¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 3/15/16 #24

Fabiola tells Ignacio that she overheard Nora and Humberto talking about Leonardo and the possibility that he’s inherited some mental disorder. Fabiola is sure that Humberto and Nora are hiding something. Maybe Leonardo’s mother was crazy and Leonardo inherited it from her. Fabiola will keep her eyes and ears open for any information she can gather. If it’s true that Leo is going crazy, this is the best thing that could have happened for Fabiola and Ignacio. He agrees it would be like winning the lottery.

Sara makes bets ringside. Her bookie gets all “ooo la chulada de Candy” and even makes lascivious comments about the birthmark on her hip (lunar). Yesenia/Candy is sooo busted.

Pedro and Basi discuss Santiago and his sister. Basi knew about her, but with everything going on with Santiago it’s surprising that she’s never really done anything. Pedro thinks she must not be living nearby. Basi says if it were him, he’d do everything in his power to be with a relative who was far away. Pedro tells him it isn’t so easy to have a relative in jail and to know they are guilty. Pedro knows.

Connie talks to Ruben about Candy. He claims he doesn’t like Candy, but is is intrigued by her. He’s never seen her without her mask. Connie teases him about liking mystery. They discuss the film they are making. They have enough material now. Ruben makes a joke about the romantic film about “Connie and Dicaprio”. She confesses she likes someone else. Another fighter? Welll, a social fighter. Ruben asks who it is and she sort of nods toward her camera and he looks. [I’m still not sure what’s up. Connie doesn’t  like Ruben…right?]

Of course Yesenia is jealous watching Connie and Ruben.

Johnathan tells Ines about a dream he had and it leads to smoochies. Outside, “Pedro” is on his way in. [The way they filmed it makes it seem like he was being watched?] Pedro catches Ines and Johnathan mid-smooch and they freak out. Pedro just shrugs it off. He doesn’t care. They are adults. If they are happy don’t waste the chance. Don’t say no to happiness because of stupid prejudices.

Pedro tells Basi about his dad being in prison. His mom is a different story. She’s the greatest mom ever. Basi wonders why Pedro got all weird when he heard about the gossip from Tencha. It wasn’t gossip. Ines is involved with Pedro’s best friend.

Ines and Johnathan are so happy to have “Pedro’s” approval. He was so upset the day of the accident. Ines has been blaming herself ever since. She didn’t need to worry. She and Pedro hug. He says maybe the accident helped him mature. Johnathan is also really happy. He’s missed his friend.

Yesenia and Lupe worry that Sara learned the truth about Yesenia’s job. Lupe is also a little confused by the fact that Sara can walk. Lupe leaves Yesenia alone…and a mystery visitor arrives. It’s Sara. She comments about “Candy’s” mole. It’s funny, her granddaughter has one just like it. Sara rips off the mask. A-ha! It’s you, Yesenia!!! Yesenia has her own A-ha! Well, you can walk abuela!

Fernanda tells Daniela about “Leo’s” visit to Santiago. Fer was sure he wanted to hurt Santiago, but all he did was ask about his condition. Dani thinks maybe Leo is sincerely worried. Fer is having none of that. Leo likes people to think he’s the good guy, but she knows he’s really guilty. She’s going to play the only card she has left.

Yesenia stands her ground. She’s not doing anything but dancing and they are paying her well for it. She’s trying to help her mom. Sara on the other hand, is faking that she’s paralyzed so she doesn’t have to work. Sara owns it. It’s true. After decades of working, she’s tired. [I can’t argue with that. I know the feeling….and she has contributed her gambling winnings. Ok, so that’s not the best message to send.]

Cocó gets ready for her 80s themed wedding. She gushes and promises to make Perico happy. There’s a scratching at the door. It’s a black cat!!! [Ohhh yeaaah, last night Basi said that if a black cat crossed her path, it would be a sign that bad energy had entered her life.]

“Leo” gets a call from Basi. Operation Black Cat is a go. Repeat Operation Black Cat is a go.

“Pedro” and Ines go through his closet looking for a coat. The one he wore in high school is way too small. There’s the one from the day of the accident [which I thought he left in his car??????] He tries it on while Ines is gone. He finds a box with a very nice bracelet in it.

