¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 3/9/16 #20

Pedro and Basi

Basi never met Santiago or his father, but he’s sure Leonardo didn’t trick them or anything. Leonardo might be an ass, but he’s an ass who follows the rules. Maybe Santiago said what he did to the reporter because he had nothing to lose. Pedro is putting himself in Santiago’s place and thinking it would really suck to lose everything the way he did. Pedro thinks he and Basi should look into the “case,” but Basi says Humberto will go green with anger if he finds out Pedro’s trying to help Santiago.

Speaking of “green,” Pedro breaks it to Basilio that they’re not getting the commission. But he wants to promote Basilio to his assistant, give him an office, and a raise. Basi gets weepy and begs Pedro not to watch him cry.

Pedro found a bunch of binders with projects Leonardo was working on. Gwen says these are the best ones with which to make some billullo. Basi starts flipping through them as Pedro says they’ve got to make some cash during his two-month stay, AND find a way to fix the mess Leonardo is making of Pedro’s life.

Yesenia and Hipster Ruben

Yesenia sees Hipster Ruben at the mercado and asks what happened to his face. He’s all too happy to admit that he got into a fight and Candy la Candida defended him. He’s more of a poet than a fighter. Yesenia teases him about this, and the way he smiles at her is a little too indulgent.

Hipster Ruben thinks the ability to speak differentiates us from the animals. That’s all well and good, but there are plenty of two-legged animals out there who would rather bash his face in than listen to him. And if he doesn’t know how to defend himself, Yesenia will show him. After all, he was cool with that other chick defending him last night, right? And she might not always be there to save his bacon, so does he want to learn or not?

Hipster Ruben takes Yesenia to the arts institute. She’s really impressed and maybe even starting to be impressed with him when he says he wants to do something for his gente.

Is Yesenia supposed to be teaching Hipster Ruben how to defend himself or how to survive a beating? She talks about how she’s always been fighting, according to her mom. She has to defend herself from the creeps out on the street. She encourages him to stick with it–he can’t learn how to defend himself overnight. Much meaningless talk from lips while eyes say “You’re cuuuuuuuuute….”

Forget Fifty Ways, Fabi just needs one

Armando is heartbroken over the end of the relationship, but Fabiola hopes a check will help soothe his pain. He goes from sad to enraged and says HE decides when his relationships end. She won’t get rid of him so easily. Fabi tells him to just go get another woman but, no, he wants her. “I could really hurt you. Do you really think I’m going to settle for a check? If you leave me, you’ll be sorry for the rest of your life.” Fabiola looks mildly concerned, but leaves anyway.

Fabiola is home from her bad breakup and has a run-in with Connie as Connie is heading out to her class. Not that Fabi actually cares about Connie’s education, but she does care about Connie going to a prestigious school. “Oh yeah, it’s the best one in Hollywood. Brad and Angelina’s kids go there.” “Really? So young?” Connie smirks in her general direction and heads out the door.

Much later, Fabiola is still thinking about Armando’s threat when Ignacio finally gets home. She’s telling him about it when Nora comes in asking about dinner and Fabiola reacts predictably.

Justino is disgusting

Some friend of Justino’s wants him to let his daughter stay at Justino’s for a while. Justino won’t let her stay there since, as he explains to Eugenio, she might turn out to be just as slutty as his sister. Trust me, daughter-of-friend, it’s a good thing Justino turned your dad down. You dodged a bullet there.

Later, Justino’s going to pick up daughter-of-friend at the bus station, but he doesn’t feel like telling Magdalena where he’s going and he gets nasty with her for daring to ask him. Eugenio thinks his mom just needs to be firm with him to get him to stop. (Oh, yes, because angry, entitled jerks react so well to women standing up to them.)

