Sueño de Amor Wednesday 3/9/16 #2

Papi Patán

“Wait, so…you’re my brother?” Rather than clear that up when I KNOW he saw them about to kiss, Ernesto just babbles about how pretty she is and invites them both to lunch. Luca begs off, leaving Pato to have to deal with Ernesto alone. He acts surprised that she and Luca have already met and brushes off the little “incident” that happened yesterday, saying Luca has no concept of danger and he’s so willful.

Ernesto and Pato talk about what happened yesterday and Pato gets a little distracted, thinking about Luca. She snaps out of it and gets right to the point of this meeting–why did Ernesto abandon her and her mom? He blames it on her mom; she said she never wanted to see him again. He wants her forgiveness, but after seventeen years of absence, she’s not ready to give it right this second. She walks out on their lunch.

Ernesto talks to Arlette about how he’s going to convince his daughter to forgive him. Despite her repeated assertions that she’s not a robot, Arlette either has an utter lack of warmth or just an utter lack of patience for her boss’ new obsession. She doesn’t think there IS any way for him to justify his behavior to Pato. And she’s sure he’s just trying to get on Pato’s good side to get back into Esperanza’s…good graces. Ernesto comes up with a plan that involves Arlette cancelling all his appointments for the day.

Don’t mess with Esperanza

At el IP, Esperanza plays Silvana the recording of her recent threats. Yeah, she gets that she’s taking a risk not passing the twerp, but so is Silvana if Esperanza plays that recording for the board of directors. Silvana declares war and Esperanza gives her a pitying look. It sucks when your boss is even less mature than your students.

On the other side of the street, Esperanza is greeted with a giant Thank You sign on a truck and a dance number led by Adrian. She’s utterly charmed. At least someone appreciates that she gives a crap about her students.

Later, she and Adrian talk about his mom and her constant trips to Houston for “rejuvenation” treatments. She brushes off the question of what’s going on between her and his dad, but he thinks his dad is totally into her. And that’s without him hearing Ernesto say it fifty times.

Esperanza gives a presentation about global warming and then calls on a student who she knows wasn’t paying attention. Salma was too busy scribbling Adrian’s name in her tablet. When Esperanza talks to her after class, reminding her that she’s going to flunk, Salma is more interested in how she’s going to snag Adrian and get rid of Estrella, who she knows he has a thing for.

In her car, Esperanza remembers the day Ricardo told her he was leaving for the US. It’s been twenty years and she still misses him every day.


Pedro finally gets the new student to tell him her name–Kristel. If he’d been paying better attention he would also have understood that she has a severe allergic reaction to compliments about her looks. They make her fist swell.

Pedro’s been feeling weakness, chills, and thirst. The doctor will run some tests, but she agrees not to tell his mom, for now. She decides to test his blood sugar and the music of Heightened Tension plays.


Pobre Pato can’t believe her dream boy turned out to be her brother and her dad turned out to be a jerk. Although, the second one is less of a surprise. Luca calls and when he hears that the meeting was a bust and she didn’t actually get to the “lunch” part, he invites her out. “We’ve got a lot to talk about, sis.”

Luca shows up with good and bad news. Which does she want first? The good: Ernesto isn’t his biological father. OK, people, we can breathe now. But, why get so excited about it, huh, Pato? Well, why did you think it was so important to tell me the news, huh, Luca? I like you! I like you too! Why didn’t you say it? Why didn’t YOU say it?! This time it’s the waiter who interrupts an impending kiss.

After more talk, we find out Luca has known Ernesto wasn’t his bio-dad since he was a kid and he doesn’t judge his mother. He feels the need to flash the populace outside the shopping center to show Pato the scar he has from donating his kidney.

Luca takes Pato to check out his house, since Ernesto won’t be there. And she intends to keep calling him “Ernesto,” at least for now. It’s a cool house. Modern. Lots of glass. And his intentions in bringing her here are to finish what the waiter interrupted. Again with the too much talking. This time they actually manage to get a couple of smoochies in before they’re interrupted again…by his recently-Botoxed mother. What? She said it, not me.

Luca introduces Pato as Ernesto’s daughter. She’s obviously heard about Esperanza and is quick to assure Pato that she and Ernesto are nearly exes. She might look alarmed at how quickly Pato and Luca’s relationship is progressing, but I don’t think her face is supposed to move that much.

