¿Quién es Quién? Monday 3/21/16 #28

Fuentemayor Corp chisme

Fer tells “Leo” this is the paperwork for the deal with the Spanish. She tries to make a run for it, but he’s taking advantage of the moment to whine and grovel. It’s a total fail, though, because if there’s one thing Fer doesn’t like it’s jealous dudes.

There’s some very overt flirting at Ivonne’s desk, during which it quickly becomes apparent that the deal with the Spanish isn’t the only one that got closed recently. Although with less signing of paperwork and more fireworks. At least on Ivonne’s part. Who knows if Ignacio had a good time or not. Actually, who cares–the lying creep!

Fer finally gets her folder back, turns down another entreaty for just twoooooo mooooooonths, and leaves Leo’s office.

She walks past the reception desk and does her best to ignore the verbal foreplay going on at Ivonne’s desk. As do I. The words “inspire” and “creativity” are uttered. Nope, nope, nope….

Pedro’s so down he can’t even make a decent paper airplane. Basi comes in so they can pout in tandem. But Basi’s not so out of it that he doesn’t wonder what Pedro signed. Pedro asks why Basi’s wearing a cara de circun…cisión. (I swear the actor playing Basi almost started laughing.) He says Ignacio and Ivonne are together. Pedro won’t turn his back. He’s NOT going to let Basi cry over a woman! “If you cry, I’ll fire you!” Basi pulls it together about 25% of the way and says Ignacio’s a bad person! A bad person! Totally, dude.

Pedro says the have to figure out how they’re going to get back their chiquitas preciosissimas. Whatevs–Pedro has it way easier. He can just wine and dine Fer. Pedro disagrees-she’s way too angry! And Humberto practically ordered him to marry her! What’s he going to do. Well, duh, marry her. Basi does some serious logic gymnastics…she’s going to be angry no matter when she finds out who he is; if she’s upset because he won’t marry her than he can make her happy by marrying her.

He says something that sounds like a quote I recognize, “Es mejor un solo segundo con la mujer amada, que toda una vida sin ella,” but Google doesn’t find anything. Maybe I’m thinking of Steel Magnolias, “I’d rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

Fer is still trying to reach Dr. Bellman and luckily for her, he’s heading to Los Angeles. She begs his assistant to understand, her brother’s young, he’s never hurt anyone…the assistant gives in and apparently gets Fer an appointment.

Ignacio comes to Fernanda’s office to gloat. She’s unhappy that he’s using Ivonne when he knows she’s had a crush on him, but…whatever. It’s not her problem. She hands over the folder of signed paperwork.

More gloating on Ignacio’s part. He swears it’s all going to be fine, he’ll make sure nothing happens to her, she’ll have her revenge, they’ll be rich…she just has to marry Leonardo. Still?! Fer doesn’t think that’s even possible, but Ignacio insists it’s necessary.

Meanwhile, at Casa Fuentemayor

Nora nags Connie about fighting with Fabiola again. Or still. Whichever. Connie doesn’t really want to talk about what happened. Nora randomly asks about Connie’s dad. Oh, he calls sometimes. Connie calls him Fabi’s biggest victim. He lives al otro lado now. (Because who wouldn’t want to put an international border between themselves and Fabiola?)

The backstory on Fabiola, according to Connie, as told to Nora: Fabiola was horrible to Connie’s dad. He was just as in love with her and eager to please her as Bert is now. He worked his ass off to give her everything she wanted, but one day he got tired of her calling him a loser and treating him like a nobody and he packed up and left. Connie is his biological child, but Ignacio is not. Ignacio is the child Fabiola had with her One True Love way back in the day. But that guy left Fabiola for someone else and that’s probably the reason Fabiola’s so…you know. The way she is.

Later, Fabiola comes into Connie’s room to thank her for not saying anything to Humberto. Well, Connie didn’t do it for Fabi, she did it for Humberto. Fabi had better be playing for keeps. She’d better not screw around on Bert or else…well, you know how crazy Connie is. She just might let something slip.

Oh, Connie’s not “warning” Fabiola, she’s just giving her advice that’s all. Seriously, she can’t have both a rich husband AND a lover! “Why didn’t I let you go live with your father?” Connie laughs that Fabi wanted revenge, so now she’s got “el premio del tigre” (the prize you didn’t really want, but you have to keep it anyway). Connie leaves, blowing a kiss to the still-talking “Principessa,” and leaves Fabiola IN HER ROOM. Alone. With her laptop.

Mercado de la Raza

“Pedro” stops by Paloma’s shop. He’s in a good mood now that he’s talked with more of the shop owners and has a better idea of his plan for the mercado. And also, there’s the matter of some smoochies.

