¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/17/16 #26

The non-wedding reception

Inés and Jonathan are kind of failing at dancing like there’s nothing going on between them. He’d really like to go ahead and announce that they’re planning their own wedding, but Inés shushes him. Chamoy eventually puts on his sunglasses and goes away (one hopes).

Yesenia, totally committed to her charade, steps on Ruben’s foot and apologizes for not having the, ahem, dancing talents of his friend. She almost gives herself away by mentioning a ring de lucha, but he’s eventually satisfied with her explanations. Or maybe he just stops caring.

Paloma and “Pedro” finally have a moment and Paloma says she owes him an apology.

Basi is still wandering around the mercado looking for Pedro, but he sees “Pedro” instead, walking with Paloma. He hides behind a newspaper and hears “Pedro” telling Paloma it’s not her fault she judged him harshly. She didn’t know any better, and besides being who he is… “Who you were.” Paloma thinks he’s a different person now and maybe it’s time he smiled, since everything turned out ok!

Paloma has got “Pedro” feeling better and he hopes now that it’s all cleared up he can show her that everything he said before was true and–*smoochies* I applaud this decision, Paloma! Even Basi is happy to see that Leonardo is finally in love. But, wait! There’s Pedro, walking into the mercado! Basi manages to grab him and wrestle him away from where Paloma and “Pedro” are getting their snog on.

Once he gets him far enough away, Basi updates him on all the latest clón chisme. Pedro still wants to come clean, but Basi asks if he really wants to screw up Leonardo’s chance at happiness with Paloma?

Inés gets a moment with “Pedro” to reassure him that he has her support. He’s smiling a lot more now and even finds it amusing that Sara turned this into a No-Wedding party. He thinks she may have a career in telenovelas.

Ignacio is a creep

Ignacio can’t get through to someone on his cell. Ivonne brings him some papers to sign and then muses about “Leonardo” being so weird lately. He starts putting the moves on Ivonne and I’m incensed! Incensed, I tell you! How very dare he say Leo and Humberto are lucky to have such a beautiful assistant. That creep! She’s efficient and she anticipates everything and she probably knows more about how to run the business than any of them give her credit for. Beautiful? Pfft. Get outta here with that. Oh, but Ivonne digs it. And she accepts an invitation to dinner instead of reporting his smarmy ass to Human Resources.

Ignacio catches up with Fernanda in the parking garage and when he tells her he’s taking steps to keep suspicion from falling on them I think of his date with Ivonne and I want to kick him in the shins. I guess there was a part of me that thought he actually wanted to go out with Ivonne and was just being a sleaze to ask her out behind Fernanda’s back. Somehow the idea that he’s not really interested in her just makes it worse. He thinks they can use “the incident” to pressure “Leonardo” into marrying Fer.

Whatever, Fer’s preoccupied with getting to Tijuana to check on Santiago. She doesn’t have time to think about that. He reminds her that only the Fuentemayor money can save Santiago. And also, he loves her. Fer’s barely paying attention.


Cocó is prepared for Termi to berate her for all the times she turned him down. But, no, he can’t be happy if she’s not happy. He loves her, no matter what. He even brought her some bubble wrap to pop, because he knows how much she likes to. DUDE! HE’S A KEEPER! Cocó is shocked when he says very seriously that “Terminator doesn’t judge. Terminator only loves.” OK, now, you had me with the bubble wrap, but the third-person thing? That’s gotta go.

Cocó and Termi hang out, popping bubble wrap, while Cocó wonders if she can ever show her face in the barrio again. She’s so grateful to Termi for saying he’ll beat the snot out of anyone who gives her a hard time…but wait, why is his sleeve so puffy? She realizes he’s still wearing the cat suit under his trench coat–complete with tail!–and she’s outraged that he would bust up her wedding and then come over to try to comfort her. The nerve! Termi hightails it out of there (yes, I had to) as Cocó threatens to come at him with a kitchen chair.

Inés is way too nice. She goes over to Cocó’s (she’s finally gotten out of her dress and into some jammies) to check up on her, praise her for her “bravery” in telling the truth, and comfort her.

Ugh. Chamoy.

