¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 3/23/16 #30

Waiting for an answer

I’m ignoring the verbal part of “Leonardo’s” entreaties to Fernanda in favor of laughing over the physical side…he’s down on one knee with the flowers, making his excuses, and she keeps backing away from him, so he keeps scooting closer on that one knee after her. He enlists the aid of a passing neighbor to help him convince her to say yes, but that just annoys Fer and she drags him into her apartment to avoid any further public humiliation.

Fernanda reminds “Leonardo” yet again that he stood her up at the altar, he turned down her latest marriage proposal, and now here he is again. She thinks he’s treating her like a plaything and she doesn’t want to run the risk of him changing his mind again. He describes the fact that she loves him at all as “winning the lottery three times.” She can’t believe “Leonardo” of all people is insecure. He can’t believe she doesn’t realize she’s the woman of his dreams. Speaking of dreams, he thinks that’s what his dream last night meant, that deep down, Fernanda knows exactly who he is and loves him anyway.

Breakfast at Casa Perico

Sara’s still begging for the chance to take some of the sweepstakes money and go to Las Vegas when Yesenia comes bounding down the stairs. Inés comments multiple times on how tired Yesenia looks, how late she works, and how maybe she should quit her job. Yesenia says she just doesn’t want to be dependent on her mother for an allowance like a kid. It bothers Yesenia to hear that Paloma and “Pedro” are together now, because what if “Pedro” goes back to being his old immature self? Is she still going to be into him then?

Inés leaves to go open the shop and that leaves Sara and Yesenia alone so Sara can ask if Yesenia has finally decided she enjoys going around de encueratriz (as one who removes clothing; encuerarse = undress). Yesenia rolls her eyes at Sara. I don’t agree with the sentiment, but I like the sound of the word.

Paloma’s place

Paloma’s showing “Pedro” what she hopes will be her new house. She walks around planning how she’s going to decorate. “Pedro” warns her not to get too excited until the bank approves the loan. She asks him to please stop being realistic just for a little while and let her dream.

At Paloma’s new house, she and “Pedro” are having a picnic lunch on the floor. He loves how comfortable he always feels with her. She brings up the phrase “Contigo, pan y cebolla” (With you, bread and onions; or as the poets Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood say “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.”) but “Pedro” has either never heard it or feigns ignorance so he can joke about not liking onions. Paloma tells him just kiss her already, before they dig into their lunch.

The Luxury Hotel

I don’t know what Armando used to do before, but it now seems like his job is hanging around shirtless in his room at the Luxury Hotel. Fabiola calls him and he says he’s glad she changed her mind and babbles about how he loves her and this is for both of their own good.

Armando’s still shirtless at the LH when there’s a knock at the door. He figures it’s Fabiola and hopes she brought the money with her, but nope. He gets shot by a gun with a silencer and whoever pulled the trigger was wearing black quilted gloves. He just has time to yell “no” before he’s shot fairly close to his left shoulder.

Housekeeping shows up at Armando’s room and the poor maid gets an unwelcome surprise.

Bad news at the office

Yeah, so, MORETZ. They’ve lost 40% of their value in the last year, according to Humberto. He tells Ivonne to find his irresponsible son and says to himself that “Leonardo’s” games end here. Basilio hears a news report that MORETZ shares dropped another 50% overnight.

Ignacio walks through the lobby, telling someone on the phone that they did what they had to do and he’ll call them later. Ivonne calls him over to tell him that MORETZ is in the toilet and they’ve lost $30M because of “Leonardo.” Humberto is furious and “Leonardo’s” phone is off. He has to cover up his happy smile and says he just, uh, hopes Humberto finally realizes he’s put the wrong guy in charge.

Ignacio goes into Humberto’s office and has to balance between pretending to be surprised and not smiling. Humberto pours himself a drink and complains about this happening just now…his phone rings and Frank, the PI, tells him something that makes Humberto ask Ignacio to leave his office. “What do you mean he’s dead?! What happened?”

Fer makes up her mind

Dani sees Santiago’s doctor letting someone into his room and finds out it’s Dr. Bellman.

Fernanda wants “Leonardo” to get out and stop confusing her. He swears that whatever Fer decides, that’s what’s going to happen. He shows her the ring he brought–a smaller one than “he” gave her before, to represent that he’s a different man. Her phone rings and he tries to get her not to answer it, but she does–it’s Dani telling her that Bellman came to see Santiago. She remembers their conversation and Bellman always wanting a lot of money and she tells “Leonardo” that she’ll marry him.