At the bus station, daughter-of-friend emerges from the bus with her long hair loose, wearing a tank top and jeans. Yep, yep, definitely an immoral woman. Good call on not letting her into your house, Justino. She walks right up to him, sticks her hand out, and reminds “Don Pepe” (her dad’s nickname for him, because Justino sounded too grouchy) that she’s Tania. You know, little Tania who always used to be hanging around with her dad. But now she’s all grown up! Oh, he notices how she’s grown. He’s so appreciative of how she’s grown that he doesn’t immediately start putting her in her place as she goes on and on about how she’s ready to take on the world. He’d rather just keep staring at her ass. In case I’m being too subtle about it, yes, I very much would like a large, heavy object to fall on Justino.

Justino drops Tania off at the place she’s staying, that sounds like it’s near Hipster Ruben’s arts institute. He brushes off her desire to meet his family by saying his wife is “sick” right now and in no condition to have visitors. Tania sends her greetings and gives him a couple of hugs that he’s probably getting way too excited about before having the place to herself. Out in the hallway Justino looks conflicted. But not conflicted enough to leave, just conflicted enough to peek through the crack in the curtained window at the top of Tania’s door. That’s called invasion of privacy, Justino, and it’s a civil offense.

A whole new Pedro

“Pedro” has summoned Melquiades to talk to him about a new business strategy for running the mercado as a co-op to help increase profits. Melquiades is all “LOL, wut?” but “Pedro” gets him to look at the numbers.

“Pedro” has changed his mind and says he’ll live at Cocó’s after they get married, but Inés still wants to clean out that back bedroom to make more room for Paloma and Cachito. Jonathan says that Paloma is crazy for “Pedro.” Inés says it’s funny that “Pedro” has changed so much lately. It’s really the current Pedro who she thinks would be perfect for Paloma. Jonathan says they’re made for each other the way he and Inés are made for each other. They take advantage of the empty house and make with the smoochies. They’re both all dusty and he suggests they conserve water and shower together, but she laughs that off.

Jonathan thinks maybe, with the new Perico and all, they should think about telling him what’s going on. And he doesn’t think Yesenia will take it badly, either.


Chamoy remembers the day he came home and accused Inés of being the one who turned him in. He knocks her down and she threatens him with the hot iron she was just using. Before he can come at her again, the cops are knocking on the door.

In the present, Crooked Guard wants to know what Chamoy’s meeting with Ignacio was about. He thinks Ignacio’s good for his end of the deal and asks what Chamoy is going to do when he gets out. “Have some cold beers. And then visit my loved ones.” *shudder*


Daniela tells Renata about getting hired at Fuentemayor Corp. Renata thinks their dad would be so proud. She can’t wait to meet Fernanda and thank her for everything she’s done for Daniela. Daniela brings up Fer’s “love” confusion. Before they can get into the issue of why Fer would be having any confusion, Renata gets a call from “Pedro” who really needs to talk to her right away. She’s perfectly willing to postpone the dinner she’s in the middle of cooking with Dani to talk to him. And she’s a little too breathless over it. I frown in her general direction.

“Pedro” wanted to talk about how much Cachito’s dream affected him. And how even though he has no feelings for Cocó he’s adamant that he has to marry her so his child grows up in a household with both parents. He thinks it would be terrible for the child otherwise. Renata makes a face and both Leonardo and I notice. I thought he was getting too close to something from her own childhood, but what she tells him is it sounds like he has some childhood trauma around not being with his parents.

Leonardo doesn’t think that makes any sense. He grew up with both his parents and everyone says he and his dad always got along. She tells him not to try to make sense out of everything at once–they’ll figure it out eventually. For now, the fact that he’s in touch with his feelings is going to help him get his memory back. But she really stresses that he’s got to think more carefully about taking this step with Cocó. Nope, he refuses to rethink that one.

Cocó wants Pedro to rethink, too

Cocó goes to whine to Inés about how “Pedro” only wants a City Hall wedding and no fanfare. She doesn’t need money or anything, she’s got some savings, but if Inés could just convince him to have a church wedding…she doesn’t want to live in sin, after all! Yesenia and Sara cannot resist snorting at that.

