Sueño de Amor Friday 3/11/16 #4

The refrito portion of our episode brings us a rerun of the falcon proposal from 20 years ago [which always seems to be the 80’s…despite the math] and the sting operation to find The Shadow, world-renowned art and jewelry thief.

During the struggle the gun goes off. Neither Ricardo nor his partner are harmed. Their suspect is. He’s dead…and he’s not La Sombra [which I feel the inexplicable need to type in all caps, but I don’t want anyone to think I am shouting at them.] Ricardo has spent 5 years pursuing La Sombra. He’s disappointed that this isn’t the guy.

Esperanza talks to Pedro about the new girl in his class that wants nothing to do with him. He’s got it bad. Esperanza thinks he’s a catch and can’t understand why the chava isn’t gaga over him. Well, she’s a mom so of course she would think her son is a catch.

Pato and Luca dance. I start thinking there’s some good soundtrack possibility to this show. What? Sometimes it’s the silliest thing that keeps me watching.

Back at the super-seekrit and high-tech HQ, Ricardo’s partner confirms that the occiso (deceased) is not Maximiliano Izaguirre aka La Sombra. More for our benefit, Ricardo explains to his partner that Maximiliano Izaguirre is always a step ahead of them. He’s used all kinds of tech to remain invisible, but they are getting closer and closer. Ricardo holds up a child’s drawing. It’s the only clue they have [*snort* C’mon! How did CdlF even do this scene with a straight face?] Partner asks if La Sombra has a child. Ricardo reminds her not to jump to conclusions. They’ll go one step at a time. They need to continue to investigate. First they’ll determine if Maximiliano touched an ultrasound image [Is that what it was?] and what connection it has to the child’s drawing [Is anyone else picturing Mike Myers as Simon? Just me? Ok, moving on….]

Pedro sees his mother is still up. Esperanza complains about all the work a teacher has. She assumes Pedro is still worried about the girl at school and tells him he can talk to his mother about anything.

Back at SSHTHQ, Ricardo and partner determine that the fingerprints on the ultrasound image and the drawing match. Ricardo gets a call. From Tracy. She informs him of something. He reminds her they already had an agreement and he finds this development “unfair” (in English). She’s going to leave the kids alone again?? And all she has to say is “sorry” (in English.) He hangs up and tells partner he has to go to L.A. and asks that she keep him up to date on the investigation.

Back at the celebration for Luca, the rescued worker tells the crowd how grateful he is to be alive thanks to LucaS. The dancing starts up again. Pato and Luca finally kiss.

Pedro decides he doesn’t want to worry his mom. He has to deal with this on his own. [I don’t even know where to begin my rant about how they have written this diabetes story so far.]

Back at the “Luca saved my life” party. A drunk guy paws on Pato. The drunk party host throws a punch. Luca plays peacemaker. Everything settles down.

Ricardo is home and he’s brought presents from Mexico and shows them how to use them. Clearly this scene is just to show what a great dad he is.

Tracy comes in with her luggage.

Pato and Luca walk home. Isn’t it amazing how much they like each other after such a short time? Pato waxes romantic. It only takes a moment to connect with a person and fall in love [how very 17 of you, Pato.] God puts you with the right person at the right moment. They just need to take advantage of it. [Pedro needs to stay away from this sugary sweet couple. Wow I’m cranky this morning.]

At Ricardo’s house the kids are sent upstairs so their parents can argue in peace.

Esperanza asks Pato to please call her or send her a message if she’s going to be out late with Luca. Pato swoons about Luca. Esperanza just worries about Pato’s heart getting broken. Like a typical teen, Pato is sure Luca is a wonderful guy [except in this case, I think he really is.] Esperanza reminds her daughter that she thought Ricardo was a great guy and look what happened. Pato asks about the letter Ricardo wrote.

It begins:

For the love of my life Esperanza….

And continues with a description of her smile. Again with the thesaurus… He feels like he could get lost in her eyes. He ends with

Simplemente, te amo.

But clearly not enough to have contacted her for 20 years.

Wait, now that I’m thinking about it….he proposes, she says yes. He goes off to “los unaited” and never contacts her again? And gets married? And has kids? WTF, dude?

Ricardo and Tracy argue. They both have complicated jobs, but I guess Tracy doesn’t take enough time for her kids. Ricardo is very self-congratulatory about how he makes time for the kids. He goes on to talk about the rotten marriage. It’s like they don’t know each other and they haven’t been intimate in years. Tracy is annoyed. Now is not the time. She endangered animals need her. Ricardo argues that the kids need her, not the animals. They deserve a happy home. Ricardo brings up divorce. It’s the healthiest thing for the kids. Tracy is adamant that she won’t allow a divorce. She has to go though. Tracy tells him to take care of the kids. She walks out. Daddy and the kids cry.

Kudos to Osorio for choosing this theme song.

Oh, I’m sorry. No one was crying. They all just have something in their eyes. They head upstairs to get tucked in. Papi is going to tell them a story…in Spanish, because they have to practice. Word salad story about a dragon.

