¿Quién es Quién? Friday 3/18/16 #27

Casa Justino

At dinner, Magdalena and Eugenio are recapping the non-wedding drama while Justino mopes. When he doesn’t respond to Magdalena, she’s actually concerned that something’s wrong with him, but then he explodes, so nope, totally normal. He complains that he can’t even eat his dinner in peace and storms off to some other part of the house while Eugenio comforts Magdalena.

Fuentemayor Corp.

Pedro has given Humberto some explanation we’re not privy to, and he’s calmed down. Somewhat. At the very least, “Leonardo” isn’t fired, but if there’s some new scandal, Humberto won’t help him. When he hears that Fernanda isn’t in on the plan because they’re going through a “rough patch” Humberto tells him to marry her already.

As for Basilio, he’s not fired either, but he’s not getting his own office and he’s going to continue being a chauffeur and office assistant because that’s his “level.” Ouch! I see where Leonardo gets his non-reading-of-résumé skills from. And how Fernanda got hired without anyone realizing who she was.

Casa Perico

The after party at Perico’s is breaking up. Yesenia’s got to hobble to work (won’t that be interesting), so Ruben excuses himself. Inés basically tells Chamoy it’s time for him to go as well. He’s still playing the good guy, so he agrees immediately (I finally read his shirt, “To hell with the consequences”) and gets a goodbye blessing from Sara. He tries to get Jonathan to leave, but Inés says they have “mercado business” to discuss. I don’t breathe until Chamoy is out of the house without anyone having suggested he stay there.

So, about that “mercado business”…Inés is afraid of what Chamoy will do if he finds out she and Jonathan are together. All his fake-niceness at dinner was hiding nothing but hate and a desire to get revenge on Inés. And Chamoy plays dirty. She’s afraid if he finds out, he’s capable of killing them both. Jonathan seems to either not hear her or not understand. To him it’s just a simple matter of telling Yesenia they’re getting married so that Chamoy gets the message that he doesn’t have any rights over Inés.

The One and Only

“Pedro” heads down to The Bar-ena for a beer and gets sort of an apology from Termi (still wearing the cat suit). Though it seems like it’s “Pedro” doing more of the apologizing for not being able to remember and for trusting Cocó. Termi doesn’t even blame her and says she’s not a bad person, she’s just kind of acelerada (she got overexcited) because she likes Pedro so much. Termi wishes she’d feel that way about him, because what he feels for her is way beyond “love.” As far back as grade school, when all the other boys would run away so Cocó wouldn’t pick them to “marry” her at the kermes (fair, carnival) he never did. And she still wouldn’t pick him.

Yesenia limps into work late. Lupe says Melquiades has asked for her 30 thousand times already. I dig the whole bandolier and bottles-in-holsters thing. Anyway, as for any potential action with Ruben–hell no! He’s in love with two chicks and eso no se vale (that ain’t right) so she wouldn’t let him kiss her, to teach him a lesson. She’s apparently going to try to make him fall out of love with one of her and in love with the other. The crowd is chanting for Candy and Lupe goes out there to keep them from tearing the place down while Yesenia finishes getting ready.

Termi reminisces–alone, of course, because “Pedro” can’t remember anything from before the accident–about going to the pool in elementary school and Cocó in her blue bikini, helping him with his shoes because he didn’t know how to tie them. Since he remembers so much, does he happen to know if “Pedro” ever took anything that wasn’t his? Termi laughs…hell yeah, and Doña Inés was sooooo pissed! He’d never heard her cuss like that! He doesn’t know who told on them, but, yeah, she knows they stole stuff. Uh oh.

“Pedro” has Termi retrace his steps the day of the accident, but all he knows is that Pedro was helping with the party, he was happy, he had bought Inés something…jewelry…something expensive. And about their previous thieving ways…? Termi laughs! They were ten! They stole merengues (meringue cookies) from the mercado! His mom whacked them both and Termi’s butt still aches when he remembers it. “I thought it was something serious.” Are you kidding?! It was WAY serious, at the time. Termi asks about Inés birthday present but “Pedro” says he never gave it to her and, uh, it must have disappeared, with everything that was happening. Termi’s happy to have his bud back.


Santi is being taken for some tests and is doing a terrible job of staying calm and having faith like Fer asks him to do.

An anxious Fernanda paces the hospital waiting room. The nurse she asks doesn’t have an update for her. Dani arrives to take over cheerleading duties, now that Fernanda’s losing faith. The doctor finally emerges to tell Fer the aneurism is pressing on the optic nerve and they had to sedate Santiago because he wouldn’t calm down. Dr. Bellman is his only hope.