Inés thinks Cocó is just going to have to wait until they have more money for the big fiesta. It’s Paloma who stands up for the idea of the Big Day needing to be a big day. They can have a simple party and everyone can chip in. Inés offers her wedding dress. Paloma starts to make a list of everything they’ll need. And then Cocó gets a text that sets me cackling…”Confess, you’re not pregnant by Perico.” She sits down, in shock.

Fernanda’s having a bad night

Fernanda’s pacing her apartment, stressing out about her brother. Ignacio shows up to pretend to be so very supportive and reassure her that he’s there for her no matter what. Uh, huh. Fer’s not exactly feeling lovey towards Ignacio right now. He pretends he’s sorry for the way he behaved earlier. Taking care of her brother is the most important thing now. He’s going to talk to Humberto.

In Humberto’s office, he, Ignacio, and “Leonardo” review the statement that Fernanda prepared. Humberto thinks it’s not aggressive enough. “Leonardo” tries explaining how Santiago’s basically got nothing at this point, so they’re kicking the man while he’s down. His suggestion that if someone is out to get them, it’s probably whoever is behind this news report and not Santiago gets quickly pushed aside. Humberto is all about squashing this thing. It’s now “Leonardo’s” turn to ignore everyone–he’s got a date with Fernanda to get to.

Chamoy and his buddy go into Santiago’s cell and get his cellmates out of there so Chamoy can deliver a beating. Crooked Guard watches and reminds Chamoy he’s not actually supposed to kill him. Mr. 5ft notes an additional two guards in the hallway while all this is going on, so we have three at least who are in on the Make Santiago’s Life a Living Hell conspiracy. Chamoy tells a probably unconscious Santiago that he had this coming and shouldn’t have though his hot sister and her threats were going to keep him safe–nobody makes a fool out of Chamoy. Crooked Guard finally gets him to leave.

“Leonardo” shows up at Fer’s with roses and a teddy bear. She tells him she’s discovered lately that he’s different from what she though. She hopes he can understand…her eyes fill with tears. She begs him to listen before he says anything, but before she can start talking, she gets a call from the prison to tell her that Santiago is in the hospital, nearly beaten to death. Pedro catches her before she can hit the floor but she starts screaming at him that she never wants him to touch her again.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat!! I love your recapping style-dripping with sarcasm and smartassery with a dash of sad truth “AND find a way to fix the mess Leonardo is making of Pedro’s life.” Um…I need a refresh. Why have they decided to let Leo continue at the barrio? I don’t know why I’m so fuzzy on this. “Eugenio thinks his mom just needs to be firm with him to get him to stop. (Oh, yes, because angry, entitled jerks react so well to women standing up to them.)” Sad truth. Right, Eugenio. All Magdalena has to do is stand up and say… Read more »

4 years ago

I’m just confused about why no one is trying to figure out why Leo is staying where he is.

OK Cocó is not making anyone think they are crazy, but I do think what she’s doing is sort of interfering with “Pedro’s” treatment. (Yeah, I’m just now figuring that out.)

Justino = Justno.

4 years ago

And I’m sure I’m overthinking a lot of these plots.

I do love watching her squirm.

4 years ago

I’m getting nervous though. I’m really afraid that the wedding won’t be stopped.

4 years ago

thanks for the wonderful recap! I’m thinking plot wise, before Leo and Pedro meet again, Leo has to get most of his memory back so they can work together, but for now I remember Pedro first thinking Leo is doing the same thing he is, in going after Paloma and Basi threw in that Leo didn’t recognize him, which confused everything, so they are working on it, but Pedro keeps getting caught up in the 2 month clock to win Fer, among other things, all the while their worlds are starting to merge. my laugh of the night was when… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  deb

Haha! I laughed at that too, deb. I wish people would stop dismissing Sara. She seems to be on to Cocó.

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva 🙂
“Forget Fifty Ways, Fabi just needs one.” Ha ha. Good one!
I’m lovin’ Perico and Basi.

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Perico and Basi are fun to watch. Basi is my favorite part of the show. If we could get a little more Termi I’d be in heaven.