Jonathan gives Chamoy the “mercado business” line again. Chamoy leaves relatively quickly, but not before doing just a little more guilt-tripping about “the man upstairs.”

“Pedro” gets an impromptu lesson in tying bouquets. BTW, Paloma has asked Cachito to cool it on asking about Chamoy being in jail. “Pedro” admits he doesn’t trust Chamoy. He was just starting to feel like things were settling down and suddenly Chamoy shows up to stir things up again.

Jonathan explains to Inés why he came over. She’s changed her tune since yesterday and instead of trying to convince him of the danger, she now wants to convince him there’s nothing to worry about. As long as he doesn’t arouse Chamoy’s suspicions. She doesn’t think Chamoy will do anything to hurt her while he’s trying to get back in her good graces, but if he thinks there’s something going on….

Jonathan is really tired of the sneaking around and would like to go public. Inés is not convinced that Yesenia would accept it. Sure, she knows Inés is divorced and free to be with someone else, but…a guy 10 years younger than her? She tells him she’ll think about it.

Chamoy sees Yesenia in the food court and whines to her about his crappy accommodations. She’s perfectly happy to see him and treat him to some tacos, but when he starts talking about how he wants Inés back she seems less enthusiastic. She even questions why he’s saying this now when he didn’t ever tell her that any of the times she visited him in jail. “I’m a man. I have my pride.”

He goes fishing for info about Inés and Jonathan, but since Yesenia doesn’t know they’re seeing each other, she thinks Jonathan’s just hanging around a lot because of “Pedro” and his whole Mercado revamp plan thing. Chamoy is baffled at the explanation she’s giving him–did Pedro start taking finance classes or something? Nope, he just had that accident and he stopped being able to sing and became a genius with numbers instead. Chamoy wants the whole story.

Being rich is hard!

Basilio tries giving Pedro an Economics for Dummies lesson, but Pedro needs the remedial version. He’s still mopey about Fernanda. Basilio says it’s time to make two women very happy now–Humberto shows up and asks him to leave the office. Basi leaves his phone behind while Humberto’s practically shoving him out the door.

Humberto tells “Leo” it’s time for him to pick a stock and invest 30. “Thousand?” No, MILLION. He hands over a card and tells “Leo” he needs to call that guy within the hour and give him instructions. To prove to Humberto he’s still a financial genius. What?! And also, he needs to straighten out this thing with Fernanda and set a wedding date. Seriously, Bert? What’s the hurry?

Pedro is looking at stock profiles in a panic…pick one at random? No, no! Look at the names. Nope, that doesn’t help. He decides to call Basilio, which would of course be the ideal solution except…Basi’s phone is on the shelf by the door. “¡Ya nos cargó el payaso!” (Which is either a reference to Stephen King’s IT or to rodeo clowns distracting the bull and helping drag people out of the ring.)

Basi, dressed up as a courier, brings Paloma a box full of money and a letter saying she won 2nd prize in the sweepstakes. Uh huh. Nothing suspicious at all about the prize being cash and the courier knowing just a little too much about what’s in the box. Spoke too soon…Paloma thinks this is a joke or there’s a hidden camera somewhere. She hugs Basi when he says it’s legit and gives him a tip.

OK…no knowledge of his own, no Basi to lean on, what’s next? GWEN! Sure thing, Gwen can help him pick one, he just needs to scan the info with the–system failure. No connection to the Internet. Oh. Dear. Well, there’s nothing for it. Pedro says a quick prayer “Ave Maria, dame puntería,” (Hail Mary, give me good aim!) and picks…”MORETZ.”

Ivonne walks in to tell him the Tokyo market is open, she’s got the guy on the line and he needs to know what to invest in. Pues, MORETZ, $30M. Ivonne is shocked he doesn’t want to think about it, but “Leo” says the world belongs to the daring. Um…ok…uh…the Internet is down, but they’re working on it. Yeah, yeah, he knows. Once she leaves he hopes San Juditas doesn’t abandon him!

Paloma rushes home and Inés has her own bundle of cash. They’re both excitedly yelling about how they’re rich when “Pedro” comes in. He just gapes at them. I’m wondering if the bank will accept a “You’re the winner!” letter as any kind of reasonable proof when they go to deposit that much cash. ($10K is the limit before they start asking questions and Paloma and Inés “won” $15K and $20K respectively.)

