Sueño de Amor Thursday 3/10/16 #3

A sighting?

Esperanza freezes, but Pedro springs into action and tries to chase Ricardo down…if it even was Ricardo. There’s thunder and lightning and she remembers Ricardo leaving again and swearing that they’d get married when he came back to Mexico. They swear eternal love and then Ricardo walks away and Esperanza comes back to the present. She clutches her Virgen de la Paz pendant like she did back then.

Pato gets home to see that Esperanza is super not-ok. She’s in shock that the famous Ricardo made a re-appearance and a re-disappearance.

Practical Pato gets on the show’s generic version of Facebook and starts looking for a Ricardo Alegría Sandoval, but none of them look right. Esperanza tells the kids to just set it aside for the day. They encourage her to cry it out, but she can’t. She’s too happy to have such wonderful kids who aren’t averse to hugs and mushyness.

So, about that nearly separated thing

Ernesto is coming home at just about the time Viviana is telling Adrian she doesn’t agree with him going to the public school. “Good thing I don’t have to consult you, then. What are you doing here?” She deflects the question by asking who he bought jewelry for. Ernesto readily admits it was for his daughter, but she refused it. Viviana tells Adrian and Luca that’s the problem with poor people, they have a false sense of dignity.

Adrian wants to hear more about his half-sister and Luca sings her praises while Viviana rolls her eyes. She disagrees there’s anything special about Patricia, but is perfectly willing to laugh at the general air of happiness in the house. Well, minus Ernesto.

Under construction

Mario takes Kristel to look at a house that’s being built. She likes what she’s seeing so far. Silvana calls to screech at him to go to the bank and deal with her credit cards. The secretary comes in and hands her Patricia’s scholarship paperwork.

Kristel has been outfitted with a hard-hat and safety vest and she’s ready to start her practicum.

Inside the house, Erasmo is plastering, which apparently also involves some booty shaking. Kristel and Mario walk in and get the report from Jero, the foreman, that everything’s going well. Kristel gets a little too close to Erasmo and his booty-plaster-shaking and gets plaster flung all over her leg and skirt. She laughs at him trying to wipe the plaster off and tells him to chill. They make eye contact. It’s love at first plaster.

Kristel is not at all worried about her plastery clothes or his plastery hands and they do the saying-inconsequential-things-while-checking-each-other-out thing.

Seriously, that was you?

Esperanza stops at a light and starts looking through a notebook on the passenger seat of the car when she hears…that voice…calling “Esperanza?!” And she’s totally not imagining it. She and Ricardo are having their long-awaited reunion in two separate cars stopped at a light while dulce vendors try to hawk their wares. Ricardo starts waving one of the guys away like “Hello, can you not see that I’m reuniting with my ex?!”

Esperanza’s telling him she saw him on a motorcycle last night and trying to get the whole story from him about where he’s been, but the light changes. She frantically calls out her cell number and then drives off while Ricardo is getting busted for using his cell phone while driving. Obviously, the traffic cop has no idea the momentous occasion that just happened here!

Esperanza stops in the middle of the next block and gets out of the car to thank the Virgen for letting her see him again.

Later, at home, Esperanza has filled in her two mini Love Doctors about The Reunion and they’re all waiting until it’s time for her to leave for her date. Pato gets a call and interrupts the waiting process to answer her phone and flirt with Luca. Esperanza can’t take it anymore and rushes out of there.

Sorry, Ricardo, but you’re overdoing it with the cologne/body spray, whatever that is. He gets a work text–there’s no sign of La Sombra. But, whatevs, he has a date! He practices his “hello,” decides he needs to shave….

Esperanza is early and she’s complaining about how slowly time passes. Ricardo walks up behind her and agrees that time passes slowly. But his subtext is “I’m hot and I know it.” I’m going to blame it on his nerves. I’m imagining she appreciates the last-minute shave when he kisses her on the cheek. Maná plays on while they just stare at each other. “Do you still live in the US?” “Yes, I live in Los Angeles with my wife and two kids.” Um, you are so not getting a second date.

Esperanza decides she needs ice cream. Good call. The vendor recommends his new flavor “Sueño de Amor” which kind of looks like someone dumped melted crayons in the ice cream while it was churning. Hopefully that’s not what it tastes like.

Ricardo shows off the pictures of his kids–Rodrigo and Selena. Yes, she’s named after “that” Selena, but she thinks she’s named after the other one. There’s also a picture of his wife, who he’s been married to for 12 years.

Well. It’s been real, but Esperanza doesn’t think they should see each other again. Annnnd, she’s outta there.

At the car, she reminds herself that he’s gotten on with his life the same way she’s gotten on with hers. But it still hurts, though.

Ricardo gets a call. There’s been information. He calls for the start of Operación Luz. Because they’re chasing La Sombra…get it? Get it?

The wait

Pato’s wondering how it must feel to see the love of your life after all that time. Pedro doesn’t think he’s met the love of his life yet, so how would he know. He chugs some water. Since he never bothered to tell anyone that he found out earlier today that he does, in fact, have diabetes, Pato just has the feeling something’s wrong, but she doesn’t know what. And accusing him of hiding something doesn’t go over well.

After much knocking at his door and whining, he finally opens the door and hugs Pato. He swears her to secrecy and tells her the truth. He doesn’t want Esperanza to know.

It’s not easy being Viviana

She lies on a massage table out on her fabulous terrace and gets all that pesky classist stress pounded out of her back muscles by Pierre, aka, the only one who really understands her. And what’s her angst about? Oh, her son dating Patricia. Only she says it like she swallowed a thesaurus.

During her facial, she calls Ernesto tell him they have to do SOMETHING about the Luca-Pato problem. Well, Ernesto sure doesn’t think this is an emergency. Luca’s a grown man and he can make his own decisions.


