¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/24/16 #31

When you say “free” you mean…?

Yep, that’s right, Dr. Bellman won’t be charging Fernanda a penny. And he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’ll have his assistant call her about the paperwork she needs to sign, and now, if she’ll excuse him, he has work to do. Fer and Dani are in shock. All Dani can come up with is maybe Bellman heard Santiago was in jail and he took pity on him? Fer looks doubtful.

The horror

Tania and Justino are done with dinner and Justino gives Tania the necklace. She refuses the gift and he says it will make him sad if she doesn’t accept. He “promises” this will be the last gift and she reluctantly agrees to let him put the necklace on her. She looks like she wants to cry. Or maybe that’s me. From terror.

How can this possibly go wrong?

Inés and Jonathan celebrated their official engagement with sex (I’m guessing), and then Inés took a really long nap and Jonathan threw on a pair of jeans and started working on his taxes or something. To each their own. She’s shocked she slept so late, but he won’t let her leave unless she agrees that they’ll tell Sara and Yesenia about them TONIGHT. Which is only less controlling than it sounds because it’s them, and other than the timing, Inés was going to do that anyway.

Yesenia quite literally runs into Chamoy at the Mercado. For some reason she also feels compelled to tell him about Inés winning a bunch of money. At least she’s doing in the context of saying she likes working a lot and she doesn’t want to take money from her mom, even though she just won this big prize? *sigh* I’m not seeing anything good coming out of this conversation.

Chamoy wants Yesenia to beg Inés to forgive him. He swears he’s changed and Yesenia believes him, of course, but she says he has to show Inés that he’s changed. It’s not clear from this conversation *what* she thinks he’s supposed to have changed, and/or what Inés is still angry about. When she walks away and he’s taking a swig from his flask, I get the impression he doesn’t really care about Yesenia, except for what he thinks she can do for him.

Date night

Later that night, Eugenio brings Tania home. He bought her chocolates and she insists he has to come in and help her eat them. Girl’s gotta watch her figure. They’re laughing and having a good time and Tania tells Eugenio that she sleeps holding the stuffed bear he got for her and she dreamed of him because the bear smells like him.

Tania dances with the bear and gives Eugenio a Significant Look. He takes the hint, turns on some music and starts dancing with both of them. He asks the bear for permission to say something to Tania…he really likes her. A lot.

To remain in blissful ignorance, DO NOT CLICK HERE
Justino came into the building right after they got into Tania’s room. He stood there listening to them from the hallway, jumping up and down, trying to get a better look, making anguished faces, and just generally ruining what should have been a very romantic scene. Eventually, he reached for the doorknob, but instead went rushing out of the building. The rest of this happens WITHOUT Justino lurking in the hallway.

Tania tells Eugenio she likes him too, or they wouldn’t be dancing. She doesn’t bring just anyone home. He thinks she’s the prettiest, sweetest girl he’s ever met and maybe it’s a little early to be saying this, but he thinks he’s falling in love with her.

Eugenio calls things off at snogging. He respects Tania and it’s not like there’s any rush. She agrees–she figures they’ve got their entire lives. Together. “And get old together and have lots of kids?” Yep. For now, though, she’ll have to content herself with Neno the bear, aka their first child. Eugenio leaves after a few more kisses.

The engagement party

I LOVE the arrangement of pink and red roses on the dinner table with some other kind of sprigs of purple something. Sorry, I’m not a flower person, I just know when I think something is pretty 😀 Nora is getting nervous with all of “Leo’s” fussing with the arrangement. Humberto comes home and asks Nora to leave them alone so he can yell at “Leo” for skipping out on work today and losing money on the MORETZ investment. “Leo” is fired.

Humberto asks why the hell he bought that loser stock, was it to piss him off? “Leo” says that wasn’t it at all–the stock market is like roulette. “Es como el abarrote. A veces se gana, a veces se pierde, y a veces te dan con el garrote.” (You win some, you lose some, sometimes they come after you with a garrote. What does this have to do with groceries? Who knows. It’s probably just there to rhyme. Idioms–gotta love ém!) Humberto is furious that he’s calling him “jefe.” “Leo” apologizes. He reminds him about the piñata experiment that ended up “bearing fruit.”