Chamoy hangs out at the one and only bar/arena in East LA thinking about the day he accused Inés of turning him in. Melquiades greets him and Chamoy tries to demand Mel hire him. He’s got some fake excuses not to (“business isn’t so good right now”) and some probably legit ones (“I’ve got the cops breathing down my neck”) so Chamoy settles for cash. He reminds Melquiades of all the “favors” he did for him and how much Mel owes him. Chamoy acts surprised when Mel warns him the family probably won’t welcome him back with open arms. I know he knows he’s divorced–he even complained about it to “Pedro”–so where does he get off asking if Inés is seeing someone?

And speaking of “Ugh,” let’s get all the Justino crap out of the way

Justino brings Tania home and it’s all smiles and laughter until she turns down his offer to go out to dinner at the same restaurant tomorrow. He shuts her door and tries to invite himself to stay for coffee and a run-down of other restaurants in the area so she can pick a different place for tomorrow. Before my panic can reach epic levels, Tania opens the door and apologizes for any potential rudeness, but, um, she needs to get up early tomorrow for school. And work. And there’s no need for him to check the place out. And really, he shouldn’t be leaving his wife alone for so long, especially with her being sick and all, so…. One or both of us was terrified for her, but he does leave. I swear I see the shape of her head outlined against the curtain, as if she’s watching to make sure he’s not lurking in the hallway. He does lurk just long enough for us to see the look on his face and know that this is not over.

Justino is reliving watching Tania undress earlier. Magdalena has a hard time getting his attention to tell him dinner is ready. Words cannot convey how disgusting he made the simple act of putting his feet up on the coffee table look.

Not-so-Fab and Icky Iggy

Fabiola has been doing some mental math. She explains her theory to Ignacio. She heard “Leonardo” and Nora talking about the problems he’s having with Fernanda + he said there were things he just couldn’t tell Nora and he sounded guilty + Connie has footage of him with some other woman in a “poor” neighborhood = he’s cheating on Fernanda. Ignacio’s not sold.

Fabiola has further “evidence,” like “Leonardo” not wanting to marry Fernanda despite being “in love” with her, hm? And probably that other chick is slipping him herbs or something, you know, they do that in “those” neighborhoods. I sincerely wish for the heels on all her shoes to spontaneously break at inopportune moments and for her underwear to chafe. Anyway. Ignacio’s bringing someone around for her to meet and he needs Fabiola to support him in front of Humberto. And no, he’s not planning to explain any further.

Ignacio goes into Connie’s room to investigate the footage Fabiola mentioned. I can’t believe she doesn’t have her laptop password-protected. He’s still fast-forwarding through the footage when Connie busts him. And since she heard the audio of her footage she doesn’t buy his lie about desperately needing to send an email. He sarcastically says her videos are so deep everyone wants to see them.

Pedro, Basi, and the plan they haven’t let us in on yet

Back at the office Dr. Basilio tries to get Dr. Love to perk up already. He’s the expert on women, right? Yeah, but none of his usual techniques work on Fernanda. She hates him. And even if he could get her to fall for him, he, Perico, has nothing to offer her. Basi asks what he’s going to do–wait for The Clone to return and take her back? Or perhaps, let IGNACIO be the one to comfort her?

Ooh, Pedro’s grumpy now! Basi’s hitting him where it hurts! He still insists that it’s not that he doesn’t want to try, there’s just nothing he can do. Leonardo owns all of this and he’s the one Fernanda wants. Basi reminds him that Leonardo’s into Paloma now, and based on what he saw at the not-wedding, all the longing glances and the relief when it got called off, he thinks that’s love. With Fernanda? Nah, it was all just a social arrangement. He encourages Pedro to think about that.

Pedro pulls himself together. Now is not the time to tell the truth. He needs to keep trying to win over Fernanda and let his clón have time to be happy. So what unfinished business is there? Basi reminds him about Santiago and his family needing money. Oh, yes, speaking of money, have a nice big stack of cash. Basi turns him down. He just wants enough to take Ivonne out to dinner with. Pedro can’t believe Ivonne hasn’t snapped Basi up already. Basi starts to weep and Pedro is feeling so sensitive already that he joins in and they have to stop and pull themselves together again.

Pedro works on Leonardo’s signature, but even with all of Basi’s help, he can’t do it. He throws a tantrum, gets rid of his practice tries, and tells Basi to start helping him split up the big stacks of bills into smaller ones. Which does not look good when Humberto walks in on them.