Esperanza. Telling the kids about the date. Surprise all around. Esperanza thinks she doesn’t have time to break down. She’s got to set an example. But…she so didn’t think it was going to go this way! Pato doesn’t want her mom to be alone. Cue the waterworks, because of course Esperanza wants to love and be loved.

DJ Pedro is spinning some tunes (wait, is it still spinning when it’s digital?) when Ricardo calls and Esperanza tells him to answer her cell phone.

When Ricardo shows up at the house later, we get an idea of where that conversation went. Slight pause while he gets an important text on his phone, and then he segues right into “I’ve never loved or ever will love any woman the way I love you. You’re the love of my life.”

She rushes through the story about how she married Pedro…yeah, he remembers Pedro, they all went to school together…and he died before the current Pedro was born. And then then she met Patricia’s dad, who turned out to be married, and left.

Esperanza really doesn’t want to continue this conversation they’ve been having in her doorway. He’s MARRIED. There is no “us.” She shuts the door in his face and starts crying while he stands outside feeling sorry for himself and/or her. He walks away.

Esperanza wanders around the house, crying. Pedro is impressed the second date ended so quickly. Esperanza isn’t happy with him for telling Ricardo their address. She almost immediately apologizes for being harsh with him. Pedro meant well–he just though maybe Esperanza should hear Ricardo out. He wants to see his mom happy.


Pato goes to Luca’s office and Begoña, the receptionist, tells her he’s in his office with his mother. Ohhhh yeah, so not going in there. Met her yesterday. She’s not a fan. She and Luca emerge from his office. Hey, Viviana, the Game of Thrones costume department called. They want their dress back. She smothers him with kisses like he’s a little kid and then sneers in Pato’s general direction.

Luca may be too busy to deal with his mom, but he’s not too busy for Pato. Viviana stomps off in a huff while Luca and Pato banter about needing an appointment and Begoña just beams at them because they’re so goshdarn cute.

Viviana attempts to inflict herself on Ernesto. She wants to “get” a woman for Luca. And get a Botox appointment for “Ernie.” He will not put up with her complaining about the daughter he had with Esperanza when Viviana cheated on him too. More whining from Viviana about how Pato’s not good enough.

I’m tuning her out while I mentally slap a helmet on her…boots…gloves…and a sword. Yeah, I think she’s got a viable cosplay there.

Oh, right, the show! Uh, marriage of convenience, the construction company was her dad’s. Ernesto will back the Pato-Luca courtship.

Have I misjudged Ernesto? Is there an actual decent human being lurking under the jerkish exterior? Or is he just trying to piss off Viviana?

Luca is taking Pato somewhere, but it’s a surprise. As for his mom, just ignore her. She’ll never think anyone’s good enough for him unless she’s a millionaire with a model’s face “Hey, I can hold my own with the face!”…anyway, you know. Moms.

He takes her to a party at the same place her character lived in Qué Bonito Amor, I kid you not. There’s a big sign out front thanking Don Luca de la Colina. He can’t wait to show off his mad dancing skillz. OK, the inside is not the same place. And I have no opinion on his dancing.

A tale of two dinners

At a fancy dining table, Kristel is daydreaming about Erasmo. Salma is untagging herself in some unflattering photos. Next thing you know, Erasmo is there and everybody’s welcoming him and even Silvana is going to have someone bring him a plate of food…but it’s all Kristel’s fantasy. In real life Silvana’s saying she doesn’t care how they behave at her mother’s, they will respect her here…and WTF is Kristel smiling about?

Erasmo’s telling Kiko and Estrella about accidentally flinging plaster at work while they have their humble dinner in their tiny apartment. Just in case the contrast between Kristel and Erasmo wasn’t super obvious already.

Yes, really, MARRIED

Esperanza will NOT be the other woman. She digs through her box of treasures and finds the engagement ring Ricardo gave her way back when.

’80s flashback? No, wait, this should be mid-’90s. Did we dance like that in the mid-’90s? I didn’t dance like that in the mid-’90s, I’m sure. Ricardo has a falcon fly in the engagement ring. Yes, really. I’m starting to question whether Esperanza’s memory flashbacks are meant to be taken literally or symbolically.

Anyway…she tells Pedro that Ricardo went off to the US and she thought he was dead.

Go time

Ricardo meets up with his team outside La Sombra’s reinforced walls and get ready to bust in. With, like, explosives and stuff. Inside the house, they nab a couple of guys…and then Ricardo’s second-in-command hears a noise and ends up out in the backyard, where she’s knocked out by a trench-coat-wearing dude with a ridiculous mask. I assume this is La Sombra. That mask is striking fear in no one’s heart. He and Ricardo fight, he pulls a gun out of a boot, they struggle for it, and it looks like Ricardo’s second-in-command was right in the line of fire.

Seriously, show? We just met her!

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I have to admit that this is growing on me. Right now I’m liking the younger cast’s stories. I hope I can get into Ricardo and Esperanza. I love Betty Monroe because she’s real looking. I’m not sure about her acting, though. Honestly, I’m not sure about anyone’s acting right now. Even Renata Notni seems to be overdoing it. Ok. Osvaldo de Leon seems to have it under control. I like that the costume department seems to have actually invested in extra yardage for realistic length dresses and skirts (for ALL the females). “Only she says it like… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Well Silvana’s boots and coat from the first episode definitely spelled evil.

I guess I’ll have to get over my Julian Gil prejudice. He just looks evil to me. The mustache isn’t helping.

I probably didn’t really mean “villain” with Viviana. “Thorn in side” is maybe a better description.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

The ‘stache is not doing him any favors. But I like beards. Julian looks good with a beard. Maybe I would buy that he was a nice guy deep down if he had the beard. 😉