Ivonne goes to Ignacio’s office to tell him about “Leo’s” instructions and despite their earlier behavior at the reception desk, she keeps him from snogging her because “We’re in the office!” Ignacio does a quick check and says there’s no way MORETZ is going to recover from their losses over the last few months. He tells her not to worry, it’s Leo’s business if he wants to lose all that money. Ivonne works too hard. She should just think of the bright future she has at Ignacio’s side. Uh huh.

Someone named “Adela Garcia” calls to give “Leonardo” an update on Santiago and the contact info for the doctor. It’s probably the nurse at the hospital. Basilio comes back to the office and reports that their Sweepstakes mission was a success. Pedro asks how much money you can earn investing $30M in the stock market. “You could triple it in a month or lose it all in a second. Why do you ask?” Pedro tells him to sit down first and pray with him for the salvation of their souls…and their necks!…and then he’ll tell him the story.

El león cree que todos son de su condición

Tania is getting ready for her date with Eugenio, but it’s Justino who knocks on her door. He thought he’d come “kidnap” her (let the internal screaming begin) and take her out to dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica where they can watch the sunset. She apologizes, but she made other plans. My internal screaming intensifies as he sees the flowers and steps into the (tiny) room (with only one exit) and makes a bitter comment about some creep trying to reel her in. Nice projection, Justino.

Justino told her not to trust anyone, and here she is going out with the first guy to cross her path. Tania says it’s not like that–she’s going out with some of the girls from her English class to see a movie. And the flowers were to welcome her on her first day at work. He’s relieved. In a not-at-all shocking display of his total lack of self-awareness, he says she needs a man who’s going to take care of her, not someone who will try to take advantage of her youth and innocence. Tania apologizes again, but, um, she’s not done getting ready, so…. Thankfully he leaves and says he’ll come by another day. (Oh, good, she has time to move.) As Tania shuts the door, she looks disturbed. We’re right there with you, Tania.

Aha, caught you!

The famous Dr. Bellman has finally arrived in LA and the information Fer got from the assistant wasn’t for an appointment so much as a hotel lobby ambush. Bellman, I note, travels with security. He pastes a suspicious, snobby expression on his face while Fer talks about her brother. Oh, well, surely his team is reviewing the case and they’ll make a decision. Security moves to block Fer’s path as Bellman walks away and Fer shouts after him.

Party time at Casa Perico

Paloma, Sara, and Inés are determined to celebrate. “Pedro” is determined to find the whole thing highly suspicious. He’s outnumbered and reluctantly joins in on the celebrating.

On the second round of beers, Inés is counting the money and telling Sara she’s NOT going to give the money to her to gamble with. Paloma says she has enough now to put a down payment on a house. “Pedro” in the sweetest tone of voice says “Real estate is always a sound investment.” and kisses her. Dude. Eugenio Siller just made real estate sexy. Sara notices that kiss and Paloma admits they’re together. Sara praises God for taking away the stupid!

Just another evening at Casa Fuentemayor

Connie gets home and doesn’t seem to notice that her laptop has moved to her desk. Though she definitely notices that it’s not turning on.

Humberto is asking about dinner. They’re waiting for Ignacio because he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to them. Humberto is surprised he never heard Ignacio mention a girlfriend before. Fabiola’s phone beeps and sure enough its another not-happy text. Oh, crap, she stood up Armando! She claims it’s just one of those marketing texts. Humberto’s phone beeps and HE got a porn text. OK, seriously, it’s a bunch of legs and the bottom of Fabiola’s shoe. If that’s porn, what’s he going to think of the second act?

I don’t think Fernanda’s going to take this well

Somehow, “Leonardo” scored a dinner date with Dr. Bellman. And Bellman’s happy to finally meet him.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

“Pedro asks why Basi’s wearing a cara de circun…cisión. (I swear the actor playing Basi almost started laughing.) ”

Oh how do I miss these things? Oh well. I’ll make the sacrifice and watch the episode *again* 🙂

If everyone is so concerned that he picked Moretz, then why was it even on the list of choices? Or was it just a list of all stocks?

4 years ago

Ok. I guess I’m just like, why include all the crap stocks? It does feel almost like a set up.

I also forgot to say that I loved that you noticed the security guy with the doctor. Maybe it’s just because my husband and I had just finished watching an episode of Limitless, but the doctor came off more as some sort of international hit man.

Ah!! And can I assume that Connie’s dad will make an appearance? And can I hope that he’s rich as all get out?

4 years ago

Ohhhh. OK. Now it makes sense to me. I did not pay close attention last night. I think between the lesson on stocks and Humberto’s telling “Leonardo” to pick a stock I got up to do something. So when Pedro picked the stock I assumed it was from a list Humberto approved.