Karen announces Fernanda’s arrival and “Leo” finally gets to break it to him that *that’s* what he was doing all day, getting his engagement back on.

Fabiola’s the first one to greet Fer. She casually asks if Fer knows where Ignacio is because he’s not answering her calls. Fer has no idea. She notices Fabiola’s not looking so good.

Finally, everyone is assembled in the living room and “Leonardo” announces that he and Fernanda are getting married. Connie’s the only one who’s excited. They toast, and then the cops come in to take Humberto in for questioning in the matter of Armando’s death.

Say whaaaaat?! Pedro jumps up to defend him, but they clarify he’s not being accused of anything, they just need him to answer some questions. “Leo” insists on going with him and Ignacio goes to call a lawyer. Fabiola’s just frozen as everyone walks towards the door and Connie asks why she didn’t say anything to defend “Bert.” Fabi looks like she might actually be having an emotion that might make her makeup run.

The other engagement party, sort of

Inés shows Paloma the engagement ring once she makes it home.

La Familia + Jonathan are all having dinner. Sara is just commenting that she loves the fact that they’re getting a full meal (read: more than frijoles) when Inés spills some water. In all the rush to clean it up, Yesenia notices the engagement ring and Inés nervously says she and Jonathan are in love. Yesenia scoffs, while Sara just gapes.

Yesenia quickly finds she’s the odd one out, as everyone else either knew or suspected and is happy for Inés and Jonathan. She goes running upstairs and Paloma goes to talk to her while Inés just plops down heavily under the weight of Yesenia’s disapproval.

Up in her room, Yesenia paints her problem with this situation as a problem with the age difference between Inés and Jonathan and with Jonathan being Pedro’s friend. We learn from Paloma that Jonathan and Pedro are not the same age (I’m pretty sure Jonathan is older, as the age difference we’ve heard earlier is something like 10 years). She pleads with Yesenia to at least give her mother the peace of mind of acknowledging that she has the right to live her life. She starts to say something about Inés and Chamoy’s relationship and Yesenia cuts her off immediately, insisting that her parents had a “normal” relationship, just like any other–some good, some bad.

Normal? OK, we just reached consensus at Casa Latina that there’s no way Yesenia knows everything. Partly because she’s in denial, but partly also because it doesn’t seem like anyone actually told her.

Jonathan and “Pedro” are talking Inés out of going upstairs when Paloma and Yesenia come down. Yesenia grudgingly says that they don’t need to worry about her. They don’t need her permission to get married. If that’s what Inés wants, no problem. And she’s out the door. It’s not what Inés wanted, but that’s as good as it’s going to get for now.

Inés isn’t taking Yesenia’s attitude as anything remotely resembling support. Sara thinks Yesenia had the idea her parents were going to get back together now that Chamoy was out of prison. And she admits, she would have liked that too–no offense to Jonathan, but Chamoy’s her son. She tells Inés not to let Yesenia’s attitude affect her plans, but she warns Jonathan that if he ever makes Inés cry, she’ll rip him apart with her bare hands. And with that, she asks “Pedro” to take her to her room. Jonathan apologizes to Inés. I suppose he means for pushing this announcement, but if Sara’s right, sooner was going to be better than later.

“Pedro” thanks Paloma for supporting his mom. She says Inés deserves to be happy and Yesenia will come around.

Jonathan just wants reassurance that Inés isn’t going to go back on her decision. She’s not exactly, but she does think it was wrong of her to say “yes” to him without making sure she had both her kids on her side first. Jonathan tells her she can’t please everybody and walks out.