Humberto won’t even let Leonardo or Basilio explain and he fires Basi on the spot. “Leonardo” insists if anyone’s getting fired, it should be him. After the crap he’s pulled lately, Humberto is inclined to agree.

“Leonardo” keeps fighting for Basilio and brings up his résumé. “That can be faked.” Humberto isn’t getting any explanations that satisfy him, so Pedro finally tells Basi to leave and he’ll talk to Humberto alone. He offers to swear on his mother, which doesn’t go over well, but he insists he’d never swear in vain and Basi hasn’t done anything but support him.

The after party

Ruben and Yesenia are either drunk or punch drunk and the party is finally breaking up. She gets up to head home, but twists her ankle and curses her high heels. Ruben investigates and sees her ankle is already swelling, so what better cure than to move in for a kiss? Denied! Um, has he forgotten he’s in love with someone else? Instead of just being sensible and saying he’s changed his mind or he was wrong or he knows she’s all the women he’s in love with, he just apologizes and offers to walk her home. Or bunny-hop her home, whichever.

“Pedro” hears about Termi and the cat suit and marvels at how crazy this day has been, but at least it all turned out well. Sara teases him about his color coming back, and not the green and yellow he was before the wedding! “From fright!” he says, in a perfect imitation of Perico. Everyone’s happy to hear him getting back to his “old” self.

Yesenia comes hobbling in, aided by Ruben, and Paloma and Inés fuss over her ankle while Sara laments her injury. Such a shame when Yesenia’s such a good dancer in heels. Um, what? “Well, yes, we all saw her dancing all afternoon.” Ruben clarifies she didn’t hurt herself dancing. Inés gets on Jonathan and “Pedro” to make themselves useful and heat up dinner, while Paloma goes to get something for the inflammation. Yesenia asks Ruben to stay for dinner and Sara and Inés chime in. He lets himself be talked into staying. Well, well. Meetin’ the fam. Didn’t see that one coming.

It’s a happy dinner at Casa Perico. “Pedro” can’t wait to leave it all behind. And then there’s a knock at the door. Let me guess. Yes, it’s that aguafiestas Chamoy. No, dude, nobody’s welcoming you. Oh. Except Yesenia. And Sara.

Inés is put on the spot when Yesenia begs Chamoy to stay for dinner. She introduces him to Ruben. Chamoy starts hitting on Inés.

Chamoy is practically shoving the food in his face. He fake-apologizes to everyone, but prison food sucks. “That’s why you should think about the consequences of your actions before committing a crime.” “Oh, yes, Pedro, we should all be noble and just starve and die when things get tough,” Chamoy needles him. Seriously, dude? If I thought you’d actually done it for the benefit of your family, I might buy that. And also, I don’t see your wife and kids stealing to get by, so shove it!

Paloma finally excuses herself from the hellish dinner party to check on Cachito. Like I’m sure Chamoy was hoping, Yesenia asks about his plans and where he’s staying. He lays it on thick about being broke and having to rent some dump somewhere full of roaches, but it’ll be a palace compared to jail. I’m still waiting for her to ask him to stay on the couch, but he changes the subject to how weird “Pedro” is all dressed up and fancy and how that accident must have really done a number on him. “But don’t worry, you’ll always be my son.” “Pedro” bolts from the table, saying he has something to take care of. Jonathan, on the other hand, won’t be moved.


Santiago’s doctor called Fer to tell her that he’s found someone who specializes in the kind of surgery Santiago needs. Dr. Rafael Bellman is Mexican, working out of a clinic in Sweden and he has a long waiting list and probably charges astronomical fees. No problem, Fer will figure it out, but she wants to call this guy right away.

Fernanda talks to Santiago about how he’s going to be healthy and strong again. She’ll make sure that doctor takes his case. She can’t fail him. She owes him.

Fernanda has fallen asleep at Santiago’s bedside, but wakes up when she notices that he’s moving the fingers of his hand. He asks “Isa” if it’s her. He can’t see. He begs her to tell him he’s not blind.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

“Words cannot convey how disgusting he made the simple act of putting his feet up on the coffee table look.”

I hate to highlight this line because it has to do with Justino, but I’m so impressed by the fact that even though you claim there are no words, you did convey the skeeviness of the scene. It was totally gross.