OH! Esperanza and her kids are all snuggled in bed, too! Pedro seems worried, but he just says it’s school stress. He also wants to get a job to help out. Esperanza nixes that idea. She wants the kids to concentrate on school. They want a story. The dragon story. The dragon is going to breathe fire if they don’t  go to bed.

Ricardo, word-salad dragon story, snoring children.

Esperanza/Ricardo praying for the protection of their children split screen.

The next day and it’s time for school. Esperanza tells Estrella they are on the waiting list for an appointment with el CRIC (I think it’s this? But surely not? Ok. I feel stupid.)

Salma macks on Adrian and whines about him liking someone super naca like Estrella. Adrian is so not into her. She’s 14. He doesn’t like her. Why can’t she get it? Salma smack talks to Estrella and there’s a fight. Esperanza breaks it up and tries to get everyone to head back to class. Silvana is angry that Estrella attacked her daughter and goes on to badmouth Esperanza and the public school kids. [I don’t even know where to begin my rant about how shows are allowed to portray teachers and educational professionals.] The bell rings and everyone heads to class. Silvana tells Salma that Adrian was thrown out of Intstituto Palacios and is no good for her.

Ricardo works out on the beach.

Ricardo sings badly and serves breakfast, makes lunch, grooms the children and they all look at themselves in the mirror.

Kristel comes to visit the construction site. Erasmo has a flower for her (artifical since they last longer.) Bossman Jeronimo (played by El Chapo de Sinaloa) has a serenata prepared. The song is Sueño de Amor. I liked this a capella version, but here’s the banda(?) version. Banda not your taste? There’s also a mariachi and pop version. [I’m torn between banda and mariachi….]

Esperanza returns papers and talks about cheating. She busts Paolo for copying from Salma and both of them having the same mistakes. [It happens, true story.] They both fail. Paolo says he’s going to go complain to the principal. She lectures about how cheating only hurts yourself [I just said that to a class yesterday. Apparently there was a cheating scandal in another class this week.]

In LA, Ricardo uses his tablet to check in on Operation Luz via the Interpol website. He wonders/hopes “the plan” will work. He pulls out his phone and calls Esperanza.

In Mexico, Esperanza reminds her students that perseverance is not a long race but lots of short ones one after the other. [I Googled it.] Her phone rings and we get a typical Univision mid-scene cut to commercial.

Back from commercial…she sees it’s Ricardo. She eventually answers, but she is very cool. She asked Ricardo not to call her. He just wanted to say hi. And her kids? They’re fine. She asks about him and he says it’s complicated and he’s wondering if he’s doing the right thing as a dad. Esperanza has the same worries. He tells her that he had to go back to LA at the last minute.

Kristel loved the serenata, but she has to get to work. Erasmo has to get back to work too. Kristel’s dad comes out and tells Eramso not to bother Kristel while she’s working.

Esperanza counsels Ricardo to keep making his kids the priority. Pato calls her “Mapa”. Maybe his kids can call him “Pama”. Talking this way reminds Ricardo of when they first became friends. Esperanza reminds him it’s been 20 years. Ernesto arrives and Esperanza has to hang up.

Ernesto wants Esperanza’s help in getting close to his daughter. She suggests not trying to buy Pato’s love. If Ernesto is sincere in his feelings, he won’t have any problems with Pato.

Vivianna brings Vania, a friend’s daughter, to see Luca.  Vania has been looking for work and can’t find any. Maybe he can find her a job in the company? Luca tells her there are no openings. Vivianna (literally) pushes them to greet each other. It looks like something it isn’t when Pato walks in. Luca goes chasing after her. Vania asks if that was Luca’s girlfriend and Vivianna is all “as if.”

Pato is jealous. She came to surprise Lucas, but she was the one that got the surprise. Luca gets her to stay. He’s thrilled to see her.

Pedro consults with a doctor and learns more about his diagnosis. The treatment for Diabetes rests mainly on three areas: medicine, diet and exercise. The most important thing is to maintain his blood sugar. The most important things are eating properly, maintaining a healthy weight and checking your blood sugar often. Pedro is concerned that this is going to change his life. The doctor agrees that it will change his life, but it’s manageable. Pedro worries about being 18 with diabetes. The doctor is like dude, there are 5 year-olds with diabetes.

Vivianna whines about the way Luca is dismissing her and Vania. Luca promises to call if there are any openings.

Pato brought a picnic for the office. He says “gracias mi amor.” Pato beams. You said “MI AMOR”!

Esperanza is back on the phone with Ricardo. He has to stop calling her. What they had was in the past. His kids are his present and future. He has an empty spot in his heart that can’t be filled. Dramatic music plays as she picks up a tupper of cold cuts, zucchini(?)

Ricardo continues. His world has changed so much. He loves her. He loves her like he’s never loved anyone else. Now that he’s seen her again, he wants to get back every moment. He asks Esperanza to please tell him he’s not imagining it. Does she love him the way he loves her?  Tears stream down her face as she tells him, no. She doesn’t love him.


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5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! “Wait, now that I’m thinking about it….he proposes, she says yes. He goes off to “los unaited” and never contacts her again? And gets married? And has kids? WTF, dude?” Word. And let’s add that it’s his job to investigate things, so….