Pedro’s excited and has to ask Fernanda if she’s serious, because she sure doesn’t look happy about it. He starts babbling about how he’s going to cook and clean and do all the household stuff and that actually gets her to crack a bit of a smile. When he kisses her, she keeps her eyes open. Now that’s talent…managing to look murderous with just the one visible eye while being stage-kissed by Eugenio Siller.

The happy babbling continues. Pedro is going on and on about all the arrangements they need to make for the wedding. He wants to get married NOW, but Fer tells him to slow down. She wants to do things right. And they both need to go back to work and she has a meeting this afternoon. She agrees they should break it to his family over dinner tonight. He’s so giddy he almost leaves without putting the ring on her finger, but he finally remembers to do that. Once he leaves she takes it off and says she hates him more than ever and wants him to go to jail like her brother did. Pro tip: don’t include that in the vows, Fer.

Basi meets Pedro downstairs with the news that they’ve got a bit of a financial disaster to deal with back at the office. Pedro’s not interested in his explanations. And besides, his horoscope said this was going to be a good day and Gwen told him so and Gwen is never wrong.

At the Center. That is sometimes cultural.

Connie arrives at the Cultural Center, looking for Ruben. She meets Tania and then Ruben walks in and she says she has to talk to him, urgently.

Connie explains to Ruben that her computer got completely fried and she lost all her work. She wanted him to know so he doesn’t think she’s just being lazy. She isn’t even planning to stay for class since there’s nothing she can do, but he convinces her not to leave, at least until she calms down and they think of a solution.

Connie’s still moping and Ruben has found a box of donuts. He offers one to Tania and then Connie, but Connie turns him down. He still doesn’t want her to leave, though. He gives her a pep talk about life being like this and as an artist, she needs to take her painful experience and make some art out of it. We can’t change our circumstances, but we can change how we respond.

Yesenia shows up mid-pep-talk and the smoke starts pouring out of her ears. Tania thinks she’s joking when Yesenia asks her if she doesn’t have a gun behind the reception desk.

Ruben ignores the fact that Yesenia’s at the desk behind him, fuming, and Tania’s trying to keep her focused on the papers she’s waving around, and continues advising Connie that, like grandma said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. He gets her to agree she won’t give up. The good news is, she had backups of all her raw footage, so now it’s a matter of editing it all again. He’s sure it will be even better this time.

Then it’s time for him to deal with grumpy Yesenia who’s ready to bash his face in…oh, in he name of teaching him self-defense, of course.

Ruben’s not enjoying his “How to take a beating” lesson today. He circles the fuming Yesenia, giving her a speculative look and finally smirks and says “You’re pretty when you’re angry.” As if she wasn’t already kicking his ass! Yesenia tells him he needs to frickin’ make up his mind–does he like her or not? Her, Yesenia, the sloppy-dressing, hard-hitting, foul mouth? Because she’s getting tired of these games.


Fabiola is freaking out because someone–perhaps Armando?–won’t answer the phone.

“Leonardo” gets home and asks Nora what’s wrong with Fabiola, but Nora has no idea. He came home to tell Nora his good news.

Fabiola’s pacing and checking her watch and finally the phone rings and whoever is on the other end tells her to turn on the TV. It’s the “news” about a shirtless man…uh, I mean, a dead man…being found at an “exclusive” LA hotel. Funny, I thought the exclusive ones were the ones where either no bodies are found or nobody ever hears about it.

Nora’s honored “Leo” is sharing this news with her and she’s sure she’s as happy as his mom would have been. And, um, by the way, could she make a special dinner? Of course! They’re just starting to talk about it when they hear a loud noise coming from upstairs and they go running to see what it is.

They find Fabiola passed out on the floor in her room. Nora runs for some rubbing alcohol to have her sniff. They get her into her bed and Nora makes tea. Fabiola swears she’s fine, her blood pressure just dropped. Pedro seems legitimately concerned, but Fabiola can’t wait for them to leave the room so she can tell Armando she didn’t want things to end this way.

Inés takes care of business

Inés uses the sweepstakes money to pay back her loan to Melquiades. He promptly gives her back the mortgage papers. I’m relieved! “Pedro” comes into the shop as Melquiades is leaving and tells Inés he’s the one who should have paid back the loan, since she took it to help pay for his hospital bills. When Jonathan calls and she says she can’t come over, he encourages her to go–he’ll look after the shop. He wonders when they’re going to tell Yesenia and if he should start trying to prepare her for the news, but Inés says no, she’ll do it.

Jonathan has prepared a lovely romantic lunch with roses all over his house and fruits and agua de jamaica because it’s too early for alcohol. He and Inés have so many things to decide, like…get new living room furniture or re-cover the old? And is the refrigerator big enough, because they can get a bigger one if she wants to. And there’s no question they need a brand new bed, right? Right? Well, unless she’s really attached to his old one. Inés gets serious because she hasn’t said she’ll marry him yet. Of course, she’s going to, right? She doesn’t know. He says she will say yes, and right now! He slips the ring on her finger and she says “Jonathan, I can’t.”