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabiola brushes off Connie’s annoyance with Ignacio for getting on her computer. She accuses Connie of still not being over that time Ignacio found her diary and read it. Hey! Don’t be acting like that’s not traumatic! And I agree with Connie–the issue is that she didn’t raise him to respect other people’s privacy. Fabi’s phone starts ringing and she gets a Look on her face and won’t answer. She claims it’s an unidentified number, but we all know that’s a lie.

Connie recommends turning the phone off since the constant ringing is making her nervous. Fabiola opts to go to bed instead and says Humberto is going to be home late.

Instead she goes into Humberto’s office to call Armando, who seems to have taken up residence at the Luxury Hotel. He was calling Fabiola so insistently because he’s in luuuuuurve with her and wants to see her tomorrow afternoon. She makes up a fake trip with Humberto, but Armando doesn’t buy it. He insists she meet him and threatens her into not only saying she’ll be there but into saying it like she means it and saying she loves him. Connie heard this last bit and can’t believe Fabiola would do this to Bert!

Connie really goes off on Fabi about only wanting Bert’s money, cheating on him, and being a golfa (slut) and gets slapped for it. She’s ready to be done with Fabi, but maybe she’s not quite as cynical as she wants to think, because Fabiola convinces her to stay and hear her out.

Fabiola’s explanation is she met a guy, she thought they were going out for an innocent dinner, and then she had too much to drink and kissed him. Now the guy won’t stop calling and he threatened to tell Humberto they’re having an affair. Connie doesn’t buy it. Humberto interrupts them before Connie can decide whether she’s going to say anything to him or not.

Connie tells Bert he interrupted a lovely mother-daughter talk, but that’s ok, they can pick it up tomorrow. She’s going to bed now to dream about this wonderful, united family of theirs. Humberto thinks it sounds like they had an argument, but Fabiola denies it.

Unknown restaurant

Ignacio. First date schtick. Ivonne. Falling for it.

Casa Fuentemayor, the next morning

Pedro has a spring in his step until he sees Ignacio sitting alone at the breakfast table. He’s not in the mood to listen to Ignacio’s fake protests about how he would never…and he’s the one who introduced Leonardo to Fernanda…and gosh, he’d hate for everyone to think he’s so ungrateful after Humberto let him and Connie live in his house that he would “betray” Leo like that. Then he drops “My girlfriend works with her, I’d be stupid to hit on her!” Oh, didn’t you know? Ivonne’s his girlfriend.

Casa Perico

The rest of the family is at breakfast, but “Pedro” went off to work early. Speaking of work, Sara asks how Yesenia managed last night. “Oh, I got myself a wheelchair, and guess what? People were so stupid they believed it.” No, of course she didn’t do that, it was just a “joke.” Mystery Envelopes are delivered to Inés and Paloma by messenger.

And guess what? Inés and Paloma are finalists in a sweepstakes with $20K as first prize and $15K as second prize. “What would I do with $20K?” Inés wonders. Sara’s answer: “Take us all to Las Vegas, give me half, and I’ll make it a million!” Cachito, on the other hand is more practical. “Toys.”

Cultural Center

Tania’s working the front desk when Eugenio arrives with a colorful bunch of flowers for her. She says the flowers brightened up her day…oh? What a coincidence, because just seeing her brightens up his day every time.

They make eyes at each other while she puts her flowers in a vase. She explains the awkward silence with “An angel must be passing by.” That’s what they say in her hometown when everyone stops talking.

Eugenio asks her out to a movie–whatever one she wants to see. Tania’s a horror/creature-feature fan and Eugenio is kind of not. But hey, if that’s what she wants, he’s in. And he won’t jump into her lap or grab her hand unless it’s, like, really totally a super-scary scene. She says he doesn’t have to save the hand-holding for the super-scary scenes. And she’s off work at 5.


The oddly cheerful text bubble informs us we’re in Tijuana again. (Where nothing good ever happens, so why does Tijuana always get the bubble?) Dani is in Santiago’s room when he wakes up. He wants an explanation for his blindness.

Dani would rather Santiago just chill until Fernanda gets there so SHE can explain. Dani doesn’t think it’s her place to tell him. Santi reminds her they’re friends, and friends support each other. And right now what he needs is to know the truth.

Dani explains about the aneurism and that Fer is looking for a specialist. Santiago thinks the best thing that can happen is for him to die. Dani’s not putting up with that crap from him and rather than babying him tells him to pull himself together because Fernanda doesn’t deserve for him to even think of such a thing.