Fer asks “Leo” to marry her. Leo looks like a deer caught in the headlights. He stumbles for words and Fer asks why he’s scared. He mumbles that he’s supposed to be asking her. Fer just smiles and says the last time he asked, it didn’t work out. Maybe it will be luckier if she asks this time. Leo can’t marry her. If Leonardo Fuentemayor marries her now, she’ll hate him forever.

Cocó freaks out remembering what Basi said about the black cat.

At the market, Sara orders people around and Termi mopes. Melquiades makes fun of him and asks why he’s not getting gussied up to dance with the bride. Termi wants to dance with the ugliest girl there….that’s your sister, right Melquiades? A package arrives for Termi. There’s a note “Use this if you want to stop the wedding. Signed: Mr. Enigma.”

“Pedro” is still looking at the bracelet and is confused by it. Ines comes in babbling that he can wear his Mariachi suit to the wedding. Pedro asks about the day of the accident. It was her birthday, right? Did he get her a present?

Fer is upset by what “Leo” has said. What does he mean? What did he do that was so bad she’ll hate him. Can’t he tell her. He starts to tell her that he loves her, but she slaps him. He swears he’ll tell her everything in time. She thinks he’s fake and she hates him. Fer stomps out. Leo cries and Nora asks if he’s ok.

Cocó continues to spaz. She asks Yesenia to take a good look…is she wrinkling. All Yesenia sees is a ton of makeup. Yesenia makes her escape using the excuse that she has to check wedding prep.

Fer tells Ignacio that Leo is not going to marry her. She’ll tell him more at the office. She doesn’t want people to see them talking.

“Leonardo” tells Nora this is the first time a woman has made him hurt like this. Has she ever been in love like that? She had an impossible love once, but she doesn’t go into detail. Leo says he’s spent years looking for a woman that makes him feel the way Fer does.

Dani comes home and finds Renata getting ready to go to “Pedro’s” wedding. You know, as a show of support. Renata just acts sketchy as hell when it comes to Pedro IMO. Dani sees it too! She comments that Renata is doing way too much. Pedro is just a patient.

Connie is watching her barrio footage (where she accidentally captured the real Leo with Paloma.) I think Fabiola saw it. Fabiola tries to act like she’s there to show an interest in Connie and her film-making. FAIL.

Nora wants to know why “Leo” fought with Fer. He can’t tell her just yet. Nora is sure Fer is crazy about Leo. Nora offers to be there for Leo. He can talk to her about anything. “Leo” says Nora is just like his mom. [Nora got a face. Did y’all see that?] He asks Nora not to say anything to his dad. Fabiola looks on and listens in from her perch at the top of the stairs.

Humberto is at the office and notices the guard. Ivonne explains that “Leo” requested it. Oh, and he wants an executive office for Basi as well. Humberto will see about that! He tells Ivonne to send Basi to him as soon as he arrives.

Tania has job working at the Cultural Center now! Yay! She’ll be like a receptionist [Ugh…when Justino hears…] She’s really starting to love the neighborhood…and the people. Eugenio invites her to come with him to the wedding. She has to turn him down because she has a dinner date. Oh, but no it’s not with a boyfriend. No, it’s with an older gentleman who’s married with a family [oohhh poor Eugenio when he finds out.]

“Pedro” takes the bracelet to the Pawn Shop where he finds out it’s well-crafted and the diamonds are of the highest quality. It’s  worth 35,000-40,000 dollars!


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Gracias, Sara! Aaaaaaaah! ¡Que estrés! I don’t want them to go through with the wedding…but what a cute cake with the colorful papel picado fondant! Hmmm…yes, where was that jacket supposed to be? I can’t remember whether he left it in the car with his wallet or not. Eh, I’ll let it slide…though I was thinking, when Inés and Jonathan explained what happened the day of “the accident” there was a whole crowd of people there and nobody mentioned there being two guys and one of them being dragged off by guys in suits? I didn’t think Connie was supposed… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

wonderful recap Sara!

“Pedro” was being watched when he returned home to catch Ines and Johnathan smooching, or the house anyway, as they went to a short clip showing Chamoy, sitting in that car across the street with the rear flasher on.

I think it was Ivonne that hired the guard at the office, because it’s payday and she was worried about all that cash in Leo’s office. (I guess “Pedro” is being careful about not doing anything illegal, as to wanting his pay in cash rather than a deposit or a check he would have to sign).

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Sara!
I was multi-tasking and missed the cake too! Darn.
I just realized that Eugenio is Justino’s son. Ooooooh, this is going to get good.