La Querida del Centauro Wednesday 3/23/16 #51 El Gran Final

La Pensión

Bianchini is left to die “like a dog”. Aguilar is there, though. He calls Alvaro and informs him that Salgado is the dirty cop. Aguilar requests an ambulance and back-up. He’s going back to the pensión where he saw Duarte. Salgado should not be made aware of what’s going on. Aguilar asks about Salgado’s location. Salgado is back at the station. A subprocurador is there from the DF and wants to see Salgado. Aguilar reminds Alvaro to send an ambulance and hangs up. He tells Bianchini he has to go, but the ambulance will be there soon.

Emilio arrives at the pension and asks about “Claudia”. According to Guille, “Claudia” hasn’t been home all night. Then Emilio asks about Diego. Guille says he’s not there. Emilio asks about “Claudia’s” boyfriend. Guille takes offense at that. “Novios” aren’t allowed at her pension. If Emilio is talking about the guy in room 17, then it’s not Claudia’s boyfriend. Every time they see each other, they fight. Emilio wants the keys and she refuses to hand them over. Emilio brings out the big gun. Literally. He has a big gun and forces Guille to unlock the door to Duarte’s room.

Guille is shocked to see Diego tied up in the room and swears she had no idea. Emilio ignores her. He commands Lucho and El Gato to come out of the bedroom. The way Lucho stands in front of El Gato to protect him is touching.

Emilio asks Diego what he’s doing there. Diego swears he was kidnapped. Emilio tells Diego that the cop got into the gym and made incriminating recordings. Emilio knows the files must be in the room. He makes Lucho and El Gato head back to the bedroom and empty their suitcases.

Guille makes a run for it and gets shot.

While Lucho and El Gato pull everything out of the suitcases, Diego manages to get himself untied.

Emilio keeps badgering Lucho for the files and Lucho keeps saying he doesn’t have anything. Emilio grabs El Gato and puts a gun to his head. Lucho hands over the phone. Emilio wants to know where the copy is. Duarte said there were two. Lucho denies knowing where copies may be.

Diego tackles Emilio and gut punches him. Emilio shoots Diego. Dammit!!! Why??? NOT COOL, SHOW!

Downstairs, Aguilar and his men arrive and hear the gunshot. They rush upstairs. Emilio escapes out the bathroom window.

Alvaro comforts El Gato and tells him Bianchini and “el poli” are going to be fine.

Aguilar makes a call.

El Rancho

Yolanda sits in the living room under armed guard. She asks a lot of questions, but all the guard knows is he was told not to let her leave. He has orders to shoot her if she gets “necia” (stupid).

Outside, Tania and Cristina beg to see Yolanda. They get nowhere. Tania thinks something is up. There are more men around than usual. Cristina wonders if they got wind of what was going on.

El Centauro and his men arrive. He calls for YOLANDAAAAAA and has the men drag Vicente and Duarte out of the back of the truck. Yolanda comes out. El Centaruo slaps the crap out of her and Duarte calls him a girl. He thinks El Centauro should be fighting him…like a man. El Centuaro asks Duarte who he’s trying to prove his manhood to, himself or Yolanda?

El Centauro tells the men to put of 4 “estacas” (stakes.) He wants to pay homage to Pancho Villa by making 4 traitors face a firing squad. To prove he’s not such a bad guy, he’s going to allow Yolanda to choose who is spared. Yolanda doesn’t say anything, so El Centauro will decide for her. He’s going to spare Cristina…so he (or his men) can do whatever he wants with her. I think you get my drift.  He can take out all his anger for the mother on the child. Duarte jumps up in anger, but gets punched for his trouble. Cristina is dragged away. El Centauro tells the men to let him know when the stakes are ready. I think the CCs described his next move best: “Brama como un toro” (He bellows like a bull.) It was gross and frightening.

Together we can do anything

Cristina is tied up across from Cesar. The guard tells Cesar about Duarte being alive and the imminent death of Yolanda and the others. The guard warns Cristina not to move and leaves.

Cesar starts badmouthing Yolanda, but Cristina is too busy rescuing herself like the bad-ass her mama taught her to be. She remembers the guns and ammo she hid away. Cesar yammers while she looks around at what’s available to her and formulates a plan.

She notices some bottles on top of a pile of old papers (or something.) She hopdrags (I just made that up) the chair over to the pile and then proceeds to hophit the pile until a bottle falls. I have to laugh at Cesar when realizes she’s trying to escape and quips “Just like her mother.”

