¿Quién es Quién? Monday 3/14/16 #23

Having Babies-then and now

Ines still doesn’t want to talk about giving birth to Perico. Cocó thinks it shouldn’t  matter since Perico was born safe, sound and guapísimo. Ines is just glad that Cocó will be able to have her baby in a hospital with trained medical staff. Cocó contemplates having a cesarean in order to avoid the pain [Logic check…huh? It’s surgery, dimwit.] Sara scoffs. Pppht. Puh-leeze. I had my baby at home and was up and making tortillas for my good-for-nothing husband before the first diaper needed to be changed [I may have taken some liberties.]

Sex, Lies and Videotape

At the Luxury Hotel, Armando wonders why they should separate if they have so much fun together. Fabiola just wants to destroy the video and to be assured that Armando hasn’t  made copies. He teases her with the thumb drive, but won’t hand it to her. The three of them could have so much fun together-Armando, Fabiola and Humberto’s money. Fabiola snatches away the thumb drive.

I want to hold your hand

Basi visits Cocó at the Mercado and introduces himself as a master in the art of quiromancia–palm reading. He’s a well known vidente (fortune-teller). Cocó is skeptical, but he swears he’s legit and gives her several examples of his ESP prowess. He predicted that William and Kate were going to buy diapers, that his uncle would get drunk, that the Mexican national team would lose [I don’t keep up with soccer, but I’m wondering if that is sort of one of those “well hell anyone can predict *that*” kind of jokes.]

Cocó finally agrees to let him read her palm. The lines say MENTIROSA with a capital “M” and a close up. Basi warns her that a thousand plagues will fall on her in the form of wrinkles and hair loss.

Visiting Hours

“Leonardo” goes to see Santiago at the Tijuana hospital. Visits are restricted.  He’s not related, so he can’t go in. The nurse can’t give him any information. Santiago’s sister, Isabella Blanco, is around somewhere. Maybe she can help. Leonardo tries to charm his way into the room.

There’s a policeman guarding the room. Leo puts on a surgical mask and convinces the policeman that there’s a virulent virus in the air. Maybe Mr. Policeman could take those stairs over there nowhere near the nurses station and ask someone for a mask? Apparently the elevator is particularly virulent.

Leo makes it into Santiago’s room and can’t  believe what “they” have done to Santiago.

Ignacio and Fernanda discuss the venganza. Ignacio has a paper that Fernanda should get Leo to sign. When he does, the Fuentemayors will go straight to jail. Fernanda knows that whatever it is, it probably isn’t legal, but Ignacio plays on her thirst for justice. It wasn’t very fair or legal that Santiago was put in jail and is now in a coma. Forget revenge, Ignacio is giving her a chance for justice. Will she do it?

Fernanda is really hesitant. It would be a complete fraud. Ignacio reminds her that the fraud the Fuentemayors  committed against her brother was for millions and Santiago didn’t even touch that money. Fernanda does not want to stoop to their level. Ignacio tells her they can’t put them in jail for what they did to Santiago, but they can put them in jail for this paper he wants Leo to sign.

Fernanda wonders why Ignacio came up with this new idea. He claims he’s tired of their having to hide things. He hates watching her suffer. She told him from the beginning that she wanted revenge and he’s planned everything out. All she has to do is marry Leo, divorce him and end up with the Fuentemayor fortune.

“Leo” is really upset by how beat up Santiago is. The doctor comes in and they discuss the case. Santiago has an aneurysm. It could burst and Santiago could die at any moment. Leo can’t believe what bad shape he’s in. The doctor tells him about the operation and that due to the location of the aneurysm, there’s a 90% chance Santiago wouldn’t survive. Leo likes playing the odds. He’s all “but 10% of the people survive, right?” The doctor thinks the problem is more about finding a doctor with that kind of skill. Leo wants a full explanation about Santiago’s aneurysm and where it is.

As Leo is leaving Santiago’s room, the officer from before (now with a mask) stops him. While they discuss masks and viruses, Fernanda and Ignacio come around the corner. Leo only sees her for a split second, but he thinks he recognizes her. How can that woman look so much like his “fresita”?

Fernanda wants to go confront Leo, but Ignacio talks her down. It would ruin their plan. There’s a police officer there. Santiago will not be hurt.

Leo talks to the nurse again and gives her his card. He really wants to talk to Santiago’s sister. Please ask her to call him.

Fernanda tells the doctor to not let anyone in Santiago’s room. She also asks him to not talk to anyone about her brother’s case.

0 for 2

Jonathan and Termi discuss the banquete for Cocó and “Pedro”. Termi hopes everyone gets indigestion from the banquete. [Yep, more liberties with the translation.] Jonathan suggests that Termi forgive and forget. Termi says: ¡Jamás! “Pedro” shows up to talk to them about his business proposal for the market. [I suspect he didn’t get far with Termi.]

Next, “Pedro” shows up to talk Paloma about the proposed plan for the market. She tells him to talk to her brother Eugenio. He’s the one that takes care of all that. [Can I rant? What’s the point of making her stand up to Justino if we are just going to give her lines like that? They seriously couldn’t  just have her say “I’m busy right now, leave me a copy?”] Pedro takes advantage of the moment to ask her why she’s helping Cocó with the wedding. Why does Paloma want the Pedro/Cocó relationship to work?

Paloma knows how hard it is when you need help and no one will help…especially if you’re pregnant. Pedro thinks Paloma is too noble and he doesn’t deserve to have her even talk to him. Paloma tells him not to be so dramatic. They’ve known each other a long time. If something didn’t happen between them there must have been a reason. Pedro thinks that reason is because he was a blind, dimwitted, stupidhead. But that doesn’t mean he’s stopped feelings things. Paloma is no one’s second choice or lover. That’s not what Pedro was talking about. He hopes that maybe if life gives them a second chance…Paloma stops him in his tracks. Forget it, dude. If she let herself get carried away once, it was just espejismo (an illusion.)

