¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 3/8/16 #19

Connie shows “Leonardo” her video interview of Inés. Connie tries to fast forward to the crazy chick (Yesenia) that threatened to beat her up, but she stops at the image of the real Leonardo with Paloma.

Yesenia gives “Perico” a hard time for not being careful and getting Cocó pregnant. Sara doesn’t think Perico needs to marry Cocó at all, just pay child support and be there for the child. Perico disagrees. Sara doesn’t understand marrying someone you don’t love. Inés thinks maybe he’ll grow to love her in time. Yesenia and I both scoff at the idea. Yesenia also brings up the fact that Pedro has nothing to his name. Inés offers to let Pedro and Cocó live in the back room.

Ignacio has some secret little thing going on. Whoever he’s talking to, he’s going to pay them well. The job has to be done today.

Uy. Connie is bound to be a successful telenovela writer at least. She jumps from picture of Leo with girl on street to Leo is secretly married with kids conclusion in 2 seconds. That’s imagination. “Leo” tells her to slow her conjecture roll. That’s no secret wife, that’s his singing teacher. He has a passion for Mexican music and decided to learn in the heart of Mexican music in LA. He asks Connie not to say anything to anyone. Ignacio comes out and gives “Leo” oily compliments about the dinner and the success with the Spaniards.

Paloma talks to her mom at the mercado. They miss each other, but mom notices Paloma seems a little sad. Paloma brushes it off. Magdalena once again asks Paloma to talk to her dad and apologize. Paloma stands firm. Justino is the one that needs to apologize.

Leo tells Connie how awesome that neighborhood is, but asks her not to spend any more time there. She won’t promise that, but she won’t tell anyone. Leo asks Basilio to do some investigating of the “mercado” which Basi takes to mean business, but Leo explains he means El Mercado de la Raza.

Ignacio gives Ivonne some instructions. Ew. They flirt a little. Poor Basi!! Damn, I don’t want her to be team Ignacio. Fernanda and Daniela arrive. Daniela has an interview.

Cocó tells Leo they need to get married soon. Leo tells Cocó that Inés offered them a room. Cocó is not happy about that idea. They can live at her house. She suggests they get it on. She babbles something about the baby arriving…IF it arrives. *recordscratch* She waves off her comment.

Daniela tells Fernanda about her visit to Santiago. Fernanda tells Daniela that Ignacio is a jealous ass. Daniela wonders if maybe Fernanda does have feeling for Leo. Fernanda admits that Leo is such a different guy that she can’t believe he’s the same guy that put her brother in jail.

A reporter (Monica Veres) comes to see Santiago. She is writing an exposé about the unethical business practices at the Funetemayor company. Santiago at first refuses to be interviewed as it may hurt his case. Mónica says his is not the only case. There are other companies that Fuentemayor industries acquired using fraud or traps. She can help clear his name. Santiago agrees to talk.

Daniela convinces Fernanda to tell Leonardo the truth about her.

“Leonardo” talks to Humberto about his commission for the deal with the Spaniards. Humberto thinks he’s crazy, acting like any employee wanting a commission. Leo has plenty of millions in the bank. Humberto is concerned by how ambitious Leo is becoming.

Fernanda asks Leo if they can see each other tonight.

Basi finds Tencha at the market. Pedro must have told him that’s the person to go to for all the gossip.  Basi starts asking questions with the story that he’s thinking of opening his own stand and wants to know “quién es quién” at the market.  Tencha is more than happy to tell him allll about who is who and what they’re doing. Basi gets the dirt on Cocó and “Pedro.”

Luxury hotel, Fabiola, Lover boy. Oooops. There’s a hidden camera.

Leo talks to Gwen and worries about the commission he promised Basi. He needs projects that will get him “lana”, “dinero”, “billullos” [Google search indicates that this is a Chilean word for money…so I confirm with my trusty copy of Speaking Chileno. I like that they included it since it was the Chilean version that was the original. I think.] Gwen offers to look for money making opportunities.

Ignacio receives a call from “Angela” who, much to his delight, was able to get to Santiago. He’ll pay her, she just has to guarantee that someone leaves today. He’s using “tú” with her and says  “tienes que garantizarme que va a salir.” So who the hell is va-ing? He hangs up and calls a prison guard. He’s got a job for him. It will pay well.

Basi reports all he learned from Tencha. “Leo” knows there is no way “Pedro” could be the father of Cocó baby because he would never do that to Termi. So the baby must be someone else’s and Cocó just wants people to think Pedro is the father. But the real Pedro says that Cocó knows that she and Pedro never did anything. She must have invented the story….but why is the “clon” going along with it?

Paloma offers to help Cocó with anything she needs. Paloma knows how hard it can be to be a single mom. Aaaand I hit my saturation point with Cocó. Here’s Paloma offering to help the woman who is “pregnant” by the man she likes and it’s all a lie. I’m done with Cocó. Leo sees. Cocó just tells him that Paloma was offering to help. Ha!! Cocó gets a text from a stranger “I know you’re lying. You are not expecting Perico’s baby.” She panics.

Fernanda tells Daniela she’s going to risk it and tell Leo the truth. Daniela is glad.