Using a shard of glass, Cristina manages to cut the ropes binding her hands and then she unties herself from the chair. She runs to the hidden guns. As soon as Cesar figures out she’s got guns, his constant critical chatter ceases. Suddenly it’s all “oooh! Untie me and I can help you!”

Cristina ignores him for a while, but he won’t let up. His problem is with his dad, not Yolanda. He reminds Cristina that she doesn’t even know how to load the guns or use them. He again tells her to untie him. Cristina stops for a moment to ask “you really won’t hurt me if I untie you?” He swears he won’t. She asks him “you know what it’s like to love your mother, right?” Cesar remembers watching his mother die. He quietly tells Cristina he loved his mother. She unties him and they get to work preparing the guns. He helps her with some ammo she put in backwards and tells her to remain calm. He asks how she’s doing and I almost like the guy…then I remember the women he killed. Dammit, show.

Cesar takes care of the guard by cutting his throat with one of the broken bottles.

At the station

Alt. Title: You are sooo busted

Note: The CCs assumed that a mumbled word said by Salgado was “Aguirre”. Later Aguilar calls the same person “Licenciado Fuentemayor.”

Salgado looks tense as hell and seeing the Subprocurador Aguirre in his office doesn’t help. It only gets worse when Aguirre starts talking. Here’s this report from the SEMEFO that Salgado said nothing about. And Aguirre hasn’t been able to get Salgado on his cell. You’re a harder man to make an appointment with than the president. Salgado makes the excuse that he was getting a “resonancia” (MRI) and his cell phone was turned off. Aguirre didn’t  come all the way from the DF to hear about Salgado’s “achaques” (maladies.)

The government has arranged for a live press conference concerning the death of Julia Peña. Salgado is going to be the spokesperson informing the press that there is no narco war. The state government has everything under control. Salgado knows no one is going to believe that crap. He’s told to sell it or face the consequences.

As the press conference is getting under way, Aguirre gets a call from Aguilar. Aguilar informs the official that Salgado is a dirty cop.  He’s been El Centauro’s “tapadera” (accomplice…as in “covering for”) as well as El Cirujano’s before his death. Aguilar has all kinds of evidence that he forwards to the subprocurador’s phone.

In his office, Salgado sends a text to someone before the press conference starts.

As Salgado answers reporters’ questions and denies any sort of drug war, Aguirre Fuentemayor talks to Aguilar. The files he sent have no mention of Salgado. Aguilar will have to testify against his commanding officer. Aguilar is more than willing to do it. He saw Salgado setting up Duarte and Bianchini. Aguilar needs authorization to go after El Centauro. The subprocurador gives him the go ahead. Aguilar and Alvaro will talk to Lucho and El Gato to see if Yolanda told them anything that will help them find el rancho.

Salgado finishes up and asks the subprocurador how he did. In front of the press, Salgado is arrested for colluding with the drug lords. Salgado loudly denies it. Whatever.

The final showdown

El Centauro drinks in his office. He opens a drawer and pulls out the golden gun.

Vicente, Tania, Yolanda and Duarte are tied to stakes.

El Centauro gets a text: “Live press conference about Julia.” He turns on the TV. There’s  a report about him and the death of Julia. He and Emilio talk on the phone. The news hasn’t mentioned “it” yet (not sure what since we come to the scene with the conversation already in progress.) Emilio says they will and there’s proof, but none of it will fall on El Centauro (en nada te caen…) El Centauro needs 10 minutes. Emilio tells him not a minute more.

El Centauro watches as Salgado explains that the bodies they found were those of Julia Peña, El Centauro’s wife, and Félix Ávila, El Centauro’s lieutenant. He turns off the TV and heads outside with his gold-plated gun.

Vicente, tied to his stake, begs Tania to forgive him. The last few months, she’s made him the happiest man in the world. He loves her. Everyone is gagged.

El Centauro arrives. He points his gun at Yolanda. Then moves on to Vicente and tells him he was only ever good for running errands. Then El Centauro moves on to Duarte. Duarte was a thorn in his side, but now El Centauro will get to kill him…just like he killed his brother and wife. Even better, El Centauro will get to kill…what should he call Yolanda?

Cesar and Cristina, armed and ready, hide behind a hedge. Cesar motions for her to go one way and he will go the other.