The Creeper and The Nice Guy

Justino escorts Tania back to her room. She’d kind of like to take a walk to the nearby school, but Justino warns her that there are just too many wolves out in the big city. Tania could be in danger. What.a.dick.

Tania decides to go for a walk anyway. Go girl.

She makes her way to the Cultural Center where Eugenio bumps into her. There are obvious sparks. She’s interested in taking an English class. Eugenio explains there are lots of classes offered and most of them are free.

When Justino gets home, Magdalena innocently asks why he’s late. The suppliers came by and wanted their payment. Luckily, Paloma lent her the money. This pisses off Justino. He doesn’t want to take money from his morally loose daughter. Magdalena should have told the suppliers to wait until the man of the house was home [no, he didn’t say that exactly, but you know what he meant.] He throws money at Magdalena and tells her to pay Paloma back. Then he asks his wife why she doesn’t take better care of herself. “Fix yourself up some. Comb your hair.” Poor Magdalena! When she puts on lipstick he makes fun of her and says she’s too old for such things. Justino agrees she’s old. Such a shame. She was so pretty when she was young. [At this point I turn to my husband and thank him for not being an asshole. Since he knows I’m recapping he asks “oh, are you writing about that pervert that likes the young girl?” Yup.]

Tania and Eugenio go grab a bite to eat at the market. It’s delicious Mexican food. And here Tania thought everyone ate hot dogs and hamburgers. Eugenio assures her that’s not true. Here in the barrio they like to remember their roots and everyone speaks Spanish. Tania is surprised. She was told that everyone was awful in the US. Eugenio says they have good people and bad people like everywhere else, but mostly it’s good people. He thinks Tania is lovely when she smiles. She’s just glad that’s why he’s staring at her. She was worried she had something in her teeth.

Identity Crisis

Wow. Ok. Yesenia. She’s all upset because Ruben almost kissed her, but then se rajó (got cold feet/backed down) because he’s in love with someone else…um, Candy…who is Yesenia. Lupita has wild plan: “Tell Ruben you are Candy.” Whoa. Bold. Yesenia nixes this of course. How can Ruben be in love with Candy if he’s never even seen her jeta (face)? And they always end up fighting. He just wants Candy’s body. Lupita thinks Yesenia is just mad because Ruben DIDN’T kiss her. Cocó interrupts this fun. She’s clearly upset and Lupita asks what’s wrong. Oh nothing…I just had my palm read. I’m going to be happy forevurz.

Meanwhile, Connie is telling Nora all about her teacher Ruben and the fights. Ruben is a super awesome teacher. Nora thinks Connie is falling in love. Please. No. Let’s not go there. Connie seems disgusted by the idea of love. She’s very cynical and thinks love is a sure way to sadness and bitterness. Love doesn’t exist. Nora is worried by Connie’s cynicism. Connie should give love a chance and have an open heart. Is Connie being this way because this guy isn’t into her. Connie laughs. Nope. Love is not in the picture, but if they’re talking about lujuria (lust)… Nora is a little scandalized. Connie encourages her to take a selfie with her.


Chamoy is out of jail. And he wants Ignacio’s number. He’ll need work when he gets to the States. Greeaaat. He’s heading back to the US to be with his family. He’s a US citizen? Uy.

The last thing Ines needs is a Chamoy running free.

Ines is blissfully unaware of Chamoy’s freedom. She’s getting a cheese delivery from Jonathan [not a metaphor.] Everyone is gone. Jonathan asks about Perico. They talk about Perico’s plan to improve the market. Jonathan is impressed with all his business knowledge. Ines assumes it must be because of the baby on the way. Ines is worried about Perico and Cocó getting married. What if it fails and Perico gets all bitter?


Fabiola gives Humberto a massage. Work stress. The Spaniards are nervous now that there’s this scandal.  Ignacio comes in and explains that he has no idea where Fernanda and Leo are, but he was taking care of other problems. Humberto blows his top. Ignacio promised to take care of the deal with the Spaniards. Humberto stomps out.

Fabiola is worried about her own skin. Ignacio is supposed to be making himself indispensable to Humberto. Why the hell was he AWOL at such a crucial moment? Their future depends on him! [Why does she have to look so fabulous in everything?]

Ignacio takes offense. Fabiola has made her share of mistakes, too!

Fabiola changes the subject. She has some news. She overheard Nora and Humberto talking. There’s a possibility the Leo could have a  hereditary mental disorder. They can use this to their advantage!


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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Sara! I agree with you, I’m glad Tania went out despite Creep Justino’s warnings of dire consequences, but yikes! He just keeps getting grosser and grosser. I’m not looking forward to the explosion when he finds out she went out despite his warnings AND met Eugenio. He’ll probably take it out on Magdalena just like he did today. *shudder* Cocó is really stubborn. I don’t think any amount of subtle hints are going to get her to back off. I’m going to be pissed if the wedding actually happens. I’m disappointed we didn’t hear the doctor’s explanation to Pedro… Read more »

4 years ago

thanks so much Sara!

hmm, when “Pedro” asks Paloma if everyone deserves a second chance, by her answer, I wonder if there was a first chance, still waiting to hear the story on Cachito, and is this creepy at all that “Pedro” is a completely different guy than she thinks he is? (I love them together and Paloma does ‘longing’ so well).

4 years ago
Reply to  Sara

rumor is that Danna Paola will be the daughter of Aracely Arámbula in Telemundo’s remake of “Doña Bárbara”.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  deb

I’d prefer this kind of comment on the open thread.