whatever. She’s playing him again if you ask me.

Candy does the dance of a thousand sequins. She gets Hipster Ruben’s attention and calls him over and gives him some foot action. A drunk stumbles into the ring and gets grabby. Hipster Ruben throws a punch, but the drunk guy throws a bigger punch and a gut shot and knocks Ruben to the ground. My husband says he sort of deserved it for wearing those yellow pants.

Cachito tells Perico about his bad dream. He found his dad, but when he got close enough to see him, he ran away before Cachito could see his face. “You don’t know your dad?” Perico asks. Cachito wants to sleep with his mom. Perico takes his hand and walks him upstairs to Paloma’s bedroom. Paloma sees Perico at the door.

Ignacio comes to Fernanda’s house to jealously threaten her for actually falling for Leonardo. What the hell does she think she’s doing, to actually like being wooed?  What.an.ass. She reminds him that the plan to marry Leo was IGNACIO’S plan, not hers.

Fabiola asks Humberto to never doubt her again. He swears he’ll never do it again, but he asks her to promise to never leave him. He’d die.

FYI-Do NOT, I repeat do NOT mess with Yesenia. She will round-house kick you in the head and take you down like a rabid squirrel. I love the damsel rescuing the guy!!!

Ignacio continues his jealous assery and gets way too violently affectionate. Fernanda slaps him and tells her he won’t take her by force.

Hipster Ruben feels the need to make lame excuses. He claims he was caught off guard. Okaaay. “Candy” laughs at him. Ruben thinks maybe she could give him fighting lessons. He asks about her mask. Why does she wear it? Is she hiding some scar? Or maybe she’s afraid he’ll recognize her?? [Oh, he *has* to be messing with her!] He steals a kiss, but Lupita comes in about the same time Yesenia is pushing him away. Melquiades is pissed about the fight. [Dumbass, he could make a killing if he would put Yesenia in the ring as a FIGHTER.] Ruben scurries out. Lupita and Yesenia squeee to each other about the kiss [like middle schoolers…c’mon writers.]

Ignacio continues his jealous ranting. Fernanda thinks maybe they didn’t know Leonardo as well as they thought…and that’s going to make it hard to control him. Ignacio just warns her that if she does anything with Leo, the problem is going to be hers. Go to hell, Ignacio.

The next morning, Connie waxes rhapsodic about the tamales. Nora is not too pleased. Nora knows Connie put the chiles in the escargot. Connie tries to deny it. Nora scolds Connie. It was a dangerous prank. The Spaniards aren’t used to spicy foods. What if something had happened? Connie thought the look on her mother’s face when she realized the dinner was ruined was poetry.

Fabiola and Humberto post nookie. He wouldn’t mind fighting again if it meant another glorious reconciliation. Fabiola wants her place as the lady of the house. Humberto thinks she was so supportive last night. Fabiola thinks things were great until Nora played that stupid joke. [Personally, I think Fabiola totally knows it was Connie, but she’s using it as an excuse to get rid of Nora.]

Downstairs, Nora asks Connie to please not cause her any more problems. Humberto comes down and asks Connie to leave. Nora knows why he’s there. Does Humberto think Nora is guilty? Does he really think she could do that. Humberto apologizes. It’s just that Fabiola wants an explanation and he’s trying to get one. He’s not going to get it from Nora.

Sara tells Ines that she thinks Cocó is taking advantage of Perico’s amnesia. Cocó is just trying to “endilgar” (land/saddle with) Perico. Ines dismisses this. Percio was always a womanizer. He was bound to get someone pregnant. Paloma and Cachito must have overslept.

Fabiola confronts Connie. She thinks her daughter conspired with Nora to add the chiles to the snails. Nora is jealous of Fabiola. She’s always wanted to be the lady of the house and is angry that Humberto picked Fabiola. I echo Connie’s question-“Mom, do you have cellulitis of the brain?” Nora is a lady and very understanding and worries about others, unlike Fabiola who is just worried about her own self. Fabiola warns Connie that Nora’s days in the house are numbered. Connie tells her that Nora means a lot to Humberto, so don’t count on it.

Connie goes outside to film a piñata. Leonardo comes out and asks where she got it. At the Mercado La Raza at a little stand called “El Torito”. Oh! And there’s there’s this awesome, super-inspiring woman there….


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Gracias, Sara! Speaking of awesome and super-inspiring 😀 I loved everything you had to say about Candy and the Dance of A Thousand Sequins and the fight! Melquiades is a dumbass if he’s angry. Other than possible liability issues with the drunk guy, the crowd loved it–and I would think anybody who goes crawling into that ring had better not even TRY to blame the venue for what happens. Ay, Connie. I agree, not quite spoiled brat, but not being a responsible adult and thinking about the consequences of her actions, either. I’m formulating a theory about Connie and the… Read more »