¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/10/16 #21

Fernanda’s bad night continues

Fernanda is looking in horror at “Leonardo” while he swears he can explain it, whatever it is. She finally tells him to get out of her apartment, she just needs to be alone and she doesn’t want to talk to him right now. Pedro reluctantly leaves while Fernanda has a meltdown.

Renata has been quiet since “Pedro” left. She’s concerned about him making decisions without having his memory back. Daniela has noticed how involved Renata is with this case. She doesn’t want her getting so involved the case gets to her. Daniela gets a call from Fer.

When Dani arrives at Fer’s, she hears that “the Fuentemayors” had Santiago beaten. Fer is too distraught to even zip her suitcase, so Dani says she’ll drive.

Fernanda is angry at herself for thinking she could trust “Leonardo.” Here she was, planning to tell him everything, and he was ordering Santiago beaten and showing up with flowers. Dani questions whether it was really “Leonardo,” but Fer thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that this happened just when Santiago had given that interview. It HAS to be the Fuentemayors. Dani is alarmed that Fernanda is talking about killing “Leonardo” if Santiago dies.

Ignacio calls Fernanda and puts an entirely different spin on the meeting he, Humberto, and “Leonardo” had earlier. He paints himself as the one asking for clemency while “Leonardo” was convincing Humberto that they needed to send a message, to show everyone that the Fuentemayors are not to be messed with. When Fer tells him she’s on her way to Tijuana because Santiago got a beating, Ignacio smiles.

Pedro’s change of plans

Outside, we see that Basi is the one on texting duty to Cocó…”Confess! Confess! Confess!” Pedro comes out of Fernanda’s building and gets into the back seat without saying a word. He has no idea what happened, she just threw him out…she got a call and she freaked out and she was looking at him ugly…”Do you think someone told her I’m not the real Leonardo?”

Basilio tells him not to be paranoid. Just ask her later, when she’s calm. Anyway, since the date was a bust, what now? They don’t even dare have some tequilas after last time. They decide to go out to East LA and spy on The Clone.


Justino is STILL looking through Tania’s window as she walks around in her underwear. Does no one live in this place? Isn’t anyone going to bust him lurking in the hallway like that?

Magdalena is trying to enjoy her telenovela when Justino comes home with his guilty conscience. He berates her for wasting time when she should be cooking his dinner. Oh, his friend’s daughter? Yeah, she never made it. He called his friend. She’s not coming to LA after all.


Cocó has everyone hovering around her while she gulps water. Sara thinks it was the text message she received. “Pedro” gets home and Cocó gloms onto him.

“Pedro” takes Cocó home and rolls his eyes at her choices of baby names. Xochitlitl Salomé for a girl and Nuncio for a boy. Speaking of the non-baby, Cocó thinks if she throws herself at “Pedro” she can rectify that. “Pedro” seems to be less effective than usual at getting her to back off.

“Pedro” finally manages to extricate himself from Cocó’s clutches, though he does not escape her bright pink lipstick getting all over his mouth. He explains to her that even though they’re getting married, there will be no “intimacy” between them. Not until his feelings for her return. In the meantime, his affection is all for the “baby.” When he walks out, Cocó paws at the door like a cat and then begs San Juditas to please grant her a miracle and send her a baby. San Juditas: “Dear child, there’s lost causes and then there’s LOST CAUSES. How about I send you a clue instead?”

The ongoing saga of Ruben and Yesenia

Hipster Ruben actually has a lecture portion to his film class. With, like, tests and everything. He wraps up the evening’s lecture and Connie comes over to thank him. She wants to show him the footage she has of Fabiola, but Ruben is kind of in a hurry to get to the fights. He tells her to put it in an order that tells a story and then they can review it. She seems disappointed–did she want to spend some 1-on-1 time with him? Does she want someone to confirm that yes, her mother is a creep? Connie insists on going with him to the fight. She’s supposed to be his assistant director, after all. Ruben gives in.

Out in the school common area, Ruben runs into Eugenio. He just got done taking a guitar lesson and Ruben invites him along to the fight, but Eugenio doesn’t want to make his mom worry. Uh, huh. I think we all know that’s not what he means. Connie arrives with the equipment and she and Ruben get going.

At the club, Lupe is helping Yesenia get ready as Yesenia complains about Cocó. She can’t stand “chicks like that” who get pregnant just to snag a man. In her words, “It’s difficult enough with love and all that. Can you imagine trying to get married when there’s nothing?” Lupe floats the idea that maybe Cocó’s not pregnant. It’s not like Pedro ever paid any special attention to her. Yesenia wouldn’t put anything past Pedro (yes, but would you put it past Cocó?! That’s the important thing to consider!), after all, didn’t he cheat on Lupe with that blonde…? Lupe agrees. “But I never went beyond a few kisses with him. Because I’m respectable.” They both bust out laughing. Well, good for you, Lupe! Speaking of kisses, did Ruben kiss her again? Yesenia pouts that the kiss was for “Candy la Candida,” but he’s taking self-defense lessons from Yesenia. She starts telling Lupe about the “cultural” center and Melquiades walks in, saying he and Yesenia have something to discuss.

He’s seriously pissed about her roughing up his clients, and she’s pissed his client got in the ring in the first place. She threatens to walk out on him and he caves and backtracks to “Uh, well make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Lupe keeps her from going out to argue with Melquiades some more after he leaves the dressing room. She’s kind of laughing about Yesenia being a pandrosa (slouch) by day and a comehombres (maneater) by night. But what if Ruben finds out who she really is? Well, Ruben won’t find out until Yesenia wants him to, right? Lupe agrees.