So much for that

The tension-filled engagement party breaks up. Ignacio and Fernanda head to the study to talk about a PR strategy (or so Ignacio says). Fabiola goes upstairs to freak out alone. Connie is left to comfort Nora in the living room. Nora is upset that “Leonardo” is the only one who seemed as concerned as she is and wonders what is going on with everybody. She even asks if Connie knows something, but Connie denies knowing anything.

Fernanda assumes Ignacio has something to do what happened, but he denies it and gives “karma” the credit. She took “Leonardo” going with Humberto as a sign that they’re a pair of “gangsters.” She gets online to start doing her PR thing and seems kind of annoyed with Ignacio when he gloats that once she marries “Leo” the Fuentemayors won’t be able to stop their plans.

Connie goes upstairs to accuse her mother of killing Armando and letting Humberto take the fall for it. Damn! That’s cold. I mean, I was thinking she might have, but still.

Fernanda has put together a press release they can use if the news gets out. Ignacio says they’ll just wait and see what “Leonardo” has to say when he calls. She’s so tired of having to pretend to be happy to be marrying “Leonardo” but she’s doing it to get the money for Santiago’s operation. No, she is not interested in snogging in Humberto’s office, or seeing Ignacio later at her place. She’s going to go to Tijuana and spend as much time as she can with Santiago. Ignacio grabs her arm and accuses her of throwing a tantrum because of what he’s doing with Ivonne. She just glares at him until he lets go.

Connie says she’s ashamed to have Fabiola for a mother. Fabiola slaps her. “Are you going to kill me, too?” Fabi says she has no idea what she’s talking about. She had nothing to do with Armando’s murder and she doesn’t know why they took Humberto. Connie thinks the cops took him because Fabi cheated and he got jealous. Fabi pounces on that and says that would make it Connie’s fault, too, because she dropped Armando’s name at dinner last night. Having successfully shifted the blame, Fabiola leaves Connie alone.

Fernanda tells Ignacio she’s not “his” anymore, so he’d better not grab her like that again. He doesn’t like her shoving him aside–they’re interrupted by Fabiola, so Fernanda takes the opportunity to leave, now that they’ve got their strategy prepared.

Once she’s gone, Fabiola asks him why he killed Armando and how can he be so calm?! Ignacio reminds her that she asked him to do something. “I told you to give him a warning, not a bullet!” Then who did it? Ignacio thinks it could have been Humberto, but Fabi doesn’t buy that. He insists he doesn’t know what happened. Maybe she pushed Humberto into being a murderer with her infidelity. He hopes she’s learned her lesson.

Nora brings Connie some té de pasiflora (passionflower tea, good for anxiety and stress). Nora’s convinced this is all a big misunderstanding. Connie snarks that the only misunderstanding is Humberto thinking Fabiola’s a good person. Nora asks again if Connie knows what’s going on–did Fabiola have something to do with this? Connie says she doesn’t know and she’s just as worried as Nora. It’s not fair for this to be happening to Humberto when he’s such a good person.


Yesenia can’t even get her BFF Lupe to see what is so very, very wrong with her mom dating her brother’s BFF. She’s frustrated and doesn’t feel like dancing, but Lupe says she’s got to…tonight is the estelar (star-studded show) and if she doesn’t go out there, Melquiades will kill her! She leaves Yesenia alone so she can go check on the customers and then she’ll be back to do her makeup. Yesenia tells the absent Inés “¡ya ni la amuelas!” (basically, Things are bad enough, seriously, just stop it!)

Yesenia wanders out to the bar, trying to pull herself together, and Ruben sees her. She claims she’s just there getting a drink like everyone else. Can’t a girl have a drink? In a bar? Alone? Ruben’s fine with that he’d just like to buy her a drink and find out what’s bothering her.

He runs off to get the drinks while Lupita and Yesenia figure out what to do–Yesenia doesn’t drink, so what if she gets drunk? Yesenia’s worried if she leaves now and then he sees her in the ring, he’ll figure out it’s her (I’m not even going to dignify that with a response). She decides to stay for one drink, then make some excuse and go back down to the dressing room.