El Centauro moves on to Yolanda. He loved her. He really loved her. Why did she betray him? He just wanted her to make her feel like a queen. Why didn’t she love him? He takes off the gag and tells her to humiliate herself and beg him. She begs him not to hurt Cristina. El Centauro asks if it was so hard to love him. She responds with “how was I supposed to love you?” All he did was mistreat her, abuse her, threaten her and take her away from her child. He says he did all that because he loved her. But she just laughed at him. He points the gun at her head and then changes his mind. She’ll be the last to die. Again, he tells Yolanda to decide who dies. Tania? He holds up the gun to Tania’s head.

A shot is fired.

But it wasn’t El Centauro and Tania is still alive! Everyone spreads out to find the shooter. Cesar manages to take El Centauro by surprise. El Centauro tells everyone to calm down and drop their weapons. The men follow orders. Cesar has a gun to his father. El Centauro tells Cesar to calm down. Cesar starts monologuing. El Centauro killed his mother and took up with the whore Yolanda (his words, not mine.) Cesar mocks his father. He took up with a woman who betrayed him and yet he called Cesar the stupid one. He throws his father’s words back in his face “I can smell betrayal from miles away.” Cesar didn’t have to betray him, but Emilio was the favored one wasn’t  he? He’s the one El Centauro advised and worked with. Cesar raises the gun to shoot. One of El Centauro’s men shoots him instead. Another man nods and seems to approve the death of Cesar.

El Centauro shoots the both of them.

Cristina runs to untie Duarte. He grabs one of the guns. Everyone gets untied. Duarte tells everyone to run. He hands Vicente a gun. Together they cover Tania, Yolanda and Cristina’s escape.

El Centauro is not pleased to discover his prisoners have gotten free.

Aguilar and Alvaro are headed for the rancho. Via walkie talkie, Aguilar directs the team to close all major roads. Águila Team 1 and Águila Team 2 are to cover the perimeter. If anyone comes out, shoot them.

As Duarte and the others flee, Cristina is shot in the thigh. Tania and Yolanda take her to safety and apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. They pick her up and drag her along….and run right into El Centauro. He makes them kneel in front of him.

Aguilar’s men enter the complex and exchange gunfire with El Centauro’s men.

El Centauro raises his gun and prepares to fire. He’s never going to trust a woman again. His man tries to tell him to hurry. Too late. Duarte arrives with a gun and shoots El Centauro. El Centauro falls. Duarte stands over him and reminds him of his crimes. El Centauro spent his life killing people, kidnapping woman and torturing girls. He’s going to hit him where it hurts (he moves his gun lower and I’m shouting “shoot him in the ding ding!”) El Centauro is going to rot in jail.

Aguilar arrives before Duarte does anything more. He orders the officers to handcuff El Centauro, put him in the truck and take him away. Duarte hands over his gun. Aguilar tells him “good job.” Duarte responds “You, too.” They shake hands. (This was probably my favorite scene.)

Alvaro tells Duarte that Bianchini is going to be ok.

El Centauro is dragged away.

Duarte and Yolanda embrace.

We see someone uncuffing El Centauro and rolling him over.  An out-of-focus policeman removes his helmet and ski mask. It’s Emilio. He tells his father to hold on and that he’s going to be ok. El Centauro smiles.

The camera pans out as we see the police truck carrying El Centauro driving away.

Final Thoughts

I’m speechless and torn. I worried so much about what was going to happen to Yolanda and the others. Now it’s over and they are all still alive, but I am not relieved at all.

I wish I had paid closer attention to the evidence and who has what. Emilio has one copy. Aguilar sent some to the subprocurador, but I’m not sure exactly what he sent.

Will there be a second season? I would think so if El Centauro is still alive. Michel Brown, the actor who played Duarte, has stated that he would love to be part of a second season. I’m not going to lie, if it’s as well written (and as short) as this was I would watch it. Well, assuming most of the other cast was in it I would watch it.

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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Sara!

I’m speechless.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

It really does look like they’re trying to set up a second season.

4 years ago

I just finished watching the last 3 episodes back2back2back and OMG whaaat just happened?! So much action so much adrenaline…..right now I’m focusing on how almost everyone got out alive, RIP diego 🙁 I couldn’t believe that the promo they showed was literally the last few minutes of the show.

Thank You Sara for recapping this awesome (but heart attack inducing)!show!! I’m going to read tour recaps over the weekend, so will have more comments later.