Ruben and Connie have the cameras all set up and they’re prepared to capture Candy from various angles and edit them all together later. Oh, Connie shouldn’t even worry about the fighters…they’re just filming Candy today. For his film. On Lucha Libre.

The fans are chanting for Candy. Finally, Melquiades announces her arrival, but the cheering only gets more intense. Candy appears in what’s probably a terribly inauthentic belly dance costume. I can’t speak to the authenticity of her dance moves, but they’re impressive. As Mr. 5ft points out, it seems like people are way more hyped about her lately than about the fighting. Sounds like someone needs a raise.

It takes a PhD in Finance to do this math

Basi and Pedro watch Paloma let herself into Pedro’s house. They’re stumped. What the heck is Leonardo up to? Did he convince Paloma and Cocó to get into an open relationship with him? Pedro thinks Leonardo must have heard about his prowess with the ladies and thought he’d like to enjoy the swingin’ bachelor lifestyle. In the wise words of Basi, “¡No seas payaso!” (Don’t be a clown; quit fooling around; don’t be a dumbass; seriously, dude.) Basi sends him to go get closer to the house. He’ll text if he sees anything suspicious. Or if he doesn’t.

Pedro sneaks up to the kitchen window and hears that Inés has cleaned out the spare room, that she thinks it just needs a coat of paint, that Pedro will be moving out when he marries Cocó…. Whaaaaaaa?!

Basi’s bored. And he loses his stress ball under the limo. When he gets out to retrieve it, it’s Leonardo who finds it. Basilio reacts as if Leonardo still has his memory and knows who he is. But, of course, Leonardo is confused. “You really don’t recognize me?” Only from the other day at the mercado. Instead of trying to get him to remember, Basilio babbles some Pedro-worthy nonsense about trying to help people and spreading peace and Leo finally tells him to go do it somewhere else–out here, he’s liable to lose his car and his shoes. Leonardo tosses Basi the stress ball and as he walks off, Basilio realizes that Leonardo isn’t faking it, he has no idea who he is.

Pedro’s still listening, as Inés and Paloma talk about Paloma fighting with her dad. He gets the text that The Clone is on the way. He now hears Leonardo thanking Paloma for wanting to help with the wedding and Paloma saying that Cocó is her friend and so is he.

Pedro makes it back to the limo, aka, the un-stealthiest surveillance vehicle ever. He’s found out why Paloma is there and he’s so angry about it that Basilio has to fight to tell him that Leonardo has amnesia. And no, he’s not acting! Pedro is unconvinced…Leonardo just wants to have fun with all his women. Basilio points out that this is a perfect explanation for how Cocó has convinced him to get married. Doesn’t it make sense? Why else would he be content in living in a smaller house, without all his usual luxuries…would Leonardo do that just to get women? No! He has no idea who he is! That’s the only logical explanation!

Pedro finally comes around to the idea that maybe that accident messed with Leonardo’s head. Basilio says he has to talk to Leo. And everyone else. And explain “quién es quién.” (Drink!)

Nora is restlessly fussing about the house late when she’s started by “Leonardo,” sitting on the stairs. She jokes about being kind of a vampire and that’s why she’s up late. She’s concerned about him, and his dad. Humberto’s taking his anti-depressants again. Is it work? Well, not for “Leo.” He leaves work at work. And it’s not that he’s fighting with Fernanda–she’s the one who gets all distant and cold and he doesn’t know why. Nora tells him to give it time. “Time? That’s just what I don’t have.” That sounds kind of alarming to Nora and she reminds him he’s young and handsome. Pedro whines that a life without Fer isn’t a life. “Can I tell you something? I’m not a bad man. And I hope you keep a good memory of me.” Nora is alarmed again and he doesn’t even bother coming up with a plausible explanation of that cryptic remark before he heads up to “his” room.

A brief Fabiola interlude

Earlier in the evening, Fabiola had been drinking and stressing. Ignacio told her she got herself into this mess on her own. He’s not worried about Armando getting to Humberto–unless Fabi gave him Humberto’s number? No? Then chill. Humberto came home and Fabi started playing the devoted girlfriend.

Later, she and Humberto are sleeping when Humberto’s phone starts to ring. He sleeps right through it, but it’s bothering Fabi, so she reaches over to answer and sees a missed call from Armando. Then another call from Armando. She turns off the phone and retreats back to her side of the bed, probably to sleep with one eye open until morning.

The mystery of the coffee can

Solved! At least this time, it’s Sara, all dolled up for a night on the town, complete with a floral hat and sunglasses. She’s pretty spry for a lady who usually needs a wheelchair to get around. Or maybe twins run in the family.

And where does Sara head with her pilfered stash of cash? To the fights, of course, where she’s cheering for Bow Tie Guy (who’s got some silver accents on his onesie and silver cuffs tonight).

In Tijuana

Fernanda makes it to the hospital, but they refuse to let her see Santiago because he’s a prisoner. She either threatens, harangues, or bribes someone and a guard gives her a few minutes with him. He’s looking as awful as can be expected and isn’t conscious. She swears to him that she’ll make them pay for everything.

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4 years ago

wow, you just slide right through these recaps,
and they are wonderful!

I’m glad the old lady in the wheel chair isn’t just a prop, and I’m hoping Connie kisses Leonardo DiCaprio (the bow tie guy) again so he can win his fight and Sara’s bet.

4 years ago

Muchísimas gracias amiga! Until rerun season I won’t be able to record on Thursdays. I’m so glad to have your recaps.

“…the un-stealthiest surveillance vehicle ever.” I crack up every time Basi is casing the ‘hood in that limo.

4 years ago

This just makes it funnier, now. 🙂