Ruben comes back to the table with tequila. And he also knows she doesn’t drink, so…seriously? Tequila?

Yesenia has barely had any tequila and keeps turning to look at Lupe. Ruben asks her again why she was crying. Yesenia says she found out her mom’s marrying a younger man. Oh, he totally knows how that feels. Yep, he went through that when his mom got married the second time. Yesenia’s so relieved someone finally understands her! He agrees it’s totally uncool–and that’s just what he said to his mom. Moms should just be moms and nothing else. Yesenia thinks that’s exactly right. “I was ten. That’s why I threw a monumental temper tantrum.” There goes the mood. “Are you saying I’m acting like a child?! Throwing a tantrum?! I’m a grown woman! And I’ll prove it!” And with that, she downs the tequila.

Nope, nope nope. My dear people, I have many, many biases. I admit that. And one of them happens to be, tequila is for sipping. Or margaritas. I just can’t back Yesenia on this play. I will give her points for limiting her reaction to making a really funny face and not letting on in any other way that it probably burned like hell!

Melquiades doesn’t like seeing Yesenia up in the bar at 15 minutes to showtime, but Lupe convinces him it’ll be fine and they’ll start on time.

Time for Humberto to do some explaining

At the police station, Humberto and “Leonardo” are left cooling their heels in the lobby. I can’t really tell how long it’s been because Pedro being Pedro, he could be getting impatient after a minute and a half.

Humberto’s looking pretty shamefaced as he admits that they’re there because…well…Armando was Fabiola’s stylist and…um…he kinda thought they were having an affair…. He tells “Leo” the story about confronting him at the salon and finding out he was gay and “Leo” thinks if he just tells the cops that, it should all be cleared up, right?

Well, um, there’s more…he felt suspicious about Fabiola again and he called a PI to follow Armando, but by the time the PI got to the hotel, Armando was already dead. Humberto knows it looks suspicious and he has no way to prove his innocence.

“Leonardo” keeps trying to calm Humberto down and convince him things will be fine, but Humberto reminds him that Santiago gave that interview and made them look like criminals. Humberto is upset that he got carried away by his jealousy. He doubted his wife and look where it got him.

The detective finally says Humberto can come in, but “Leonardo” objects. The lawyer isn’t there yet. Humberto is ok with it, though, and agrees he’ll go with the detective now and the lawyer can join them when he gets there. I’m with Pedro–lawyer first, then questions.

Everybody knows everybody else in this town of over 18 million people

Ignacio waits in a dark parking lot for someone to meet him. Into his car climbs…Chamoy. Mr. 5ft is convinced that means Chamoy shot Armando. I say we won’t know for sure until Monday.

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4 years ago

Oh my Gosh, what a great recap.
Love the paragraph headers!
Love lines like this: “She looks like she wants to cry. Or maybe that’s me. From terror.”
And this: “To remain in blissful ignorance…” Ha ha ha.
This is the most fun I’ve had all week.

4 years ago

Oh, I clicked.

4 years ago

Great recap, Kat. I’m with Mr. 5foot – I think Chamoy is Armando’s shooter and was hired by Ignacio. I always get nervous when novela couples, like Eugenio and Tania, talk about how they are going have kids and grow old together especially with Justino and his scary theme music around. In fact, at this stage of the novela, “Pedro” and Paloma are way too happy together – trouble has got to be coming. I didn’t get to comment on Wednesday’s capitulo but I guess Fabiola turned off the TV before she fainted since I don’t think it was on… Read more »

4 years ago

I completely agree with Denise and Jean; this recap was outstanding, Diva! I love the technical touch that kept us all in blissful ignorance (I clicked, though) as well as the language lesson that taught us Spanish idioms (I had never heard that one before). A masterful recap! Thank you for your work!

Wasn’t Chamoy in the bar when the news came on about the shooting in the luxury hotel? Would he have enough time to shoot Armando and go to the bar for an alibi?