Wait, what?!

“I can’t say no, because I love you.” Oh, that’s a relief!


So, Chamoy has a thing for limes. Melquiades brings over some tequila, on the house. They’re watching that same news report about Armando, but now he’s been identified. Chamoy gets all philosophical about how you’re just going about your business and you never know when you’ll meet with a bullet. In addition to the drinks being free because he knows Chamoy is broke, Melquiades also says he can afford it because Inés just paid him $10K. And Chamoy needed to know that why? Thanks a lot, Mel.

Everybody’s in love

Paloma makes it back to the shop and tells Eugenio that the guy at the bank told her there’s a good chance she’ll get the loan. She’s so happy right now with everything–the house, “Pedro.” She’s in love. She hopes Eugenio finds his perfect woman soon. She notices the look on his face and wants all the details!

What the hell, Justino?!

Magdalena is on the phone to the bank, angry that some money seems to have gone missing, but she backs off quickly at something the bank employee says. Justino comes home and she questions him repeatedly about why he took $2000 out of their account (which had $4000 in it). He admits he took the money, but it’s as if he doesn’t hear her repeated questions about why or her angry reminder that they need that money to pay suppliers and the rent on the shop. I was bracing myself for his usual “How dare you question me?” perhaps with some physical violence, but this silence is somehow even more unnerving.

Justino finally responds to Magdalena. He can’t figure out what her problem is–hasn’t he always provided for them? A “client” needed a “payment” for some “merchandise” that’s all. Nobody thinks that explanation makes any sense and Magdalena points out that once she pays the bills with the $2K that’s left, they won’t have anything. He accuses her of always playing the martyr. What? The hardest part of following this conversation is that Justino’s not making any sense in any language. Magdalena has to take a moment before she can even react, and when she does, it’s to say that she’s had it with the fact that she can’t talk to him. She’s going to go open the shop. When she leaves, Justino pulls a jewelry box out of his pocket and looks at the gold and diamond heart necklace inside. Watching his obsession continue to grow is uncomfortable.

Tania’s fixing herself some soup and a sandwich when Justino shows up. She invites him in and he makes himself comfortable where he can get the best view of her ass. Tania doesn’t notice his fixation and starts talking about how he really doesn’t have to keep checking up on her, she’s doing just fine, everybody at work is treating her well. He wants her to drop the “Don” but she thinks he deserves it for being so distinguished. He fishes for further compliments and she comes up with “guapo” among others. Oh, he loves that. She assures him his wife must think she’s a very lucky woman. That whole conversation was completely innocent, but we all know what Justino’s up to and what he wants and the way he took a bite out of his sandwich while staring at her ass…every time I think he can’t sink any lower, he does.

Sometimes, Tijuana can surprise you

Fer is feeling hopeful again when she hears from Dani that they took Santiago for some tests and he hasn’t been brought back yet. Fer tells Dani that if they save Santiago, her sacrifice will have been worth it–she just agreed to marry Leonardo.

Yes, Fernanda is determined to get her revenge. Dani brings up all the practical, day-to-day things she’ll have to do to pull it off and they’re arguing about it when Bellman comes into the waiting room.

He tells Fernanda it’s even more complicated than he thought. The aneurism is near important blood vessels and nerves and there’s very little chance that Santiago will recover. Fer decides very little is better than none and he says she’ll have to sign paperwork giving him permission to operate.

As far as fees, though, he tells her she won’t have to pay anything. Fernanda turns around and gives Dani a “Did he just say what I think he said?” look.

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Visita/ Guest

A terrific recap, Diva! I totally missed that Connie had backups of her videos. That’s a relief for her even if she has to reedit. It’s also a good lesson that she shouldn’t leave her things lying around the house for Fabiola and Ignacio to sneak into / break. I’m surprised she’s not smarter than that.

Is Frank the P.I. still working for Ignacio as well? Or was the video tampering for Ignacio just a one-time gig?

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Diva! Another winning recap. I confess I’ve always been jealous of your smart-assitude. “I don’t know what Armando used to do before, but it now seems like his job is hanging around shirtless in his room at the Luxury Hotel.” It’s kind of creepy how it feels like you knew what I was thinking as I watched. We’ve only seen him in his shirt once I think. “We can’t change our circumstances, but we can change how we respond.” Yesenia needs that speech, too. “So, Chamoy has a thing for limes.” And being gross in general. And yeah, thanks… Read more »