Elmer/Chamoy in prison. He sees Santiago and remembers Fer threatening him if anything happens to Santiago. The guard that Ignacio called tells Chamoy to follow him.

Before Fernanda can leave, she and Leo are called into Humberto’s office. Humberto is furious.

Humberto asks Ivonne where Ignacio is. He’s off taking care of some other thing. Santiago’s interview has been aired. In it, the Fuentemayors are made to look like thieves and hustlers. This is the worst possible time for this to happen. They just made the deal with the Spaniards. Leo thinks Humberto shouldn’t worry about it that much. It’s like gossip. Tomorrow no one will even think about it. Humberto angrily disagrees. Santiago’s “mala leche” could sink them all.

At the market, Cocó tries to keep Leo from seeing her phone. He worries because she’s so pale. She brushes off his worries. Anyway, he came to tell her that he found out everything they needed to do to get married. They’ll get the documents together and go to City Hall. City Hall??? But she wanted a church wedding.

Uy. Leo suggests that in order to solve the problem with Santiago, they just deny it. Fernanda asks what happens if Santiago has proof of what he’s saying. Won’t a denial be counterproductive? Humberto likes the idea.

Ignacio is Chamoy’s special visitor. Ignacio asks Chamoy if he wants to get out of jail. All Chamoy has to do is keep quiet and do a job for Ignacio.

Fernanda tries to communicate with Santiago.

Ignacio paid a lot of money for Chamoy’s freedom. Ignacio wants Chamoy to take care of Santiago. Chamoy says there’s a price on his head if he hurts Santiago. Ignacio tells Chamoy that he would be free as a bird before anyone could do anything. But if Chamoy refuses, Ignacio would want a return on his investment anyway.

Fabiola, Lover boy. This is the last time they’ll see each other.

Fernanda gets a call from Santiago. What the hell was he thinking? He just made his case more complicated. He doesn’t regret what he did.

Leo asks Basi about the Santiago business. Basi tells Leo that Santiago and his father had a construction business and they asked Leo for support. The Fuentemayors invested a lot of money. Later there was a major fraud and Leo was furious. Santiago was found guilty. The father had a heart attack and died. The funny thing is, no one knows where the money went. [I assume at this point that I am the last person to have figured out that IGNACIO is probably the one responsible for all this.]


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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Sara! Thank goodness for Basi! I was starting to get frustrated that nobody was really explaining what the deal was with Santiago. So he knows he didn’t do it, Fernanda believes he didn’t do it, Humberto doesn’t think he did anything wrong, Basilio says it was all legit (except for the missing money)…that does pretty much just leave Ignacio to be behind the whole thing. Before we heard from Basi I was still willing to think that maybe Humberto and Leonardo had done something shady. So now I’m annoyed that they arrested and convicted someone of fraud without knowing… Read more »

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

I can’t decide whether Santiago dying would give Fer more incentive for “revenge” or remove her motivation. It’s less about punishing the Fuentemayors than getting Santiago out. Ignacio’s been pretty smooth so far, but the more he feels like Fernanda is getting away from him, the more I hope he slips up.

4 years ago

thanks so much Sara, this was an amazing recap considering everything that happens. ah so Leonardo has millions in the bank, hmm, will Pedro tap into that? I was confused with the Santiago interview until he talked to Fer, apparently he was told their was a group of people in a similar situation that were filing a complaint together, but when the story came out, only he was mentioned. hmm, I wonder who was taping Fabiola and lover boy, could it have been him, which would have been a good move since this was good-bye sex for Fabiola? interesting twist… Read more »

4 years ago

and then there is the big question,

did Ines have twins, and not know it?
hmm, she’s pretty smart.

did Leo’s mom have twins and not know it or pass one off?
not likely either.

is Nora the mother?
don’t think so.


or should we be looking at something papa Chamoy did?

4 years ago

Thanks, Sara!
You cleared up some stuff for me. I didn’t remember the part about Inés’ dream.
I too am loving this novela. My favorite character has to be Perico – his gestures, his jerga, his singing. Or maybe Basi. He’s a riot.
One question is nagging at me. Perico doesn’t know that Leo has amnesia, so what is his take on why Leo hasn’t come home to take his life back? Hmmm.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

Yep, that’s Inés’ recurring dream, that she hears a baby crying. I was mostly impressed that she didn’t have to explain it to Jonathan, she just told him it was the same dream she always had and he knew what she was talking about. I figured they would have gotten around to explaining it by now, but they cleared other stuff up first.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

Again, like deb said…Chamoy. Who wants two kids when you can sell one off, right? At least, I wouldn’t put it past him.

4 years ago

Thanks all (5ft, Sara, anyone else recapping)! I can’t always get home in time to watch and love having these to keep up. I also love the gaslighting of Coco. Give her a few more episodes to come clean because I’m going to enjoy her panic. And I’m hoping that Pedro using Leo’s millions to buy up the market. Basilio should run the numbers because it could be a good business.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Kelly

Gracias, Kelly! Hmmm…yes, if we have to suffer through Cocó’s little pregnancy ploy, then a little sweating is in order.