Los Gallo Pérez

Kiko pretends not to listen while Estrella and Adrian have an awkward conversation on the bus about The Peanut Incident. A sudden stop throws Estrella into Adrian.

When they’ve emerged from the bus, Kiko cannot wheel away from them fast enough. He gives them no warning when they’re about to walk into elder brother Erasmo, who delivers the standard “Leave my sister alone.” He thinks Adrian looks a little too rich for his sister and tells him to get the hell out of there. He literally chases him off and the siblings have a laugh about it.

At the best-fed construction site ever, the siblings stop for a bite to eat. Estrella wants to get a job, but Erasmo says school IS her job. Kiko echoes his older brother, “No is no!”

Estrella and Kiko continue home and get accosted by a couple of jerks with a lack of respect for women or people with disabilities. Luckily, Erasmo shows up to convince the two jerks they’d rather run away and live to harass another day.

After work^3

Esperanza processes the emotional upheavals of her day while spinning.

When she’s out of the shower, Silvana calls to tell her the exam she submitted isn’t good enough. Esperanza needs to write a new one by tomorrow. *sigh*

Esperanza and Pedro sit at the dining table together working on their projects. For some reason, she’s confiding in her son about how much she thinks about Ricardo (every…two minutes!) and he’s totally ok with this.

They review Pedro’s plans for Esperanza’s school, and then he asks her to tell him again about Ricardo. Purely for our benefit, I’m sure. She has no idea what happened to him. Maybe he died while he was trying to cross? Maybe he started a new life. But if he hadn’t left, she wouldn’t have Pedro and Pato, so she’s glad. Pedro has a bit of a dizzy spell and says he was just moved by her story.

This was the big idea?

On the bus home, Pato reviews her cache of selfies with Luca and misses her stop. She starts walking home, but TWO shiny black cars pull up to the curb and a bunch of guys in suits pour out of them. All this so Ernesto can hand her a bag that’s very obviously from a jewelry store.

Pato’s impressed with the diamond bracelet, but what’s the occasion? Finally meeting her. She points out he could have done that any day since the day she was born and hands back the box. He says he’s sorry and puts the bracelet on her, but what she really wants is to know why he never wanted to meet her before.

Ernesto has learned nothing. He’s still trying to blame it all on Esperanza for being pissed off at him for lying to her about being married. Pato has heard enough and asks them to stop the car so she can get out. Yes, she said she’d give him a chance, but he can’t buy her love with fancy presents.

Viviana never quits

She just came back from getting Botox and who knows what else and now she’s telling Luca that she thinks Pato is boring and insipid and way beneath him while she runs some sort of electronic thing all over her face.

Adrian is home and getting smothered with kisses. Viviana breaks the terrible news that his brother is dating Patricia Guerrero AND she’s Adrian’s stepsister.

A sighting

Esperanza and Pedro take a work break to go get some elotes and before Esperanza can take a bite, she sees a guy on the back of a motorcycle, putting on his helmet and swears it’s Ricardo! She’s positive!

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I am still giving this one time. While I wasn’t blown away by the first episode, the second one grew on me a little more and I do want to watch tonight’s episode. Confession: Right now Osvaldo Leon is the one keeping me watching. I love his character. Oh! And Estrella, too. I love the Adrian is interested in her (as opposed to the snotty Salma.) Just like with Quien es Quien, I hope everyone settles into their roles and that the story starts moving forward a little. It’s still a little set-uppy. Another confession-I do sort of… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Good point. It can be overwhelming when they try to show every character the first episode.

5 years ago

Ok, I don’t know if this goes here or the Launch Pad… It seems to me that Televisa is wanting to change the product that is Telenovela. They are having to compete with streaming services like Netflix that can show programming from all over the world. I can see with Hotel de los Secretos and Sueño that they are trying to update what they are doing. Right now I’m just not sure where they are going with Sueño. Yes, it’s lighter. But maybe not straight up comedy? I really didn’t mind that musical number. That kind of surprised me. It… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

But he’d probably expect some sort of *ew* “return” on his investment. I just want him to go away.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Ernesto just doesn’t seem to have that caring about people thing.

I didn’t like Adrian the first episode, but I really fell for him in this episode.