Mercado de la Raza

Chamoy comes to the back room at the piñateria. Danger! Danger! “You don’t know how I dreamed of this moment when I was in jail.” There is no good way to take that. He starts trying to put the moves on her and insists she’s still his “reina.” Why? Because he still wants her. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Inés says she hasn’t forgotten the beating he gave her five years ago and that she swore he’d never lay a hand on her again.

I tune out Chamoy’s BS about being a changed man now that he’s out of jail. It doesn’t matter. They’re divorced. He whines that nobody asked him and besides, he only hit her that one time.

I’m sure you can imagine my extremely indecorous and unladylike outburst at that. He can go do something anatomically impossible because once is one time too many.

Paused it too soon, because he continues “And only because you provoked me.”

Steam. Pouring. Out of ears. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! You know those cute signs about “In this house we do…“? Well, in THIS house, we don’t do victim blaming.

Inés tells him to get out. They’ll never get along. Chamoy insists he won’t leave until he’s proved to her that they can.

Termi tells Jonathan about his reconciliation with “Pedro.” Also, he won’t let Jonathan say a word against Cocó. And stop calling him Termi. It’s Terminator. TermiNATOR casually mentions that he saw Chamoy going into Inés’ shop and jokes that she’s putting him to work already. Jonathan practically runs out of the shop.

Chamoy argues that Inés will always be his mujer because they’re still married in the eyes of God, and didn’t they promise they’d be together through good times and bad? Sickness and health? Inés reminds him he was also supposed to CARE for her! To PROTECT her! And he didn’t. He goes back to whining about how he was just trying to give them a better life, blah, blah, blah. “And what about hitting me? Have you forgotten that?!” “It was just the one time! Are you going to keep throwing that in my face all the time?!” My response: Not if you go away. Jonathan gets to the shop and says “hi” like there’s nothing going on.

Fuentemayor Corp.

Basilio works on how he’s going to give Ivonne the chocolates he bought her. The woman herself arrives and he settles for “I bought these for you because I knew you liked them.” Which was nice and all, but she just started a diet. And besides, her boyfriend wouldn’t approve. Pobre de Basi!

Fernanda arrives at work. She asks Ivonne to let her know when “Leonardo” arrives and let Daniela’s supervisor know she won’t be in today. Fer asked her to attend to some clients. Basilio’s still hanging around making copies, and something about Fer and Ivonne’s exchange inspires him to take a chocolate out of the box and eat it.

Fernanda harasses Dr. Bellman’s secretary. She remembers Ignacio giving her a folder and telling her that if “Leonardo” signs it, he and Humberto would go right to jail and she’d have the money for Santiago’s operation. She doesn’t seem to be remembering that Ignacio also told her not to worry her pretty little head about HOW exactly that would happen.

Pedro is explaining to Basi that he couldn’t get that office for him, but no big. Basi figures it will be easy for him to keep doing undercover work this way. Fernanda interrupts what I’m sure was going to be Pedro breaking the news that Ignacio and Ivonne are together, and Basi leaves the office. She has that folder Ignacio gave her and she gives him a hard time about how she just needs his signature on some paperwork–or is he going to refuse to do that too? He signs without even reading. Oh, well. I guess the good news is it will be easy to tell later that it wasn’t Leonardo’s signature?

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4 years ago

Terrific recap! Especially since telemundo.com didn’t put up the right episode for #27 (they reposted #25!), and I completely missed the show. Humberto is such a snob about Basilio, and he’s completely blind about Fabiola. And whenever Chamoy is on the screen, I can’t stand it. I don’t know why Yesenia adores him. He gives me the creeps!

4 years ago
Reply to  Tracy

May I join you in being confused by Yesenia’s support of Chamoy?

She’s so offended by Ruben’s possibly bootlegged videos but Chamoy’s crime is ok? She adores her mother and gets a jib to help her and even gives Sara hell for not helping, but isn’t angry that Chamoy hit Ines?

I like Yesenia, but think the writers need to work on her character a bit. She’s coming off as…. I don’t know what. I don’t hate her (like say, Fabiola or Justino or Chamoy), but she’s really annoying and I think Ruben deserves better.

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I couldn’t remember if she knew or not about. Chamoy hitting Ines.

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva!
What a great recap.
Such good explanations, asides and queries.

4 years ago

Gracias, Kat! You really just churn these out and you do it with ganache… digo… panache every time.

I have a Swiss cheese memory – have you used “bar-ena” before? It’s awesome. I hope I may use it as well.

I love the little details you notice. Like “The oddly cheerful text bubble”. It really does seem out of place and way too perky for the action that takes place in Tijuana.